Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1964

Zhao Hai has spat air vent gently, slowly has opened the eye, Vermillion Bird seal on look at his hand, he has printed communicate to end with Vermillion Bird , the usage of Vermillion Bird seal he knew, after knowing the usage of Vermillion Bird seal, Zhao Hai knows before one, with the Vermillion Bird seal is mistake how, he regards the brick to use the Vermillion Bird seal unexpectedly, specifically is used to pound the person, this really spoiled thing. The Vermillion Bird seal, Black Tortoise seal, this different thing strongest place was not regarded the brick to pound the person absolutely, but is they can the release water and fire carry on the attack enemy. inside Vermillion Bird Seal including the world ten thousand fires, inside Black Tortoise Seal including world Myriad Water, this water and fire attack, but very formidable, compared with using the Fire God city and Crystal city pounds the person to want formidable directly many. It looks like in Zhao Hai, the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal looks like two spear|guns, but the water and fire that their release goes to look like the bullets of attack person, Zhao Hai beforehand simply regards the lighting a fire pole to use the spear|gun, really lost to the family disgraced. Naturally Zhao Hai also knows that the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal be fiercer than the spear|gun were too many, these two Magical Artifact water fires coordinate to attack the enemy, the common enemies cannot block. Zhao Hai received the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, did not have immediately to set out, but made Cai'er their research well settle in head, how had a look to use these two great seals to make the war, can wield he strongest fighting strength. Cai'er they complied with one, immediately have been busy, reason that Zhao Hai did not have, because of his very clear, oneself entered to this yard closes up just about 20 days, about still have ten days was due. Therefore he does not worry. Zhao Hai and don’t know. At this time, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying arrived at Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall second floor, was standing in front of Yin-Yang 2 elders, Lin Ling held the fist in the other hand to two old person said : Martial Uncle, the Zhao Hai situation believes that two Martial Uncle knew, how disciple don’t know must process the Zhao Hai situation, but also asked Martial Uncle to show.” Yin elder shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai this time to close up feared that has the fortuitous encounter, he goes out, you can try to contact with him, although cannot immediately introduce in Tyrant Blade Sect him. Actually can give him suitably some privileges, must let his understand, our Tyrant Blade Sect has intended to introduce in the gate him.” One hear of Yin elder said that Lin Ling cannot help but stares. Then complexion happy said : is, disciple took down.” Yang elder deep voice said : to the Zhao Hai a piece Unofficial Disciple sign, simultaneously told these to extend the fellow of claw, Zhao Hai was my Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple, dares to extend the claw randomly, be careful the old man got angry Wuqing/ruthless.” Lin Ling and Xiang Ying one hear of Yang elder said that stares, then their facial expression one cold, simultaneously has complied with one, they have not thought. Two old person actually so will take seriously Zhao Hai, this Zhao Hai security had the guarantee.

Yin elder look at them to comply with one, this beckoned with the hand said : to be good, got down, has remembered, let Zhao Hai in to gain experience some time, if wants the means to guarantee that his security, went.” They should, turn around walk. returned to the backyard hall, Lin Ling turned the head not to think to Xiang Ying forced smile said :. two Elders actually so will take seriously Zhao Hai, Junior Brother, it seems like we somewhat underestimated this Zhao Hai.” Xiang Ying also nodded said : present most important with the matter that Zhao Hai contacts, this matter I look at or want Senior Brother you to go into action to be good, no matter what Zhao Hai also knows you. Moreover I think that Zhao Hai this youngster had certainly guessed correctly anything, otherwise he has not depended in Horizontal Blade City does not walk.” Lin Ling nodded said : „. But this youngster clever, certainly was present anything, but this was also good, first gave him a Unofficial Disciple sign, like this he can take this token to meet duty that some experts can meet, many to gain experience turned, after a period of time we can introducing in the gate.” Xiang Ying deep voice said : I looked that two Elders must guarantee Zhao Hai, to be honest, I also really somewhat envy Zhao Hai, Senior Brother, you said that two Elder Assembly won't receive Zhao Hai to make disciple?” One hear of Xiang Ying said that Lin Ling cannot help but stares, then complexion changes, some little time nodded said : to have this possibility, two Elders these years had not received disciple, the years was because killing aura was too abundant, feared that by mistake disciple, now two Elders self-cultivation for many years, should be able to receive disciple, if two Elders received Zhao Hai to make disciple, that arrived is a good matter.” Their very clear cloudy Yang elder strength, although cloudy Yang elder these have make a move young time, however in True Spirit Realm there, their prestige is actually has not weakened, they regarding the comprehension of Yin-Yang Blade Technique, were in the one type of shocking situation, if they received Zhao Hai to make disciple, later Tyrant Blade Sect were also many formidable Battle Force. They also chatted a small little while, then Lin Ling sends for look at Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai goes out immediately to notify, he then respectively returned to the room with Xiang Ying. Zhao Hai has closed up in own yard, although he cannot enter to Space in now, however his spiritual force has actually been contacting with Space, he is also deducing simultaneously is using the situation that the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal makes the wartime. For five days, Cai'er they have been busy calculating Zhao Hai to use the Vermillion Bird seal and method of Black Tortoise seal, actually these days they research left the several days type the method of using the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, is verifying with Zhao Hai mutually, is improving this military strategy slowly. Five days later this military strategy has basically completed, then Zhao Hai starts comprehend this military strategy, this military strategy is divided into several forms of combat, one type of is simplest, Zhao Hai command(er) the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal makes war with the enemy, this basically looks at the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal.

Second military strategy is, Zhao Hai coordinates the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal carries on to make the war, but Zhao Hai only uses the long blade to coordinate the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal makes the war. Third military strategy is, Zhao Hai command(er) Liquid Silver, release Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, but the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal also join to, trapped enemy must kill the enemy, has the Vermillion Bird seal and join of Black Tortoise seal, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation will turn into Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Great Formation, Might is no comparison between them. Fourth military strategy is Zhao Hai also wants join to the war, simultaneously uses Divergent Technique to fight Fighting Technique, opposes the enemy fully, if Zhao Hai used really this step, represented him to run into the powerful enemy of entire life, must to pay fully. Reason that Zhao Hai prepares these many military strategy, does not have the matter of means that Zhao Hai knows one will possibly enter True Spirit Realm, such he will run into all kinds of enemies, he is impossible to come up to shine oneself all cards in a hand, that equal to is courting death, therefore he must keep previous. Did not say enters True Spirit Realm, even if in Soaring Dragon Realm here, he also is more careful is good, otherwise he feared that will have also the danger. Five days of quick on the past, because Zhao Hai participated in these four military strategy research this regulations, therefore he comprehended these military strategy not to require the too long time. Moreover a Soaring Dragon Realm here day be longer than Cultivation World there, thing that therefore Zhao Hai these five days of time, comprehend also is really many, below must carry on to temper in the actual combat. Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, he knows that the time arrived, slowly has stood up the personal appearance, walks outward, after this yard he rents, has only used quiet room, other place simply has not moved, but this was also enough. Left big gate of yard, Jade Token on Zhao Hai doorkeeper has picked, just about to goes to Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall to return the yard, suddenly directed that young Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator that he came to arrive around Zhao Hai before, held the fist in the other hand said : mister to invite to Zhao Hai, Lin Ling Senior Brother wants to ask mister to go to branch Hall together, does not know that mister can hope otherwise?” Zhao Hai gawked, don’t know Lin Ling suddenly must ask him to make anything, but he nodded said : naturally to want, mister please guide.” That person nodded, directing Zhao Hai to walk toward Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, they have not gone to front large building, but went to following courtyard directly, that person directs Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall hall there Zhao Hai, stands outside the hall, deep voice said : Lin Ling Senior Brother, Zhao Hai brings.”

The Lin Ling sound conveys said : from inside in a big hurry please come in.” That person to the hand signal that Zhao Hai has made invitation, Zhao Hai held the fist in the other hand to that person, takes a step the hall. Entered hall Zhao Hai to see Lin Ling and Xiang Ying, naturally he does not know Xiang Ying now, but he held the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see two mister to them.” The Lin Ling look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai, we met, I paid attention to your for a long time, what kind of? Is also familiar in Soaring Dragon Realm here?” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand said : to return to the mister words to Lin Ling, is familiar with very much, I cross is very good.” Lin Ling nodded, look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : suddenly Zhao Hai, you replied me truthfully, you know that I was paying attention to you?” Zhao Hai looked at Lin Ling one, decides to tell the facts good that he nodded said : is, before Zhao Hai exited to make duty time, mister followed in behind in next some time, in adding on some people asked him to pay attention below, below guessed correctly that was mister, because entered below to Soaring Dragon Realm didn't have long time, simply was impossible to cause others' attention, can pay attention below, before certain was, on understanding below, but in Soaring Dragon Realm, besides mister you, feared that will be nobody will know below.” Lin Ling one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs, some little time said : good, is really intelligent, you guess does not have the mistake, I already started to pay attention to you, these time asks you to come, the matters must tell you, Zhao Hai, can you want join our Tyrant Blade Sect?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that Lin Ling will say this at this time, but he nodded said : naturally to want, can join Tyrant Blade Sect, below being honored.” Lin Ling nodded, the hand turned puts out a piece Jade Token , the hand moved, Jade Token has flown Zhao Hai slowly, Zhao Hai caught hastily, Lin Ling deep voice said : this a piece was my Tyrant Blade Unofficial Disciple Command Token, you brought on the body, later was my Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple, but you wanted into Tyrant Blade Sect official disciple, must undergo some time observation, you were taking this Jade Token , can continue in the yard that you lived, can meet duty that some Soaring Dragon Realm here old person can meet, but also means that you Tyrant Blade Sect person, you have been possible to be willing to receive for Command Token?”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }