Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1970

Whish! Is thousand Jade essence, my crazy, this youngster makes money was also too quick?” You are not insanely useful, you did not look that money gains, duty of Cloud Iron stone is who can meet? That punctures the tail needle of bee, can you make? The strength, that is the strength, has the strength you to make money, does not have the strength your fart not to have.” I know certainly the strength, but everyone/Great Clan comes to Soaring Dragon Realm here from Lower Realm, is the strength of this fellow so strong? Is his formidable team coordinating him? This unreasonable.” ...... Heard Zhao Hai to gain 1000 Jade essence, the person in entire hall one has exploded the pot, such a meeting, Zhao Hai has gained six thousand Jade essence, that was Jade essence, six thousand Jade essence, this money Zhuan was too quick, making the person be jealous. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, the price that old person pays somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, did not lower, but was too high, these Double Sting Bee tail thorns, unexpectedly ten Jade essence, this price after to enough high. Zhao Hai nodded said : „, presses the price that you said to come.” old person nodded, does not wait for that female cultivator to begin, oneself received these Double Sting Bee tail thorns, turn around walked, that female cultivator has smiled bitterly, put out Space Bag to give Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai received Space Bag, received, the limelight that turn around leave the hall, he seeks today has sufficed, he does not think that was showing off. A Zhao Hai leave hall, in the hall many people followed. Zhao Hai has not cared. Walks toward own yard, but his yard there Tyrant Blade Sect domain, general did not let in the past. returned to the yard has rested, Zhao Hai has then put out a Double Sting Bee sharp thorn to look, this sharp thorn seems like builds really likely, above is having bunch of traces, if carefully looks presently, these traces actually will be one type of passage, can add by the blood of stabbing is flowed out, can puncturing toxin in poisonous pouch injection that will add to the human body. Absolutely is the one type of very evil and cruel design. Zhao Hai has not thought that this sharp thorn will really have such design, this stems from his unexpected, he cannot help but sighed that the mystery of creation, these Monster Beast can survive in Soaring Dragon Realm here. And has the reason. Zhao Hai moves, one group of molten metal appears in in his hand, he have then delivered to that sharp thorn the molten metal, the molten metal wriggled gently two, that sharp thorn vanish from sight, simultaneously Zhao Hai felt in Liquid Silver of own within the body, many one type of thing, Liquid Silver became stronger. Zhao Hai also knows, in Liquid Silver join are too many are also useless, so long as were OK. Therefore other points puncture him not to move.

When Zhao Hai wants to feel the Liquid Silver strengthen can have any characteristics, suddenly broadcasts a sound of knocking on a door, Zhao Hai stares, Divine Sense moves, now outside own yard is standing a person, that person knocking on a door gently, but this person Zhao Hai actually also knew, before this person is, Zhao Hai rents this yard time, getting him to enter yard cultivator of that Tyrant Blade Sect. Zhao Hai has stood, has arrived at yard in front of the door. Opens the door, holds the fist in the other hand said : mister to have the matter to that cultivator?” That cultivator look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : not to need to be so polite, you strictly said now was also the Tyrant Blade Sect person, later asked me Junior Brother to be OK. This time is Lin Ling Senior Brother must see you, has probably duty on give you.” Zhao Hai has gawked. However nodded said : well.” The yard, a front gate pass/test, walked toward Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall with that cultivator. To the hall of branch Hall backyard, Zhao Hai presently Lin Ling and did Xiang Ying already in there , etc. he, Zhao Hai Lin Ling and Xiang Ying hold the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see two Senior Brother, what don’t know two Senior Brother have asked me to tell?” Lin Ling look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : to hear that you had just made duty, is Cloud Iron stone duty?” Why some Zhao Hai although puzzled Lin Ling must ask this, but nodded said : „, has made Cloud Iron stone duty, has handed over duty.” Lin Ling look at Zhao Hai said : „do that you have to meet Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to meet, has fought, has killed one, stressed one to live, had been subdued by me, did Senior Brother want Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede to be useful?” Has subdued one? You were said that you did subdue Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede to make Battle Beast?” Has not waited for Lin Ling to speak, Xiang Ying calls out in alarm said. Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I have one type of Secret Technique, can subdue some Monster Beast to take Battle Beast, Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede is good, therefore I have subdued one, had been killed by me, has made Undead Creature.” Lin Ling look at Zhao Hai said : that Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede venom do you have?” Zhao Hai looked at Lin Ling one puzzled, nodded said : to have, the Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede venom I have many, moreover my also Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, can make him momentarily swallow to come, what's wrong, Senior Brother Lin do you want the Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede venom?”

Lin Ling nodded said : to me a point, I must come the dispensing with him.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand turned, puts out a jade bottle to give Lin Ling. Lin Ling received the jade bottle, looked at Zhao Hai one puzzled, turned on the stopper to look, inside was the one type of black liquid, was dispersing the one type of rank stink, looked is not good thing. Lin Ling is busy at covering the cover, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „do you collect these thing to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I also to meet Alchemy, is this poison, solution poison that sometimes compounds is better, therefore I collected.” Lin Ling said : „do you also meet Alchemy?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is, Alchemy crafting I understand.” Lin Ling and Xiang Ying they looked at one mutually, saw a surprised and wild with joy sentiment from the opposite party eye, they felt that this time may sorts the treasure, talent cultivator itself was very rare, he also meets Alchemy, crafting, that was rarer, such person must let his join to Tyrant Blade Sect in any event. However afterward in the Lin Ling eye cannot help but flashes through a hesitant color, obviously somewhat cannot be making up mind, Xiang Ying looks at the Lin Ling appearance, stares slightly, immediately understand the meaning of Lin Ling, in his eye has also flashed through a hesitant color. Zhao Hai looked that their appearances know their eyes have the matter, not only to look for him wants the venom to be so simple, his deep voice said : two Senior Brother, have any matter you to speak frankly.” Lin Ling one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has cannot help but smiled bitterly, then deep voice said : actually this matter is you did not have big relationship, but you now are Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple, that this matter had relationship on and you, in True Spirit Realm there, with Great Sect that our Tyrant Blade Sect shared the honor, altogether also 80, among these Great Sect were also not harmonies, once for a while will have some friction, our Tyrant Blade Sect with Zhendao Sect was the ally, relationship continuously very good, but our Tyrant Blade Sect with Imperial Beast Sect and Tyrant Sword Sect relationship on fantastic, each other was not competition relationship, wants. Presses an opposite party head, this did not have no relationship with Soaring Dragon Realm here, but when don’t know from starts, this competition unfolded Soaring Dragon Realm here unexpectedly.” Speaking of here Lin Ling to stop, Xiang Ying connection said : our these Great Sect, every year will select some talent join from the Lower Realm person to our Sect, supplemented that our Sect cultivator quantity, everyone/Great Clan wanted to find the talent, we each other struggled the person most from the beginning, afterward everyone/Great Clan constructed the city separatedly, after distinguishing control some Lower Realm Interface, in struggling person, but made these be struggled by the person who we selected, this matter said that was also Tyrant Sword Sect and Imperial Beast Sect selects, they gave these by cultivator that under they selected duty, this duty on was the entering quantity. Hunts and kills cultivator that our Tyrant Blade Sect Zhendao Sect selects, we after eating twice have owed, understand what's the matter, therefore we have also issued the similar order, as the matter stands this competition started.” Lin Ling connection said : I told you, our Tyrant Blade Sect after you, several cultivator during our attention, the strength of that several person were not weak, but nearest/recent that several cultivator suddenly received some strength very formidable cultivator attack, including two were also killed, I think that this was very likely Imperial Beast Sect and Tyrant Sword Sect does, these time was called you to come, must you tell that this matter, you must careful, the possible new round competition probably start.” Zhao Hai stares, then nodded said : so that's how it is, but how I must distinguish these people am Imperial Beast Sect and Tyrant Sword Sect?”

Lin Ling turned, puts out small metal disc said : this metal disc you to bring, therefore cultivator of participation motion, will be bringing a such metal disc, this could be said as the status plate, if the opposite party approached in the kilometer, this metal disc automatically will remind you.” Zhao Hai received the metal disc, puzzled knit the brows said : kilometer? This was too near?” Lin Ling deep voice said : is not near, this metal disc is specially-made, after all the body of opposite party also has, the distance is also same, agreement that this is our several agreements, if who dares to violate regulations, that was provoking the war, you were bringing, presently the opposite party, should not be polite, butchered him.” Zhao Hai nodded, received in the metal disc Space, Lin Ling quickly said: This metal disc cannot receive in Space, received in Space not to use, must bring to be good outside.” Zhao Hai not bears also took the metal disc, hung on own waist, like the a piece jade pendant. Lin Ling looks at the Zhao Hai movement, cannot help but gently knit the brows said : you such to hang on the waist? That opposite party not first presently you? If they attack beyond kilometer you what to do?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, so long as he dares attack I, I guarantee him to come but not return, hang happen to direct them in this, I do not believe that these fellows see on my waist to hang this, but can also not bear make a move.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Lin Ling actually stares, did he look at Zhao Hai said : you so to be confident, can certainly defeat them?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to have, so long as they dare make a move, they will turn into one in my Undead Creature army.”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come the beginning to cast the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, your support, is I biggest power.) .rt { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }