Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1986
Zhao Hai don’t know have practiced how long, after practicing one move has divided, he has not stopped, but according to the plan, starts the practice next move, still uniquely practices the way with him, is practicing, has not stopped.

Unknowingly one month passed by, Zhao Hai already had actually forgotten the time, is practicing, the Yin-Yang two elders have not arrived in the Zhao Hai yard to look to harass him, but is tells Lin Ling they, do not disturb Zhao Hai. The most basic style, the practice of every gesture and motions, Zhao Hai actually completely immersed, he was feeling these styles mental power, this makes him somewhat be in a stew. don’t know how long, all foundation styles have practiced to be completed, Zhao Hai can practice finally other thing. In Yin elder to Zhao Hai jade slip, in the final part, is some combination styles, these combination styles are not too strong blade maneuver, but is used to practice to use the hand, he all kinds of most basic blade maneuver, combined, use these most basic blade maneuver that the person who lets the practice more preferably, ripe releases, simultaneously this is also uses the result of examination practitioner, good that if he practices, these combination style, the nature can relaxed enable to come out, if he practices is not good, that these most basic style, the nature also on using not to come out.. Zhao Hai now in doing these practices, he wants to have a look, like the combination style, also has mental power. The answer is the affirmation, has mental power in these combination styles. although this style is has plenty blade maneuver composes. However they have mental power, in other words, they is a whole. Zhao Hai is practicing these combination styles, while careful in thought strength communicate with blade maneuver, before communicate he present characteristics, when he practices all basic blade maneuver perfectly, and in mental power after with blade maneuver carries on communicate, he now when looking at these combinations blade maneuver, can feel clearly this blade maneuver has mental power, so long as he tried to carry on communicate with this blade maneuver mental power on the line. Does not use as before, in don’t know this blade maneuver has mental power, but also wants slowly attempts. This presently regarding Zhao Hai is very important, in other words. He took blade maneuver, immediately has been able to feel that mental power in this blade maneuver, that remaining matters on very simple, he can practiced perfectly blade maneuver, while went to mental power in communicate blade maneuver, when blade maneuver was perfect, mental power communicate has also succeeded, his equal to completely grasped this move Blade Technique, this regarding a person of study blade, was long-awaited. blade maneuver that because Zhao Hai practices now combines very simple. Therefore he practiced perfect boundary this move of Blade Technique quickly, with this move of Blade Technique mental power communicate on, he was caught up. A move of move of practice, when Zhao Hai presently in jade slip all contents he, grasped, his let out a long breath, has taken back the mind finally, his Spirit Platform piece of clear and bright, simultaneously he presently own spiritual force unexpectedly some increase, moreover makes him be what is surprised is. That golden spiritual force unexpectedly also increase in his mind, moreover increases compared with before, was quick many. Zhao Hai was feeling own situation, he also real don’t know, is any reason. Can is increased unexpectedly by own spiritual force and that golden spiritual force , because carries on the communicate reason with these blade maneuver mental power? Zhao Hai somewhat does not clarify. Was in this time. Hears the Laura sound to transmit said : Elder Brother Hai, Elder Brother Hai, did you hear?”

Zhao Hai stares, because he hears in the Laura sound to have a vibrato, probably is excitedly is very same, Zhao Hai entered in Space with own spiritual force hastily, deep voice said : heard, how Laura? What matter lived? Are you very probably anxious?” Heard Zhao Hai saying that Laura they relaxed, Laura was said : Elder Brother Hai, you were don’t know, this one year I, but we did not have the means to contact with you, called you several times, you have not noted probably, we do not dare too to call you loudly, feared that disturbed your practice, but gave to be flustered us, feared really you had any matter, good, you were all right were good, we also on feel relieved.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that is actually slightly said : „more than one year? You were said that my this practice has used unexpectedly for more than one year? Such long time?” Laura nodded said : not, more than one year, the preparation said that is one year 3 months 13 days, you said that the time is long, Elder Brother Hai, I asked you, if next time you were entering this closing up condition, troubled you to inform our one ahead of time, made that we thought your possessed by the Devil.” said : of Zhao Hai good intention is not unfair to Laura, making you be worried, feel relieved, later, I at that time do not want to perform an experiment, has not actually thought that experimented successfully, my actually sleep confused, has completed this practice, but when also don’t know must wait till.” Laura shook the head said : to consider as finished, you were all right were good, earlier rested.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Rests anything, my this practice was one year, Master at that time made me practice for one month, I immediately saw them, waited for me to accompany you after a period of time.” Laura also understands Zhao Hai, nodded to Zhao Hai, has not been saying anything. Zhao Hai received own blade, just about to outside gate, has heard the knock on hearing outside. Zhao Hai immediately walked, doorkeeper opened, opens the door this to look that outside is standing unexpectedly Yin-Yang 2 elders and Lin Ling also has Xiang Ying. Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to several people hastily, deep voice said : Master, Senior Brother Lin, Senior Brother Xiang, you came, quick please come in.” Several people have not spoken, but nodded, entered his yard with Zhao Hai, in the living room in yard has sat down, Zhao Hai to Yin-Yang 2 elders said : is unfair to Master, my don’t know this practice unexpectedly has also used such long time. Really sorry.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : not to be no need to say uselessly these. Your situation my very clear, you enter the sudden enlightenment condition, I for your happy, will not only be angry, but the sudden enlightenment condition any cultivator, the long-awaited condition, you can enter to this condition, was really rare, this regarding future show, but many advantage, come. Causes thing in jade slip, making me have a look at you to become aware anything.”

Yang elder look at Zhao Hai, is satisfied nod, just as was Yin elder says. Enters to the sudden enlightenment condition, is very important regarding cultivator, especially is studying Martial Skill cultivator, when they enter to the sudden enlightenment condition, generally obtains the harvest of very enormous, very much will have the advantage to their today's exhibitions. But Lin Ling and Xiang Ying are also look at Zhao Hai that a face envies, their also very clear, sudden enlightenment regarding a cultivator advantage, but they share that also only then envies, sudden enlightenment. It is not who can have. Yang elder with a smile before Zhao Hai said : I have only heard, some people practice one set of profound Blade Technique, entered the sudden enlightenment condition, has not thought that you practiced basic blade maneuver also to enter to the sudden enlightenment condition, this situation I have not met, today I to want look well, your this sudden enlightenment the basic blade maneuver person, what response to have.” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to Yin-Yang 2 elders said : is, Master.” Said that has pulled out own long blade. His not room, but stands in the room, is grasping own long blade, has suspended one at will the gesture. However Zhao Hai this gesture suspends, the four person immediately feelings in room left differently. Must know several people in room, they may with the expert of blade. Especially Yin-Yang 2 elders, that with everyone/Great Clan of blade, Zhao Hai this gesture should not cry out the gesture absolutely, looks like probably is only simple is taking the blade, but four people actually feel differently, they felt that in one this quarter, Zhao Hai with his in hand blade, melts for a body probably, the blade is he, he is a blade, his whole body actually does not have a point flaw. This makes several people somewhat surprised, they have not thought that Zhao Hai can achieve this point unexpectedly, at this moment, Zhao Hai moved, his in hand long blade pendulum, combination blade maneuver of method conveniently. Zhao Hai this make a move, Yin-Yang 2 elders and Lin Ling also had Xiang Ying to be actually shocked, because Zhao Hai in make a move, their suddenly had one type of to feel that they felt own in hand blade lived probably, not only that blade probably an ordinary weapon, but was one living thing. The blade is lives, blade maneuver is also lives, but in this move, they actually only noted blade maneuver, but has not noted Zhao Hai, in other words, in this moment, Zhao Hai and this move of Blade Technique, perfect fusion in together. Yin-Yang 2 elders looks at this situation, immediately/on horseback one startled, then is actually the great happiness, the this move Blade Technique not anything special place, even can say this move Blade Technique, does not have no Might, because this move Blade Technique comes with the test, how has a look to practice the person basic skills of blade. However Zhao Hai can actually let this move Blade Technique, turns into this appearance, this really stems from their unexpected, not only this represents good that Zhao Hai this move Blade Technique is using, is representing his basic skills incomparable solidity, this is the Yin-Yang 2 elders happy reason. As the saying goes every skyscraper starts with its foundation, these are ordinariest, simply is also the most basic style, actually composes all Blade Technique foundations, these styles do not practice well, practices other high level Blade Technique regarding the later person, affects is very big, conversely, the basic skills are the solid person, later studies these high level Blade Technique to come is quick. This tests Blade Technique altogether to have nine moves, Zhao Hai was already skillful, when uses these Blade Technique, looks like the spontaneous reaction same smoothness of oneself body, therefore among in the blink of an eye nine moves of Blade Technique use up, Zhao Hai tidying up stood at the scene, aspirated lightly, diverged the blade god in oneself heart.

Blade god who Zhao Hai said that is not the real deity, but said the spirits in these Blade Technique, god marrow, when uses these Blade Technique, Zhao Hai meets not on own initiative integrates in which this essence of blade, after he uses up Blade Technique, must diverge this essence of blade, like this he can restore to come, the speech like normal person, handles the matter. Diverged the blade god in heart, Zhao Hai turned the head to hold the fist in the other hand to Yin-Yang 2 elders said : Master, disciple practices.” Yin-Yang 2 elders then recovers, they looked at one mutually, then simultaneously has laughed, but their this smiles, being startled recovers Lin Ling and Xiang Ying, just Zhao Hai when practiced that several moves of Blade Technique, they completely immersed , was only looks at Zhao Hai to practice these Blade Technique several times, they comprehended many Blade Technique originally difficult comprehension place, can say that the harvest was not small. Now their this recovers, cannot help but somewhat discontented looked at Yin-Yang 2 elders one, the sound that strange Yin-Yang 2 elders makes is too big, gave to awaken by noise them, thing that otherwise they comprehended will be more, naturally they do not dare saying that but they when turning the head look at Zhao Hai, the vision actually turned was completely different, in their eyes, Zhao Hai turned into gold mountain to be the same probably, look at Zhao Hai that their two eyes shone, earnest degree in that look, making Zhao Hai somewhat unable to bear, he felt that he was given to stare by two back backs probably on was the same, was at heart straight. Wool. Some little time Yin-Yang 2 elders received laughter, look at Zhao Hai of their one face smiling face, Yin elder deep voice said : good, Little Hai, more than one year time, you have not lived in vain, this time sudden enlightenment, you have not wasted, was very good, you did imagined compared with us is also better, I was very satisfied.” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to them said : thanks a lot Master owing prize, is the contents in two teacher jade slip is good, there content too detailed, I, so long as complies on the line.” Yang elder beckoned with the hand said : you not to need to be modest, gives your jade slip, is in Sect prepares to the beginner, everyone has, your a piece does not have anything specially, but these many years, have been able to enter with that jade slip to the sudden enlightenment condition, but can also practice the person to incur uniting highest boundary foundation Blade Technique, are the Tyrant Blade Sect first person in history.” Yin elder looks at the Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled appearance, shows a faint smile said : average person to practice Blade Technique, is divided into nine Stage, except most from the beginning within not popular does not calculate, generally is divided, initially enters the entrance, Minor Mastery, Major Mastery, complete, reach a high degree of proficiency, superb, the life, the person incurs to unite, comprehend Grand Dao and other Stage, but foundation Blade Technique, actually only then eight Stage, is first eight Stage, does not have finally comprehend Grand Dao this Stage, because of foundation Blade Technique, comes compared with base its Blade Technique, finishing could not miss few, therefore did not have last Stage, you can practice the person to incur to unite, Is practices highest boundary foundation Blade Technique, now is in Sect, many elders, do not have the means to practice the complete boundary foundation Blade Technique, many people were practice the Major Mastery boundary to halt, some people could not even practice including the Major Mastery boundary.” Yang elder nodded good that said : Senior Brother said that actually Senior Brother said that has exaggerated somewhat, in the gate, many people believes that foundation Blade Technique, simply not reach a high degree of proficiency, superb, the life, the person incurs about First Grade boundary, can practice the complete boundary foundation Blade Technique, is Highest Level, to be honest, before has not seen you practice the blade, I do not believe that foundation Blade Technique can practice this degree, now I actually believe.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }