Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1965

Zhang Feng they sit in ShangShan City small tavern, although these days they make duty very smooth, but they are unhappy, because Zhao Hai one month did not have, their extremely worried. Before duty that Zhang Feng they make now is not Zhao Hai, duty that gets down, but before Zhao Hai, duty that gets down, gave them to open, was adding on Zhang Feng itself to manage Great Sect, was quick they to establish a duty analysis place, special analysis all kinds of duty, enabling them to make duty routinely, therefore these days to was very smooth, did not have any accident. However the Zhao Hai powerful penetrated into them went, moreover Zhao Hai although is not long in the together time with them, but is very big regarding their help, that security incomparable camp, the method of this duty analysis, is adding on that money, these thing made them be full of the favorable impression to Zhao Hai. Now Zhao Hai these many days do not have appears , their although does not have what accident, but has probably actually lacked the pillar one by one type, always has such restlessness. Normally this situation should not appears , Zhang Feng they, that not be in Sect Supreme Elder, like Zhang Feng, is Black Tiger Group Gang Master, a person will handle the entire Black Tiger Group matter not to have any issue, like the person, will not rely on others basically, but these days they will unable to see Zhao Hai, actually feels at heart deserted. Zhang Feng has drunk liquor, let out a long breath, good that deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan nearest/recent duty makes. We to all around situation understanding were also many. I thought that we can meet some more difficult duty, does everyone/Great Clan look?” The people somewhat are scruple, their these days has to all around situation had understood, but similarly, their also understand this Soaring Dragon Realm dangerous degree, to be honest some of their also really fears. Zhang Feng looked at people one eyes, just about to says anything, a suddenly sound conveys said : he he, good, everyone/Great Clan drank. Gives me also to come on one cup.” The people turn the head to look, is Zhao Hai. Zhang Feng sees Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback happy said : Little Hai, did you go out? fantastic.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile. After the people have greeted, sits, looked at people said : what everyone/Great Clan to discuss?” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: This, was not discussing that must make some difficult points duty, duty that these days everyone/Great Clan completes is very good, I thought that should help some difficult points duty, but you also know that Soaring Dragon Realm here was too dangerous, makes some difficult duty, possibly can the appears casualties. Therefore some everyone/Great Clan anxieties.” Did Zhao Hai look at people one eyes, deep voice said : originally for this? Actually this does not have difficultly what, everyone/Great Clan should make some more difficult duty, everyone/Great Clan also knows that Soaring Dragon Realm here is True Spirit Realm promotes the place of talented person, duty that we make now, many are some easy duty, the impression mark that although obtains are also many, but the impression mark is only on the one hand, others look what you complete is what duty. If we connect some difficult points duty not to dare, later faces more brutal True Spirit Realm? When the casualties have, but duty must do, Uncle Tie Shi they have paid with many casualties, but they actually halted in Soaring Dragon Realm here the foot. Many people were also received by some Sect for disciple, if we have made some easy duty. These can Sect have a liking for us?”

As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but one startled, changed mind thinks Zhao Hai said was also very right, duty that if they made was some easy duty, that truly did not have Sect having a liking for them. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, knows that the people comprehended his meaning, but he is said : I knows that before everyone/Great Clan in the Cultivation World time, was Supreme Elder that various Sect let, the status calamity was high, to Soaring Dragon Realm here, everyone/Great Clan some did not adapt, but I hope that everyone/Great Clan can adjust the good mentality, otherwise forever has not entered to True Spirit Realm opportunity, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, everyone/Great Clan do not regard Supreme Elder oneself, regarded Immortal Stage Expert, regarded oneself is just learn practice Qi Refining time cultivator, that Qi Refining time cultivator was not to obtain a higher status, but diligently., They to enhance own strength, how only looks to harvest, often is dangerous duty, the harvest is big, everyone/Great Clan does not want not to believe that you have a look at this are anything.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple Command Token. People look at this Command Token, this Command Token looks like very simple, is only Jade Token of rectangle, above is carving a blade, below is three characters, Tyrant Blade Sect, the back writes four characters, Unofficial Disciple. although beforehand everyone/Great Clan has not seen Unofficial Disciple Command Token, understand that such but on this Command Token writes, everyone/Great Clan, if has not known that what's the matter, that really became an idiot. Zhang Feng happy said : Little Hai, did you become Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple?” Zhao Hai nodded, he puts out Tyrant Blade Sect disciple Command Token today, must give these people to inflate, he presently these people also arrived at the adjustment mentality time, if the mentality adjustment is not good, to their later practice influences is very big. Zhao Hai deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan also knows that Feng Lingyun mister has told me, some people in paying attention to me, pays attention to my person is the Tyrant Blade Sect person, but they want to observe me some time, afterward I went to Bathe Moon Lake there to make duty, and has obtained not the small advantage, after coming back to close up, has become aware, I went out calling by the Tyrant Blade Sect person, I now am Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple, so long as on can enter Tyrant Blade Sect in to gain experience some time.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop, then said : everyone/Great Clan do not think before me, by the Tyrant Blade Sect attention certainly can join to Tyrant Blade Sect, are been many by person of Tyrant Blade Sect attention, but can enter in the person to Tyrant Blade Sect to be few truly, because many people cannot adjust the good mentality finally, can only returned to own Interface.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to sigh, deep voice said : in the past, I ran into a person, initially our Cultivation World must enter to Soaring Dragon Realm. Must through the inspection. But person who that person another an Interface participates in the inspection, to be honest, that person of innate skill is very strong, has fought with me in the inspection, when fights with me, he broke through Immortal Stage, it can be said that a talent character, when I saw him in the past, he turned into ordinary Immortal Stage cultivator, the natural disposition is smoothed by grinding. Became smooth, if he cannot retrieve natural disposition, this whole life do not think join True Spirit Realm, a talent character. Unexpectedly became in Soaring Dragon Realm here ordinary.” Zhao Hai also sighed said : we to practice for anything, not for go against the Heaven to change fate, to pursue that unsurpassed Grand Dao, in this pursue process, we were one scholar, rookie, we must forward diligently, otherwise certainly will be abandoned by Grand Dao, if did not have such mentality, we were impossible to practice successfully. Then early dies with late dies does not have what difference, everyone/Great Clan understand?” The people nodded, the Zhang Feng feelings are most profound, Zhao Hai initially is he introduces Black Tiger Group, he is look at Zhao Hai bit by bit grows, finally entered Soaring Dragon Realm with his together has become, moreover now stood also wanted compared with him high, although had the Zhao Hai innate skill reason to exist, but more because of the Zhao Hai mentality, this type never will actually satisfy. Forever must pursue higher target mentality, is his advancing biggest reason.

Other people have the feelings, they presently after becoming Immortal Stage Expert, spirit at heart vanished probably much, if before. They will not care about the danger that this type has not arrived, for they opportunity can go all out. However they actually lose the courage of this going all out now, the spirit did not have, how they are progressive. Zhao Hai this saying looks like a blow to the head, one hitting to awake them, people take deep breaths, then simultaneously has stood, bows said : thanks a lot mister to teach the regret to Zhao Hai, we engrave on one's memory.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, deep voice said : I hope everyone/Great Clan can on the path of practice is farther, later was I walked, these you must pass around, making each enter to the Soaring Dragon Realm people hear these words, understand these words.” People simultaneously complied with one, Zhao Hai has made everyone/Great Clan sit down, later after deep voice said : received new duty, can meet some Advanced level duty, met duty although also to carry on some choices, but the natural danger, the casualties forever should not be too inevitable, to enter to higher practice level, these prices must, I now become Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple, can meet some more difficult duty, but I wanted to meet duty, you can form a team to meet duty, was too dangerous with me.” The people nodded, they believe that the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai made before picks duty of nine heart lotus seed, they know afterward was dangerous, let alone was one month ago, even if they do not dare to meet such duty now, was too dangerous, with Zhao Hai not necessarily all was the good matter. Zhao Hai looked that the people agreed that this nodded said : well, everyone/Great Clan agrees well, now everyone/Great Clan first contacts other people, adjusts to meet the duty way, I must meet duty, meets some duty, saves some money to get down, such later enters the Soaring Dragon Realm person, the day will feel better.” The people chuckle, had not said anything, but they to are agreed that Zhao Hai words, their present days felt better compared with before, but they cannot only consider for themselves, must think of the later person. After Zhao Hai looked at people said : „, camp there I possibly go will be short, my present although is only Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple, but actually obtained Horizontal Blade City small courtyard, later I will stay often in there, everyone/Great Clan have any matter, arrives at there to look for me, was right, can live in there previous some time, there absolute safety.” Zhang Feng smiles said : to consider as finished, our camp are very good, did not go to your there to live, said it, camp there cannot always depend on you, otherwise didn't appear our too waste? Your feel relieved was good, we will manage good camp there, our camp are also very safe.” Zhao Hai has thought thinks is also, their camp now are really the absolute securities, if said that feared is safer than Horizontal Blade City there, Horizontal Blade City there once for a while also will have beast tide, but camp there will definitely not have the beast lake to live. Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, but later everyone/Great Clan, if has any matter, must look for me, I may not have join Ba Men now.”

As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, Zhang Feng deep voice said : I thought us to in this matter immediately/on horseback notice, Little Hai has been settled now, definitely met join to Tyrant Blade Sect, this was our Cultivation World for these years, some first person of join level Great Sect, let everyone/Great Clan also with happy happy.” Nobody opposed that all people nodded, Zhao Hai can join Tyrant Blade Sect, regarding them, absolutely be the good matter, if later Zhao Hai entered Tyrant Blade Sect , was big to the help of Cultivation World, that feared that delivered two Magical Artifact to Cultivation World, big promotion Cultivation World strength. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at people, has not gone to prevent them, he is not a person of forgetting one's origin, if later join to Tyrant Blade Sect, he has been able to help Cultivation World time, will certainly help, after all Cultivation World there is his native place. Also sat a while in tavern, Zhao Hai has stood, with people together leave, but Zhao Hai has not gone to meet duty, but was returned to camp there looked, camp there all normal, since richness, camp here has also added many thing, most important was, here has traded one set of defense strength formidable formation, not only there is a better defense effect, but can shield Spiritual Sense of person completely, was likely Lin Ling Expert, is impossible presently in this place common hill, was hiding camp unexpectedly, camp safe in one time. Obtained enhancement. Saw the situation in camp, Zhao Hai also complete feel relieved, stayed a while in camp here, they chatted a while day with Li Mu, Zhao Hai returned to Horizontal Blade City, later Zhao Hai had then planned that lived in Horizontal Blade City here, that met duty anything, naturally must carry on here. Horizontal Blade City here Zhao Hai has also strolled, the situation general has understood, but Zhao Hai does not want in running up to other Sect now meets duty, does not have that necessity, in Horizontal Blade City here, what duty in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall has, met duty to be OK in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall directly, moreover this can also in the person to Tyrant Blade Sect, make a more direct-viewing impression, said it, this made when duty, often can obtain many good thing, these good thing unable cheap others not to be, no matter what, now Zhao Hai is half Tyrant Blade Sect person. Zhao Hai arrived at Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall directly, enters branch Hall, inside were many are meeting duty and hands over duty cultivator to recognize Zhao Hai, did not have the means that before Zhao Hai came here to rent the house the time, but by many people seeing, these people were often come Tyrant Blade Sect here make duty, the nature has recognized Zhao Hai on the has plenty person, Zhao Hai has not actually cared, duty on careful look at projection wall, sought for duty that was suiting itself to make.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }