Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1977

Technical class! Zhao Hai regarding the first impression of mosse is mosse is a technical class match, he is different from the general Body Cultivator match or general cultivator, general cultivator, to Immortal Stage time, will choose the close combat, because to Immortal Stage, the common farfight regarding cultivator the too big use, therefore many cultivator will not have chosen the close combat. However some cultivator have also insisted the technical class fighting method, because the technical class fighting method is very safe, you must maintain certain distance with the opposite party, such opposite party cannot project on you, but you can actually project on the opposite party, such military strategy, has been called the technical class in cultivator, what because he many tests is cultivator regarding the Magical Artifact service condition, deviation in using the technical knockout opposite party. Zhao Hai only fights with mosse one round on the present opposite party is a technical class, his also immediately changed military strategy, must mention, Body Cultivator will flow military strategy cultivator to have certain superiority to technology, because Body Cultivator can keep will pursue the opposite party to run, but the opposite party actually must use Magical Artifact attack, will use the Magical Artifact defense, the use defense will increase own, this will let opposite party the rapidness of Spiritual Qi consumption, so long as Body Cultivator can defend opposite party attack, and has pursued the opposite party to hit, then the opposite party on will be sooner or later slow, finally give to overtake can Body Cultivator massacres. Naturally, this is also on the other hand, in Cultivation World here, technical class military strategy is also very popular, although to are quite few, but also has, generally cultivator of using technique class that Immortal Stage has used to war, they have gone to the one type of superb situation regarding the application of Magical Artifact, many Body Cultivator planted under this attack. Technical class military strategy. Has three requests regarding cultivator itself, one, Body-maneuvering Technique is quick, no matter you are used for Magical Artifact blessing/additional support to be also good. Also is good with other method, a first request is quick, you are quick, Body-maneuvering Technique is good, this can while hitting the opposite party, was actually not hit by the enemy. The second point is your Spiritual Qi wants the foot, the technology flows military strategy, Magical Artifact that because uses are many. Regarding the Spiritual Qi demand is very big, you when use Magical Artifact, must use Spiritual Qi, when uses Body-maneuvering Technique. Also must use Spiritual Qi, if your Spiritual Qi is insufficient, it will not take long by Body Cultivator consuming, naturally, cultivator can also restore own Spiritual Qi with medicine pill. Therefore generally insisted the technology flows military strategy cultivator, their status certainly not poor, their bodies will be bringing massive medicine pill, after preparing uses. Third precisely is Magic are many. The technology flows military strategy, if you only use Magical Artifact, that is very difficult to strike down the opposite party. Your Magical Artifact were certainly many, has Magical Artifact to be many. You can make the opposite party be tired out by dealing with, so long as the opposite party exposes weaknesses, that is opposite party bad luck time. Zhao Hai wants to come a close combat with mosse most from the beginning, however mosse military strategy actually obviously is the technical class, in this case, if with general Body Cultivator military strategy, that two feared that must pester well to decide the victory and defeat some time, therefore Zhao Hai changed own military strategy, he also started using technique class military strategy. Should say that Zhao Hai most suits technology to flow the military strategy person, because his complete coinciding technology flows military strategy several conditions, first, his Body-maneuvering Technique is good, his stars universe changes Body-maneuvering Technique, in cultivator, absolutely is First Grade Body-maneuvering Technique, when Immortal Stage, can with Immortal Stage Expert to the war, even can a person fight many people, doing of Body-maneuvering Technique uses self-evident. Second is his Spiritual Qi very sufficient, Zhao Hai because and the big tree communicate reason, therefore his Spiritual Qi is the Spiritual Qi exchange between Heaven and Earth, only if like previous time confronts Tiger King, goes to own Spiritual Qi release, otherwise he does not need to be worried issue that Spiritual Qi exhausts. Third is Zhao Hai Magical Artifact are many, compared with general cultivator, Zhao Hai Magical Artifact was many were too many, Liquid Silver can change innumerable Magical Artifact, in this case, the Zhao Hai Magical Artifact quantity, will achieve one type of to let the situation that the person referred. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Zhao Hai suitable technology class military strategy, but since Zhao Hai actually has been few using technique class military strategy, because of technical class military strategy, the very special shortcoming, that is the combat process excessively is slow.

Technical class military strategy, to put it bluntly is the opposite party consuming, in this case, them naturally not possibly to solve the fight within very short time, the fight will often continue for a long time, this is not considered as that the too big problem, but actually also will be a problem. Because pass of this method was slow, therefore Zhao Hai will choose quicker Body Cultivator way to end the fight. However currently has from starting to play the technology to flow with him, Zhao Hai naturally also starts to play the technical class with the opposite party, he to wants to have a look, who plays the technical class to play is better. mosse presently Zhao Hai also changed military strategy quickly, he cannot help but stares, then on the face has shown a smiling face, he does not think that will lose to Zhao Hai, therefore his Magical Artifact let out, toward Zhao Hai attack, in these Magical Artifact has the blade to have the sword, ring-like Magical Artifact, each one type of Magical Artifact use is different, very difficult to deal with. Zhao Hai now also understand, why mosse is a technical class person, can actually run amuck in Soaring Dragon Realm here, because he has wielded pinnacle the technical class fight characteristics, he not only Magical Artifact are many, but also attack very smooth, coordinate arrival of method of various Magical Artifact, make the war with mosse, you felt that is not making the war with a person, but is doing to fight to be the same with an army. But Zhao Hai was needless saying that his present Space city is saving some Magical Artifact many, his don’t know, but these Magical Artifact can join at any time to Liquid Silver , must therefore mention the formation the coordination of various quantities and Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai was stronger than mosse plans. mosse quickly presently, oneself in fighting method that in oneself most are good, actually does not have the means to defeat Zhao Hai, this is he how, regardless of not to have thought that but fact on pendulum in his front, cannot allow him not to believe. Now mosse was suppressed by Zhao Hai completely, his complexion also becomes very difficult looks, but mosse command(er) own Magical Artifact, is still defending strictly the gateway, simultaneously he also in slowly is pulling closer and distance between Zhao Hai. When they are leaving also near kilometers, suddenly mosse personal appearance flashes. One on appears in the Zhao Hai side, in his hand don’t know when were then many short blade, a blade cuts toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really mosse will come such one. This obviously is a move of technique of close combat cultivator use, currently mosse this technology class fellow actually uses, moreover uses probably also very skilled, but he does not have the time to be too many, his hand proceeds to extend, one grasps to mosse short blade. Zhao Hai and don’t know, mosse attacks with this short blade, don’t know struck to kill many strength and his suitable person. He when with the person to the war, has made the person think that most from the beginning he is technical class cultivator, when his suddenly uses this close combat style, making the person have one type of to promote not the anxious against feeling. mosse looked that Zhao Hai must grasp his blade with the hand unexpectedly. On his face cannot help but revealed one to sneer, because mosse this short blade was not every thing, this short blade was True Spirit Realm there product, was senior in his Interface gives him, this short blade not only very sharp. Moreover in process of refinement, but also join one type of toxin, this toxin in True Spirit Realm there becoming famous, generally in True Spirit Realm cultivator this toxin has been able very troublesome. Do not say Lower Realm cultivator, if Lower Realm cultivator this toxin. That with courting death has not distinguished.

Because of this, therefore mosse saw that Zhao Hai wants to grasp his short blade with the hand unexpectedly. He cannot help but sneering, several Body Cultivator Immortal Stage Expert, are because lacks the understanding short blade to this, wants with own formidable ** blocks his short blade, finally the toxin on short blade, had been killed by poison, looks like in mosse, Zhao Hai is also another idiot. However this time he has actually thought mistakenly, hears working as, mosse short blade in cannot chop the hand of Zhao Hai unexpectedly broken, the Zhao Hai hand even including packaging not. mosse one presently this situation also stares, at this time, Zhao Hai another hand also make a move, his another hand suddenly has wielded, one grasps toward mosse neck. mosse has moved aside now, in obsolete, sound suddenly transmits said : to stop.” As this sound conveys also very intense pressure, this pressure presses toward Zhao Hai, this pressure cannot certainly injure Zhao Hai, he wants to prevent Zhao Hai attack. However Zhao Hai has not actually cared about this Might, he one on capture mosse neck, the finger has then made an effort, one throat bone of mosse to the crumb, the body of mosse lightly trembled two, has died a violent death. At this time that sound conveyed said : houseboy, you dare! with the speech sound, cultivator flew from the distant place, this cultivator must play the role very had the characteristics, he black warrior cloth, actually carried Giant Sword in behind, this even crossed his height the length of sword. Looked that this person of appearance Zhao Hai knew, this is Tyrant Sword Sect cultivator, does not need to guess that Zhao Hai knew, this mosse certainly is the Tyrant Sword Sect person. Tyrant Sword Sect did not cope with Tyrant Blade Sect, in two Sect names has some Tyrant [霸] word, when different, weapon that two Sect use, by sword give priority to, by blade give priority to, two Sect can be said as a mortal enemy, the wish to get rid of opposite party is quick. However what Tyrant Sword Sect and Tyrant Blade Sect are different, when the Tyrant Sword Sect strength compared with Tyrant Blade Sect in some, Tyrant Sword Sect not like Tyrant Blade Sect, their Sect disciple quantity extremely numerous, naturally as the matter stands in Sect not extremely in the unity, the internal strife matter since birth, but generally speaking, the Tyrant Sword Sect strength has striven to excel Tyrant Blade Sect. Zhao Hai wields, lost in mosse own Space directly, turned into Undead Creature, but at this time before that Tyrant Sword Sect cultivator also arrived at Zhao sea surface, kilometer place. Zhao Hai look at that cultivator, body Body Cultivator of this body is long, has about 1.9m fully, stature very symmetrical, long, gripped ponytail at will, appearance although does not say that had how handsome, but had a heroic spirit, but now that cultivator actually face cold frost look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai look at he, has selected the eyebrow, when deep voice said : „the Tyrant Sword Sect person, started to care about the fight of our Tyrant Blade Sect? You probably is a tube was too wide?” That cultivator look at Zhao Hai, sneers said : ignorant children/my son, you do not need to think protracted time, you must die today, around this arrange has imprisoned formation, you give the Tyrant Blade Sect person in Horizontal Blade City to deliver a letter are impossible, I to have a look at you also to play any trick.” Does Zhao Hai look at this person, what trick sneer said : I to serve a need also to play? Your strength is also not strong, do you have confidence me really keep here? He He, do not think one are the True Spirit Realm person, can defeat me easily, that is impossible.” That person of look at Zhao Hai sneers said : ignorant children/my son, today makes you know that True Spirit Realm cultivator, among the distance with Lower Realm cultivator does not have the means to make up.” Said that every wields, Great Sword that he carries on the back appears in in his hand, his sword has wielded afterward, Sword Qi cuts together toward Zhao Hai. This together Sword Qi rapidness, has stemmed from Zhao Hai completely wants, from that person with the sword in the hand, to arrive at Sword Qi to wield, almost to Zhao Hai any reaction time, eye look at that had not said that Sword Qi must hit Zhao Hai. At this time, disc on suddenly Zhao Hai waist one bright, then a sound conveys said : houseboy, you dare! along with this saying appears also has incomparably huge Blade Qi together, this Blade Qi welcomed toward Sword Qi, flash Sword Qi dividing vanished by Blade Qi, Blade Qi actually has not stopped afterward, cut toward that cultivator. That cultivator complexion changes, he just about to change the maneuver, actually late, that Blade Qi one has divided on his body, that person only with enough time leaned the body one side, did not have absolutely has let Blade Qi, his left arm was given directly to divide by Blade Qi. But at this time Zhao Hai also responded, his although understand that did not say how Blade Qi is appears , but Zhao Hai can affirm, his disc with others is different, if in others' disc, there is such Blade Qi, certainly easily will not be killed. Moreover he just also listened, that sound is he meets sounds in that two old person in Tyrant Blade Sect second floor, this sound although is the same with the words that Tyrant Sword Sect cultivator said that the pressure that but came along with the sound, was actually no comparison between them with that Tyrant Sword Sect cultivator, stronger on are too many. Zhao Hai also transferred this thought that afterward his hand wields, thousand flying sword depart from in his hand, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation production, but he does not have the release Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal, because Zhao Hai believes that now the Horizontal Blade City there Tyrant Blade Sect person has certainly caught up, even if their originally and don’t know here situation, just that said that Blade Qi release, they also knew, now he must do constrains this Tyrant Sword Sect cultivator. That Tyrant Sword Sect cultivator, in Zhao Hai disc release Blade Qi, felt that is not good, although he lost an arm, but he also called out pitifully, then the personal appearance moves, a capture own breaking arm, turn around wants, but his actually suddenly present, oneself appears in starry skies, saw this situation, his complexion cannot help but changes. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }