Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1966

These duty on Zhao Hai wholly-absorbed look at duty fence, other people actually in look at Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai in Horizontal Blade City were also a young sighted person, but many people have only heard him, has not actually seen him. Zhao Hai has not cared, duty that look at these duty one after another, Zhao Hai looks at now was expert duty, in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall here, expert duty and new duty was separates, Zhao Hai to did not need to distinguish. Looks at expert duty, Zhao Hai cannot help but nod of gently, these expert duty, first be much more difficult than these new duty, even Zhao Hai also saw several need to live in duty that several days can complete in outdoor, such duty either you have Portable Transmission Formation, either you keep outdoor to live, the risk is very big. These expert duty have some are Tyrant Blade Sect here provides the map, moreover what danger will write is having, but often writes is detailed duty, its danger coefficient is also higher. Looked at a while, Zhao Hai has decided to make mining duty, the ore that this time he must pick was one type of compares the Advanced level ore, known as Cloud Iron, this Cloud Iron weight very light, but tenacious was actually very good, what most important was, the habitat of this type of Cloud Iron ore in the Horizontal Blade City Northwest, 1 million li (0.5km) has located, this was not day of duty, leading this duty, Tyrant Blade Sect to prepare the map to him, was in expert duty the comparison one type of that was difficult to complete. Arrives at duty stage there, has put out own scoreboard and Identity Card, gave in has recorded to seek duty female cultivator said : hello, I must meet to pick the Cloud Iron ore duty.” That female cultivator looked that Zhao Hai handed over two Jade Token cannot help but to stare, she received two Jade Token to look that immediately knew the Zhao Hai status, on the face has cannot help but revealed smiling face said : well. You wait a bit.” Said that has given back to Zhao Hai Jade Identity Card, then records duty that Zhao Hai received on the scoreboard, then also took a piece jade slip to give Zhao Hai said : in this jade slip to record the duty map, some were the dangers that probably encountered, may you succeed.” Zhao Hai received the scoreboard and jade slip. Expressed gratitude to that female cultivator with a smile, this turn around walked, other cultivator in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall hall, heard Zhao Hai to receive any duty, they somewhat were also surprised. However nobody said anything, after all comes here almost is the expert, duty that some people meet compared with duty danger that Zhao Hai meets. These people meet duty time possibly is a person, but exits to make duty time, but not only a person, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, almost did not have go it alone cultivator. What duty no matter makes, is forms a team to complete, Soaring Dragon Realm here was extremely dangerous, the independent person exited to make duty, danger coefficient big increase. When Zhao Hai leave Tyrant Blade Sect hall. Several cultivator also followed, they want to take a look at Zhao Hai they to have several people to complete this duty. Zhao Hai has not actually managed them, left the gate of hall, spiritual force searched toward jade slip, has taken down the map and possibly the fresh danger, immediately flies toward outside the city. That several cultivator that Zhao Hai follows looked that the Zhao Hai appearance cannot help but stares. And person deep voice said : Zheng Tou, you said that youngster can make duty? How did this go out of town?”

Zheng does Tou frown said : „a person to dare to meet Cloud Iron duty? This fellow can it be that Lunatic? Walks, with has a look. If he is really a person, we gave to be him, his thing was our, the fellow can rent the house to live in Horizontal Blade City here, the body had certainly many good thing.” One hear of Zheng Tou said that on several other people of faces has flashed through a greedy color. At this time followed cultivator whispered after several person: Zheng Tou, I thought that this matter considers as finished. Just that person had given inside female cultivator two block token, I looked, a piece is a scoreboard, another a piece probably is Identity Card, that Identity Card probably is Tyrant Blade Sect, but that youngster person of Tyrant Blade Sect attention, if we moved him, Tyrant Blade Sect feared that will not let off us.” Zheng Tou listened to that person saying that the knitting the brows head of gently, turned the head to look at one toward Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, deep voice said : walked, first leave was saying.” The personal appearance moved to fly, but direction Zhao Hai leave direction that he went. Several other people have not said anything, follows hastily, after flying a distance, Zheng Tou then open the mouth and said: What fears, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, were been few by the people of these Great Sect attention? Soaring Dragon Realm here the undead person, we killed his also nobody to know that on that day is who kills, obtained that youngster thing, we change a city at the worst and that's the end, had his thing, our days may feel better.” In Soaring Dragon Realm here cultivator, hard, they who day passes like Zhao Hai such, cannot crafting make money, cultivator of here to Soaring Dragon Realm, each one is the Immortal Stage strength, the person their although meets crafting, but also can only say that refines some simple thing, must know that crafting very much spends the energy, good Crafting Master is very difficult to rise Immortal Stage, even if good Crafting Master, crafting also has the success ratio, because like this, therefore Soaring Dragon Realm here few people Zhao Hai, on can be many likely impression mark with crafting. Cannot crafting and Alchemy makes money, these cultivator income have been short, in hand naturally does not have what money, the easy life has is also hard, now looks at Zhao Hai is a rich man, that naturally is wicked lives to the balls, snatches you not to discuss. cultivator may not have what good person, to feel better by oneself, the murder seizes the treasure is really normal, therefore these people do not have to think one such do to have any incorrect. Zhao Hai had not noted these people, he entered forest now, but Cai'er actually noted, Cai'er presently these people start to enter forest from Horizontal Blade City with Zhao Hai with Zhao Hai, obviously was harbors evil intentions, therefore her immediately reminded Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that also has not cared, these people do not come, if dares to come that him not to be naturally impolite. Zhao Hai these time has not used Divergent Technique, is only careful moving forward like other cultivator, after obtaining the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, but Zhao Hai present courage big many, now has met Tiger King and Xiang Que, he also dares to fight one fight. The Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise print although Zhao Hai also to oppose the enemy with useful, but these two thing Might Zhao Hai are very confident, after all he with these two side great seal communicate, had known their fierce.

Moreover Zhao Hai also present a point, other weapon, Liquid Silver almost can absorb within the body, but these two side great seal Liquid Silver do not have the means to inhale within the body, moreover Space does not have the means to analyze two side great seals, because level of two side great seals is too high, Space did not analyze. Zhao Hai to has not worried, he can with these two side great seal communicate because of his Divergent Technique, but the Space analysis was different, can analyze on the analysis, he can use on the line. Zheng Tou they with Zhao Hai, they not have been far from Horizontal Blade City now, therefore Monster Beast is not many, Zhao Hai has evaded several Monster Beast, the map in jade slip along advancing that keeps. Zheng Tou toward forward flight while is paying attention with the Horizontal Blade City distance, they do not want to wait for Zhao Hai to complete duty to come back to begin, in their opinion, a Zhao Hai person makes Cloud Iron duty, but can also come back two saying that if now does not begin, feared that did not have opportunity. Non-stop flew for more than 20 minutes, because they have flown in forest, therefore more than 20 minutes have not departed are too far, are not near, this distance also almost can begin. Zheng Tou looked at around one, deep voice said : pays attention to all around situation, if no too strong Monster Beast to encircle, must this youngster keeping this.” Follows to nod in his side several cultivator, scatters in all directions, has encircled toward Zhao Hai there, this matter they are not first doing, is very experienced. Zhao Hai has been paying attention to Zheng Tou they, now one presently their movements, Zhao Hai cannot help but has sneered, stopped, original Zheng Tou they , if not begin to him, he will not pay attention to Zheng Tou they, but Zheng Tou they must begin now, that Zhao Hai naturally did not use is polite. How long when Zhao Hai just stopped is not, Zheng Tou they have encircled, Zheng Tou look at stops in there Zhao Hai, cannot help but stares, then the knitting the brows head of gently, by that cultivator to him has caused a meaningful glance, that cultivator personal appearance moves, goes toward retreat, examined in all around. The Zhao Hai look at that Zheng Tou appearance, cannot help but the secret passage, this is a careful character, his understand Zheng Tou meaning, Zheng Tou visits certainly him to stop, thinks that Zhao Hai is fishing, immediately makes that cultivator examine, was a careful character. Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Tou one eyes, deep voice said : has not needed to look, here only then I, did not have others.” Zheng Tou stares, then look at Zhao Hai said : of face cloudy sleep you know that we do do? Aren't you afraid?”

Does Zhao Hai laugh said : to fear? How many depending on your also wants to let my Zhao Hai fear? Really acts recklessly, your people do not dare to meet Cloud Iron duty, I have met, if I have not grasped, I do dare such to do? Do you unexpectedly also dare to run to take by force me now? HaHaHa, was too interesting.” Zheng Tou complexion cannot help but changes, then sneers said : not to think oneself was too high, suffers to death.” The hand wields, that several cultivator direct Zhao Hai attack. Zhao Hai sneers, the hand wields, red blue two side great seal appears in his side, Zhao Hai have then pinched Magic Secret Art, silently said: Inferno, Frozen!” His voice just fell, sees in the Vermillion Bird seal suddenly to raise all over the sky fire, directly his left hand four cultivator threw, but Black Tortoise only was actually appears piece of white mist, directly his right hand three cultivator threw. Zheng Tou near the left hand of Zhao Hai, is looking at Vermillion Bird to print release the fire, his immediately gave oneself blessing/additional support Defense Protective Shield, simultaneously release has defended Magical Artifact. However Zheng Tou had actually underestimated fire that the fire that in the Vermillion Bird seal release comes, in the Vermillion Bird seal release comes, but has gathered the strength of ten thousand fire, can it be that general thing can block, his defense Magical Artifact although release came, but meets the fire in Vermillion Bird seal, actually immediately turned into pile of molten iron, but he was even/including snort|hum one had not turned into the ash. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }