Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1981

Soaring Dragon Realm these days very lively, matter of entire Soaring Dragon Realm discussion, only then one, that is the Crystal Realm extinguished matter, that inserting the blade on corpse, naturally, most important that violates my Tyrant Blade, although must execute! Tyrant Blade Sect such overbearing, works so viciously, killing aura so strong, lets terrified and startled of Soaring Dragon Realm there, what in Horizontal Blade City here the cultivator quantity with Zhao Hai imagination meets the sharp decline to be different, the Horizontal Blade City here cultivator quantity not only has not reduced, instead to increased, but before also minimum increased double, many cultivator rather run up to Horizontal Blade City here to meet duty, even if before is, was the duty person in other big city cities, has plenty ran up to Horizontal Blade City here. Zhao Hai saw that this situation stares, but his immediately responded, Tyrant Blade Sect these time extinguishes the Crystal Realm matter, originally is his make a move, seemed like killing aura was too probably heavy, but do not forget, this killing aura, this aggression, was not who can have, if your strength were insufficient, you actually must have this type aggressively, was is courting death on equal to. But Tyrant Blade Sect has that strength appears aggressive by oneself, that can only explain that Tyrant Blade Sect suffices, is aggressive! cultivator worships Expert, you suffice, some people will worship you, this in Cultivation World here is a ten points universal phenomenon. In fact what Zhao Hai and don’t know is, not only now Soaring Dragon Realm here, True Spirit Realm there was quarrelled to boil, this Zhao Hai one has destroyed completely a matter, has also had not the small influence in True Spirit Realm there, took Tyrant Sword Sect as some people. Starts to exert pressure to Tyrant Blade Sect, they said that Tyrant Blade Sect extremely in overbearing, was extremely bloody, this will make all Lower Realm people worry. Does not favor the Soaring Dragon Realm show. Naturally, Tyrant Sword Sect these words are the bullshits, reason that in fact they must contact with other people to exert pressure to Tyrant Blade Sect, the most important reason is, they want Evildoer to complain first. Not wrong, they are want Evildoer to complain first, Tyrant Blade Sect destroys completely Crystal Realm, how others possible don’t know Crystal Realm to offend Tyrant Blade Sect. However Tyrant Sword Sect is actually purity that knows, they know that their plan was known by Tyrant Blade Sect, reason that Tyrant Blade Sect such does, is looking like them to demonstrate. Tyrant Sword Sect feared that Tyrant Blade Sect uses the spy matter holding them. Therefore they start to relate other Sect to exert pressure to Tyrant Blade Sect first, such Tyrant Blade Sect is saying them to send the spy matter, these Sect first will also enter believing of give priority to, Tyrant Blade Sect is intends to falsely accuse Tyrant Sword Sect. Facing these Great Sect pressures, the performance of Tyrant Blade Sect here has stemmed from the anticipation of all people. They have not denied for the matter, but also met several with their good Sect, directly acknowledged that this matter, then suspended the appearance that must start. Even also lived the conflicts of some small scale with several Sect, naturally conflict most ruthless with Tyrant Sword Sect. Tyrant Blade Sect this persistently unreasonable procedure stems from the meanings of all people. Other Great Sect looked Tyrant Blade Sect looks like mad dog same who bites anyone, they one shrank. After all destroys completely Lower Realm, does not have no relationship with them, for this matter offended Tyrant Blade Sect this mad dog, that is not cost-effective, the disposition that Tyrant Blade Sect that seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, other Sect know that nobody is willing to provoke Tyrant Blade Sect.

These Great Sect this soft, Tyrant Sword Sect in noisy did not have what meaning, they have also drawn back, moreover their most from the beginning noisy matter, to let Tyrant Blade Sect did not say their matters, now Tyrant Blade Sect has not sent the spy matter to say them that their points have also achieved, therefore Tyrant Sword Sect has not had to compel Tyrant Blade Sect. although said that the Tyrant Sword Sect scale be bigger than Tyrant Blade Sect, but must discuss the words of strength, they compare with Tyrant Blade Sect are also similar, possibly somewhat will also be inferior, in this case, Tyrant Sword Sect naturally does not dare dead to knock with Tyrant Blade Sect. But the response of Tyrant Blade Sect somewhat is also strange, in Tyrant Sword Sect they stopped after Tyrant Blade Sect exerts pressure, the people have thought by the Tyrant Blade Sect disposition, will certainly look like Sect that they exert pressure to revenge to these, but makes these people feel what is strange, Tyrant Blade Sect has not actually retaliated these people, but treats as this matter has not lived, True Spirit Realm this storm, unexpectedly in this case, miracle still. Most from the beginning these Sect also feared this is Tyrant Blade Sect any scheme, but Tyrant Blade Sect still does not have the face anything sound after a period of time, this makes these Sect people believe that originally Tyrant Blade Sect has not revenged really the meaning, this lets these Sect feel strange at the same time, makes them relax. Tyrant Blade Sect such will certainly not consider as finished, just their plans now are also not implements, at this time was extremely sensitive, they cannot have any movement. Zhao Hai and don’t know True Spirit Realm there lived anything, he fully is processing the Crystal Realm there matter now, the Crystal Realm there person and Monster Beast although is killed by the Zhao Hai person, however the there commodity has much, before Zhao Hai, has not come to make sharply these commodities, but now is actually opportunity, was calling did not have many people enter to Crystal Realm the time, Zhao Hai starts the Crystal Realm in commodity, massive gets so far as in own Space. Various the Crystal Realm there Sect commodities are many, before Zhao Hai, reason that had to tidy up Crystal Realm, has taken an advantage of surprise attack, he after knowing the Crystal Realm Coordinate, immediately the Liquid Silver needle the Crystal Realm there situation, the complete income in Space, has then been making Undead Creature carry on suddenly surprise attack to various Crystal Realm Sect, their attack target was Crystal Realm there Expert. Mr. Zhao Hai their these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, attack Gui Jing sect there several Great Sect Immortal Stage Expert, directly these Immortal Stage Expert extinguishing, has then been tidying up these ordinary cultivator. originally Zhao Hai wants to destroy completely Crystal Realm is not that easy, but afterward currently has Wu Potian join not to be different, the Wu Potian strength, is similar to Lin Ling, wanted much stronger compared with Immortal Stage Expert, therefore he can that smooth gave to tidy up various Crystal Realm there Sect Immortal Stage Expert.

However when makes Wu Potian help fight, Zhao Hai also present a point, that is Crystal Realm there Law of the Heaven and Earth, unexpectedly repel Wu Potian, this is Zhao Hai has not thought. Zhao Hai on understand, Crystal Realm there Law of the Heaven and Earth had the upper limit quickly, the cultivator strength cannot Immortal Stage, the Wu Potian strength obvious Immortal Stage, there Law of the Heaven and Earth very has therefore repelled him, before his also understand why, Lin Ling goes to Cultivation World time, not leave that Transmission Formation range, because he was also receiving at that time certainly the Heaven and Earth method repel of Lower Realm, therefore he does not have leave Transmission Formation there. although said Wu Potian unable staying of long time in Crystal Realm there, but helps Zhao Hai their type several people not be actually a problem, therefore under the help of Wu Potian, Zhao Hai that smooth all gave to tidy up Crystal Realm Expert. After having tidied up these Expert, remaining these ordinary cultivator were easier to do, these ordinary cultivator, Zhao Hai sends out a Undead Creature army pressure, all was finished. In addition looked that now the Crystal Realm there corpse are many, everywhere is the deceased people, actually Crystal Realm there true Expert, with some little can the person, Zhao Hai already received in Space to turn into Undead Creature them. However took in the person in Space by Zhao Hai, is not that simple, these people all are Nascent Soul Stage above Expert, but also has plenty is crafting or the talent character in Alchemy aspect, besides these people, remaining cultivator, Zhao Hai may not have to install toward own Space. In Crystal Realm there, Nascent Soul Stage above Expert, but minority, therefore was received in Space by Zhao Hai, nobody will think anything, the people only the corpse that notes these to pile up, what strength these corpses before death are, nobody knew. Also because of this, therefore Crystal Realm there almost nobody will go now, the True Spirit Realm person will not go, goes unable to stay the Supreme time, because will receive the Law repel of there, other Lower Realm people will not go, because of them one, but leave Soaring Dragon Realm, was unable, nobody silly to run to have a look at the Crystal Realm there situation, but leave Soaring Dragon Realm, that equal to to watch the fun from breaking future, nobody so will be silly. Nobody goes to Crystal Realm there, was happen to cheap Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has sent out massive Undead Creature, to receive much Crystal Realm there good thing arrived in Space, made the species in Space increase much.

although said that Crystal Realm there is similar to the Cultivation World environment, but any two Interface, possibly are not completely same, each an Interface has own characteristics, but this characteristics other Interface do not have, now therefore Zhao Hai must do is, other Interface thing, receives to Space, entering quantity the species quantity in increase Space. although such does now, did not have what advantage to Space probably, but Zhao Hai still such will actually do, because he has been familiar with such to do, this turned into his one type of hobby. Zhao Hai also lives in own yard now, goes to him with Yin-Yang two long old friendship duty, already past seven days, these seven days of Yin-Yang two elders in Soaring Dragon Realm here, their returned to True Spirit Realm there have not helped Sect handle this time matter , because of them not in True Spirit Realm here, therefore Zhao Hai has not obtained Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples Identity Card now, had not been received by them is disciple. However Zhao Hai has not worried, he knows own this matter of doing, regarding the influence of Tyrant Blade Sect can big, if this matter Tyrant Blade Sect processing is not good, will have very big trouble, but Zhao Hai did not regret that he now is the Tyrant Blade Sect person, that offends the Tyrant Blade Sect person, must pay the price, if links this to close Tyrant Blade Sect unable to pass together, that Tyrant Blade Sect also on not suitable his join. although this several days Yin-Yang two elders are not, but Lin Ling and to east they actually once for a while coming to see Zhao Hai, must know that Zhao Hai enters Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Sect to be a foregone conclusion now, so long as Zhao Hai entered Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Sect, that may be the same with their status, they are also Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }