Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1963

Zhao Hai and don’t know, when he prints communicate with Black Tortoise, on Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall second floor, two old person were one startled has actually stood, half step before arriving at the second floor window, the direction of look at Zhao Hai yard. And old person said : Junior Brother, do you feel? The good pure water essence, what treasure that youngster these did time obtain? How to have so pure water essence?”. Another old person deep voice said : Senior Brother, this youngster previous duty of doing is Bathe Moon Lake there, before listened to the person saying that Bathe Moon Lake there had the treasure probably, was given by this youngster?” These two old person renting to that two of Zhao Hai house, they are also in Tyrant Blade Sect two very famously the elder, in Tyrant Blade Sect, said that two people are cloudy Yang elder, but in True Spirit Realm other Sect, said that two people are Yin-Yang Double Fiend Blade. Can be able to hear from this name, what they use is Technique of Joint Attack, in adding on their killing aura is extremely heavy, in True Spirit Realm is ominous illustrious, will therefore have such a Yin-Yang Double Fiend Blade name. Gets up these two to be also predestined friends, they are the same day enter Tyrant Blade Sect, same Master that does obeisance, moreover their disposition staunchness, gentle and reserved, actually became a good friend like the disposition completely opposite two people, their Master look at this situation, starts to teach to help their Technique of Joint Attack, they with this Technique of Joint Attack, able to move unhindered True Spirit Realm ten thousand years, rushed to the Yin-Yang Double Fiend Blade prestige. However also time killing aura that because they are young is too heavy, will therefore affect their cultivation level to old, in recent years they few make a move, they self-cultivation, finally Tyrant Blade Sect sent Soaring Dragon Realm here them. Let their well rest some time. They arrived at Soaring Dragon Realm here, became staff member in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, here one year of also few individual can rent the house to live in any case, they to are also relaxed. But they have not thought that will meet Zhao Hai, first several days they meet Zhao Hai time feels the uncommonness of Zhao Hai. To Zhao Hai paying attention, but also makes the person have the words to give Lin Ling, said that Zhao Hai is very good, this equal to is affirmed to Zhao Hai one type of. They lived in True Spirit Realm for a lifetime, naturally knew the True Spirit Realm there situation. one Sect, that feared that Great Sect like Tyrant Blade Sect, inside must have two to kill the star to assume personal command, otherwise cannot shake the person, these kill star make a move not to be forgiving, moreover generally seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, has such person to assume personal command. Great Sect nobody dares to offend. But the killing star in beforehand Yin-Yang 2 elders Tyrant Blade Sect, their old person looked that Zhao Hai is so sensitive to killing aura, knows that Zhao Hai has certainly killed people, and has killed many people, therefore they also want to direct in Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai. Make Zhao Hai the killing star in Tyrant Blade Sect exists, therefore so will attach great importance to Zhao Hai. Since Zhao Hai closes up, two old person very pay attention to the Zhao Hai there situation, now felt that Zhao Hai yard there unfolds, pure incomparable Water Qi, they somewhat are surprised.

Yang elder nodded said : to have the possibility. This youngster can come up from most Lower Realm ascend, besides the strength, has the fortuitous encounter. Moreover certainly dares to take risk, this time he receives that to pick duty of nine heart lotus seed, I think his simply not for this duty, but for Bathe Moon Lake there, makes duty is matter while convenient, the courage of this youngster is really not small.” Yin elder shows a faint smile said : courageous point not to have no relationship. cultivator, that has the courage to be small. Couple of days ago Lin Ling and Xiang Ying that two kids exited, wants to come also soon to come back?” Person who Yang elder coldly snorted said : my Tyrant Blade Sect settles on, if they also dare to put out a hand, I his claw chopping, now in the Tyrant Blade Sect young this generation, few of having prospects, on Lin Ling also image point appearance, but also owes the exercise, should exercise him one to be good well.” After Yin elder shows a faint smile said : „, has is opportunity repairs them, takes your time, does not need to worry.” Yang elder coldly snorted has not been making noise, but they called the person, making the person pay attention to the Zhao Hai yard frequently, do not make anybody approach. Zhao Hai and don’t know have brought to the attention of Yin-Yang two elders, he received Black Tortoise seal now, the situation in Black Tortoise seal he fully has understood, below should have a look at Vermillion Bird to print, Vermillion Bird prints Zhao Hai , since obtaining, cannot wield its to do to use most greatly, this is the Zhao Hai worry, Zhao Hai naturally has thought earlier solved. Zhao Hai has put out the Vermillion Bird seal completely, the Vermillion Bird seal now already by his refining, because does not have the detailed application method, therefore Zhao Hai still does not have the means to wield the strength ability of Vermillion Bird seal now. However currently Zhao Hai to had a method, that carries on communicate with Divergent Technique with the Vermillion Bird seal, Zhao Hai now was understand, wanted completely grasped Magical Artifact, must carry on communicate to be good with him with Divergent Technique. Zhao Hai when carries on communicate with Black Tortoise seal, present, so long as he printed communicate with Black Tortoise, application method natural integration of that Black Tortoise seal to his thought, probably will exist to be the same, because like this, therefore Zhao Hai is thinking must carry on communicate with the Vermillion Bird seal. Zhao Hai obtains the Vermillion Bird seal time, Vermillion Bird prints is in itself is damaged seriously, therefore he has not obtained the complete application method, now he had thought communicate this method, naturally cannot let off. Zhao Hai look at Vermillion Bird seal, let out a long breath, these Heavenly Demon Race people in Vermillion Bird seal, by Zhao Hai moving away, his don’t know, when prints communicate with Vermillion Bird , what matter will live, if not good the wound to these Heavenly Demon Race people.

Now the Heavenly Demon Race person in Vermillion Bird seal, already generating a tribal group, Heavenly Demon Race that but was born newly, somewhat is different from old Heavenly Demon Race, the these days demon of new birth, their body attribute were fire attribute, although practice was still practice method of Heavenly Demon clan, but fighting strength came compared with a Heavenly Demon clan is only not weak, Zhao Hai also very gratified, naturally was not cruel enough to let them by a point wound. Now in the Vermillion Bird seal emptied, is only in inside Space also steadily some medicinal herbs and trees, after these are Zhao Hai, moves, although outside possibly is good thing, but regarding Zhao Hai, these thing also is really not anything. Has inspected the Fire God city carefully, not having presently in also some people, Zhao Hai then to close the eye, slowly was adjusting own thought that carried on communicate with the Vermillion Bird seal. Before Vermillion Bird prints although, is damaged seriously, but such long time, has recuperated in the Space city, restored was similar, like Vermillion Bird seal this level Magical Artifact, has the ability that restores, this is the one type of instinct, has nothing to do with the wisdom, therefore Zhao Hai, when prints communicate with Vermillion Bird , the ratio and Black Tortoise print communicate are not the province vigor. Let Zhao Hai feel what is somewhat accidental, he when prints communicate with Vermillion Bird , had not felt that a wild mood, conversely, the Vermillion Bird seal to the feeling of Zhao Hai is the one type of very warm feeling, lets Zhao Hai is very puzzled. However Vermillion Bird seal comes the case to be similar to Black Tortoise seal, was used by Fire God ** the strength compressed a Space fire not to have the element, finally refined the Vermillion Bird seal, was needless saying that Zhao Hai and Vermillion Bird printed communicate time, has understood the source of fire finally, he regarding fire control ability on one layer building. But Zhao Hai when prints communicate with Vermillion Bird , in one time has alarmed the Yin-Yang two elders, the directions of two old person puzzled look at Zhao Hai yards, Yang elder deep voice said : Senior Brother, do you have to feel that probably is that youngster courtyard, but these is time Fire Qi? Is Fire Qi that so fine saves? This is not right.” Yin elder also knit the brows said : is not right, before he studied, but water attribute thing, how these did time turn into fire attribute thing? Bathe Moon Lake there is water element, is impossible to have fire attribute thing, looks at this Fire Qi pure degree, does not compare the beforehand Water Qi difference, this, what's going on? This is several person's shadows flies toward Zhao Hai yard there, Yang elder looked at that several person's shadow one, deep voice said : Lin Ling that youngster is also alarmed, good that he he, his duty completed, after Zhao Hai went out, can make Lin Ling try to contact with Zhao Hai, no matter the previous existence anything, asks that Zhao Hai knew.” Yin elder nodded, then shows a faint smile said : this youngster luck also is really good, if beforehand that Water Qi is because he obtained water attribute Magical Artifact, that this firearm feared that is fire attribute Magical Artifact, this youngster said evidently anything closes up is false, refining these two Magical Artifact to real, these two Magical Artifact in True Spirit Realm, feared that is also rarely seen, has not thought really his has not entered the True Spirit Realm fellow, really had two, he he, extraordinary.” Yang elder also he he chuckle said : „, this youngster luck also is really good, fortunately our two in here, this Water Qi and Fire Qi separating in here, if makes this aura proliferate, this youngster to True Spirit Realm had feared that will be also greatly troublesome, the light depending on the warning of Lin Ling that youngster, feared that will unable to suppress outside these small beasts.”

Yin elder smiled, deep voice said : considers as finished, making them toss about, so long as ensure this youngster can smoothly enter to Tyrant Blade Sect is OK.” Two old person said the place that turn around returned to they work, sits in there is motionless, probably fell asleep was the same. But at this time Lin Ling actually arrived at outside the Zhao Hai yard, the stern-faced look at Zhao Hai yard, in his side, is Xiang Ying, Xiang Ying now is also a dignity of face. In their sides also with several Tyrant Blade Sect people, before person said : of Lin Ling deep voice to Tyrant Blade Sect „, what in this courtyard has also lived?” Before Tyrant Blade Sect person said : „, felt that very pure Water Qi, no less than this time Fire Qi, two Elders ordered anybody not to approach this courtyard, therefore we have monitored around this courtyard, nobody has come.” One hear of that people said that Lin Ling cannot help but relaxed, turns the head original two Elders to know to Xiang Ying said :, it seems like we have had a false alarm, but this is youngster doing, makes such big move to come?” Xiang Ying shook the head said : „the present to return don’t know, this, we go back first, ask for instructions the elder, is making the decision.” Lin Ling nodded, they fly toward Tyrant Blade Sect large building. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }