Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1975

Reason, I need a reason, since this Mosse is also Unofficial Disciple, that in other words, he also came from Lower Realm, I want to know why Tyrant Blade Sect must kill one person who came from Lower Realm, moreover this person now is a person on one's own side, if cannot to me a reason, I not only will not make this duty, even if will be the Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple status I will not want.” Zhao Hai face calm look at Lin Ling said. Lin Ling has not thought that Zhao Hai actually such will reply, but Zhao Hai this reply satisfies him, he has not been angry, conversely, his very happy. Lin Ling laughs said : well, good youngster, worthily by the person who my Lin Ling settles on, good, I told you reason, this mosse was the same with you, obtained disc, but he obtained the disc time to be earlier than you, he disc that ten days ago obtained, he after obtaining disc, he has not gone to Imperial Beast City there to look for the trouble of Imperial Beast City Unofficial Disciple like you, but has kept Horizontal Blade City here, hunted and killed our Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple, in other words, was he in hunting and killing the person on one's own side, person like this, this kills?” Zhao Hai one hear of Lin Ling said that cannot help but slightly stares, but his cannot help but gently knitting the brows head, although said afterward mosse procedure Zhao Hai looks does not glance, but this does not make Zhao Hai kill the reason of mosse, Zhao Hai knits the brows is because the response of Lin Ling was a little extremely is probably intense. Soaring Dragon Realm here is a big smelting trial field, cultivator that each Lower Realm comes, comes the here smelting trial, the result of your smelting trial is good, possibly settled on, the result of your smelting trial is not good. Is doomed to be eliminated, this is very normal matter, for was been better by own smelting trial result a little, cultivator naturally is any method will use. That feared that kills the person on one's own side, that is also normal. However now a Lin Ling saying, that some are not so normal, Zhao Hai cannot help but frowns to analyze this matter, naturally, includes Cai'er they. After several people of analyses, Zhao Hai general has guessed correctly something, from entering Cultivation World at that moment starting from. Zhao Hai on present, Cultivation World here person, to deal with enemy, they nothing which is not use it. spy, counter- within, Death Spy and so on, even is department bureau several hundred years, over a thousand years have. Zhao Hai suspects this mosse. Possibly is others arranges to be used to cope with Tyrant Blade Sect, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect so will be sensitive, comes up to want the mosse life. Thought of here, Zhao Hai also feels relaxed. He looked up Lin Ling said : well, this duty I met. Invited Senior Brother Lin feel relieved, I will tidy up his.” Lin Ling stares. Then his puzzled look at Zhao Hai has said : because of the homicide other Unofficial Disciple, you been able to cope with him relieved?” The Zhao Hai look at Lin Ling appearance, shows a faint smile said : „is not, Senior Brother Lin looks for me today, making me cope with him, possibly is not because several Unofficial Disciple were killed, you are worried that this mosse, is other below spy?”

The eye of Lin Ling cannot help but shrinks, does he closely stare at Zhao Hai said : how you to know?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to guess that Unofficial Disciple, he was makes the noise to be big, as for letting Senior Brother Lin you will attach great importance, ran up to my here to come to me to arrange this duty personally, this explained the mosse truly right and wrong refused stubbornly to be possible reason, but before Senior Brother Lin you said that mosse was because killed other Unofficial Disciple damn, can look from this point, the person in Tyrant Blade Sect should unite, regarding these to the person on one's own side make a move person, should be cannot have a liking, this was not immediately died by mosse the reason, after all can settle on by Tyrant Blade Sect, mosse innate skill should be good, these are not, that was mosse itself has the issue, although said that Soaring Dragon Realm here was ** beside Lower Realm existed, but they had relationship with Lower Realm, Interface that mosse was, if there is who, join to Tyrant Blade Sect hostile Sect, has then been ordering like Interface that mosse was by him, making Interface that mosse was at arrange spy toward Tyrant Blade Sect , the matter was is not impossible to live, but treated spy like this, naturally was Ning Shalie, not let off, therefore this duty I met..” Lin Ling dull look at Zhao Hai, he is first day knows Zhao Hai to be the same probably, to present Lin Ling present, oneself regarding the understanding of Zhao Hai how few, did not say other, works as with this analysis capability, Zhao Hai is a treasure, he was too intelligent, the intelligent letting person is scared. Some little time Lin Ling recovers, his look at Zhao Hai said : „were just these you think?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this is very normal, in Cultivation World there, even in Cultivation World Lower Realm there, like the matter since birth, one Sect to cope with another one Sect, with dozens years, several hundred years, when a matter of several thousand coming up cloth bureaus since birth, did not have quite surprisedly what.” Lin Ling has smiled bitterly, a look at Zhao Hai face calm appearance, Lin Ling suddenly understand, why in Sect Lower Realm regarding the person who came that attached great importance, these people who because Lower Realm came, the has plenty person experienced they have not experienced entire life the matter, in True Spirit Realm there, because Spiritual Qi in the strength, their these starts was very extremely high, almost didn't have long time after the practice, can achieve Immortal Stage officially, but Immortal Stage in True Spirit Realm there, but was start Stage. However is different in Lower Realm, because Lower Realm the Spiritual Qi density is low, practice of people are very slow, wants in achieving Immortal Stage, that is in ten-thousand does not have one, but all achieves the Immortal Stage person, even if in how talent, takes dozens several hundred years, but these dozens several hundred years the experience that , they can obtain, within several years the year the experience that arrives at be much lots of , the matter that they experience, be more than matter that the Upper Realm person experiences, therefore in True Spirit Realm there, many Great Sect, regarding Lower Realm Ascenders, is very attaches great importance, because these. Body, has the experience that many True Spirit Realm native place cultivator lacks. Soaring Dragon Realm here although is a True Spirit Realm smelting trial field, but similarly, here is also a True Spirit Realm disciple smelting trial field, but the True Spirit Realm disciple smelting trial way is different from Lower Realm cultivator, Lower Realm cultivator in Soaring Dragon Realm here, for can adapt to the Soaring Dragon Realm here circumstances as soon as possible, later facilitates them to enter True Spirit Realm. But the True Spirit Realm there person, comes the Soaring Dragon Realm here smelting trial, is mainly trains their management skills, the handling matters ability, studies some experiences, if the Lower Realm person at the Soaring Dragon Realm here smelting trial is military test, that True Spirit Realm was the article tries at the here smelting trial.

Before Lin Ling real do not understand why Sect will also send him to come Soaring Dragon Realm here to carry on the smelting trial, but listens to Zhao Hai one to say his understand today in meaning, why also understand must make them come the smelting trial to here. Lin Ling take deep breaths, calm one own mood, this open the mouth and said: Good, you receive this duty to be good, since now you knew this matter, you when cope with mosse to pay attention, what words can look draw out to come from his mouth, understand?” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Lin Ling, he smiles said : not to use the set of any words, killed him to be good directly, then I turned into Undead Creature him, the matter when the time comes he knew, naturally will not have retention told me, this was effective compared with any polite talk.” Lin Ling said : really? Your these Undead Creature, but can also maintain before death will?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, but can also maintain before death strength, my beforehand Undead Creature, the strength is too weak, has more than enough in Soaring Dragon Realm here simply, Undead Creature that now can use are not many, is some that before accepted, the strength in Immortal Stage, previous time by that several Imperial Beast Sect and Tyrant Sword Sect that cultivator I massacred, was given to turn into Undead Creature by me.” Lin Ling actually frowns said : Zhao Hai, you must pay attention, the [say / way] of practice, lies in the essence, but does not lie in many, many dependence Undead Creature such external force, does not have what advantage regarding your practice.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved Senior Brother Lin, I, these Undead Creature, are not when my life and death long-drawn-out pass/test meets release to help me fight, the fight of normally I am depend my.” Lin Ling one hear of Zhao Hai said that this nodded said : well, that is good, Little Hai, you must remember, one, but your join to Tyrant Blade Sect, you must all energy centralized on your blade, the True Spirit Realm there situation with Lower Realm completely different, you just entered True Spirit Realm the time, will fly not, moreover must eat thing, otherwise you will be cannot withstand, after can speak of True Spirit Realm, all your must make a fresh start, therefore you must add the attention many, too dispersion own attention, otherwise to your not advantage.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is Senior Brother, Zhao Hai listens to reason.”

Lin Ling nodded, then deep voice said : this motion, relationship to our Tyrant Blade Sect, you must pay attention, this several days we will let person release sound of the wind/rumor, said that intends to let you ahead of time join Tyrant Blade Sect, that mosse mind is not big, when the time comes his certain will take the initiative looks your, so long as you gave him to create opportunity on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Senior Brother invited feel relieved, how my understand should do.” Lin Ling stood got up said : this motion to look your, oneself added carefully.” Said that turn around went out of the Zhao Hai yard, the personal appearance moved vanish from sight. The Zhao Hai look at Lin Ling back, sighed, mutters said : „, that arrived at there unable to avoid the battle, did not have join Tyrant Blade Sect, this battle started.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has closed big gate of yard, he does not have immediately to move, hunts and kills mosse is not a day or two can complete, he does not worry, if said like Lin Ling, he worries, instead attended the meeting to cause the suspicion of mosse, Zhao Hai now don’t know mosse is independent spy, is a spy group, if a spy group, that mosse some side people were certainly inquiring the information for him, analyzed the situation, such he on was careful. If there is one Sect to support mosse in the back, he will have the danger, because that Sect possibly to advance Tyrant Blade Sect mosse, will send out Expert to cope with him directly, must really be such troubled.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come the beginning to cast the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, your support, is I biggest power.) .rt { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }