Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1979

Zhao Hai sits in quiet room of own yard, calm look at in hand jade slip, this jade slip was Lin Ling gave his a piece, in jade slip very detailed has recorded mosse in the Interface situation. Interface known as Crystal Realm that mosse is, this Interface strength is not very strong, is also similar to Cultivation World, even might as well present Cultivation World, only compared with after just fought over in Cultivation World some. Also has every large or small Sect to be innumerable in this Interface, but mosse is also the talent that in Crystal Realm became famous, but Crystal Realm is in luck compared with Cultivation World, 50 years ago, they had cultivator join to Tyrant Sword Sect, although was only Outer Disciple, made Crystal Realm obtain many advantage. However these are not, Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai cares cares is this Crystal Realm strength, so long as this Crystal Realm strength is not strong, that Zhao Hai will not let off them. When Yang elder has given Zhao Hai this retaliation duty, Zhao Hai has thought how tackled Crystal Realm must, probably set up prestige best means that naturally to extinguish them, is not that one Sect, but is entire Interface. Before extinguishing person Interface matter Zhao Hai, little has not done, but after he arrived at True Spirit Realm, feared that did not have such ability, because his in hand Undead Creature cannot release come, he wants to destroy completely True Spirit Realm there that Sect not to be impossible. However must make him destroy completely one now with Cultivation World similar Interface, he to cannot achieve. Finds out the Crystal Realm there situation, asked mosse Crystal Realm there situation, the Crystal Realm there general situation he also understood. Lin Ling gives Zhao Hai the information in that jade slip not wrong. Looked at the content in jade slip, Zhao Hai had ordered to Cai'er, lets Cai'er with the long blade that some not good made of iron became, the style ordinary point of long blade. However on all long blades must have Tyrant [霸] word, the more better. Cai'er they are not short with the Zhao Hai time, they also know that the meaning of Zhao Hai, regarding Zhao Hai such procedure, they had not opposed, extinguishes person Interface matter Zhao Hai is not first doing, they already did not have what feeling, moreover after Zhao Hai extinguished Crystal Realm. Also can obtain many Undead Creature, this regarding them, only then the advantage does not have the fault. although has Universal Machine, but must collect and make these long blades, requires certain time. Zhao Hai these days has stayed in own yard, does not have what motion, moreover one dull is seven days. In these seven days, Soaring Dragon Realm here to is all normal, Tyrant Sword Sect there person not, because is missing disciple on cause disturbance . The Tyrant Sword Sect person also knows that own that disciple is how missing, they also know that noisy cannot obtain good going, therefore simply does not make, not only does not make. Returning very low key that they display, because Tyrant Sword Sect these people feared that Tyrant Blade Sect has thought anything. If Tyrant Blade Sect present their plans, retaliates them. That also suffices their headache. Tyrant Blade Sect becoming famous of very in True Spirit Realm, the most famous point unites, second hides shortcomings, third is the Tyrant Blade Sect people seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, if you offended them, then sorry, they certainly with your undead continuous.

Therefore is not willing to offend Tyrant Blade Sect in True Spirit Realm there that Sect, because they look like in these Sect people, the Tyrant Blade Sect person is one crowd of Lunatic, if you obtained one crowd of Lunatic, certainly will not have any good Lower Realm. Because of the Tyrant Sword Sect low key, therefore nobody knows that now this matter, Tyrant Blade Sect has not disclosed that this matter in the Soaring Dragon Realm here solution, should not be solved must arrive in True Spirit Realm to be solved, does not need Soaring Dragon Realm here to know. Is adding on the Tyrant Blade Sect person to wait, they are waiting for the motion of Zhao Hai, they want to know how Zhao Hai will do, but Zhao Hai does not have what sound for seven days, to is disappoints the Tyrant Blade Sect person somewhat. Yin elder sits before the Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall second floor window, the direction of look at Zhao Hai yard, does this Zhao Hai of deep voice to his Yang elder said : actually think? Why these many days, a sound also?” Yang elder deep voice said : possibly still in the collection information, on that day I listened to Lin Ling saying that Zhao Hai said that must understand the first Crystal Realm situation, is then moving, this youngster looks like is also a stratagem decides, but rear drive character.” Yin elder frowns said : „to collect the information, this several days time, should collect was similar, how to have seen him to have the sound? Difficult to be inadequate he to think that this duty was too difficult, not having the means to complete?” Yang elder shook the head said : not, by the Zhao Hai strength, even if cannot carry on the retaliation of large-scale to Crystal Realm, the small retaliation will not have the issue, must know that by his strength, is almost invincible in Immortal Stage Expert, if he went to Crystal Realm there, almost is also invincible existence, he must complete this duty people should not be a problem, I thought that this youngster has the plan.” Yin elder nodded said : that to have a look saying that I to have a look at this youngster to have anything to plan.” Said that they returned to counter there sat. Day day-by-day past, entire Soaring Dragon Realm here piece of calm, in Soaring Dragon Realm there cultivator, was still living according to own beforehand path, but cloudy Yang elder complexion was some is not quite attractive, because these days Zhao Hai still did not have what motion. Not only cloudy Yang elder complexion is unattractive, Lin Ling complexion is unattractive, what he is more is worries, his don’t know is Zhao Hai doing, but he really worry, Zhao Hai is his one present, if Zhao Hai can not the cloudy Yang elder favor, it can be imagined, he later to Tyrant Blade Sect, also will not have any achievement, will not do well Lin Ling to be implicated by Zhao Hai. Original Lin Ling wants to look for Zhao Hai, asks that Zhao Hai is doing, why these many days a sound does not have, when he arrived at the Zhao Hai yard, presently in the Zhao Hai front gate is actually hanging a piece Jade Token , on Jade Token writes is closing up two characters.

Saw these two character Lin Ling on understand, Zhao Hai this does not think that some people disturbed him, he does not dare to disturb Zhao Hai, feared that Zhao Hai was practicing accidentally, this disturbs possibly possessed by the Devil, that troubled. Original Lin Ling thinks that Zhao Hai has duty in the body, this closed up unable to close up how long, actually there thinks that Zhao Hai this closed up, passed for two months, these two months, in the Zhao Hai yard a sound did not have, this was Lin Ling being flustered. Lin Ling does not have the means not to be anxious, look at cloudy Yang elder getting darker and darker complexion, Lin Ling feels fearful and apprehensive, he feared really this two Elders is angry to kick Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai directly, that troubled. On this day Lin Ling went to outside the Zhao Hai yard to transfer, the gate of yard was still closing, token that closed up was still hanging, Lin Ling looked at that was shutting tightly the front gate, cannot help but sighed. Was having the depressed mood, Lin Ling returned to Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, entered the branch Hall hall, saw Xiang Ying to take a book to sit in there, one by one was turning, this was the genuine book, was becomes by the sheepskin paper clip, the cyan cover, was not very thick. although said that no matter Cultivation World in True Spirit Realm here, the people record thing generally with jade slip, not only convenient, and is easy to preserve, but this made of paper book has not eliminated in True Spirit Realm there, conversely, in True Spirit Realm there, this made of paper book is very precious, does not have him, because in True Spirit Realm there, the made of paper book is the manpower writes generally, does not print. In True Spirit Realm there, some Great Sect Expert, sometimes will write down with the pen own attainment, sews in together, this has become the book, such book in any one Sect, is very precious existence, the person who because writes, own attainment unconscious integration to own character , the book that some Expert will write, even can achieve for ten thousand years not to be spoiled, because in that book had a that Expert silk mark, will linger. But person who reads this book, can through this mark, understand that feeling of that Expert, is convenient with jade slip although, but to realizing from experience of person was actually too few, after all you used for two minutes to input in the content to mind, compared with using two hours read obtained in spatially superficial, realizing from experience of two hours, but compared with more than two minutes many. Xiang Ying very likes reading, therefore he will make the Scholar appearance. Looked that a Lin Ling face came back depressed, does Xiang Ying then put down the book, look at Lin Ling said : what? does not have the sound?” Lin Ling nodded said : „, a sound does not have, how real don’t know this youngster thinks.” Xiang Ying knit the brows said : Zhao Hai is not that type does not know person who weight, now he actually could not close up, some of his plans, we are certainly unexpected are giving him some time.” Lin Ling has smiled bitterly next step: I to can him the time, but two Elders was actually some, you also know that two Elders was the anxious temperament, because these years self-cultivation, feared that already ran up to Zhao Hai courtyard to give to investigate him, but I looked that two Elders two days complexion getting harder and harder looked, if, feared that was they do not have that to be patient.”

Xiang Ying has smiled bitterly, is comforting Lin Ling a few words, actually suddenly heard outside has heard a very rapid sound of footsteps, then a sound conveyed said : from outside report, two Senior Brother, Dong Fangyu had the matter is to report.” Lin Ling one hear the sound is very anxious, his quickly said: Comes.” Outside that walked accordingly, if Zhao Hai, him can certainly recognize, the Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator that coming in he knew, before this person, to that young cultivator that he guides. Dong Fangyu enters the room, holds the fist in the other hand to them said : two Senior Brother, just must report, Crystal Realm camp there had the matter, heard that Heavenly Sword Sect has sent.” Lin Ling and Xiang Ying one hear of Dong Fangyu said that stares, was Lin Ling worried said : what matter?” Dong Fangyu deep voice said : hears in Crystal Realm camp there, presently massive corpses, moreover looks at the appearance probably clumps of these people are Crystal Realm, quantity extremely numerous, has piled now becomes a mountain, on all corpses turns a blade, on the blade is carving one tyrant character!” Lin Ling and Xiang Ying one hear of Dong Fangyu this said that cannot help but complexion changes, then they mutually looked at one, simultaneously flash of white light, vanished in the yard.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }