Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1989

white light flashes, three person's shadow appears in courtyard, without fresh flower, without applause, even nobody, Zhao Hai in this case, being quietly arrived at True Spirit Realm. One to True Spirit Realm here, Zhao Hai felt that a huge pressure, big of this pressure, almost makes him unable to come to a stop, at this time, he do not say flew, feared that walks continually uses energy. Yin elder also saw the Zhao Hai situation, his hand wields, a white light covered on the body of Zhao Hai, then deep voice said : came with me.” Zhao Hai by a that white light cover, feeling one light, that pressure one on vanish from sight, one hear of Yin elder words, he nodded probably hastily said : is.” Was saying walks toward courtyard entrance there with Yin elder, walks while is sizing up this courtyard. This is one resembles central courtyard same courtyard, but is much bigger than the general central courtyard, courtyard is divided into the main room and thing side building, in the middle of house, but also is planting a big tree, when this big tree don’t know grew the multi- lengths, the diameter had dozens meters thickness fully, the long Crisp leaves potassium alum, life force is vigorous. Those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, in courtyard not with stone floor, but is the loess ground, but obviously this loess frequent was stepped on, now already slightly black, moreover appears hard incomparable. Under the courtyard big tree, Zhao Hai saw two praying mat, that two praying mat looked like has put for a long time probably, already slightly some damaged, but above the ash did not have, obviously was some people cleans frequently. He just saw here. Left courtyard with Yin-Yang 2 elders. courtyard Zhao Hai stares, he just only paid attention to courtyard, actually the place that does not note this courtyard to be, this courtyard in a halfway up the mountainside of mountain, behind is a high mountain peak, happen to have a platform in halfway up the mountainside here, the platform is not big, besides small courtyard, already not big place, but in courtyard side. One alley of descending the mountain, the alley is not wide, opens cutting directly on mountain, the both sides length of alley some weeds. Appears somewhat bleak. Yin-Yang 2 elders has not led Zhao Hai to descend the mountain, but along the courtyard outer wall, walks toward courtyard behind, has transferred courtyard Zhao Hai present, on courtyard following mountain wall, unexpectedly not big cavern, cavern cave entrance, be only about two meters extend, less than three meters high, cavern inside area is not very big, has more than hundred square meters appearances probably. However Zhao Hai can see, in cavern, there is a spring and pool. Three people entered cavern, Zhao Hai saw clearly the situation in cavern, in cavern had two pools, one big was small, in small that pools, had the water to brave, understood at a glance that was spring, but big pond in small pool nearby about five meters places. The topography is also quite low, looked that artificially opens cutting, the water that in the small pool flows, flowed before long big pond sub-, but below of big pond has water outlet. Can make water current in pool exit, in water current as for pool to there. That Zhao Hai on don’t know. At this time Yin elder look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, took off the clothes, to big pond sub-, has remembered, poured into for seven days to come out in inside.” Zhao Hai although is puzzled, but he has also complied with one, has taken off own clothes, he wants to keep underpants, but Yin elder made him escape the clothes, he can only put on the light light entered pool. Looked at Zhao Hai to enter in the pool, Yin-Yang 2 elders then satisfied nod, turn around leave cavern, but at this time, Zhao Hai had actually closed the eye, was similar to sits in meditation same sitting in pool.

Zhao Hai just entered to pool, immediately felt that different, he presently the water in this pool, probably changed into Qi Strength, has cut through in his body, he wants to transfer oneself Spiritual Qi to block this Qi Strength, presently simply is impossible, he wants to block this Qi Strength with Divergent Technique, when presently Divergent Technique with does not have to this Qi Strength point, this Qi Strength probably is invisible shadowless thing is the same, relaxed entry to his body. Moreover Zhao Hai quickly presently, these Qi Strength after entering his body, has not stayed in his body, but transferred after his body, exited from his body, this made Zhao Hai understand to not live anything, therefore his immediately has closed the eye, was feeling this Qi Strength what's the matter. Actually Zhao Hai and don’t know, True Spirit Realm here Law, be stronger than I Soaring Dragon Realm there, felt that in his Soaring Dragon Realm there has some pressures, however in True Spirit Realm here, he felt the pressure that absolutely is Soaring Dragon Realm there over several generations, therefore his appears time, will have the feeling that one type of walks continually uses energy. But the pool that he is at now, known as Cleansing Pond, this Cleansing Pond in True Spirit Realm here has plenty, varies, big almost can be called Cleansing lake, small that if Zhao Hai uses now. Cleansing Pond or Cleansing lake, in True Spirit Realm here, do not have what difference with other lake water, even the True Spirit Realm here person, will regard the ordinary water to use the water in Cleansing Pond, but the water in Cleansing Pond, regarding Soaring Dragon Realm ascend to True Spirit Realm cultivator, actually important very doing uses, that adjusts Law of their within the body, enabling them to be able quickly on the adaptation True Spirit Realm here pressure, will wash also off toxin in their body, was similar to by them obtains Rebirth to be the same, because like this, therefore First Layer of True Spirit Realm here practice time will be called is Rebirth. Before Yin-Yang 2 elders had not said these to Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai sat in pool, will feel that had Qi Strength to go through in own body, but also anxious good. Now Zhao Hai is not anxious, because he can feel clearly that these Qi Strength do not have any injury to him, conversely, these Qi Strength after his body, he can feel clearly that his Spiritual Qi in one time obtained the compression, simultaneously his spiritual force also obtained the compression, on him other abilities also obtained certain compression, now his within the body Spiritual Qi quantity, already insufficient original 1/10, spiritual force is also. The although Spiritual Qi quantity has been short, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm. If present. With original to, will not have slight falling to leeward. What most important is Zhao Hai present, Spiritual Qi that oneself present grounded pore absorbs, obtained the compression probably, was different from beforehand Spiritual Qi. although is somewhat surprised, Zhao Hai does not have to be serious, he knows that certainly is this water is adjusting his body, enabling his body to adapt to the True Spirit Realm here situation as soon as possible. However thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately some absorptions of water in Space, this water entered Space. In Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently high level adjusts saving water, may adjust the myriad things, making the myriad things adapt to True Spirit Realm Law of the Heaven and Earth.” Hears this prompt sound, Zhao Hai almost happy jumps. This prompt sound probably is very simple, but can adjust the myriad things, can make the myriad things adapt to True Spirit Realm here Law of the Heaven and Earth, this possibly does not have what to use regarding others greatly, because themselves was adjusted, ended, in not having no thing needs to adjust, but regarding Zhao Hai, this was actually too useful, because there is this. thing in his Space, can attain True Spirit Realm here to use.

The Zhao Hai worry, good thing in his Space to have been many, but these thing level are not too possibly high, not having the means to adapt to True Spirit Realm here Law of the Heaven and Earth, just Zhao Hai were the clear feeling the True Spirit Realm here Law of the Heaven and Earth fierce place, Zhao Hai knows that now thing in his Space, majority is impossible to attain True Spirit Realm here to use, these Spirit Medicine feared that may not take. Takes because was repelled by True Spirit Realm here Law of the Heaven and Earth, but ends up to turn out the fate of unravelling. As for these Undead Creature, that do not think, he continually is lower than Immortal Stage Undead Creature unable to put now. But now after he obtained this type of water, can make Space try in thing to Space to adjust. Like this he can, in True Spirit Realm used thing in Space. When Zhao Hai happy, in Space in one time transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently higher level plane. Presently may adjust the water of Law, Space Level Up, the Level Up time probably takes seven days, in meanwhile, Host can use the Space basic function, to inconvenient that Host brings, asking Host to excuse me!” Also is never has appears the prompt sound, Space will come Level Up with this way unexpectedly, this big has stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, but after the prompt sound passes on came, Space there left a row of figure, the beat that the figure could not have started, under this row of figure , the progress bar, now the talent of progress bar just demonstrated 1% unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has the feeling that one type of does not know whether to laugh or cry, but he also some were worried that his immediately right Laura said : Laura, Laura, you can also hear me to speak?” Because Space wants Level Up, Zhao Hai also really feared one did not have in the means relation Laura they, if were really such, that these seven days of Zhao Hai cannot worried to death. Was good transmits said : to be all right Elder Brother Hai because of Laura sound immediately, we can hear, it seems like Space this Level Up did not have anything at the worst, you did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : that is then good, I also really fear any matter.” Then also said to Laura several words, bubble that Zhao Hai feels at ease in Cleansing Pond. Time day-by-day past, Zhao Hai present, Qi Strength in this pool of water probably was fewer and fewer, his not understand what's the matter, but did not have extremely to be worried that to seventh day, he almost could not feel in the water had Qi Strength, his finally understand, had also feared that was this water has soon completed to his body adjustment. In this time, Zhao Hai is hearing a sound of footsteps to transmit, from the sound of footsteps, Zhao Hai can hear, Yin-Yang 2 elders that comes, but Zhao Hai has not moved, his don’t know present whether leave pool. However he has actually opened eye, when he opens the eye, Yin-Yang 2 elders walked from the hole, they enter to come to see Zhao Hai pool, complexion cannot help but move, then Yin elder look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, do you now feel what kind of?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to return to the Master words, did not have what feeling, probably soaked in the ordinary water is the same.”

Yang elder quickly said: „Before that? What before did you have to feel?” Before Zhao Hai thinks said : „, feels in this water to have air/Qi probably, drills toward my body, I want to keep off cannot block, afterward felt that air/Qi are getting fewer and fewer, today could not feel completely.” Yin-Yang 2 elders one hear of Zhao Hai said that a facial expression cannot help but loosen on face, then facial expression suddenly changes, they simultaneously turn the head look at Zhao Hai, in their brains, suddenly appears four characters, that is Innate Dao Body! cultivator attention spirit root, in spirit root, will also be divided into the day, person three spirit root, is highest by Heaven Spirit Root, the Earth Spirit Root next best, Mortal Spirit Root is worst, spirit root does not mean the fewer the better, conversely, the sole spirit root person will cause in the human body Five Elements to be uneven, Yin-Yang disharmony, that person is impossible exactly too long time, even if makes him practice, finally he will not have the too great achievement, because spirit root is uneven, looks like a flaw nutrition of person mister is the same, the person who you let a malnutrition practices martial arts, not only will not have the advantage to his body., Instead attended the meeting to accumulate Battalion Chengji, the last life did not shout. cultivator spirit root, does not mean solely your, only then that one type of spirit root, but said that your person body attribute most gathers with that one type of spirit root, only then you can wield this spirit root biggest potential like this, for example in your body has the [gold/metal], wood, water, fires and earth five spirit root, but you with earth spirit root very intimate, in this case, you must to study Earth element Cultivation Method give priority to inborn, because that most gathers with the mentality of person, you will practice to be twice the result with half the effort, naturally, this did not mean that your other Cultivation Method on practicing, that will be incorrect, Because that will only make you in time stalemate to Five Elements uneven, the Yin-Yang disharmony situation, does not do well possessed by the Devil finally, even if were you that has pass/test, finally probably by earth element backlash, will also be turned into an earth demon, or directly by earth element sealing, turned into Stone Golem that has not realized completely. But the spirit root level height, has relationship with you and spirit root compatibility, you and one type of or two spirit root conjunctions, you can only be a Mortal Spirit Root person, because you can only cultivate by these two spirit root give priority to, this has very tremendous influence to your later practice. If you and four spirit root conjunctions, then you are the Earth Spirit Root person, you can by four spirit root specialize, the future show, compared with Mortal Spirit Root cultivator much stronger. If you and five or over five types, below seven types spirit root conjunctions, you are Heaven Spirit Root, such person, ten thousand years is rare, absolutely is the talent character in Cultivation World. Why said that spirit root is many, instead to is the talent? Did not fear that spirit root are too many, after the practice, extremely in diverting attention, doesn't have finally becomes? Actually this completely is the people understood one type of that is wrong, spirit root compatibility were many, not only the misdemeanor, instead to will not be the good matter, situation that appears study mixed of too, will not accomplish nothing finally, the people who because will practice will be cultivator, but the cultivator life, will want longer than the average person, what most important will be, spirit root many, with a life length of person, will have direct relationship.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }