Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1961

Zhao Hai look at that female cultivator appearance, had not minded that he knows in Soaring Dragon Realm here, the person of in the city looking for an apartment was really too few, therefore the opposite party was also surprisedly nothing unusual Some little time that female cultivator responded, she looked at Zhao Hai one, quickly said: „Can mister look for an apartment? Please on second floor, second floor there specifically be responsible for the house hiring of in the city. Zhao Hai the nod, expressed gratitude, turn around walks toward nearby staircase, directly in second floor, but at this time, in the first floor hall the cooker, these cultivator have not thought that Zhao Hai actually wants in the city looking for an apartment, their too clear in the city looking for an apartment means anything, not only means that the absolute security, means the person sale price that similarly must look for an apartment not poor The Lower Realm person arrived in Soaring Dragon Realm, few people will give up in the city to rent the house to live, then with burning money does not have what difference, stays for day to take hundred Crystal Stone, ten days Jade essence does not have, but Jade essence is not weak in the Soaring Dragon Realm here purchasing power, the Lower Realm person gives up to spend this money unusually Because of this, therefore these people heard that Zhao Hai must rent the house to live, such will be startled, Zhao Hai dares to rent the house to live, represents him not to be short of money, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, the person who is not short of money are not many Zhao Hai to second floor there, the second floor there person has been short, notably the unusual person came, inside to has a stage, but in stage only then two age many cultivator sit in there, appearance that a dizzy desire rests Hears the sound of footsteps, that two old cultivator then opened the eye to turn the head to look sees the eyes of these two to Zhao Hai Zhao Hai, cannot help but gawked, footsteps slightly These two cultivator although were old, the eye looked like also somewhat confused, but Zhao Hai actually saw killing aura from their eyes, although their imposing manner were not probably strong, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that these two old person strengths, feared was strong compared with Lin Ling, it seems like Tyrant Blade Sect sends out such two that the Soaring Dragon Realm here also present minute attached great importance to here to assume personal command unexpectedly The Zhao Hai footsteps are also only , to continue to proceed, in the eyes of two old person confusions, has cannot help but flashed through a none remaining Zhao Hai arrives around stage two senior to two old person said : to be good, youngster wants to rent a house in Horizontal Blade City, does not know whether?” In two old person looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : naturally, what house the don’t know little elder brother can you rent?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Cannot handle senior little elder brother's name, called to be OK when below Zhao Hai, youngster these time made duty, occasionally had the sensibility, planned to rent a peaceful house, does not know that what senior did have to be good to introduce?”

Two old person one hear of Zhao Hai said that is he he the chuckle, old person said : so congratulated you, the peaceful house had many, but these houses were also divided into level, worst was peaceful, the place was very small, Spiritual Qi was also in the city the quite weak place, the rent to is small advantage, Jade essence can rent for one month, in point Spiritual Qi on some thick places also big some, the rent was two Jade essence one month, in good some on was the in the city comparison good section, Spiritual Qi was rich, place also big, moreover interior decoration. Very good, lives in very comfortable such place, takes three Jade essence one month, this was the normal price, naturally, our here also had the most higher housing, not only Spiritual Qi was rich, interior decoration, but also some people will not disturb you absolutely, if you must rent, the old man can calculate you cheaply, so long as six Jade essence one month, must pay one month of house rent first, you did visit you to want that one type of house?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that below in the most higher that house, first rented for one month saying that the hand turned puts out six Jade essence to give old person old person looked at Zhao Hai one, received Jade essence, shows a faint smile said : „unable to look, you to is a rich man was saying while received Jade essence, then put out a piece Jade Token to give Zhao Hai said : to take this Jade Token to go to downstairs, naturally some people will make you go to your house, that house over the next one month will be your, no matter you made many people live, if you must do business with that house, actually needs to report under one to our here,” Zhao Hai should a sound, receive Jade Token , turn around Walked look at Zhao Hai went downstairs, Senior Brother of old person to his opposite that person of said :, this youngster looks like good, is that Zhao Hai that Lin Ling that youngster said? Is a smart kid, the eye of Lin Ling that youngster also is really good Another old person smiles said : „, this youngster unexpectedly when we look to him, on the heart fresh vigilance, this is not easy, our two old fogies were also good long time not to have make a move, killing aura hidden went completely, that kid can also feel unexpectedly that not simple that old person that formerly spoke nodded said : this youngster although looks like does not have silk bold killing aura, but to killing aura sensitive knows depending on his that died are absolutely many in this youngster in hand person, I listened to Lin Ling that youngster saying that this youngster in Lower Realm, was the command(er) several million people of army hosts, if came our Tyrant Blade Sect, to us was also good matter old person nodded, deep voice said : Soaring Dragon Realm here often can have the talented person, person who because elects from here, is repeatedly tempered, wants on strong some compared with the kid who these Sect train, these kids who we train, killing is insufficient, plays the blade does not have killing intent, you also play, it seems like that this matter added me to Sect Master say Another old person also nodded, they in speaking, before long on the semi-closure in the eye, the appearance that a dizzy desire rested Zhao Hai from the building, is actually let out a long breath, to be honest, although clearly know two old person will not be what kind to him, but Zhao Hai at heart beats a drum, does not have the means that these two old person took to his pressure to be too big Waited for Zhao Hai to downstairs, already cultivator , etc. in there, this was young cultivator, seemed like less than 20 years old, on the lip was also bringing the down of faint trace, a naivete this person of strength of face was absolutely is not however weak, has achieved Immortal Stage This young cultivator saw Zhao Hai to get down, moved forward to meet somebody hastily, bowed said : mister to rent the house to Zhao Hai, please look at to me Jade Token

Zhao Hai nodded, puts out Jade Token to look to young man, young man looked at Jade Token said : mister to come saying that along with me directed Zhao Hai to leave the hall, walked toward side But in hall these cultivator vision, actually all centralized on the body of Zhao Hai, here many people, had heard some people rent the in the city house, has not seen, now looked that some people rent the in the city house, they naturally are curious incomparable, even there are many cultivator to see Zhao Hai to leave the hall, followed, what wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to rent was the there house At this time, in the hall of Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall backyard, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying was sitting in there, in front of them was standing Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, Lin Ling look at that cultivator said : you were said that Zhao Hai has rented a house in our in hand? Is the best high grade room?” That cultivates to nod said : is, Zhao Hai he rents truly is the best high grade room, is cloudy Yang elder personally to formalities that they go through Did Lin Ling nod said : what the Yin-Yang two elders to have to tell?” That person shook the head said : two elders to not to say anything, but they make me have words to give Senior Brother Lin, he said that the Senior Brother Lin vision is good, this Zhao Hai is a talented person One hear of that people said that Lin Ling happy, he turned the head to Xiang Ying said : to Junior Brother, what kind, Elder Brother these time has not been mistaken, he he Xiang Ying smiles said : Senior Brother Lin your vision, famous the person in our Tyrant Blade Sect, this Zhao Hai can obtain the praise of cloudy Yang elder, fully explained that your vision, Senior Brother, do you look are earlier introducing Tyrant Blade Sect?” Lin Ling thinks that deep voice said : „and so on, he just came Soaring Dragon Realm not long after, possibly did not have complete suiting including the life of Soaring Dragon Realm here, now allows him to enter True Spirit Realm, not necessarily is any good matter, after adapting to the life of here, in saying Xiang Ying thinks, nodded said : well, presses the means that Senior Brother said that but to such talented person, we must look to tighten Lin Ling shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, he cannot be inescapable, after a cloudy Yang elder such saying, I must pay attention this youngster, even if Tiger King and Xiang Que that two fellows, I must find the time to warn that their, the Little Hai strength evidently is my unexpected, we must add the careful point to be good

Xiang Ying smiles said : „should, Senior Brother, I looked that over the two days we exited, happen to Zhao Hai must close up, before he goes out, this matter solving, him has been able few danger, you to watch?” Lin Ling nodded said : well, but I thought that this matter greet with two Elders to well, although two Elders was this time cultivates the mind, but this matter did not tell them to fear that was not good Xiang Ying nodded, they stood up beyond the communication to walk Under Zhao Hai in that Tyrant Blade Sect young cultivator leads, to arrive by Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall piece of house there, this house is the unique alone institute, moreover Zhao Hai knows that because here is very near to Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, therefore by Tyrant Blade Sect being divided into Forbidden Land, does not permit to resort to violence in there incessantly, even if is all right to go to there to take a walk is not good That young cultivator brought outside Zhao Hai branch Hall yard there, this courtyard was not big, may not be small, about thousand square meters, outside had the courtyard wall, inside only then a row of house, had about three probably That young cultivator was leading Zhao Hai to outside of yard, to Zhao Hai said : mister, this was the house that you rented, please directly hang Jade Token to the front gate in already may, this Jade Token was also one defends Magical Artifact, can forewarn, can prevent your yard to be disturbed for no reason, if you must exit, came out received Jade Token , after coming back, in hanging up has been OK, if your one month has not gone out, it doesn't matter, Jade Token automatically will time, we will not disturb you, when the time comes we according to Jade Token on time extra cost, please come in Zhao Hai expressed gratitude to him, turn around entered the yard, hung in Jade Token the gate, this has closed the front gate to be continued) rt { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }