Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1972
Zhao Hai looked at a while Imperial Beast Sect minute of tower, this entered a Imperial Beast Sect minute of hall, although Imperial Beast Sect the minute, seems like tower-shaped, actually in the Tyrant Blade Sect minute also similar, first floor is also Mission Hall, similarly is three big counter, was not having other thing.

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, meets duty counter to walk toward that stands all kinds of duty on there static look at wall, simultaneously he also noted behind these duty some rewards, saw these to reward Zhao Hai also understand, why Imperial Beast City here so many people were leading Battle Beast. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also notes, these work characters in Imperial Beast Sect Mission Hall, look at Zhao Hai look some do not suit, that look is not quite friendly. Zhao Hai knows that these people have recognized his identity, but he has not cared, according to Soaring Dragon Realm here regulation, these Imperial Beast Sect official disciple does not permit to his make a move, that feared that they are only Imperial Beast Sect Outer Disciple are also same. Zhao Hai transferred two in a Imperial Beast Sect minute of hall on turn around leave, this stirs up Imperial Beast Sect these disciple look at Zhao Hai, two eyes must spout the fire probably, they were understand, Zhao Hai this was clarifies has demonstrated. Imperial Beast Sect these people know certainly that now competition between their Sect and Tyrant Blade Sect started, they also sent for attack the characters of several Tyrant Blade Sect attention, they thought themselves to be in the upper hand, but now Zhao Hai such one noisy, Imperial Beast Sect person suddenly felt that on own face was slapped probably. Looked at Zhao Hai to exit, Imperial Beast Sect immediately has informed Outer Disciple in their Sect. The preparation was conducted to intercept to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he must look for the black cyclophorus lingua now, he in any case must do has done, below was waiting for the response of opposite party. Zhao Hai believes that the Imperial Beast Sect person easily will certainly not let off his. Zhao Hai left Imperial Beast City, in animal teeth mountain there, very relaxed that type duty that picks the black cyclophorus lingua has completed, after having completed this duty, Zhao Hai transferred the extension on the animal teeth mountain, he is not does not want to walk, because of his waiting for people. Before long five person's shadows on appears on animal teeth mountain. Zhao Hai through Space look at these five people, in these five people, two unexpectedly female cultivator, a female cultivator water blue court lady style of dress appearance. Cold frost of face, looks like noble ice-cold, has queen imposing manner very much. But another female cultivator and she actually exactly opposite, he fire red-clothed clothes armor, but this clothes armor actually very short. armor skirt is very short, but boots to are very long, the white and shiny thigh reveals outside, but chest armor of upper body is also not very big. The round navel also reveals outside, looks like sex appeal very aggravates.

Remaining three men. And two unexpectedly all are sword cultivator, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. These two sword cultivator each people carry a black long sword, looks like stems from probably with one Sect, but last is actually a height about two meters guy, appearance also very unusual of this guy, he unexpectedly puts on beast skin, randomly seems wild man, what most important is, the side of this guy, with fierce tiger, this lets the guy like king of beasts same formidable might. Five people obviously are the understanding, moreover probably also has the several times cooperation, most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, in them takes these like the wild man same guy as unexpectedly. Several people of present although to animal teeth mountain here, had not worried immediately to seek for Zhao Hai, but gathers in the animal teeth mountain halfway up the mountainside, the guy looked at animal teeth mountain said : to listen to the person to repay saying that Tyrant Blade Sect that fellow entered the animal teeth mountain not to exit, we separatedly seek now, arrives has not wanted the kilometer, in order to avoid lived the danger, if met Monster Beast, do not attack, avoidance as far as possible, motion.” That several people also ignite to nod, disperse, goes toward the forward flight, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, shows a faint smile, his simply does not want to run, looks at several people of appearances, wanted to find him, feared that was must some time, Zhao Hai has not worried, looked for a big tree, lay down on the big tree, look at sky, simultaneously in hand I one bottle of liquor, was not drinking. Zhao Hai one bottle of liquor soon drink no time, he felt the disc tremor of own waist, Zhao Hai deep voice said : how several come, my liquor is about to drink up.” That five people now already faint encircled Zhao Hai in the middle, that guy look at Zhao Hai, sneered said : not to think, some of your also guts, but regarding cultivator, the light had the guts not to be good, the light had guts that is silly bold, silly boldly died was quicker.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to think how beforehand Tyrant Blade Sect that two cultivator die, such was besieged dead, is really senseless very much, deals with your such people, really does not have what meaning.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that five people of complexion cannot help but change, that guy cold sound said : glib, so long as can kill you, you manage me to use any method, several, begin, did not want to waste the time with him.” Said that a that guy body palace, two hands becomes tiger claw-shaped, one after the other, such as fierce tiger must throw the food to be ordinary, but followed is also bends down to lower the body in his side that only old tiger, two tiger eyes tight was staring at Zhao Hai. That two sword cultivator had also revealed own sword, their swords unexpectedly all over the body are the black, looks like very unusual, but the woman of that court lady style of dress is puts out strip blue Cailing that Cailing such as the live snake same in all her around is actually dancing in the air, but that female cultivator is actually special, he put out two fires to practice the color dagger unexpectedly, held in hand but actually. Zhao Hai has stood, looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said : well, prepared, good, that began.”

The guy tiger roars, the personal appearance proceeds to throw, two fingernails grasp toward Zhao Hai, attack target is the Zhao Hai shoulders, but follows that only fierce tiger side guy, is proceeds to throw, his target is actually foot of Zhao Hai. That two sword cultivator also used the sword, their target were actually the Zhao Hai vest their hole, but that two women have not actually begun. Zhao Hai looked that several people began, shows a faint smile, the hand wields, Vermillion Bird Black Tortoise two great seal appears around his body, a water fire two energy direct that guy and his old tiger strike, simultaneously Zhao Hai in hand are many a long blade, the dāng dāng two blade standards operated that two sword cultivator long sword. Three people fight instantaneously one time, actually cannot be what kind of Zhao Hai, the guy and old tiger compelling to draw back by water fire energy that Zhao Hai release went, that two sword cultivator also by the Zhao Hai parry. At this moment, a monster scolds sound to transmit, one group of fiery-red personal appearance spreads toward Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai long blade dodges continually, transmits like the raindrop dāng dāng sound, female cultivator of that red clothes armor, comes up is assaulting, is much quicker. In Zhao Hai is dealing with the attack of that female cultivator, suddenly he felt that under foot one tight, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, presently their two feet closely have tied down by a blue damask silk. Zhao Hai cannot help but complexion changes, he is not feared that but is felt that this blue damask silk also is really good thing, absolutely is high grade Magical Treasure, will otherwise not evade the investigation of his spiritual force. The Zhao Hai intention moves, fire snake departs from inside Vermillion Bird Seal, direct that blue clothes court lady style of dress female cultivator throws, simultaneously two water snakes depart from inside Black Tortoise Seal, throws like the wild man same guy toward that. But his hold the blade is dealing with that two sword cultivator and that female cultivator, several people fought in one, but Zhao Hai superficially probably falls on now leeward, actually has not actually received anything to injure. That several people more hit the heart startled, they are very confident to their strength, have not actually thought that the Zhao Hai strength so will be unexpectedly strong, a person to their five, although is at leeward, is actually the meaning of not having been defeated, this cannot help but made several people strengthen except the Zhao Hai thoughts.

These five cultivator very clear, if cannot today Zhao Hai, except that later Zhao Hai certainly becomes their scourge, after all today they are became enemies, later will be several people enters to True Spirit Realm, this Duan Siyuan will be impossible to put down. Several people of offensive were fiercer, but Zhao Hai deals with actually still calm. That chaotic guy looked that this how Zhao Hai, cannot help but deep voice said : several, do not keep the hand, today must leave behind him.” Said that a tiger roars, the guy combined with his old tiger unexpectedly, has formed one more than three meters high, the monster of head tiger body, simultaneously small snake appears around his body, these small snakes threw toward Zhao Hai, but that guy also flushed toward Zhao Hai. Guy although turned into the old tiger appearance, but in eye limpid, understands at a glance consciousness clear and bright, obviously this is ten points brilliant the technique of Monster Beast synthesis, will not make the person lose the reason, will only let fighting strength formidable of person, such enemy deals with absolutely difficultly. Movement that two sword cultivator look at that guy, stares slightly, but they clench teeth afterward, has broken by biting own tip of tongue, Blood Essence spurted on the sword, then on their in hand sword immediately/on horseback has heard the ghost wailing sound of gently, afterward two swords turned into two groups of black gas to give to wrap up them, before long black gas vanished, that two Sword Qi actually turned into another appearance, two swordsmen put on ghost's face armor of whole body now, the in hand sword also turned into Double-handed Broadsword, their face armor have put, on their face armor on was two ugly faces., The whole person looks like Ghost Qi is dense, evil. But that court lady style of dress woman is actually one tenderly scolds, simultaneously raises the in hand blue damask silk outward, then sound of the Phoenix's cry departs from blue Rung-ri, that blue damask silk turns into blue Phoenix/Fenghuang that energy has composed unexpectedly, direct Zhao Hai throws. But that red-clothed woman actually scratches her dagger, his dagger was turning into two fiery-red Scimitar unexpectedly instantaneously, two Scimitar simultaneously attack toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at several people of movements, cannot help but two eyes one bright, then laughs said : well, finally put out a little real skill, this was interesting.” The Zhao Hai intention moves, the in hand long blade departs instantaneously, points punctured appears in Zhao Hai all around, covered Zhao Hai in its, then the Zhao Hai personal appearance vanished, that five people actually fell into starry skies. When that five people stare, that starry sky in having change, the starry sky turns hot incomparable, actually turned into areas of ice, simultaneously sound of the Phoenix's cry, with sound of the turtle roar, spreads from two pieces of starfield. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }