Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1987

Not only Yin-Yang 2 elders does not believe that Lin Ling and Xiang Ying does not believe that they looked like Yang elder said that thought foundation blade maneuver, building up team complete boundary, is the great result, so long as generally practiced Minor Mastery to go to study other Blade Technique, practiced the Major Mastery people are not many, do not say completely, regarding practicing the person incurred to unite, in their opinion, that refers to other Blade Technique, did not have no relationship with foundation blade maneuver. After Zhao Hai has used foundation Blade Technique, Lin Ling with Xiang Ying then understand, foundation Blade Technique can also practice this degree, look at that lived probably was the same, has the soul same blade, they already, not only has shocked, what were more was joyful, because they just from Zhao Hai blade maneuver, had learned many thing, this was of great advantage regarding their cultivation level. Yang elder said that Yin elder deep voice said : some young cultivator in present gate, they do not have the means to calm the mind to practice basic blade maneuver, they think that basic blade maneuver simply is not useful, only then earlier learned higher level Blade Technique, can conquer the enemy, but their actually don’t know, when they learn high level Blade Technique, wants in turning head to study basic blade maneuver to be difficult, because of that time, their Blade Technique basically the setting, has formed the one type of habit, in wants to change these customs is the countless sufferings and hardships, moreover good person who under the same level condition, basic blade maneuver uses, his strength absolutely. Stronger, Xiao Ling, you go to compete with Little Hai, has remembered, control one own Spiritual Qi, was almost OK with Little Hai.” One hear of Yin elder said that Lin Ling not only does not have point vitality. Instead to is very happy has complied with one, they have arrived in the yard with Zhao Hai. Yin elder this equal to is makes Lin Ling be the trainer to Zhao Hai, general cultivator not happy, but Lin Ling does not have not the feeling of happy. Instead to is thinks that this is rare opportunity, he has opportunity finally, can with practice the Major Mastery person foundation blade maneuver, has fought directly, he wants to feel, what feeling fights with such person is. They arrived in the yard, after standing firm relatively, Lin Ling has drawn a sword in the hand. Zhao Hai has also put out own Tang Blade, they looked at one mutually, good has pulled the blade ritual, this has exhibited one gesture. Lin Ling gesture very has exquisite. He plans with Tyrant Blade Sect in one set of very famous Blade Technique, five Ding quarrying a mountain blades come to confront with Zhao Hai, therefore his is to become Gongbu stands, the in hand long blade points to Zhao Hai, a move gathers the arrow of potential. Points to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai can feel clearly imposing manner that on the Lin Ling blade transmits, but he has not actually been startled, he raises the blade to stand in there, practices highest boundary him foundation blade maneuver. No matter what getting up hand signal, is actually same. Naturally, foundation blade maneuver has been used to oppose the enemy is somewhat insufficient. Zhao Hai does not have other learn Blade Technique now, therefore he can only use his Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades. As understanding of Zhao Hai to foundation blade maneuver deepens, the understanding of Zhao Hai to own Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades was also deeper and deeper, now he had for a long time not to use Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, but he did not have a point strange feeling. Lin Ling imposing manner slowly is getting more and more full, he looks like a mountain, horizontally in there, never-changing, this is not because his Spiritual Qi creates, because of his Blade Technique. Blade Technique also has the soul, this point almost all practices the people of blade to know that especially Tyrant Blade Sect this specially cultivate blade Sect is so. However a person wants the Blade Technique true bringing forth soul, is actually difficult, took beforehand Yin elder saying that practiced Blade Technique level, did not arrive at the life rank Blade Technique, did not have the soul, when achieving complete boundary, will have some imposing manner, this imposing manner was the Blade Technique source, although was inferior that the soul was so strong, but can also let the Blade Technique Might big wall.

But the set of five Ding who Lin Ling uses now quarries a mountain Blade Technique, he has practiced reach a high degree of proficiency boundary, therefore his gesture, had imposing manner, firm as a mountain. But Zhao Hai also felt Lin Ling imposing manner, but he actually did not fear, his simply has not moved, but his imposing manner was also getting more and more full, was getting more and more full. Moreover Zhao Hai Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades is different from the Lin Ling five Ding quarrying a mountain blades, the Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades lord kills, to kill give priority to, this set of Blade Technique that is killing aura is steaming, the blade blade awfully, Zhao Hai fully revolves now Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades imposing manner, Lin Ling is feeling that around the body of Zhao Hai, appears intermittent killing aura, even he can see the blood of dark-red, but can also smell intermittent bloody aura, he felt own standing in front is not Zhao Hai, but is one is taking the butcher knife, stands the devil on mountain of corpses and sea of blood, but on this devil in hand butcher knife, in drop blood. Lin Ling one startled, then his immediately receives the fear mind, because of his very clear, just own feeling was the illusions, oneself were affected by Zhao Hai killing aura, appears illusion. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, his imposing manner already very sufficient, he already oneself regarding the understanding of ordinary blade maneuver, complete integration to Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, but did not have truely has fought with the person, happen, Lin Ling is best touchstone. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai in does not wait, the long blade wields, in the mouth calls out said : to kill!” A blade toward the Lin Ling detachment, before this blade looks like probably is only ordinary chops, but Lin Ling actually does not think, Zhao Hai this blade chops was really too wonderful, to the peak, this blade has divided wonderfully, not only has blocked his all escape routes, simultaneously almost gave to seal up the move of techniques of his all strains, probably was difficult to predict Prophet to be the same. Before this ordinary move chops, makes Lin Ling give birth to one type of unable unexpectedly to resist, feeling that is unable to dodge, he felt that he looked like falls the mosquito in spider web, opportunity that struggled continually did not have. However is good because of him is also formidable cultivator, the heart like the iron stone, in his mouth calls out, the in hand blade raises, blade Dingshan Yue Zhiwang welcomed the blade that Zhao Hai has divided. However at this moment, his suddenly presently Zhao Hai blade maneuver unexpectedly changed, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, his in hand blade from divided, turned into wiping, has wiped toward his waist, Lin Ling very clear, this blade, if made Zhao Hai give to smear, he died. Lin Ling snort|hum, personal appearance in the future in a flash, simultaneously whole person in the future one supine, his knee and leg have not moved, but the entire upper part, like has actually broken off, fierce in the future one supine, iron slab bridge made Zhao Hai this wipe.

However Zhao Hai change the maneuver, rapidness still, a in hand blade revolution, immediately downward presses, but Lin Ling already has also thought his this move, his personal appearance side turns, made one move, although Zhao Hai these moves not injure to arrive at him directly, but Lin Ling actually fell leeward Yin elder their several people may be the understand people, looked that the Lin Ling appearance knows, in Spiritual Qi with the level situation, Lin Ling Blade Technique compared with Zhao Hai came, to miss far. Zhao Hai and Lin Ling have not actually managed that many, now they complete wallowing to the fight during, has stood in nearby Xiang Ying, looking at steadily stares at them to look fiercely. Zhao Hai and Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades lord kills, but Lin Ling five Ding quarrying a mountain blades, is not affable, that is Tyrant Blade Sect wins great reputation one set of Blade Technique, this set of Blade Technique although is Earth element, but is actually one set of aggressiveness very formidable Blade Technique, is one of the Tyrant Blade Sect advertisement Blade Technique. Calculation that the style that their this begin the exchange, all attack, hits however is extremely busy, but Yin elder they actually all saw the way, in the process of this war, Zhao Hai kept many subsequent parties, looks like gathers own Blade Technique to be the same in the demon probably. Sees this situation, Yin elder cannot help but nodded, turns the head to Yang elder said : well, this youngster killing aura such heaviness, I also feared that he loses the natural disposition, has not thought that he can also in such intense fight, maintains a calm heart, rare.” Yang elder nodded, deep voice said : looks like from Lower Realm ascend gradually comes up, has this advantage, regarding to gain experience of heart, compared with us on many, Senior Brother, it seems like later makes Little Hai study this Slaughter Dao Blade Technique, is most appropriate.” Yin elder deep voice said : had a look saying that good that Little Hai this Slaughter Dao Blade Technique although used, but I always felt that Slaughter Dao was some does not tally with his disposition probably, did you think?” Yang elder thinks that Zhao Hai normally that polite courteous appearance, nodded, then sighed said : „, let alone, but also was really, ok, later had a look to say.” They said this saying time, fight between Zhao Hai and Lin Ling had soon ended, fight of Zhao Hai through with Lin Ling, own Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades complete wearing, he started to be also forgiving, this Lin Ling somewhat could not withstand, after ten moves, he has revealed the defeat looks like.

Is good do not decide a victory and defeat to come because of them, Zhao Hai in hand Blade Force one slow, then jumped out beyond the circle, held the fist in the other hand to Lin Ling said : Senior Brother Lin, receiving lets.” Lin Ling let out a long breath, has pulled a tool mark, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Junior Brother, you have won, has not thought really that this foundation blade maneuver really has the so big use, oh, early knows this, initially should practice to be right well.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : you to come.” They walked hastily, Yin elder looked at their said : your performance also well, Xiao Ling, do you know the Dao Foundation foundation now the importance? However you want to change now also late, later when practices the blade multipurpose to select skill, cannot comprehend the Blade Dao true meaning not necessarily, attentive.” Lin Ling holds the fist in the other hand said : is, the thanks a lot elder directs.” Yin elder nodded, changed Zhao Hai the vision, on the face has revealed smiling face said : Little Hai, I have saying that your youngster has given my many pleasant surprise, he he, good, was good, in more than one year, you have practiced most basic blade maneuver, however in the fight, can actually in a short time, utilize fighting strength oneself regarding the comprehension of basic blade maneuver, this point was very rare, that just you used wrapped Blade Technique, although on Blade Technique, was not high level Blade Technique, actually was also one set of good Blade Technique, that set of Blade Technique killing aura too. Sheng, almost arrived to see the situation of blood, later must little use to well, otherwise, had the wound day and.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }