Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1967

Not only Zheng Tou, that four cultivator when Zhao Hai left hand, almost in bumping into Vermillion Bird prints the fire that release comes, was fired the ash directly But the effect of another Black Tortoise seal comes compared with the Vermillion Bird seal is not bad, that white mist meets that three cultivator, on that three cultivator immediately emitted the hoar frost, the whole person is frozen, downward fell, but below in the process, turned into the frozen powder directly, dying cannot die Zhao Hai is actually somewhat silly standing in there, his although knows that the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise print very formidable, but has not thought that these two side great seals unexpectedly strong to this situation, put in an appearance seven Immortal Stage Expert dregs not to have remaining, this also too formidable Some little time Zhao Hai recovered, receives the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, muttered said : really to be a pity, has wasted seven Undead Creature not only actually seven Undead Creature, on that seven cultivator all Magical Artifact were all destroyed, Space equipment did not have remaining, can say that several people were removed the bottom from Zhao Hai in hand disappeared, obviously Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal the place of overbearing Also asked Cai'er, around this nobody, Zhao Hai then went toward the forward flight, he was very far from point, cannot delay too long time Presently nobody tracked, Zhao Hai naturally did not use in forest flew, but proceeded with Divergent Technique stealth, these days Cai'er they diligently received in Soaring Dragon Realm Space, diligently received in thing in Soaring Dragon Realm Space, because of Soaring Dragon Realm here Law of Space pressure very big, flight of Liquid Silver needle was inferior that quickly beforehand, moreover Soaring Dragon Realm here formidable Monster Beast were too many, for not by these person presently Liquid Silver needle, therefore Cai'er their degrees were not quick The place that this Zhao Hai must go to is too far, Cai'er they have not received in Space to add on Zhao Hai to want a personal feeling Soaring Dragon Realm here situation there, therefore he not with Space advancing, but has been using Divergent Technique stealth With Divergent Technique stealth naturally cannot go to that quickly, therefore to darkness time, Zhao Hai has not arrived at the destination, used Portable Transmission Formation to return to Horizontal Blade City own yard directly, prepared tomorrow in After returned to yard, they related to have a look at their there to have with Zhang Feng not to have since birth any matter, fortunately, all safe, now the Cultivation World there person mentality has adjusted came everyone/Great Clan to make duty to be also strong, today they received some expert duty, was not too dangerous expert duty, did not have the appears casualties, now happy Looked that Cultivation World these people did not have matter Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, sat in quiet room of yard, rested well for night, Zhao Hai has not dared to enter before Space, because after he went out, Cai'er told him cloudy Yang elder in paying attention to his matter, Zhao Hai does not dare to enter Space the cloudy Yang elder strength to be unpredictable now, if he entered Space time, making cloudy Yang elder live anything, that may be big troublesome A night does not have the words, next morning Zhao Hai will go to yesterday he to return to the Horizontal Blade City place with Transmission Formation, will continue to proceed to hurry along, to at dusk, Zhao Hai rushed to the destination Now Zhao Hai left forest, the place that he is piece of boundless huge mountain, this piece of huge mountain was called Misty Mountain by the Soaring Dragon Realm person, the dense fog in the mountain covers all the year round, inside has Monster Beast to be innumerable, few people dare to arrive at here

Zhao Hai now in the Misty Mountain surrounding, he to producing the place also distance of Cloud Iron stone, but the weather early, he has not prepared to enter Misty Mountain at this time now, the preparation and other day, next day in entering Misty Mountain looks for the Cloud Iron stone Now Zhao Hai Transmission Formation was impossible to take his Transmission to return to Horizontal Blade City, he needs about relay twice to be good, the Portable Transmission Formation farthest Transmission distance is in five hundred thousand controls, Zhao Hai flies now already about 1 million li (0.5km), moreover he also knows this point, therefore he found two places of relative securities in the midway as the intermediate transit point, this can quick returned to Horizontal Blade City Has rested a evening in own yard, next morning, Zhao Hai arrived under Misty Mountain, this time he does not have to use Divergent Technique, but was release the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, careful moving forward Reason that Zhao Hai has not used Divergent Technique, what Divergent Technique because of his present here with, does not evade these Monster Beast, Misty Mountain here may, not only in the ground has Monster Beast, flying in the sky, underground crawls, Monster Beast has plenty, no matter Zhao Hai with Wood element Divergent Technique or Earth element Divergent Technique, is impossible to hide the truth from these Monster Beast, therefore he was not using fortunately Divergent Technique Monster Beast of Monster Beast in this Misty Mountain in compared with forest are many, Zhao Hai has to be careful, is good, in Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal when does not use, will not have any energy fluctuation, this arrived remained Zhao Hai many matters Reason that Zhao Hai will know here , because yesterday Zhao Hai, when returned to Horizontal Blade City rest, Cai'er they already with Liquid Silver needle scout situation in a Misty Mountain, in Misty Mountain here, but many strength formidable Monster Beast, yesterday Liquid Silver needle by present several times, is good because of the Liquid Silver needle now extremely small, these monsters cover although present, but Zhao Hai immediately made the Liquid Silver needle fall the ground, this has not made these Monster Beast find the Liquid Silver needle After Zhao Hai release Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, this slowly touches toward the mountain on, enters Misty Mountain, Zhao Hai feels that in the dense fog on that mountain transmits the intermittent pressure, this pressure is bigger than outside, but accordingly, Spiritual Qi in that dense fog also compared with outside foot, why Zhao Hai be understand Misty Mountain here Monster Beast is now good formidable, definitely has relationship with these dense fog This also let be careful, was good has Liquid Silver because of him who Zhao Hai added in the hand, although yesterday he cannot receive in the Space map entire Misty Mountain in the evening, the place that but he must go, in the Space map, this has enabled Zhao Hai to evade most Monster Beast He also can only evade that most Monster Beast, the place that some Monster Beast are at he does not evade, therefore can only fight, moving forward in Misty Mountain one hour, Zhao Hai to small mountain top on, his slowed down, because of his very clear, on this mountain top, there is Monster Beast, very formidable Monster Beast, Two-Headed Stone Snake Two-Headed Stone Snake is snake-shaped earth attribute Monster Beast, scale armor, defense strength is greatly strengthened, attack strength also very formidable, in Monster Beast, is illustrious existence However because of this, this only Two-Headed Stone Snake has also occupied very big a piece domain in Misty Mountain here, but Two-Headed Stone Snake regards as important regarding own domain, in his domain, cannot see any Monster Beast, Zhao Hai, so long as has tidied up Two-Headed Stone Snake, is not far to mountain valley that the Cloud Iron stone is, because the Two-Headed Stone Snake domain is very big, they in here are overturn the heaven, not by other Monster Beast present, it can be said that very safe

Zhao Hai initially chooses this route to walk is because has existence of this Two-Headed Stone Snake, this Two-Headed Stone Snake strength crosses Immortal Stage absolutely, moreover are too much, but Zhao Hai currently has the confidence to tidy up him That Two-Headed Stone Snake also present Zhao Hai, direct Zhao Hai throws, because the Misty Mountain here visibility is very low, that only Two-Headed Stone Snake to Zhao Hai about hundred meters time, what Zhao Hai sees clearly his long, this is a long and narrow stone grey snake, the length of body 50 meters, the bucket is over thick or thin, two snake heads, are the sharp triangles, such snake has deadly poison generally Now this Two-Headed Stone Snake is opening four gloomy and cold eye look at Zhao Hai, two blood red wicks, outside often swallowing spur, leave the sound That only Two-Headed Stone Snake also saw Zhao Hai, those who stem from the Zhao Hai anticipation is, he does not have immediately/on horseback attack, but stopped in there, look at Zhao Hai, some little time, Two-Headed Stone Snake left snake head suddenly open the mouth and said: Unexpectedly is Human Race cultivator, rare The right snake head nodded said : truly rarely Left snake head said : our good long time not to have eaten Human Race cultivator, to be honest, I really somewhat was greedy Before right snake head said : you, has eaten Human Race cultivator? I do not remember that you have eaten? My understand, you said that is thinks the ha-ha he, but do you determine usefully this?” Left that snake head said : was useful, but you one have not used in a moment, your this fool, had heard scary must say? How said to be scary?” Right snake head said : scary useless, Human Race cultivator will not be afraid, I thought that our instead he has eaten, to be honest, I also really want to taste Human Race cultivator am any flavor Left snake head said : your this glutton, Human Race cultivator has anything to be delicious, whole body few two meat, looked that is not delicious, heard on them returns poisonous, ate me to fear that met stomach ache Right snake head face panic-stricken said : that we do not eat him, we walked, he could not look for us in any case, if we ran, he definitely could not overtake

Left snake head said : your this fool, here is our families, we run toward there, we do not eat him, can kill him, at the worst killed has not eaten and that's the end The right snake head nodded said : right, kills him, kills him however do not eat him, let alone, I really presently, you unexpectedly so will not be intelligent Zhao Hai dumbfounded look at this to oneself said that crosstalk Two-Headed Stone Snake, was really don’t know said that any was good, he has not thought that in Soaring Dragon Realm here prestige illustrious Two-Headed Stone Snake, will enter the stage unexpectedly in this manner, this made him be surprised At this time left side of Two-Headed Stone Snake that snake head, the look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : fed, What is your name? Keeps your name, our Two-Headed Stone Snake does not kill nameless ghost Right snake head said : you spoke incorrectly, the ghost died, cannot kill, you should say that does not kill the nameless person, but, even if the famous person, our nobody has also killed, we kill is Monster Beast Left snake head said : he became the ghost, must die in our in hand, therefore called not to kill the nameless ghost not wrong, we starting today, must take down all by the name of person and ghost who we massacred, like this , the name of person we when facing the enemy, we were massacred by us these said that this can daunt them ...... To be continued) rt! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }