Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1962

Zhao Hai entered the yard, has sized up yard one, in this yard does not have no thing, but wins in pure, Zhao Hai has not cared, entered that several Jane Fangzi to look, interior decoration in that several house also were really good, the fellow of inside application were equally many, furniture bed cabinet very complete, moreover kept quiet room specially. Zhao Hai has looked at several houses, is very satisfied, then puts out own communication device, has given out Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng put through communication device quickly, Zhao Hai looked at the Zhang Feng appearance, probably was making duty, he smiles said : First Senior Brother, were you making duty?” Zhang Feng nodded said : „, is making duty, your there how? to settle down good?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to settle down to be good, has rented small courtyard in Horizontal Blade City, No. 34, you, if came, can come here to look for me, I closed up in here.” Zhang Feng nodded said : your feel relieved, in camp does not have the matter, you close up relieved and that's the end.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : you go out to make duty time careful, previous time I that two Monster Cultivator offending, had been careful that they look for your trouble.” Zhang Feng has complied with said : feel relieved, we will be careful.” Zhao Hai has then closed communication device, entered quiet room, sat cross-legged to sit. Reason that Zhao Hai will choose in Horizontal Blade City here closes up, but is not returned to Cultivation World camp closes up, is not because camp there Spiritual Qi is insufficient, but feared one these time will close up will alarm Tiger King and Xiang Que. Reason that Zhao Hai thinks that is because his these time closes up in the comprehend Black Tortoise seal and Vermillion Bird seal, Zhao Hai had felt one use the Vermillion Bird seal time, cannot wield his doing to use completely. Now obtained Black Tortoise seal, saw Black Tortoise Zhao Hai understand, oneself before simply had not found the correct using method of Vermillion Bird seal, was naturally impossible to wield full strength of Vermillion Bird seal. Moreover Zhao Hai also felt that this Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal is not absolutely ordinary. If comprehend well, will certainly have the unexpected advantage to oneself, because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai can think closing up. Like comprehend, if successful. That sound is not certainly small, if leaves such big sound to come in own camp neighborhood, perhaps camp well by these Monster Beast present, that ended, therefore Zhao Hai has then rented a yard in Horizontal Blade City here. Sits cross-legged to sit in quiet room, Zhao Hai put out Black Tortoise seal, both hands holds to put on own calf. Slowly has closed the eye, was recalling control and the application method Black Tortoise seal, with own spiritual force communicate slowly Black Tortoise seal, the refining Black Tortoise seal, striving is letting oneself complete control Black Tortoise seal at the same time. This may not be easy. Magical Treasure like Black Tortoise seal, inside includes Formation to be innumerable, if you do not understand these Formation, does not have the means to wield the complete strength of Black Tortoise seal, Zhao Hai wants in the complete control Black Tortoise seal, must understand these Formation. Then is using these Formation to compose the different combinations, making Black Tortoise seal wield different doing to use.

Zhao Hai in comprehend Black Tortoise seal, in Space has not been shutting. These formation in Black Tortoise seal were collected by Space, now is analyzing, so long as analyzes these formation, that Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of formation in an enhancement, will bring about the unexpected change to Space. For seven days, Zhao Hai continuously in comprehend Black Tortoise seal. After seven days, Zhao Hai also finally completed entire Black Tortoise seal refining. Also comprehend was similar, the application method of Black Tortoise seal, Zhao Hai also fully has understood now, now Zhao Hai has been able to use Black Tortoise to print smoothly. However Zhao Hai actually still felt that has probably the place that anything does not suit, has the place that anything does not suit, he cannot say, but he always felt, oneself when use Black Tortoise seal, lacks one to feel one type of to be handy, the feeling of having at one's command, Black Tortoise seal in in his hand, although can do the matter according to his instruction now, but Zhao Hai always felt that he has been short of an intelligence probably. This intelligence does not mean the Artifact Spirit intelligence, but resembles tool one type of that you take you unable to use, you can use, but this tool in your in hand, always the feeling is inconvenient, is very irritable. Zhao Hai will certainly not use such Magical Artifact, must know that Magical Artifact you are using convenience, is relationship to a cultivator life, although Zhao Hai did not fear that heart will be in danger, but Magical Artifact, if was unable complete by own control, he rather was not used. Therefore now Zhao Hai although has been able the complete control Black Tortoise to print, but he, still in attentive comprehend Black Tortoise seal, he is wanting to know why Black Tortoise seal does not meet by his directing. Perhaps now Black Tortoise seal by his complete refining, he was still actually felt very irritably, Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, this situation his first meeting. Zhao Hai cannot help but opened the eye, the look at in hand Black Tortoise seal, Black Tortoise seal superficially, is side blue Jade Stone carves, very beautiful, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that this Jade Stone was not have seen any Jade Stone. Zhao Hai cannot bear think, if use the power of thought that one will be what kind of this Jade Stone communicate? Thinks here Zhao Hai mind actually suddenly shakes, his suddenly thinks, if with the power of thought that use Divergent Technique, will print communicate one to be what kind of Black Tortoise? His former comprehend and refining Black Tortoise seal, use is spiritual force is not the power of thought that the power of thought and spiritual force is similar, but is not also same, Zhao Hai just wants to carry on thought communicate with Black Tortoise seal, because of one type of customs of these year of fostering, when he thinks of this point, suddenly made him have the one type of idea, that was he must use a thought communicate Black Tortoise seal, what effect will have a look to have. This idea looks like seed is the same, fast in his lives the root sprouts at heart, Zhao Hai is not a dilatory person, thinks of immediately to do, he in one time closes an eye, then uses Earth element Divergent Technique, bringing own spiritual force to search toward Black Tortoise seal. However is quick he presently, such simply is invalid, his Earth element Divergent Technique bumps into Black Tortoise seal, has the feeling of one type of repel to transmit from Black Tortoise seal. If because of his complete refining Black Tortoise seal, had feared that was Black Tortoise seal started attack he.

Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, understand what's the matter, he did not open the eye to look at a Black Tortoise seal, has tapped own head suddenly. A hidden weapon fool. But Black Tortoise seal the seal of Water God, he actually goes to communicate with Earth element Divergent Technique, that can communicate result in called strangely. This cannot blame Zhao Hai, before Zhao Hai and Jade Stone carries on communicate time, uses Earth element Divergent Technique. But Black Tortoise seal is also the Jade Stone appearance, Zhao Hai naturally uses Earth element Divergent Technique to carry on communicate with Jade Stone, finally Black Tortoise seal is the seal of Water God, inside is purest water element, Zhao Hai goes to carry on communicate with Earth element Divergent Technique with water element, was not repelled blames. After having thought through this point this, above Zhao Hai has exchanged Water element Divergent Technique. Carries on communicate with Black Tortoise seal, this very smooth, Black Tortoise seal was not repelling him, but similarly, thought of Zhao Hai not thought union with Black Tortoise seal in together. However before this situation Zhao Hai, met was inferior, he did not worry, adjustment bit by bit own thought that was adjusting also own thought mood. Zhao Hai has not reduced own thought that because Zhao Hai believes that high level thing like Black Tortoise seal. His thought cannot be too slow, therefore he adjusted quickly his thought as far as possible, his thought was getting quicker and quicker. Quickly, finally him with Liquid Silver communicate time is quicker. Finally Zhao Hai own thought adjusts to hundred times of Liquid Silver thought the time, he felt finally thought that this thought is quicker, Zhao Hai felt that now own thought like a tractor, but he felt that thought. Actually likely is a f1 vehicle race, this simply does not have what commeasurability. although now could not have followed opposite party thought. However Zhao Hai had not actually been worried that his adjustment bit by bit own thought that his thought was finally getting more and more close with that thought. Zhao Hai does not have immediately own thought adjustment is the same with thought of Black Tortoise seal, he must feel that what mood in thought of Black Tortoise seal has, only then knew what mood in the thought of Black Tortoise seal has, he can let a thought better union of his thought with Black Tortoise seal in together, since this has been his many year experiences. Zhao Hai these years are carrying on thought communicate with innumerable thing, his very clear, mood regarding the influence of thought how big, if he cannot his mood adjustment is the same with the thought mood of Black Tortoise seal, he forever does not think really and thought union of Black Tortoise seal in together. The Zhao Hai static feeling the thought mood of Black Tortoise seal, quick Zhao Hai was feeling that mood of Black Tortoise seal, is not because the feeling of Zhao Hai has how keenly, but was the mood of Black Tortoise seal is extremely was really pure, the mood of Black Tortoise seal was the one type of fair and honest peaceful mood, absolutely did not have other mood, Zhao Hai was wants to feel that could not feel. Zhao Hai although being startled, but he is quick adjusted own thought mood, slowly with thought mood communicate of Black Tortoise seal, he was feeling that one turned into Black Tortoise seal, in this moment, he also knows how Black Tortoise seal came. Zhao Hai felt one are originally is some lifeform like Bubble, they freely live in Space, in that Space, everywhere is very pure water element, they are living the joyful life. However suddenly one day, a incomparably powerful strength extrudes toward that Space, the each and every one life vanished, that Space also getting smaller and smaller, getting smaller and smaller, finally all Bubble same lives vanished, that Space also vanished, entire Space turned into a seal finally, by blue, the person who actually cannot see clearly the appearance takes in hand.

This is the origin of Black Tortoise seal, that blue person is Water God, later Water God starts to refine Black Tortoise seal, he looked for world Myriad Water, arrived at inside Black Tortoise Seal these water all join, don’t know many years, finally builds up the present Black Tortoise seal, then Water God with brings in all kinds of water that the almighty strength kept, compressed the Crystal type these water, has completed the Crystal city, because Black Tortoise printed is in itself a Space compression, but became, therefore his within the body has also formed independent space, Water God on unified the Crystal city and Black Tortoise seal, Has produced the present Black Tortoise seal and Crystal city. Later is some scattered memories, in these memories, Black Tortoise seal has been fighting probably, the fight, the fight, then Black Tortoise seal probably lost part of memories to be the same, his don’t know lived anything at that time, only knows that finally he arrived at Soaring Dragon Realm here, settled down in here, but Water God also vanished, the Water God seal vanished in inside Black Tortoise Seal that Divine Sense. Divine Sense vanishes, the biography showed this person dead, had not said that now Water God already fallen, but these memories of Black Tortoise seal, existed in his instinct, looked like you uses the blade to carve on a tree, on the tree the appears together mark will be the same, this did not mean that Black Tortoise seal can evolution become the monster, that was impossible. In later of how knowing Black Tortoise seal to coming, Zhao Hai felt that water all, he felt innumerable water, compared with before the knowledge with Bubble communicate time, felt the water that is pure, now he felt is the purest water. Zhao Hai immerses during that feeling, he felt that he turned into a one type of type of different water, they by different stance appears , their attribute are different, do with differently, the mood is different, the matter that handles is also different, but a little, they are the water, no matter turned into the cloud, turned into the fog, no matter turned into the water, turned frozen, no matter sea water or river water, no matter the poisonous water or Potion, they are the water, the essence of water will not change, in this time, Zhao Hai comprehended the essence of water finally, the source of water. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai had waked, his thought withdrew from the thought of Black Tortoise seal, but Zhao Hai can actually feel clearly that Black Tortoise seal were many a relation with him, an intimate feeling, Zhao Hai although has not used Black Tortoise seal, but he can actually feel clearly that now Black Tortoise seal looks like part of his hand body is the same, how he wants to use, how he can use, before he had taken down the application method of Black Tortoise seal, but these application method probably turned into his instinct to be the same now, he momentarily can use any function of Black Tortoise seal. Zhao Hai gently is stroking Black Tortoise seal, he knows that he now was Black Tortoise seal complete refining, can say that he to refining degree of Black Tortoise seal, feared now was no less than Water God, even possibly also passed through compared with Water God high, because Water God, when used Black Tortoise seal, but has regarded Magical Artifact him, but Zhao Hai when carried on communicate with Black Tortoise seal, he has actually regarded the part of body Black Tortoise seal, you one in good, the blade that the blade used was still a blade, but you to own finger, were actually compared with that the blade. Is intimate with a lot, the use also will be much more natural, this is the difference of Zhao Hai and Water God, Black Tortoise seal can become part of Zhao Hai body, but Black Tortoise seal is actually only the Water God in hand tool. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }