Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1976

Chapter 901 mosse comes to Zhao Hai to stroll outside Horizontal Blade City, this time he is fishes, yesterday Lin Ling gave him to arrange duty, he naturally must complete, in Zhao Hai has met one outside Horizontal Blade City, was not very difficult duty does. Zhao Hai has not seen mosse, therefore he can only direct mosse to take the hook with this method, now Zhao Hai to is hopes mosse to be able quick appears . In Zhao Hai, when outside Horizontal Blade City strolls, in Horizontal Blade City also appears Zhao Hai some rumors, said that Zhao Hai because of talent, must raise advancing to enter to Tyrant Blade Sect. This rumor is not one passes on, according to legend probably from Cultivation World these person of these biographies, Zhao Hai, because is the Cultivation World family background, therefore meets the rumor that appears this wants. Such rumor comes out, directs entire horizontal blade gate cultivator to whoop at once, in the Horizontal Blade City here person, has not thought that join to Tyrant Blade Sect, they also knows certainly Tyrant Blade Sect is difficult to enter, now unexpectedly person of join to Tyrant Blade Sect, moreover must be ahead of time join, they felt certainly that was very inconceivable. Now the Horizontal Blade City here also has plenty person has gone out of town, because they saw Zhao Hai to go out of town, Zhao Hai makes this duty today time, many people saw, they knew Zhao Hai this doing duty outside Horizontal Blade City, therefore the has plenty person runs up to outside Horizontal Blade City to look for Zhao Hai now, no matter stemming from what point, the people hoped to find Zhao Hai, saw Zhao Hai, or Zhao Hai tidying up. Zhao Hai although now is Tyrant Blade Sect Unofficial Disciple, but he is not cannot be tidied up now. Conversely, has tidied up Zhao Hai, regarding these cultivator, has the advantage very much. Because they have tidied up Zhao Hai, is representing them compared with Zhao Hai outstandingly, they have possibility join to Tyrant Blade Sect. In Soaring Dragon Realm here, does not have what to say fairly, all spoke by the strength, if you can mobilize 1000 people to help you, that this was also your one type of ability, therefore runs in the Horizontal Blade City here people now exited to plan to find Zhao Hai. Copes with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not worried, has been strolling in Horizontal Blade City, naturally, he will not cause the suspicion of person. Because this time duty outside Horizontal Blade City, looks for one type of very special medicinal herbs, therefore he will transfer also nobody to suspect in here. HaHaHa, has not thought that today I such am in luck, Zhao Hai. Has not thought that I will run into you in here unexpectedly.” As a loudness, the gang Zhao Hai surrounding, this group of people his altogether ten, has been able to look. They is a very experienced motion squad, when that person of lead spoke with Zhao Hai. Other people Zhao Hai enclosing. Zhao Hai presently these people, he have already not thought of these people unexpectedly to his make a move. In Soaring Dragon Realm here, meets cultivator in outdoor, best do not have their ideas, because your don’t know they are fishing, is ordinary cultivator, naturally, fishing possibly has accounted for the majority, because in outdoor person go it alone cultivator very few.

Zhao Hai turns the head to look toward these people, these people wear a black Literati clothing/taking, but this Literati clothing/taking puts in their bodies, is actually appears very irritable, because the bodies of these people are killing aura, in Literati completely different with Zhao Hai impression. Zhao Hai frowns look at these person of said : „you are who, why blocks me?” That in these people leads laughs said : Zhao Hai, your don’t know? Now in entire Horizontal Blade City, majority of cultivator, runs to look for you, who makes you Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple, moreover possibly ahead of time join arrives at Tyrant Blade Sect, so long as has killed you, is representing me compared with you outstandingly, when the time comes I can join Tyrant Blade Sect.” Did Zhao Hai wrinkle under brow said : to kill me to represent you lightly outstandingly? This is impossible, your many people besiege me, why do you think you outstandingly compared with me?” That cultivator laughs said : „, so long as I have killed you, who knows that I am several people kill, moreover can make these many person together help me kill you, this has also represented my one type of strength, not?” Zhao Hai look at these people, showing a faint smile said : suddenly you think really can leave behind me? Too naive, I can join arrive at Cultivation World , because of my strength.” Zhao Hai said that does not wait for these people to respond the body forms, vanished in same place, that gathers round Zhao Hai cultivator, stares slightly, that cultivator said : of lead is not good, Space Divergent Technique, that youngster meets Space Divergent Technique, everyone/Great Clan was careful, does not pay attention by his attack.” Said that these people quick on get together, prevents Zhao Hai suddenly appears attack they. Zhao Hai does not have that mood, he does not have the interest to these people, his target is not these people, therefore he does not have the interest to these people. The Zhao Hai appears position is near these emperors about hundred li (0.5km) place, appears Zhao Hai felt own all around Space suddenly sinks, probably his all around Space had been given to imprison, Zhao Hai tried to use own Portable Transmission Formation, actually presently own Portable Transmission Formation simply has more than enough. At this moment, the Zhao Hai present person flew slowly, saw that this person Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, because the body of this person is also bringing disc, moreover like Zhao Hai is the direct belt outside, directly is on belt.

This person of height in 1.8 m about, warrior cloth, very neat, short that handles, appears spirit, his body has not brought any weapon, represents him is not being sword cultivator or blade culivator, moreover this person is a smiling face of face, looks like mild-mannered and cultivated, lets the person, if washes the spring breeze. However Zhao Hai sees this person time, is actually two eyes shrinks, because he felt when the body of this person very strong killing aura, killing aura that this killing aura is that thousand people cut to disperse, because does not have the means to hide, therefore makes people feel that killing aura compels the air/Qi, is bringing the strong smell of blood. A look at this slowly close person of Zhao Hai face alert, deep voice said : „are you who? This is formation your arrange?” That person of look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile, good held chest ritual said : to forget to introduce oneself to Zhao Hai, below mosse, is Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple.” A Zhao Hai facial expression loosen, holds the fist in the other hand to mosse said : originally is a person on one's own side, has been disrespectful below, what meaning but don’t know does your excellency arrange this formation is?” mosse smiles, his look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, why my real don’t know you will be regarded as important by Tyrant Blade Sect, to you such naive person, how possibly to practice to this degree, do I block you to do? This also with asking? I to certainly kill you, you naive thinking, we were not Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple, won't I kill you?” Zhao Hai complexion changes, then deep voice said : why? Can we join Tyrant Blade Sect, why you probably kill me? Among us does not have any conflicts of interest.” mosse laughs said : looks like you have not found out the situation, is really pitiful, good, I today on big mercy told you to be good, because has killed you, can obtain your Identity Card, so long as collection uneven ten made the block, I can after join to Tyrant Blade Sect, do obeisance an elder teacher, did not use in into Tyrant Blade Sect ordinary Outer Disciple.” Zhao Hai stares, then does complexion change said : to be able like this? This is impossible, obtains ten Command Token join to arrive at Tyrant Blade Sect, but must obtain Command Token of ten enemies, Command Token of person on one's own side does not calculate.” HaHaHa, you were really too naive, is who told you if certainly Command Token of enemy, so long as collection uneven ten Command Token, can join arrive at Tyrant Blade Sect, became disciple of elder, Zhao Hai, you should thank me, I let you before dying, became a understand ghost.”

Zhao Hai look at mosse, sneering said : suddenly „do you such have confidence to cope with me? Yes, I dealt with ten people truly unable to cope, but coped with your one, was actually not a problem, how although my don’t know you were all around Space imprisoning, so long as has killed you, this formation did not have to my use.” HaHaHa, you really naive very much, Zhao Hai, you think hasn't grasped me to be able appears here? Don't you think strange? Why I can appears in here, I why use this to imprison formation, aren't you strange? Can you also summon your Undead Creature now? Zhao Hai, you die today.” Zhao Hai one hear of mosse said that complexion removes the bottom changed, how his look at mosse said : you know that I can summon Undead Creature to help me fight? Is impossible, Cultivation World there nobody will betray me.” HaHaHa, some people will certainly not betray you, but you in Cultivation World were really too famous, the Cultivation World there people took you as the honor, so long as with their polite talk, your situation were clear, how Zhao Hai, felt that being startled, you in Cultivation World, were a talent, now, was because of your too talent, therefore has then killed you, Zhao Hai, you die today.” Zhao Hai look at mosse, sneered said : you to say these to me now, but was damaging my confidence, but did you think like this usefully? mosse, you should know that cultivator cultivates the mind importantly, any heart that if cannot the heart like the iron stone, you cultivate, receives that set of person, then to me useless.” mosse one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, then he laughs said : Zhao Hai, you are really a talent, to this situation, was unable to vacillate your Dao Heart unexpectedly, but this it doesn't matter, cannot live today leave here by you, suffers to death.” Said that mosse moves, flying sword appears in in his hand, a sword punctured toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai moves, long blade appears in in his hand, his blade standard opened flying sword, simultaneously the personal appearance moves, throws toward mosse, but mosse is also the personal appearance moves, still has actually spread out with Zhao Hai, simultaneously around his body also appears another Magical Artifact, this is Magical Artifact of bell, all over the body golden color, now small bell mosse covering, his under foot also appears another sword-shaped Magical Artifact, this sword-shaped Magical Artifact probably was been simultaneously quick by his degree, but before him, release that flying sword. Attacks toward Zhao Hai. ( To be continued { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }