Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1980
This is a mountain, the mountain comprised of the corpse, transmits the intermittent strong putrefactive odor, on each corpse, is turning a blade, a long blade, this type of long blade understands at a glance the quality to be not much, simply will not be paid attention to by cultivator, even if some people take this blade to chop cultivator, the institute cannot injure them. However now this blade places in these cultivator eyes, actually completely changed the flavor, they felt that intermittent being flustered, has transmitted boundless killing aura one on that blade probably. In this mountain of corpses side, is standing many cultivator, these cultivator have some are Lower Realm comes, some are actually various True Spirit Realm Sect cultivator, now their complexion ugly look at this mountain of corpses, but these blades on everyone look at corpse. The styles of these blades are different, but the common features, that on these blades, had one, tyrant character! Tyrant [霸] word not anything specially, but this Tyrant [霸] word quarter on the blade is actually somewhat special, because this will make Soaring Dragon Realm here all cultivator think of one Sect, Tyrant Blade Sect! Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator mostly with the blade, on their blades does not have the character, is now this mountain of corpses appears here, but on each cultivator is turning a poor blade, on the blade actually Tyrant [霸] word, this makes the person have to think of Tyrant Blade Sect. flash of white light, their form appears in mountain of corpses side, these two person has made the Warrior appearance, the back carries a single blade, another person actually makes the Literati appearance, looks mild-mannered and cultivated, but sees the appearances of these two people. Surrounding cultivator. Cannot help but outward has let, does not have the means that these cultivator have recognized their identity, Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator. Comes person Lin Ling and Xiang Ying, they after hearing Dong Fangyu report information, immediately left to rush to Tyrant Sword Sect Vertical Sword City of sect, then obtained the Crystal Realm camp Coordinate from Vertical Sword City there, rushed to here. What response all around Lin Ling and Xiang Ying have not actually managed these people are, their careful look at this mountain of corpses, this mountain of corpses best pupil has about three kilometers. All is becomes by the corpse pile, looks like fierce fearsome, what is more fearful, the people do not have the means to figure out. This mountain of corpses comprised of many corpse. Carefully looked at mountain of corpses, looked at the blade on corpse, Lin Ling turned the head to look at Xiang Ying one, Xiang Ying also looked at this time to him, they saw one from own eye surprised with enlightenment, they almost simultaneously started Portable Transmission Formation, vanish from sight. But at this time, two months did not have the sound Zhao Hai yard, opened finally, walked out of Zhao Hai from yard. Arrived at Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall large building second floor directly. Yin-Yang two Elders is sitting behind second floor counter, closed eyes maintains mental tranquility, probably Zhao Hai simply does not exist to be the same, Zhao Hai light step arrives at counter there, holds the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see two Elders to them, youngster is hands over duty.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yin-Yang two Elders did open the eye finally, Yang elder looked at Zhao Hai said : duty not to complete, what duty hands over?” Zhao Hai held the fist in the other hand said : to return to the two Elders words to them, youngster duty has completed. Comes especially to two junction duty.” Cloudy Yang elder one hear of Zhao Hai this saying that cannot help but stares, then they mutually looked at one, Yin elder look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, you said that what meaning duty does complete is?”

Zhao Hai deep voice said : returns to the two Elders words. youngster has completed duty that you have arranged, after Crystal Realm, vanished in light of this.” Yin elder look at Zhao Hai. Calm face said : „did Crystal Realm vanish in light of this? Your meaning is, did the person give to eliminate the Crystal Realm people? Did I ask you, your these days may leave my yard?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, youngster does not have leave own yard.” Yin elder face angry look coldly snorted said : you own yard does not have leave, how dares saying that has given to eliminate the Crystal Realm people? Do you dare to deceive me to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : youngster does not dare to deceive two Elders, youngster is not copes with Cultivation World, youngster release one type of build quite small Undead Creature, however they went to Vertical Sword City through Transmission Formation, then had found Crystal Realm cultivator in Vertical Sword City there, went to Crystal Realm camp with Crystal Realm cultivator, then went to Crystal Realm from Crystal Realm camp, after obtaining the Crystal Realm there Coordinate, youngster has put Crystal Realm there own Undead Creature, carried on cleaning up to Crystal Realm there, yesterday just had cleaned up Crystal Realm there, yesterday in the evening, youngster used Crystal Realm there Transmission Formation, already the Crystal Realm there person. The corpse has delivered to Soaring Dragon Realm here, to let others knows that is who copes with Crystal Realm, youngster also specially kept a blade on each corpse, the blade has carved every time Tyrant [霸] word on!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yin-Yang two Elders cannot help but was shocked, as soon as they listen also really to that a matter that Zhao Hai said that is not arranges to deceive likely their, moreover they also believe that Zhao Hai does not dare to deceive them. Does not deceive them, was that the real matter? Thinks of here, a shock of their cannot help but face, Yang elder look at Zhao Hai said : you were said that Crystal Realm there all cultivator, had been killed to you? All?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, all, truly said that entire Crystal Realm there, did not have living person now, even if were there Monster Beast is also given to kill by me cleanly.” not a chicken or a dog left! Zhao Hai one said that Yin-Yang two Elders has simultaneously thought this word, according to the speech of Zhao Hai, now Crystal Realm there is not a chicken or a dog left. In they are shocked, on hearing outside transmits sound speaking sounds: Lin Ling, Xiang Ying, seeks an interview two Martial Uncle.” Yin elder one recovers, deep voice said : comes.” Lin Ling and Xiang Ying walked, sees Zhao Hai, on their faces has shown an unusual facial expression, has excited, has shocking, dreading and fears intent. However they also looked at Zhao Hai one, turns the head, holds the fist in the other hand to salute said : Lin Ling to see two elders to the Yin-Yang two elders.” Did Yin elder nod said : what matter?” Lin Ling has cast aside Zhao Hai one. deep voice said : returns to the two Elders words. Crystal Realm there had the matter, in Crystal Realm camp, huge mountain that appears a corpse has composed, but on each corpse turned a blade, on the blade is also carving Tyrant [霸] word, we just had looked, the situation was true, just after wants to come back, asks Little Hai, heard that came Little Hai to your here, we came.” Lin Ling now changed to the name of Zhao Hai. Before he called the Zhao Hai name, but now is to call him for Little Hai, already complete regarded the person on one's own side Zhao Hai.

As soon as the Yin-Yang two elders listen to Lin Ling, slightly stares. Then they turn the head look at Zhao Hai, was a shock of face they entirely has believed the Zhao Hai words now, but simultaneously they also felt being startled, because of the Zhao Hai strength. A person destroys completely an Interface, this looks like in the Yin-Yang two elders is also not the impossible matter, they can achieve, even Lin Ling they, so long as the careful point can achieve, but like Zhao Hai, has only used for two months has destroyed completely an Interface, and has gotten so far as Soaring Dragon Realm here the corpse. Still inserted a blade on the corpse, that is different. Only is destroys completely these Interface not to be easy, but can also cause that many having the Tyrant [霸] word blade, this is not easy, in their opinion, Zhao Hai strength such that not only certainly he displays. Some little time Yin elder recovers, one that he shouted has stood, turned the head to walk to Lin Ling said :, we went to there to have a look.” Yang elder had also stood at this time, Lin Ling has not said anything. immediately started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, several people vanished in the building, next quarter they already appears in mountain of corpses side. The person who mountain of corpses there gathers round not only has not reduced, instead to also increased. However these people see Tyrant Blade Sect person appears , unconscious made way a road to them. To them by far, especially Tyrant Sword Sect several people, sees the Yin-Yang two elders the time, is complexion changes, these two person although these young took a walk in True Spirit Realm there, however their prestige and appearances, actually, they who the person knows very well by Cultivation World many Sect are listed as the character who cannot provoke. Yin elder carefully looked at mountain of corpses one, nod of gently, in this time, suddenly side is having white light to flash, but that white light is not baseless appears , but flashes on mountain of corpses nearby ground, then several person appears in Transmission Formation, these person cultivator, understood at a glance that is the True Spirit Realm person, their imposing manner compared with Immortal Stage Expert much better. These cultivator although appears in Transmission Formation, but complexion is not quite attractive, probably saw any fearful matter is the same. At this time how many person of deep voice said : in nearby cultivator confrontation how many, did you just go to Crystal Realm? Is the Crystal Realm there situation what kind of?” That several cultivator looked at that person of one, obviously in them with that person very familiar, he nodded said : is, we just went to Crystal Realm, Crystal Realm ended, the person in Crystal Realm all died, there Monster Beast was given to kill, a living witness has not remained, can say now entire Crystal Realm, already not a living creature!” One hear of that cultivator said that the scene is one piece clamors, this is extinguishes, Soaring Dragon Realm here has not lived such matter, how this makes all around person not be startled. But some intelligent people, looked that now the Tyrant Blade Sect look is not right, probably saw one crowd of Slaughter God are the same. Do not say these cultivator, even if the Yin-Yang two elders hear this information the time, greatly surprised, before Zhao Hai said Crystal Realm destroying completely, Yin-Yang two elder some have not believed that but some people personally confirmed now, actually cannot allow them not to believe that the Yin-Yang two elders could not bear turn the head to look at Zhao Hai one, they have not thought that Zhao Hai such has done unexpectedly, this made them be startled. Before at this time, that cultivator that spoke, looked at Tyrant Blade Sect several people of one, deep voice said : we also in Crystal Realm, saw Great Blade, this had about hundred meters Great Blade fully high, he turned the character on mountain of corpses in Crystal Realm most Great Sect square, on the blade has Tyrant [霸] word, meanwhile kept a few words, violated my Tyrant Blade, although must execute!” A that cultivator this saying exit / to speak, by mountain of corpses all cultivator, vision as centralized as Tyrant Blade Sect several people, now is the idiots knows that this matter is who does, if the beforehand people are only the suspicion, that present may affirm. Violates my Tyrant Blade, although must execute! How aggressive a few words, killing aura how heavy a few words, how although don’t know Crystal Realm offended Tyrant Blade Sect, but Tyrant Blade Sect came up extinguishing an Interface, this killing aura, this power and prestige, frightens many people seriously, these cultivator look at Tyrant Blade Sect looks changed, dreaded that during was bringing deep fear.

Yin elder paid attention to the looks of these people, his coldly snorted, this sound was not probably loud, but presents all people to feel that own mind vibrates, some cultivation level weak cultivator, are two eyes one black, had almost not been stunned, all person one face look at Yin elder with amazement, simultaneously the each and every one personal appearance flies to draw back, was far from Tyrant Blade Sect several people. Yin elder has not actually managed them, but is deep voice walks to Lin Ling said :, goes back.” Lin Ling has complied with one, started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, several people vanished in mountain of corpses side, next quarter several people of personal appearance appears in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall backyard hall. After hall , the Yin-Yang two elders, stand in there, closes one's eyes has not moved, Lin Ling they do not dare to disturb two Elders, they also know that this time matter was not small, has destroyed completely an Interface, although was Lower Realm, but regarding the influence of True Spirit Realm there was also very big, this matter will have very tremendous influence to Tyrant Blade Sect. Some little time Yin elder deep voice said : this matter wants immediately/on horseback to report that to sect Li, making in the sect be ready, I think that Tyrant Sword Sect there will certainly not let off this opportunity, they definitely meet seize the opportunity to be difficult to us, we must make in the gate preparation well one good.” Lin Ling and Xiang Ying also nodded, they also think that in this matter gate must early prepare, otherwise will be very passive. At this time Yang elder looked at Zhao Hai one, shook the head, forced smile said : your youngster, I want to make you set up the prestige, but your this prestige vertical probably was too big? Not only these Lower Realm people scaring, the True Spirit Realm there person had feared that was scared.” Yin elder coldly snorted said : scared also had what kind, I to was think right that Little Hai made, must let these fellow understand, dares to extend the claw to our Tyrant Blade Sect, must have the cut off consciousness, snort|hum!” Yang elder suddenly he he the chuckle gets up said : to violate my Tyrant Blade, although must execute! Good, these words listen to raise the air/Qi, Little Hai, you go back to rest first, two beauty Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples status, the wait for you Inner Disciples status will have gotten down, in our two old fogies get you to return home, you want officially did obeisance our two old fogy teacher!” Zhao Hai bows to two old person said : is, Master, disciple asked to be excused.” Yin elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that is also laughs said : your youngster to is smart, ok, such called also no reason why not, like this called, rests, these two months, you, but busy unbearable.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, holds the fist in the other hand to them, holds the fist in the other hand to Lin Ling and Xiang Ying, turn around walked. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }