Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1982

The disciple level division of Tyrant Blade Sect there, is similar to Cultivation World there, is divided into Unofficial Disciple, handymen disciple, Outer Disciple, Inner Disciples, True Disciple, one was Core Disciple. Unofficial Disciple was needless saying that did not have a Unofficial Disciple saying in True Spirit Realm there, True Spirit Realm there Unofficial Disciple, all in Soaring Dragon Realm here, was inspected Lower Realm cultivator. handymen disciple no matter has in that one Sect, these disciple level are very low, they were called with it are disciple, might as well said that is servant who various gates raise, in various Sect that they make work of lowest level, for one day can become Outer Disciple, or Inner Disciples. But Outer Disciple was Sect official disciple, the Outer Disciple quantity, in one Sect generally was second many, was less than handymen disciple tightly, their strengths generally were not very strong, was impossible to have independent teacher, generally Sect will arrange for one month or about ten days, teacher carried on the unified guidance to them, can learn many to look your, they can also make duty, changed into contribution points, but these contribution points can receive in exchange for Sect Cultivation Method studying independently. Inner Disciples be higher than them were more, Inner Disciples will have generally own Master, takes Tyrant Blade Sect, Tyrant Blade Sect here only then becomes the person of elder, will receive several Inner Disciples to take own apprentice, but can Inner Disciples obtain True Inheritance of masters, that must think your innate skill, with your teacher to your attaching great importance to degree. True Disciple be higher than the Inner Disciples status, they generally are entering the inner rooms disciple of that elder. That Elder Assembly trains him with emphasis, the future achievement will be naturally impossible to limit the quantity, minimum can also in a status of Sect neighborhood elder. But Core Disciple was extraordinary, wants into Core Disciple. First, receives you for the person of disciple, the status is certainly high, if disciple of ordinary elder, he does not have opportunity to become Core Disciple, second your innate skill is certainly better, if your innate skill is not good, even if Sect Master disciple. Also is impossible becomes Core Disciple, third is your strength stronger, if your strength is insufficient, you are impossible become Core Disciple. Because Core Disciple is the one Sect basis, Core Disciple not only strength, they must participate to manage Sect, can say Core Disciple that grows, is sect follower one generation of helmsmen. Therefore various Sect have to attach great importance. But Lin Ling and Xiang Ying in Tyrant Blade Sect, belong to Inner Disciples now, they have done obeisance elder teacher separately, moreover their Master status also not bottom. If they obtained Master True Inheritance, in the future might becomes Core Disciple. However they actually do not dare to take in a big way before Zhao sea surface. Without the means that Zhao Hai is ironclad must enter Inner Sect now. Zhao Hai also obtained Yin-Yang two elders' commitments personally, must receive him to make disciple, that later Zhao Hai status feared that will not compare them to lower, may be higher, therefore they naturally do not dare to keep up appearances before Zhao sea surface, but they have not gone to flatter Zhao Hai, does not have that necessity, must say really that Zhao Hai is they introduces Tyrant Blade Sect, therefore they regard the friend to be together Zhao Hai, like this has the advantage to everyone/Great Clan. The Zhao Hai potential they looked, even if Zhao Hai is the a piece rotten wood, to Yin-Yang two elder in hand, that will also turn into an artware, said it, from the Zhao Hai present performance, likely is not the a piece rotten wood.

Time unconscious past, Crystal Realm these corpses now by Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast eating was similar, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, has plenty saprozoic Monster Beast, these Monster Beast sees that mountain of corpses, then had found the delicacy on equal to, naturally has not hoped leave, has not dared to approach mountain of corpses there to Soaring Dragon Realm here cultivator finally, because there by these Monster Beast surrounding. Regarding this situation, Soaring Dragon Realm here cultivator to does not have the too big response, cultivator, if your strength is not strong, if you cannot arrive at higher boundary, then sooner or later one day will die, how after many cultivator will take seriously itself dead , the corpse will not process, besides some Buddhism Cultivator, will little have cultivator will go specially own corpse deals with. But Buddhism Cultivator has plenty meets to cremate really own corpse, then lets the disciple worshipped/Foreign Elder buddhist relics, naturally also some Buddhism Cultivator and Profound Sect cultivator, regarding own corpse attach great importance to, they will prepare some tomb pits to oneself, thing will regard to accompany the storehouse mouth oneself have used, in the tomb pit will have very formidable Formation to protect, such tomb pit, often will become the place that the cultivator robber will dig, will be very difficult to preserve remote. These corpse although vanished, but this matter has not actually vanished regarding the influence of entire Soaring Dragon Realm, the Soaring Dragon Realm here person, very clear, annoys anyone do not annoy Tyrant Blade Sect, will otherwise possibly be destroyed completely. Half a month later, the Yin-Yang two elders finally returned to Soaring Dragon Realm here, their returned to Soaring Dragon Realm here, Lin Ling, Xiang Ying and Zhao Hai three people went to Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall large building second floor to pay a visit them on immediately/on horseback. The status like Yin-Yang two elder, will have arranged the independent dwelling to there to them, moreover is the best dwelling, but two old person actually do not want, regarding them, any place is the same, their this appears to cultivate the mind, therefore they have stayed in large building two layers. The Lin Ling three people entered second floor, to their gave a salute, then stood on relaxing the hands in the one side, Yin elder looks at several people, deep voice said : „the present matter passed, in the gate has handled this matter, the matter that Little Hai, although this time you handled was quite crude, in did not get married regarding the procedure of person very approves, gave you, taking, this was Inner Disciples Command Token.” Said that Yin elder has given Zhao Hai a piece metal token. Saw that this metal token Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, because this metal token is really somewhat special, this is a piece metal token, might as well said that he is a throwing knife, manufacture the throwing knife like long blade, writes the Zhao Hai name on the blade. Zhao Hai received this Command Token, Yin elder deep voice said : this Command Token is our Tyrant Blade Sect is special, gives Inner Disciples to prepare specially, he not only can regard Portable Transmission Formation to make to use, can regard a locator to use, takes this Identity Card, in the gate can know you at any time in there, after Inner Disciples acknowledges as teacher, his Master can in this Identity Card, the seal ten strengths, be able at crucial moment release, to rescue his life, in your Command Token, I with Old Yang they, a person of seal five Blade Qi in, if encounters the danger, you can one after another. Puts, if were really too dangerous, you must we two Blade Qi simultaneously release, that equivalent to our fully strike.”

Zhao Hai suddenly thought that this Identity Card is somewhat heavy, but he received, bows to Yin-Yang 2 elders said : thanks a lot Master.” Yin elder nodded said : your name, I reported to the gate, you later were I with Old Yang disciple, we do not need to make that superficial politenesses, this, your did there have Spirit Wine? If some words take, gave us two person to one glass of liquor has become, later you were our disciple.” Zhao Hai complied with one, hand turned, in hand are many a tray, in the tray on has been putting a jade bottle, two jade cups, Zhao Hai has put out the jade bottle, arrived in the liquor in jade bottle the jade cup. This bottle of liquor are not the common liquor, but is the best liquor that in Space produces, moreover in Zhao Hai also put the time to add the area to be good this liquor to carry on, can say that this liquor now equal to was the nice wine of over a thousand years of kiln conceal, absolutely was precious incomparable. This liquor arrives, turned into the one type of golden liquid, moreover appears very viscous, Zhao Hai is fully downward, flows from the jar, is string, probably is the golden syrup is the same. Simultaneously fragrance has filled the giving people a hard time room, this fragrance is mellow, making the person smell has the one type of reeling drunk feeling however, probably is only smells this liquor the flavor, has made the person be drunk. Besides Zhao Hai, the look at Zhao Hai in hand jade bottle that several people in room decide, probably that jade bottle is rare treasure is the same, in fact in their opinion, this jade bottle also is really rare treasure, if drank up the liquor in jade bottle, that jade bottle also immediately became worthless. Just smelled this wine fragrance time, the Yin-Yang two elders and Lin Ling also had Xiang Ying, felt that own Spiritual Qi fast jumped, operation was quick, this change concealed certainly the truth is about four people, their immediately understand the value of this liquor, to be honest, this liquor has also put True Spirit Realm there, on being considered as was a treasure. Some little time Zhao Hai has filled to the brim two cups of bottles, he held the plate tray to arrive in front of two old person, knelt gently has gotten down said : Master, please drink this cup.”

The Yin-Yang two elders look at one mutually, he he smiles, carries wine glass that Zhao Hai has handed over, has done the liquor in cup, then they also shut up, closed the eye even to anchor including the breath, sitting that a face was infatuated in there. Some little time two talented people slowly have opened the eye, vented anger, deep voice said : good, nice wine.” Then they have put on wine glass tray, gets up to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has stood. Yin elder looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : Little Hai, but your this liquor good thing, but, do not show easily, will otherwise possibly have the person to keep thinking on.” Zhao Hai this liquor although is mellow, but the Yin-Yang two elders are any status, they are the heart such as the person of iron stone, the nature are clear, cultivator cannot wallow in thing, otherwise does not have any advantage to them, therefore this liquor although is good, but they have not actually drunk, had not demanded. Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : is, actually Master did not say that I such will also do, this liquor I was not many, in Lower Realm, obtains, now also only remaining last altars|jars.” Said that a Zhao Hai revolution, jug appears in Zhao Hai in hand, Zhao Hai has delivered to nearby jug two old person said : Master, this altar|jar liquor gives you, do not regard thing him, wants to drink drinks, the liquor, nothing but is used to drink.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }