Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1960

The Zhao Hai look at Black Tortoise, deep voice said : Black Tortoise, making me receive an inheritance of Water God [lineage/vein] not to have any department to ask, but the matter I actually must talk clearly with you, before running into you, I obtained the Vermillion Bird seal, not near Vermillion Bird seal receives the wound, now the Vermillion Bird seal had been subdued by me, became my thing, my equal to obtained the inheritance of Fire God, if you also make me inherit the inheritance of Water God, I did not have the words to say.” Black Tortoise one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then his did complexion change said : „you are you says the inheritance of Fire God? Did you obtain the Vermillion Bird seal? fire temple?” Black Tortoise continually said these many places, Zhao Hai knows his mood how anxiously, but he nodded said : well, I in Lower Realm, obtained fire temple, but at that time Artifact Spirit in Vermillion Bird seal already only the consciousness of remaining one type of instinct, therefore my equal to only obtained fire temple, obtained the fire temple simplest usage, but no matter what, I obtained fire temple, if you must make me inherit Water God Dao doctrines, my nature agreement.” HaHaHa, Heaven's Will, this is Heaven's Will, young man, you think as incompatible as fire and water, no matter the Water God palace and are fire temple also unable to co-exist? Actually you have thought mistakenly, young man, in I explained before you all, can make me have a look at the Vermillion Bird seal?” Zhao Hai nodded, his hand turns, the Vermillion Bird seal appears in in his hand, Black Tortoise looked at Vermillion Bird to print one, nodded said : is the Vermillion Bird seal not wrong, your application method has the issue, ok. Did not say that this, young man, receives him, in this Space. Outside he is impossible to keep too long time.” Zhao Hai nodded, receives the Vermillion Bird seal, because he also felt, in this Space, the Vermillion Bird seal one took, had the one type of very uncomfortable feeling. look at Zhao He had the Vermillion Bird seal, Black Tortoise then open the mouth and said: young man, you do not need to be afraid. Actually in the past the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, the distinction held according to Fire God and Water God in in hand god in the four directions, but in the four directions the god himself was a good friend, among them did not have a point conflict. Issue that anything that therefore you do not use is unable to co-exist.” Zhao Hai nodded, then his puzzled look at Black Tortoise said : such that if said to you, in that four directions the god should be existence of very formidable, but why will the Vermillion Bird seal fall to Lower Realm goes? I when found the Vermillion Bird seal, inside Fire God city was destroyed unexpectedly . The Fire God hot character removing, is who has the so big ability, can destroy the Vermillion Bird seal unexpectedly?” Black Tortoise look at Zhao Hai, sighed lightly said : young man. I want to tell you very much these, but reported some crop failure thing very my also don’t know, my present Divine Soul is incomplete. My memory lost, now my in Divine Soul, only then the operating procedure of Black Tortoise seal and Crystal city, other did not have, but my some one type of felt, so long as you can inherit in the four directions Dao doctrines of god, sooner or later one day, meets you to know that lived any matter, young man, I asked your matter in here, if you can find in the four directions other two seal of India , China, please must that two square seal and Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal set in together, if you can find the Emperor Qilin seal, finally in also gave Emperor Qilin seal also receives to receive., Only seal in five sides gathers, to your advantage is very big, as for big, my don’t know, because formerly nobody can in the seal collection five sides to a person of hand, young man, my Divine Soul probably vanish, disappears you to make good use in five sides to print, the Vermillion Bird seal and operating procedure of Black Tortoise seal makes not much, so long as you obtained the operating procedure of Black Tortoise seal, believes that on can comprehend to the operating procedure of Vermillion Bird seal, now young man, you let loose the mind, I must pass to you operating procedure of Black Tortoise seal.” Zhao Hai nodded to let loose own mind, reason that he dares so bold , because he had not felt that from Black Tortoise a hostility, Zhao Hai believes own feeling, he believes that Black Tortoise will not injure him, therefore he so bold letting loose mind. Really, just let loose the mind in Zhao Hai, the personal appearance of Black Tortoise moves, throws toward Zhao Hai, when throws toward Zhao Hai, his personal appearance rapid shrink, when he arrived around Zhao Hai time, only then palm of the hand size, then Black Tortoise integration slowly to the head of Zhao Hai.

But Zhao Hai felt that cool spiritual force permeating slowly inside his mind, this spiritual force not only has not let he feels to sink to not, but also made his spiritual force be promoted, in that spiritual force also has transmitted simultaneously the massive information, was good is not strange regarding the way of this receive information because of Zhao Hai, therefore he not startled, was only the careful receive these information, at the same time reorganized to these information. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai had ended all information information clerks finally, he sharply immediately has not been going to comprehend these information, because content although on these information are only the operate methods of some Crystal cities, but Zhao Hai actually felt different kind thing, after he must wait, in comprehend well. The intention moves, Zhao Hai has taken back the thought from inside Black Tortoise Seal, his personal appearance also appears on the writing desk of Crystal palace, the look at present Black Tortoise seal, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, has taken simultaneously up Black Tortoise seal, then the intention moves, the Crystal city was received inside Black Tortoise Seal directly, in received in Black Tortoise seal Space, Zhao Hai went back on the preparation. Zhao Hai looked at all around lake water, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile, he believes it will not take long, the Bathe Moon Lake here situation will restore to ride, after all Bathe Moon Lake here this special situation, all was the Crystal city creates, now he has taken away the Crystal city, Bathe Moon Lake here naturally was also riding. The Bathe Moon Lake here situation, with raging fire valley there, raging fire valley there underground has not produced the heart of Earth Fire, even if Zhao Hai takes away the Vermillion Bird seal, raging fire valley there can still maintain the appearance of Earth Fire combustion, but Bathe Moon Lake here may not have another person of Bubble, therefore Bathe Moon Lake slowly will certainly return to normal. Looked at around one not to have what change, Zhao Hai to start Portable Transmission Formation probably, direct returned to in Horizontal Blade City, he just arrived in Horizontal Blade City, immediately felt that in own communication device transmitted a fluctuation, Zhao Hai has put out the communication device connection to look, was Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng now face anxious look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you how? You in that?” The Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng appearance, shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, I am all right, I in Horizontal Blade City, was just coming back now.” Zhang Feng heard that Zhao Hai came back, this relaxed, yesterday after Zhao Han the words, his some feel relieved, today dawn Zhang Feng did not arrive at ShangShan City here in the evening, found the person to inquire next nine heart lotus seed duty, but also the person Bathe Moon Lake there situation, one hear of people said that bath semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate there dangerous situation situation, Zhang Feng one has flustered, he was feared really Zhao Hai had any matter, now looks at Zhao Hai to be all right, An Ran/safely returned, he naturally relaxed.

Zhang Feng saw Zhao Hai to be safe, this let out a long breath said : what kind of? Did duty complete?” Zhao Hai said : has been completing, moreover this harvest is not small, I must close up the a small segment time.” Heard that Zhao Hai must close up, Zhang Feng not only does not have point vitality, instead to is very happy said : good, you come back to close up, other matters do not need you to manage.” Zhao Hai said : is considering as finished, I did not prepare to go back to close up, found a place to close up in this Horizontal Blade City, the here security, you can also transfer the extension to Horizontal Blade City here, the here environment was also good.” Zhang Feng had not opposed that nodded said : well, you close up in Horizontal Blade City there, other matters do not need you to manage.” Zhao Hai nodded, after having closed communication device, to Horizontal Blade City there has met the duty place, has handed over duty of own color nine heart lotus seed, received an excellent evaluation and enough 50 points of impression marks, after adding on several bottles of medicine pill, he then comes out from that Sect, prepares to find a house to be used in Horizontal Blade City here to close up. Therefore in Horizontal Blade City the house is Tyrant Blade Sect, wants looking for an apartment in Horizontal Blade City, must go to Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, Zhao Heran does not have the exception, he went to Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall directly. Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall is in Horizontal Blade City is biggest, is in Horizontal Blade City the highest construction, the entire construction has ten layers to be high all over the body, each one layer altitude about ten meters, the entire construction reaches as high as hundred meters. But most makes people feel what is special, the style of Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall this building, this building looks like, looks like blade Great Blade stands in there, very conspicuous. Naturally, this building is only Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall part, this building is used to hand over duty, person who or to some work character work and rest place, has the status truly, will not live in this building, person who has the status truly, what lives is behind Tyrant Blade Sect courtyard, there is the Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall core is.

Zhao Hao outside Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, the construction that look at this appears externally aggressively, cannot help but understanding smiles, Tyrant Blade Sect, is really an sect, if, aggressive extraordinary, but this type aggressive is not loathful. Zhao Hai took a step to enter Tyrant Blade Sect one layer, looked at here is also three big counter, got the duty stage, handed over the duty stage, traded the stage, but these three counter wanted on a big way compared with other Sect branch Hall counter many. Moreover the Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall here person are also many, getting the duty person to be many, hands over the duty person to be also many, the people who trades be more than other Sect branch Hall. Zhao Hai looked at one, slowly walks toward transaction stage there, had lined up in transaction stage there, Zhao Hai looked, minimum had 20 people placed in there is waiting for the transaction. Zhao Hai has not lined up, but has arrived at transaction stage there, a cultivator angry vision that this has brought in these line up, if not because in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, feared that was some people must start to drink to scold to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not cared about the vision of these people, he in that several Tyrant Blade Sect female cultivator to counter smiles said : hello, I want to look for room to live in Horizontal Blade City, can go through the formalities to there?” A Zhao Hai words exit / to speak, if big Mission Hall cannot help but one static, all in the hall hands over the duty person, look at he, in counter that several Tyrant Blade Sect female cultivator look at he, has probably not understood him to be the same.(. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }