Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1984

Zhao Hai sits in quiet room of own yard, but in quiet room of his yard may now not only he, Yin-Yang two elders. Three people sit in there, Yin-Yang two elder look at Zhao Hai, Yin elder said : Little Hai, our two old fogies make you accompany our one year in Soaring Dragon Realm here, haven't you been angry?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, Master, I know I enter to Soaring Dragon Realm time is too short, including the life complete adaptation of Soaring Dragon Realm, at this time had not gone to True Spirit Realm, not necessarily is the good matter.” Yang elder nodded said : you to think that was good, this year time, I with the Senior Brother two people well you tells that True Spirit Realm there matter, is also speaks us to you regarding the understanding of Blade Dao.” Yin elder deep voice said : Little Hai, you know why True Spirit Realm does have that big difference with Cultivation World? Why in Cultivation World there, the person can fly, can not need to eat meal, but to True Spirit Realm there, do the people actually need to eat meal?” Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : because of the Law of the Heaven and Earth reason? After True Spirit Realm there, change of Law of the Heaven and Earth, some thing that therefore beforehand people jumped over, has to one time sort.” Yin elder nodded said : well, is Law of the Heaven and Earth, Law of the Heaven and Earth exists in Heaven and Earth, his invisible shadowless, when you have not moved him, your simply has not known that his existence, how this Law produces, why will produce, can know to the present also nobody, but from Cultivation World to True Spirit Realm there, on equal to from a low level Law of the Heaven and Earth area. Entered one entire, the high level area, this looked like a person obtains lived to be the same, therefore in True Spirit Realm there. cultivation level boundary, the single layer boundary name was called to live!” Fresh!?” Zhao Hai unconsciousness is duplicating Yin elder these words, although lives is only the simple two characters, but Zhao Hai actually listened to different thing from these two characters, fresh, what degree must arrive, can be called to live? Yin elder look at Zhao Hai type, deep voice said : wait for you to True Spirit Realm there. Your understand these words were any meaning, was good, these thing were unimportant, boundary. Is practice bit by bit, the wait for you strength has sufficed, you naturally also arrived at that boundary, otherwise you are know that has existence of that boundary, wastes. Today we come your here, mainly speaks the blade to you.” Spoke the blade? Master, can I start to study the blade now?” Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Yin elder, he thought that probably was too a point. Yang elder connection said : good. You must start to study blade now, your strength I saw. You compare general Immortal Stage cultivator to want much stronger, such as is present you. If according to the True Spirit Realm there level division, you have been able to achieve the habitat Advanced level strength.”

Zhao Hai has actually gawked, he is very confident regarding his strength, is own strength, in the Yang elder tone, is habitat Advanced level, existence that also in other words, in True Spirit Realm there, his strength sets the base. Yin elder also saw the expression on Zhao Hai face, he shows a faint smile said : you not to need to think that many, can achieve habitat Advanced level in Soaring Dragon Realm here, was very great, Cultivation Method that you practice, I did not tell you temporarily, regarding Bladesman, Cultivation Method is unimportant, important is his in hand blade!” Yang elder look at Zhao Hai said : „does Little Hai, how understand to your Yu Dao?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then he looked at two Elders one, they with look look at that one type of encourages he, Zhao Hai this nodded, then he has pondered next step: Blade, is one of the many weapon in the population cold weapons war using, simplicity that because the application method of blade come compared with the sword, moreover suitable battlefield that also add compared with the sword, in addition firm durable, I listened saying that the moon/month stick, the year blade, a speech of generation of spear|gun, this responded the characteristics of blade from one side.” Speaking of here he to stop, then deep voice said : blade, tyrant of soldier, was hundred soldier's gallbladders, the person of effort, must have the aggression, was courageous, if the sword were a Monarch, was a King, the blade is representing tyrant, represented the ordinary man, an ordinary man anger, the blood is splashing five steps, with the person of blade, must have such courage, had like this aggressively, wanted proud Wanghou, slow high-ranking court official, anybody, what no matter you were status, what status, in front of the Bladesman blade, was the equality.” The Yin-Yang two elders, somewhat accidental look at Zhao Hai, to be honest, they really have not thought that Zhao Hai regarding the understanding unexpectedly such depth of blade. Zhao Hai said does not have the mistake, blade is in the soldier the tyrant, with the person of blade, is the bold generations, proud Wanghou, slow high-ranking court official, regarding Bladesman, in their eyes, only then stands in his front person, what status no matter this person is, so long as is his enemy, he will pull out the blade, a blade chops, the intent love and hate, said is Bladesman, if Bladesman did not have aggressively, the guts, that he on what has not been. look at Zhao Hai of their one face applause, Yin elder nodded, said : of face smiling face good, Little Hai, you were very deep regarding the understanding of blade, good, Bladesman must have such spirit, the Bladesman spirit like the blade, you can use easily-to-use, you can wield big Might of blade.” Yang elder look at Zhao Hai said : we have not really misread, Little Hai, you are inborn Bladesman, you should use the blade, in the future the achievement will be limitless.” Yin elder also nodded, then said : good, did not say these, you just said you regarding the understanding of blade, not wrong, good was a blade, but you said was extremely general, in other words, you regarding blade the general orientation of understanding was right, but you, if wants your in hand blade, to turn into the blade that you understood, needs to go through many processes.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he to is believes words that Yin elder spoke, he now regarding the understanding of blade, some large part is not his understanding, but is he to see, others regarding the understanding of blade, just on own initiative did not say, is adding on some own understanding, this can say is so good. Zhao Hai was very clear own situation, although he creates Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, but that was only one set of attack Martial arts, did not have no relationship with the understanding of CNC, to be honest, he now with the level of blade, is only restricted will use. Yang elder look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : Little Hai, I thought that you also use the non- blade, this, we to outside, you use a blade to show us.” Zhao Hai nodded, arrived at outside with the Yin-Yang two elders, then he to two long Old Daoist: Master, my former although also had the blade, but I by using blade give priority to, the understanding of these CNC before I said that was also only own some ideas, therefore regarding the blade, I used was not very good, today reveals shortcomings.” Yin elder smiles said : to be all right, that feared that is you with will not have anything, heartily wields.” Zhao Hai nodded, stands in the yard, meets to begin to move, Tang Blade appears in Zhao Hai in hand, Zhao Hai was holding Tang Blade in the hand, with hand gently held to touch blade, he liked the Tang Blade shape very much, because Tang was relying on this Tang Blade, making four foreign submit, has set the record of the Li Shimin day Khan illustrious prestige. Tang Blade, is representing the aggression of Chinese, before Zhao Hai, likes the Tang Blade shape, this is his first time careful is thinking behind Tang Blade thing of representative. Slowly, Zhao Hai felt an aggression, gang of four foreign submit, aggression of Wan Banglai Royal Court! When Zhao Hai imposing manner saves high spot, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades conveniently. Because this set of Blade Technique originally is he creates, moreover this set of Blade Technique attention kills the enemy, therefore blade maneuver not very complex, therefore Zhao Hai uses, is handy, one set of Blade Technique such as the passing clouds and flowing water have used generally. One set of Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades uses up, Zhao Hai received the blade to stand in there, slowly returned to normal own mood, then he turned the head to look at the Yin-Yang two elders, cannot help but somewhat was at heart disturbed, he knew from the family work, his blade used truly was not much, this also had relationship with his family background, grew in the Cultivation World there time, like using blade the matter in skill aspect, Cultivation World there was few study, Cultivation World there paid great attention was the Spiritual Qi quantity, in adding on Zhao Hai was also not pure Body Cultivator, therefore his blade used also on it can be imagined.

However what makes Zhao Hai accidental is, on the faces of Yin-Yang two elders to does not have the disappointed expression, instead to has the one type of gratified smiling face. Zhao Hai puzzled look at they, hold the fist in the other hand to them said : Master, making you be laughed.” Yang elder he he chuckle said : you use the skill of blade, really not much, looks at a sample is also a beginner, just will use the blade, your with the feeling of blade is actually very good, can own mood, with the blade perfect union, from this point, you compare unexpectedly wants much stronger with the people of blade generally.” Zhao Hai somewhat embarrassed smiling said : of made Master you be laughed, I before was only simple studied has used the blade, in Cultivation World there, with the number of times of blade was not many . Moreover the method that in Cultivation World there, can use were too many, extremely in sole method suffering a loss, therefore I did not have any skill on the blade.” Yin elder smiles said : this to be good, you not in blade high and low any skill, can actually use this degree the blade, was very good, can train with the skill of blade, but with the feeling of blade, is actually not trains with imposing manner of blade, but with the skill of blade is also very important, this, this jade slip gives you, you on the content according to jade slip practice, first practices for one month, one month later I in coming to see you practice to degree.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, received Yin elder to give his jade slip, received carefully, the Yin-Yang two elders looked at Zhao Hai type one, shows a faint smile, Yin elder deep voice said : by the person present physical condition, practices these basic thing, should be very relaxed, but my request, this month of time, you must the content in jade slip, practice the one type of instinct of your body, you later when with the blade, naturally will use these for the basic skill of standard, only by doing so, you can become Blade Technique everyone/Great Clan.” Zhao Hai complied with one, two Elders this set out leave.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }