Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1968

Zhao Hai look at this Two-Headed Stone Snake, speechless, actually has then smiled, he presently this Two-Headed Stone Snake absolutely is not intentionally must such do, they have been used to such being together way, moreover this Two-Headed Stone Snake is different from other Two-Headed Stone Snake some, their strength although very formidable, but actually and nobody gives people the one type of very fierce feeling. At this time that Two-Headed Stone Snake also presently was Zhao Hai in smiling, Two-Headed Stone Snake left snake head said : Why are you laughing? ridiculing us?” His saying ended Zhao Hai presently this Two-Headed Stone Snake imposing manner changed, if just this Two-Headed Stone Snake looked like clown of comedy, that present Two-Headed Stone Snake is extremely powerful Monster Beast, matched with his status absolutely. Zhao Hai had not actually been frightened by him, but shows a faint smile said : not, I have not ridiculed you, I thought that you are very interesting, therefore I decided that does not kill you, but subdues you, making you my under the hand/subordinate.” Two-Headed Stone Snake one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then two snake heads simultaneously appears angry expression, left snake head said loudly: „Do you actually want to subdue us? This is to we biggest insult, you will regret.” Said that Two-Headed Stone Snake throws toward Zhao Hai, they just spoke time, two snake heads have their wisdom to be the same probably, but really to attack time, their attack actually synchronously carry on, the tacit understanding of coordination is incomparable. The Zhao Hai intention moved, has taken back the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, the lethality of these two side great seals were really too big, if with this both sides great seals to meeting Two-Headed Stone Snake. That Two-Headed Stone Snake feared that is ash cannot be left over continually, therefore Zhao Hai received two side great seals, put out Liquid Silver to oppose the enemy. This Zhao Hai used own complete strength, Divergent Technique to fight Fighting Technique to wield completely. Simultaneously the in hand Liquid Silver blade also moved, Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades conveniently. A Clang! Zhao Hai blade divided on the body of Two-Headed Stone Snake, but he has not actually broken through the scale of Two-Headed Stone Snake, has only left behind a slash on the scale of Two-Headed Stone Snake, the Zhao Hai strength was not small, chopped one body of Two-Headed Stone Snake crookedly, Two-Headed Stone Snake ate the pain, has roared. Sweeps toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai backhands a blade, simultaneously the earth thick fluctuation of ground, turned into stone-lock dumbbells, Two-Headed Stone Snake locking in inside. However Two-Headed Stone Snake actually does not care. On the snake face instead to revealed one to sneer, the personal appearance in a flash, the snake body got out of trouble from the stone-lock dumbbell. Zhao Hai criticizes is in itself a fool, Touyan snake originally is earth attribute Monster Beast, had the ability of control earth. This is his Life Source Divergent Technique, oneself want to cope with him with the earth unexpectedly, this is not does not hit comfortably. However Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback change the maneuver, Two-Headed Stone Snake felt that all around cloud and mist lived the change. Probably became more and more heavy, this not because of the change of underground magnetic field. But because these dense fog were given control by Zhao Hai. However Two-Headed Stone Snake also not to be trifled with, the giant snake tail pats the ground. All around magnetic field also lived change, Zhao Hai felt that the pressure thinks, he cannot help but has held in high esteem to Two-Headed Stone Snake of this comedy, has not thought really that the fight experience of this fellow were substantial, why don’t know he has not participated to attack a city. However this thought was also only in his mind one revolution vanished, Zhao Hai immediately carried on attack to Two-Headed Stone Snake, Two-Headed Stone Snake also got up the counter-attack, a person of snake fought in one. This Two-Headed Stone Snake strength compares general Immortal Stage Monster Beast much stronger absolutely, Zhao Hai a short time really did not have the means with him, but Two-Headed Stone Snake also takes Zhao Hai not to have the means that the scene one refused to compromise.

However Zhao Hai these time to more hits happy, this Two-Headed Stone Snake strength with him almost, happen to can make him fight Fighting Technique better wearing in Divergent Technique. But Two-Headed Stone Snake actually more hits is more surprised, they have not thought that really the Zhao Hai strength so will be unexpectedly strong, what this Two-Headed Stone Snake is the variation variety in Two-Headed Stone Snake, strength very formidable, moreover they walk under the ground extremely fast, takes them not to have the means compared with their practice formidable Monster Beast generally, has not actually thought that these time has run into a Zhao Hai such match. They meet Zhao Hai absolutely are bad luck, general cultivator to they, even if defeating them, takes them not to have the means that they in a drill toward earth, others could not find them, but Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai also meets Earth element Divergent Technique, they drill the earth is not necessarily quicker than Zhao Hai, therefore they want to run cannot be inescapable. A person of snake has fought for two hours, Two-Headed Stone Snake falling slowly to leeward, Zhao Hai also knows that almost should draw in a net, has fought a while with Two-Headed Stone Snake, was calling Two-Headed Stone Snake unprepared, waved release large quantities of Undead Creature, these Undead Creature appears on firmly Two-Headed Stone Snake according to the ground, Zhao Hai has then wielded, Liquid Silver made thick iron chain, has entangled strong/sturdy him. Zhao Hai drew in Two-Headed Stone Snake with these Undead Creature Space with joint forces, Two-Headed Stone Snake entered Space, immediately by Space surrendering, Zhao Hai had also ended this fight. After having subdued Two-Headed Stone Snake, oneself later were many a helper, moreover this Two-Headed Stone Snake strength is not weak, is adding on the disposition also to ask for Zhao Hai to like, otherwise Zhao Hai will not receive him. leave Two-Headed Stone Snake hill, then flew toward mountain valley that the Cloud Iron stone was, before arriving at that mountain valley, Zhao Hai also needs to pass through a place, that was Double Bee Mountain. Double Bee Mountain acquires fame because of the one type of known as Double Sting Bee honeybee, this Double Sting Bee is very rare metal attribute, what most important is, this Double Sting Bee within the body has two sharp thorns, can project the wound enemy, has stayed in within the body, the Double Sting Bee tail needle has the theater to be poisonous, after general cultivator, even if undead, meets in the pain many days, will leave behind toxin in your within the body, is very difficult to eliminate, will affect cultivator cultivation level. Because of this, therefore Double Bee Mountain there, no matter cultivator or Monster Beast, nobody hopes, this Double Sting Bee is not one two, but is tens of thousands of only together moves, attack strength extremely powerful. However Zhao Hai does not have extremely in the worry, this type by quantity win Monster Beast. He most did not fear that although he cannot emit many Monster Beast or Undead Creature in Space now helps make the war, but these thing do not want to become to other party anything injures, he can also receive the one type of species toward Space. Therefore he chooses Double Bee Mountain this road. hill that is at from Two-Headed Stone Snake cannot fly for one hour toward, arrived at Double Bee Mountain, arrived at Double Bee Mountain here Zhao Hai to stare, he has not thought that Double Bee Mountain here so was unexpectedly attractive, on Double Bee Mountain was blooming a flower of mountain unexpectedly, on this mountain steadily all kinds of Fruit tree, these Fruit tree were also dispersing the intermittent fruit to be fragrant. Moreover this Fruit tree is also not a variety, some Fruit tree the result, some Fruit tree actually just blossomed, some Fruit tree just grew the flower bud. Must wait for last some time to be able evidently to open. Why Zhao Hai will be understand Double Sting Bee will be defending Double Bee Mountain here now, because here will have food, the flowers on these trees, will not be best food. Double Bee Mountain is very big, on the mountain everywhere is Fruit tree. Flower fragrance fruit fragrant mix in together, has formed the air/Qi of one type of unique delicate fragrance, making the person taste feel constantly is refreshing.

Zhao Hai look at Double Bee Mountain, in the eye has also shown the happy expression. Situation although on this Double Bee Mountain stems from his anticipation, but to Zhao Hai absolutely is the good matter. In these Fruit tree Space may not have, receives Space them. Later were also many several fruits to eat. At this moment, humming sound sound transmits, Zhao Hai looks up, dark clouds toward his here float over, the Zhao Hai facial expression concentrate, has been careful. This dark cloud is not other thing, on Double Bee Mountain and punctures the bee, before Zhao Hai had heard Double Sting Bee, the present was saw, this Double Sting Bee each about half meters were long, passed the book is the yellow black patterns, four pieces of transparent wings, looked like look like the enlarged honeybee are the same. However now bee tail place, has revealed a section of needle-tip, that needle-tip is dodging cold light unexpectedly, probably is made of metal is the same. Zhao Hai does not have retreat, instead to has drawn back, these Double Sting Bee when to the Zhao Hai about 500 meters, suddenly have aimed at Zhao Hai the tail needle, the end tail needle shoots toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wields, an all around cloud and mist tumbling, these needles stopped unexpectedly slowly, then Zhao Hai waves, received in these needles Space, these needles are the crafting good materials, so long as processed, even can refine Complete Set Magical Artifact to come out. At this time these Double Sting Bee presently own tail needle attack does not have what effect, directly threw, Zhao Hai has not actually cared, threw toward these Double Sting Bee. These Double Sting Bee attack strength also are really not weak, first Double Sting Bee attack strength equivalent to Immortal Stage Expert, but in here has tens of thousands and punctures the bee, no wonder here will not have Monster Beast and cultivator dares to come. However Zhao Hai actually did not fear that his Liquid Silver has formed fully enclosed body armor in his body surface, but his in hand long blade also turned into the giant sweep net, Double Sting Bee that so long as lived by his net directly was thrown into Space, in Space was were also many one type of new species. Grasped more than 1000 Double Sting Bee, Zhao Hai ran out of the Double Bee Mountain range, these Double Sting Bee wisdom probably were not very high, looked at leave of Zhao Hai from their domains, they were not carrying on attack to Zhao Hai, this arrived has saved Zhao Hai many matters. After Zhao Hai Double Sting Bee gets so far as in Space, immediately makes Cai'er start in Space to breed Double Sting Bee, after this, but a big boost of Zhao Hai, thing in Space, mostly cannot appears in Soaring Dragon Realm there, Zhao Hai be short of many helpers now, these Double Sting Bee happen to can breed massively, making them the Zhao Hai helpers. Ran out of Double Bee Mountain, leaves mountain valley that the Cloud Iron stone is at not to be far, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, now he is also not the loosen releases, because he wants to pick the Cloud Iron stone, but also needs to pass through last pass/test, this closes has also needed, that is Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede. Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede is centipede that one type of can divide, general about ten is a tribal group, their length of body over 20 meters, the body lives nine wings, flight Qi, deadly poison is incomparable. The Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede attack strength has strong Zhao Hai and don’t know, but in Tyrant Blade Sect gives on his jade slip to record to seek, this Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede attack strength, stronger compared with general Immortal Stage Expert, is adding on their carapaces to be hard, the Blade and Sword difficult wound, is one type of quite formidabe Monster Beast.

However Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede generally is in the evening coming out, the daytime time little moves, before had cultivator is to pick the Cloud Iron stone, generally was the daytime quietly came, to attain the Cloud Iron stone, then immediately started Portable Transmission to escape, if were given by Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede presently, opportunity that they possibly continually escaped did not have. Zhao Hai actually does not think that he wants to have a look at this Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede fighting strength strongly, shortly after leave Double Bee Mountain, Zhao Hai arrives at mountain valley that the Cloud Iron stone was, Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to go, but observed this mountain valley, he on mountain valley both sides stone cliff, several wide cave entrance, inside is presently shiny black, probably anything does not have, but Zhao Hai actually knows that on is the Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede cavern. Zhao Hai looked at the mountain valley base, is scattering some reddish-brown Stone in the mountain valley base, these Stone sizes vary, scatters in the ground. These are the Cloud Iron stones, if in Magical Artifact join Cloud Iron, Magical Artifact tenacious, moreover very wear-resistant, therefore this Cloud Iron stone receives welcome of Crafting Master very much. Naturally, in Cultivation World, does not have the Cloud Iron stone, this Cloud Iron stone only then Soaring Dragon Realm and True Spirit Realm there has, absolute good thing, but Zhao Hai has not thought must send to Cultivation World the Cloud Iron stone, because of his very clear, this Cloud Iron stone sends to Cultivation World, they have more than enough, this Cloud Iron stone became famous is difficult to build up, the fire of general cultivator use, simply cannot build up Cloud Iron, can only the Cloud Iron Stone Liancheng waste. Zhao Hai has not managed whether to alarm these Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, the personal appearance moved, falls bottom of mountain valley, wielded conveniently, several Cloud Iron stones entered in Space. He just the Cloud Iron stone income to Space, heard a sharp cry, then humming sound the sound transmits, several incomparably huge centipedes, flew from the mountain wall two sides cave entrance, these centipede very enormous, the length of body over 20 meters, the dark carapace, the tall and slender leg, carries on the back steadily nine transparent wings, looks like fierce incomparable. Zhao Hai also flew, how many only giant centipedes encircled Zhao Hai in the middle, a biggest centipede, look at Zhao Hai, he he smiled said : many years not to see that strangely Human Race cultivator ran up to here to bring death, has not thought that today came one, good, HaHaHa, youngster, did you have to see Human Race cultivator before? Has a look, this and that's the end, today you have delicious, Human Race cultivator, the flavor is very good.” The scream of other these centipede excited, one in pairs was also blacker much the eye, stubbornly is staring at Zhao Hai, the appearances of Zhao Hai look at these centipedes, actually show a faint smile, the hand wields the Vermillion Bird seal, Black Tortoise prints appears in his side, Zhao Hai look at these nine wing centipedes, deep voice said : wants my life, that must think you to have this matter.” The hand wields, had attack. This Zhao Hai is actually the water and fire that careful control the Vermillion Bird seal and in Black Tortoise seal release comes, he does not want to give burned to ashes this several Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, frozen become dregs, that was a pity.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }