Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1969

Dark mist fills the air, puts out a hand not to see five fingers, often spreads the sharp cry, fiery-red or water blue radiance often departs from Dark mist, lets the entire scene strange. Zhao Hai with that several Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede buckets in together, this Zhao Hai has only used the Vermillion Bird seal and inside Black Tortoise Seal few part of abilities, even if this also gives vice- the scream that several Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede again and again, complete falling to leeward. Zhao Hai must try the Vermillion Bird seal and ability of Black Tortoise seal with these Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede today, therefore his control bit by bit Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal battle. although said that the Vermillion Bird seal and application method of Black Tortoise seal soon became his one type of instinct, but Vermillion Bird seal and ability of Black Tortoise seal strong, now has not said that therefore Zhao Hai must try well. Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede absolutely is this piece of Eldest Child, not having no Monster Beast to dare to come, if they, because these fellow motions are Clan together move, is adding on deadly poison to be incomparable, lets these Monster Beast headaches, is adding on the place that they live, does not have what good thing, naturally also contended for the domain on nobody, the liveliness that therefore Zhao Hai they hit in here, has not actually alarmed other Monster Beast. Zhao Hai and Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede have hit for two hours, finally the homicide Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, has grasped only Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, mountain valley that this flashes body leave the Cloud Iron stone was. Zhao Hai does not want to give to be ruthless Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, does not have that necessity, so long as he is been many a species to have been OK by his Space, simultaneously he also tried the Vermillion Bird seal and fighting strength of Black Tortoise seal. This was enough. Zhao Hai in fight. With Space Divergent Technique leave, therefore these Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede are wants to grasp Zhao Hai not to be impossible, is only air/Qi these Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede scream again and again, is means does not have. But Zhao Hai arrived at the Double Bee Mountain mountain corner/horn to get down at this time, but he has not entered to the Double Sting Bee attack range, therefore does not have Double Sting Bee to come attack he. Zhao Hai look at Double Bee Mountain, in head Cai'er to Cai'er said :, what kind of? here did Fruit tree collect in Space?” Cai'er complied with said : is, collected, has not thought. On this Double Bee Mountain will really have more than 100 kinds of Fruit tree, was too rare.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the intention moved, started Portable Transmission Formation. After several Transmission Point, returned to in Horizontal Blade City. Horizontal Blade City here any change, on the street according to has not been crowded, many cultivator is hurried, Zhao Hai suddenly appears , besides causing some vision of envying, has not brought to any attention.

Zhao Hai looked at all around one, shows a faint smile, gradually walks toward Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, he has completed duty now. Naturally must hand over duty, as for former that several by cultivator that the homicide fell, Zhao Hai them is already given to forget. In Soaring Dragon Realm here, everyday has cultivator to be missing, dies such several people, simply will not have brought to the attention, except for the person of their this Realm surface, feared that is some people will not know their existences. Soaring Dragon Realm here cultivator is come from each every Interface, many person simply did not know that is adding on cultivator originally to be indifferent. Will not care that other people's matter, therefore in Soaring Dragon Realm here, little can hand over the friend. Zhao Hai entered the Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall hall, staff member immediately in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall present he, Zhao Hai now is Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple. These people know, continuously attention Zhao Hai. Especially Zhao Hai meets, but Cloud Iron stone duty, they know this duty difficulty, therefore the impression to Zhao Hai is very deep, now looks at Zhao Hai to come back, many staff member in Tyrant Blade Sect are happy, no matter what, Zhao Hai now was also the Tyrant Blade Sect person. But other cultivator in hall, noted Zhao Hai, some people also recognized Zhao Hai are that rent cultivator of house, must say before Zhao Hai, received Cloud Iron stone duty, was very remarkable, but still has not actually rented shock that the house came, looked like in these people, met duty not anything, that feared that was that duty very dangerous, has also completed in dangerous some duty people, will be unremarkable, remarkable on was Zhao Hai rents the matter of house, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, everyone the house may not be can rent. Zhao Hai has not managed these people, he arrived without consulting anybody has handed over the duty stage, to inside young female cultivator said : hello, I handed over duty.” Said that has put out the scoreboard and Identity Card. That female cultivator knows that what Zhao Hai junction is any duty, but she took the Zhao Hai scoreboard and Identity Card looked at one, then nodded said : „to take the Cloud Iron stone, we must carry on to inspect.” Zhao Hai complied with one, hand turned, Cloud Iron stone appears of a piece basketball size in in his hand, he has put on the Cloud Iron stone the duty stage. This Cloud Iron stone although is Stone, looks like probably is very serious appearance, actually is actually not, this thing weight very light, is similar to Blockhead of same level volume size, the wind big point gives to blow to run. That female cultivator takes up the Cloud Iron stone to arrive at a following room, before long she walked out, high grade the Cloud Iron stone to Zhao Hai said :, your duty completes very perfect.” Said that she on the Zhao Hai scoreboard to the Zhao Hai idea in impression mark, simultaneously has given a Zhao Hai excellent evaluation. After Zhao Hai received own scoreboard and Identity Card, shows a faint smile said : to that female cultivator thanks a lot.” Said that Zhao Hai walks toward transaction stage there, but at this time Zhao Hai has directed to attract in the entire hall the attention of all people, these other Interface cultivator somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai.

Must know that dangerous duty like the Cloud Iron stone, they have met, can be forms a team to complete, such duty can also form a team to complete, a person has met, after forming a team to complete, when receives the impression mark, all participates in this duty person, can receive the impression mark, but Tyrant Blade Sect with according to many of population, will give them impression mark, like Zhao Hai, situation that only then a person gets the impression mark, is never appears , a appears this situation only then two explanations, one, Zhao Hai is a very alone person, he with other. The people formed a team to complete duty, actually dropped out other people, oneself got the impression mark, but this situation was almost impossible appears , if Zhao Hai such has done , after that will make duty on nobody with his together. The second situation is, Zhao Hai is duty that a person completes, therefore he does not need to come together to get the impression mark with others, but this situation looks like in these cultivator is also impossible, because was too inconceivable, duty like Cloud Iron stone, was not a person can complete, most at least looked like in these cultivator is this. Therefore now these people want to take a look at Zhao Hai to trade any thing, thus judges, how Zhao Hai completes this Cloud Iron stone duty. How Zhao Hai has not actually cared about these people to think that because that does not have with his relationship, he arrived at transaction stage there, has put conveniently out several Cloud Iron stones, to trading female cultivator said : in stage hello, I must sell these Cloud Iron stones.” That female cultivator looked at these Cloud Iron stone one, nodded said : „, please slightly wait a minute, I ask the person to give you depending on estimating the values of these Cloud Iron stones.” Said that arrives at an inside room, before long old cultivator walked out, he looked at Zhao Hai that several Cloud Iron stones, nodded said : „the high grade Cloud Iron stone, these can give him five thousand Jade essence.” Said that turn around also returned to that room, multi- a few words did not have. That female cultivator turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister, don’t know this price you whether satisfies?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be very satisfied, such decided.” That female cultivator nodded, said : please wait a bit in a soft voice.” Said that received that several Cloud Iron stones, then has arrived at following in the room, before long came out from inside, in hand were many Space Bag, that female cultivator gave Zhao Hai said : mister Space Bag, this was five thousand Jade essence, please search and collect.” Zhao Hai received Space Bag to look at one, nodded to receive, simultaneously he also feels that in the hall all people looked his look changed. Five thousand Jade essence, in here absolutely are not a small number, they have not thought that Zhao Hai made duty really to have five thousand Jade essence income, this was too astonishing, many person look at Zhao Hai back, in the eye flashed through a greedy facial expression. What Zhao Hai simply doesn't manage these people are thinking, he turns the head „to ask to that female cultivator said : that your here does receive some Monster Beast materials?”

That female cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai this and said that shows a faint smile said : to receive, any Monster Beast material we receive, what you have to sell?” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, his front appears one pile about 30 centimeters long sharp thorns, these points punctured cold light to sparkle, looks like probably is made of metal. That female cultivator looked at these sharp thorn one puzzled, these sharp thorns are having the bunch of purifications trace, looks like some people builds probably carefully, simply likely is not Monster Beast material. However that female cultivator also knows that Zhao Hai status, he knows that Zhao Hai is impossible to joke with her at this matter, she must please wait a bit to Zhao Hai said :, I find the person to appraise.” Said a following house, before inviting, gives Zhao Hai that old person of Cloud Iron stone fixed price. That old person comes out from in the room, saw that pile of sharp thorns before Zhao sea surface, in his eye flashes through doubts the facial expression, then the facial expression moves, expression immediately on face becomes very excited, his quickly has arrived around that pile of sharp two thorns, took up a sharp thorn carefully to look, but also has knocked knocking gently, put under the handle to smell, this face excited put down punctured sharp, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : this is the Double Sting Bee tail needle? Is right?” Whish, entire hall in an uproar, what Monster Beast these person of purity Double Sting Bee is, that is cultivator not one of several Monster Beast likes meeting, meets Double Sting Bee cultivator, almost all died, but Zhao Hai not only does not have the matter, but also has gotten so far as these many Double Sting Bee tail needles, how this makes them not be startled. Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, nodded said : well, this is the Double Sting Bee tail needle, your does here receive?” That old cultivator face excited said : receives, naturally receives, your here has 100 Double Sting Bee tail needles, this, I give you thousand Jade essence, how do you look?” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }