Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1971

The Lin Ling look at Zhao Hai back, turns the head to Xiang Ying said : to Junior Brother, you said that Zhao Hai such does, can be too dangerous? If he had an accident, our losses may be big, this youngster meets crafting, meets Alchemy, is a rare talented person.” Xiang Ying frowns said : to consider as finished, I thought that he is is very probably confident, we not attack him to well, pays attention to also and that's the end, moreover he can complete Cloud Iron stone that duty, this showed that his strength is good, do not forget, Feng Lingyun there said that Cultivation World these people have not participated in the motion of Zhao Hai, he is a person alone completes that duty, but that duty difficulty you also know, even if you and I must complete that duty, fee many strengths, he can complete, by the Lower Realm these person, feared that is impossible. Injures him.” Lin Ling nodded, deep voice said : „, if he can give to tidy up several other Sect people, our Tyrant Blade Sect these time sorts the treasure.” Xiang Ying shows a faint smile said : „, such talented person, any one Sect will snatch, how we have a look at him to do.” Zhao Hai comes out from Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, immediately started oneself Portable Transmission Formation, personal appearance flashes, he appears in ShangShan City, has related Zhang Feng they, they are still making duty, has not come back. However their camp there, Yuan Ba they are defending camp. Zhao Hai immediately started own Portable Transmission Formation, personal appearance flashes already appears in Cultivation World camp, Yuan Ba their immediately present Zhao Hai. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Yuan Ba immediately with defending camp these cultivator has been encircling. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Yuan Ba, today was one's turn you to defend camp, how was nearest/recent near?” Yuan Ba smiles said : Captain. Today was one's turn me, nearest/recent was good, has made two duty, was not too difficult, but also a little difficulty, Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast, was not that strong.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, looks like good that you cross. My feel relieved, this is this time I makes the duty income, you are remaining.” Said that Zhao Hai put out two Space Bag to lose to Yuan Ba. Yuan Ba received Zhao Hai Space Bag, spiritual force searches toward, then complexion changes said : Captain, what duty you made, how to have these much money?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to ask. That duty you could not do temporarily, later you should better do not do, was too dangerous, nearest/recent I cannot come. I have met special duty.” Yuan Ba look at Zhao Hai said : specially duty? What specially duty?” Zhao Hai smiles duty that said : you cannot receive, said is also useless. Right, in nearest/recent what kind of?” One hear of Zhao Hai said. Yuan Ba resembled suddenly to think of anything, his immediately/on horseback said : good, in good very much, Captain, we told your information, in person very happy, hears to prepare to you now now sets up the statue.” Zhao Hai one hear of Yuan Ba said that cannot help but said : does set up the statue to me? Cracks a joke, my live, sets up any statue to me well, told them to consider as finished, do not make uselessly these.”

Yuan Ba smiles said : this is not good, this is not someone's decision, is entire Cultivation World all Sect adopts unanimously, your statue stands in Battle Sword Monument side, Captain, you oppose uselessly, you now cannot go back in any case.” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly was shaking the head said : to consider as finished, along with them, was then good, I should also walk, person who now is staring my are too many, I do not want to let these fellows presently I.” Yuan Ba one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : how Captain, did have the trouble?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : is not the trouble, you do not need to be worried, but has met special duty, is Tyrant Blade Sect gives me directly, duty that Unofficial Disciple meets.” Yuan Ba nodded, was not asking, he also knows that Zhao Hai is one treadons True Spirit Realm now, so long as he any accident, that later ironclad were True Spirit Realm disciple, duty that such person met was naturally impossible to be the same with them. Zhao Hai looked at Yuan Ba said : well doing, in the future our True Spirit Realm in together, other people told that I have come back on the line.” Yuan Ba nodded, what suddenly has remembered, his immediately/on horseback said : Captain, you have given us money, you what to do? I thought that you keep some money on the body.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I am not short of money, you are remaining and that's the end.” Said that flash of white light vanished in camp, the Yuan Ba look at Zhao Hai leave place, at heart was actually very excited, some little time he sighed, turns the head to look at other cultivator said : everyone/Great Clan to try hard, Captain has created such good environment to us, if we, that have not been unfair to him diligently.” The people nodded, their very touched, they have not thought that Zhao Hai is foot steps into True Spirit Realm, will waste unexpectedly also money to them, but also is helping them, this was really too rare. Zhao Hai has not actually managed them, but with Portable Transmission Formation directly on returned to Horizontal Blade City own yard, this yard also only then he can such optional turnover, others have Portable Transmission Formation, has the Coordinate of that yard unable to go. returned to the yard has rested well for day, next day Zhao Hai looks like being all right person is the same, arrived at Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, then seeks for duty that oneself must meet. Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall here staff member, saw on the Zhao Hai waist is hanging that disc, they know certainly that is not for decorative or ornamental purpos, but is the start that new round competes, their complexion change, because they have not thought that Zhao Hai such hangs that disc on the waist unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has arrived at duty stage there, looked above duty, quick duty fell in his eyes, this duty was not dangerous duty, must look for constantly the medicine, this taste medicine was also not very difficult looks, because of this taste medicine in Soaring Dragon Realm here has plenty, this medicine called the cyclophorus lingua, had on the common mountain, cyclophorus lingua comparison that but in this duty wanted specially. Cyclophorus lingua that they want, is on the animal teeth mountain steadily black cyclophorus lingua. although this black cyclophorus lingua only then on animal teeth mountain has, but the animal teeth mountain is not the dangerous place, there leaves Imperial Beast City very close. Without what fierce Monster Beast, can say that is duty that a common expert makes.

However Zhao Hai thought that this duty is very appropriate he, because they started to carry on the new round competition with Imperial Beast Sect now, but Imperial Beast City Imperial Beast City in the city that Soaring Dragon Realm here constructs, he must make this duty, certainly will run into the Imperial Beast City person, when the time comes had the weaponry to hit. Zhao Hai arrived has met duty stage there, troubled you to inside female cultivator said :. I must meet that to pick the black cyclophorus lingua duty.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, that duty female cultivator stares, then his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : you said that you do want to meet that duty? Picks the black cyclophorus lingua duty? Haven't you cracked a joke?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have, I truly must meet that duty.” look at of that female cultivator like looking at idiot he. What some little time referred to disc said : on Zhao Hai waist you knowing don’t know that thing to represent? You are not will sort?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to know that was representing anything, therefore I met this duty, I must tell Imperial Beast Sect these people, we know that made war.” That female cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright. Then her look at Zhao Hai said : your courage I very appreciate, but did you such do are not too Lu Zang? But there Imperial Beast Sect domain.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, so long as Imperial Beast Sect these defend a city disciple not make a move, I can guarantee that I am safe, come. Records to me that duty on.” That female cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded. Received the Zhao Hai scoreboard, gave in duty of that color black cyclophorus lingua the Zhao Hai record. Zhao Hai received the scoreboard, held the palm to that female cultivator, turn around walks. That female cultivator look at Zhao Hai back, muttered said : good luck.” But at this time, on Tyrant Blade Sect large building second floor, Yin-Yang two elder look at left Zhao Hai of hall, on look at Zhao Hai in the city Transmission Formation went to Imperial Beast City. Yang elder he he chuckle said : interesting youngster, I really more and more like him now, Senior Brother, how many years did we have not to meet such interesting youngster?” Yin elder smiles said : „, many years, this youngster such went to Imperial Beast Sect there to transfer, Imperial Beast Sect these fellows must irritate may not, the courage of this youngster is not really small, but this is also good, by this youngster such one noisy, feared that will be Imperial Beast Sect and Tyrant Sword Sect these fellows will be honest a point.” Yang elder look at Yin elder said : Senior Brother, aren't you worried about that youngster security that probably? You to him such confident? Must know that Imperial Beast Sect these fellows, is not the friendly kind, if these fellows must begin to Zhao Hai, he was dangerous.”

Yin elder smiles said : you to think that my don’t know, knows why I do make Lin Ling give Zhao Hai disc alone? Because I have left behind Sword Qi in disc, if Imperial Beast Sect these fellows dare to Zhao Hai make a move, my Blade Qi not to be trifled with, moreover my immediately will feel, but my blade good long time not to have seen the blood.” Yang elder one hear of Yin elder said that cannot help but said : original Senior Brother early has the arrangement, my feel relieved, really has wanted to see Imperial Beast Sect these people, presently after your Blade Qi, what response will have, HaHaHa, in the past our two Imperial Beast Sect Seven Birds butchering five, they had a mortal hatred of us.” Yin elder also he he the chuckle, that was he with Yang elder the work of proud, at that time they were also only Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, was known, however in Imperial Beast Sect Inner Disciples, the fame of seven people were older much than them, Monster Beast that because that seven people used was the birds, therefore has resulted in name of the Seven Birds. Afterward they when one time made duty, met Imperial Beast Sect the Seven Birds, Imperial Beast Sect Seven Birds the nostril had faced upwards at that time, simply looked down upon them, a both sides word did not gather lived the conflict, they collaborated butchering five in Seven Birds, therefore a war became famous, was called Yin-Yang Ghost Blade, afterward after the multiple war, finally had resulted in Yin-Yang the given name of ghost blade, can say that with a controlling beast Seven Birds war, was their fighting of becoming famous, was in their life the memory deepest one fought. Transmission Formation in Yin elder look at Tyrant Blade Sect, deep voice said : looked at this youngster good fortune, if this time can live coming back, and later smooth join Tyrant Blade Sect, I received him to make disciple, our two together taught him, we must True Spirit Realm to know that our Yin-Yang Double Fiend Blade disciple, same can make Heaven and Earth turning upside down True Spirit Realm.” Nod of Yang elder two eyes shines, these years they had not received appropriate disciple, these time finally by them present Zhao Hai this talented person, they naturally cannot let off. But Zhao Hai appears in Imperial Beast City, arrived at Imperial Beast City here Zhao Hai to stare at this time, this Imperial Beast City comes compared with Horizontal Blade City, is another one turns scene, Horizontal Blade City there, compares ShangShan City to come, to have the one type of rough beauty, but Horizontal Blade City there and Imperial Beast City here compares, actually must miss on many, the construction of Imperial Beast City here constructs with big stone, many big stone polishes not very smooth, looks like bizarre, above is long the moss, on street once for a while on can see a root stone column, on these stone column is carving the animal head of each and every one, looks like fierce fearsome, street. In person who on walks, the has plenty person is also bringing own Battle Beast, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. Imperial Beast City here is the Imperial Beast Sect domain is not false, but their control Interface, is impossible all by controlling beast give priority to Interface? How so many people will be bringing Battle Beast, was this too strange? Zhao Hai and don’t know, Imperial Beast City here a little characteristics, that is their duty rewards, in the duty reward of Imperial Beast City here, has plenty is some shallow controlling beast methods, this controlling beast method is not profound Magic Secret Art , can only some control strengths not be very strong Monster Beast, moreover can only control, but arrived at Soaring Dragon Realm cultivator regarding these from Lower Realm is saying that actually was also very important, can have one only to help do to fight, moreover to absolutely loyal Battle Beast then, that was also the good matter, therefore in Imperial Beast City here, has plenty. cultivator, will find the way to subdue Monster Beast, why this is Zhao Hai can see, on the street side so many people have the Battle Beast reason. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, but he has not cared, these people are bringing Battle Beast, to him does not have what threat, Zhao Hai simply not to care. Zhao Hai has not been going out of town to make duty anxiously, but was in the city transferred the extension in all directions, looked, finally he to Imperial Beast Sect branch Hall, Imperial Beast Sect branch Hall, is one has hundred meters high huge tower fully, on the tower is carving various Monster Beast reliefs, looked like looks like a huge totem pole is the same. Zhao Hai stands outside Imperial Beast Sect branch Hall, looked at this tower, nodded, to be honest, the relief on this tower and has not necessarily how finely, however simple several, can actually very good portray Monster Beast imposing manner come, the person who obviously begins is also Expert, knows very deep Expert about Monster Beast.( To be continued..)! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }