Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1974
Cloudy Yang elder sits in the Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall backyard hall, in the hand of everyone takes disc to look up look at, this disc naturally is disc that Zhao Hai takes carry back, two old person now one face surprised look at this disc. Standing that Lin Ling and Xiang Ying not bear in the one side, just Zhao Hai walked, this two Elders on appears in the hall, their please two have sat down hastily, but has not actually thought that they have not sat down, Yin elder on deep voice to Xiang Ying said : Xiao Ying, me shows disc that youngster takes carry back.” Xiang Ying must give his five disc also to take Zhao Hai, has given two Elders, two Elders is taking disc careful look at, after having looked at one, has traded another, on the face is also having a happy expression. Waited for two Elders to look with great difficulty disc, Yin elder then turned the head look at Lin Ling said : Lin Ling, your youngster was good, unexpectedly early on present Zhao Hai this talented person, good, the old man turns head to ask higher authorities to you to Sect.” Lin Ling bows to Yin elder said : thanks a lot Martial Uncle.” Yang elder he he chuckle said : so looks like, Little Hai it will not take long has join to our Tyrant Blade Sect, as the matter stands he become most will quickly enter True Spirit Realm Lower Realm cultivator?” Lin Ling they, as soon as listened to Yang elder saying that gawked, but their also immediately responded afterward, not, since Soaring Dragon Realm was established, probably also nobody can collection uneven five disc within such short time, if Zhao Hai can collection uneven ten disc, he also really be possible in a short time becomes quickest join to True Spirit Realm Lower Realm cultivator. Yin elder shows a faint smile said : actually I to think the Zhao Hai present strength. Definitely can join to True Spirit Realm, but we are not quite contrary, is making him because of the Soaring Dragon Realm here smelting trial some time also good, he he. Now that youngster has annoyed Imperial Beast Sect, was lives it up with the fear.” Yang elder coldly snorted said : how has annoyed Imperial Beast Sect, they can also be what kind, I have not asked them to do accounts am good.” Yin elder shows a faint smile, has not said anything, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying are actually know that this Yin elder temperament comes not to be bad compared with Yang elder, but these years self-cultivation. Make his temperament good a little, if a few years ago, he feared that already flew into a rage, direct Imperial Beast City there noisy Heaven and Earth turning upside down. If this time is not Zhao Hai comes such. Tyrant Blade Sect very much suffers a loss, several were paid attention to by them, moreover Outer Disciple that has decided sneak attack, was caused two dead six wounded aspects, the elder who two most hide shortcomings how can not be angry. Good Zhao Hai butchered the opposite party five people directly, otherwise don’t know these two when temperament storms, gave to butcher in the Soaring Dragon Realm here people Imperial Beast Sect, must really be such words. That matter may make in a big way. Yang elder complexion good a little, look at Lin Ling their said : you do is very good. Also knows that told Zhao Hai to want against point other Outer Disciple, I heard. In this Realm Outer Disciple, besides Zhao Hai, a strength of fellow is not weak, but that fellow is begins to the person on one's own side probably specially, has such a matter?”

Lin Ling nodded, frowns said : to have such a matter, that person of name called mosse, he is earlier than Zhao Hai entered to the Soaring Dragon Realm five years, the strength of this person was extraordinary, although did not have Zhao Hai that startled certainly colorful, but was also good, we started to pay attention two years ago his, this youngster was an acting alone variant, made good use of a soft blade, was come from ordinary Lower Realm, did not have any special place, but this youngster strength truly was very good, he has moved near Horizontal Blade City, duty although that meets was not too difficult, but also all was a person. Completes, but this youngster killing intent is too heavy, has rented a yard three years ago on in the city, but rents the money of yard, almost after is the murder, snatches, two years ago we start to pay attention to him, one year ago official makes him Outer Disciple, he obtains disc ten days ago, after he obtains disc, has not actually gone to other urban type person to seize the plate, but is other person who the vision aimed at us to pay attention, until now, he has killed on three to have disc Outer Disciple.” Yin elder complexion gloomy, coldly snorted said : has opposed the enemy the bystander not to be good, deals with the person on one's own side to is very skillful, such person, simply does not match to enter Tyrant Blade Sect, Lin Ling, you arrange, kicks the Outer Disciple ranks to me that youngster, such fellow, our Tyrant Blade Sect does not want.” Lin Ling wrinkled under brow said : lightly elder, this mosse strength truly is good, I heard that Zhendao Sect is also paying attention to him, if we kick out him now, feared that will be Zhendao Sect will grab a bargain, moreover that youngster mind will not be big, later will hate Tyrant Blade Sect, if his real join Zhendao Sect, had feared that will be relationship to Zhendao Sect and our Tyrant Blade Sect has certain influence, moreover Soaring Dragon Realm here, we will not facilitate to his make a move, therefore had not driven away him.” Yin elder stares, then he lightly wrinkled under brow said : „saying that in a short time hasn't facilitated to process this youngster really? Snort, calculates that this youngster is in luck, if this in the gate, the old man personally has certainly executed him.” Xiang Ying shows a faint smile said : elder to does not need for this person life form, I to have means that can perhaps except this youngster.” Yin elder look at Xiang Ying said : any means that mentioned listen.” Xiang Ying deep voice said : „doesn't mosse like beginning to the person on one's own side? Moreover his mind is not big, so long as we enter sound of the wind/rumor, is letting Little Hai rampantly, I do not believe this mosse to endure not to begin to Little Hai, if he begins to Little Hai, I can affirm, finally living certainly is Little Hai.” One hear of Xiang Ying said that Yin elder to has gawked, he thinks that then nodded said : well, such manages, our Tyrant Blade Sect person, although conduct very overbearing, but in the gate is actually continuously very united, does not have the person of righteousness like Wuqing/ruthless, our Tyrant Blade Sect does not want, you went to say one with Little Hai.” They complied with one, Yang elder look at their said : have given me to trace this mosse bottom well, Sect that he was at do not let off. Has a look Sect that he is, nearest/recent these years had who, join to that one Sect, gave me found out. Has a look at this matter some people up to mischief in the back.” Xiang Ying and Lin Ling one hear of Yang elder said that cannot help but stares, then their complexion change, bows to Yang elder said : is, invited elder feel relieved, our certain found out.” Yin elder look at Yang elder said : Junior Brother, did you such suspect really? Copes with our Tyrant Blade Sect using the Lower Realm person? Is this unlikely?” Yin elder is very clear, although own Junior Brother looks like the short temper. But if he calms down, his thoughts are very meticulous, therefore sometimes he very respects the opinion of Yang elder. Matter that however this Yang elder lets, was a little extremely is really unthinkable. His some do not believe.

Yang elder shook the head said : I unable to affirm, but does not rule out this possibility, our Tyrant Blade Sect in True Spirit Realm there, the unity became famous, if some people must disrupt the unity of our Tyrant Blade Sect from the interior. Big reduces our Tyrant Blade Sect strength, this regarding our Tyrant Blade Sect, ratio to foreign enemy fearful.” Yin elder complexion changes, nodded. Lin Ling and Xiang Ying they also secret being startled, they also feared that the matter like Yang elder says. If is really such, then on was too scary. Reason that several people such were worried. Is because Tyrant Blade Sect is different from other Great Sect, Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, in all Great Sect, is considered as on is minimum, in Sect although Expert are also many, because disciple are too few, therefore ranks of Tyrant Blade Sect in True Spirit Realm all Great Sect has been suspended in midair. However Tyrant Blade Sect also by uniting to become famous in True Spirit Realm there, must mention True Spirit Realm there, that Great Sect disciple most unites, that belonged to Tyrant Blade Sect. Like destroys this move from the interior, if uses on other Great Sect, possibly a point with does not have, because you do not destroy, they also meet internal strife, in that Great Sect is not mountain top Lin Li/everywhere, fights the delight, only then Tyrant Blade Sect is an exception, Tyrant Blade Sect disciple few appears internal strife situation, if destroyed relationship between Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, making Tyrant Blade Sect fall into to internal strife, then regarding the strength influence of Tyrant Blade Sect, but very big. Yin elder thinks that deep voice said : Lin Ling, Xiang Ying, this matter do not pass on, the secret investigation, we will report this matter to Sect, if confirmed this matter, then the old man must slaughter.” Yang elder coldly snorted said : how who dares to have our Tyrant Blade Sect with this method, our Tyrant Blade Sect decides however leans Sect's entire strength with a it war.” Lin Ling and Xiang Ying loudly complied with one, the Yin-Yang two elders have then stood up, turn around walked, after they walked, Xiang Ying immediately to Lin Ling said : Senior Brother Lin, you and Zhao Hai was ripest, told that Zhao Hai coped with the mosse matter you to manage, was right, you said to Zhao Hai that look can draw out any words to come from the mouth of that mosse, if can draw out any words to come that to be best, my immediately looked up that mosse status, if really like the Yang elder suspicion, my Tyrant Blade Sect will certainly not let off him, was mosse in that. Small Interface, I also wanted bloodbath he.” Lin Ling coldly snorted said : „, if is really such, I must let that Interface that mosse is, not a chicken or a dog left.” Said that turn around outward walks, his these time is not sends for calling Zhao Hai unexpectedly, but was prepares itself to see Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai in own yard, ten disc duty regarding him he is not worrying now, has in any case is the time, moreover Zhao Hai also prepares Tyrant Sword Sect there to transfer, perhaps in that case, this disc duty completed. Regarding dealing with the person on one's own side obtains the disc matter, Zhao Hai also really not that plan, with person on one's own side horizontal that is any ability, has the ability to cause to outside, since this has been the Zhao Hai continuously personhood viewpoint, can say essentially, Zhao Hai is also the person who ten points hide shortcomings. Zhao Hai sits in quiet room of own yard, with own mind has carried on communicate in Cai'er, he is wish lets Cai'er they help him calculate, after join to the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation Might has promoted many.

This regarding Zhao Hai very relationship, Zhao Hai, when copes with that several cultivator with this new Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, feeling this Great Formation Might has not wielded, including a strength extremely not useful, that several cultivator were tidied up, if really such, if copes with him with this Great Formation, feared that is he also very arrives at that. However now what Zhao Hai wants to know, this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations can Great Formation, cope with Tiger King and Xiang Que, Tiger King and Xiang Que, but Zhao Hai worry, if this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation can deal with them, that Zhao Hai may not have what good worry. Is adding on Zhao Hai not to hope strength that own in hand had oneself control, therefore he regarding stars ten thousand Great Formation attach great importance to. When Zhao Hai with Cai'er their together research new Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, suddenly has heard knock, Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately understand this knock has transmitted from own out of the door, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has stood, arrives at yard in front of the door, opened the front gate, opens front gate Zhao Hai cannot help but to stare, because he saw outside is standing is actually not that he imagines young cultivator, but is Lin Ling. Must say that the design of this yard also very interesting, if you in courtyard, courtyard outside sound you cannot hear, moreover could not feel that outside courtyard is who, looks like an average person, stands in own courtyard, he does not know the person who outside knocks on a door whose is. Zhao Hai saw Lin Ling to stare, was looking at Lin Ling complexion, cannot help but has gawked, his quickly said: Senior Brother Lin, did you come? Quick please come in.” Zhao Hai notes Lin Ling complexion very difficult to look that killing intent sparkles, but he can actually feel, killing intent on Lin Ling face does not come to him, his then feel relieved. Lin Ling nodded, being silent entered the Zhao Hai yard, Zhao Hai asked Lin Ling to arrive in the living room in main room to sit down, puts out one bottle of liquor, to Lin Ling one cup, Lin Ling was but actually silent has been taking up one glass of liquor, has done. smell of alcohol, this deep voice said : Zhao Hai, you sit, my this time, special duty must to you, if you have completed this duty, you can obtain ten disc, can join to Tyrant Blade Sect.” Zhao Hai stares, then his puzzled look at Lin Ling said : „did Senior Brother Lin, have an accident? My present although is only Unofficial Disciple, but no matter what, was the Tyrant Blade Sect person, can be Tyrant Blade Sect strives, I naturally wanted.” Lin Ling one hear of Zhao Hai said that on face rare has shown a smiling face, he nodded said : well, you said that my feel relieved, this time duty very special, you should also know, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple like you have many, but your this time duty, is one, this person called mosse, is earlier than you crossed the threshold for five years, one year ago became Unofficial Disciple, your duty has killed him.”( To be continued { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }