Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1991

A night does not have the words, next morning, Zhao Hai getting up early, from own in the room walked out, he presently although now his Spiritual Qi will be compressed, the situation that but he practices has not changed, he is still every time in carrying on the practice, he still like the tree, attracts the income from the pore of whole body Spiritual Qi to his body , is arranging, however in this process, Spiritual Qi of his within the body actually also in increase bit by bit. Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, even if he fully sits in there now practices Spiritual Qi, will not compare practices on quick many like this, therefore Zhao Hai almost does not use practice Spiritual Qi desirably now, he must do is, practice good Blade Technique of angry strength on line. Cultivation Method that before speaking of here to raise Zhao Hai, studies, the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art, Zhao Hai don’t know this set of Cultivation Method is any level, he starts to practice from Lower Realm, but to the present, he has still been able to practice this set of Cultivation Method, moreover this set of Cultivation Method is meets Level Up to be the same probably, even if were Zhao Hai obtained higher level Cultivation Method, so long as he wants cultivate red according to that Cultivation Method, the stars will change ten thousand Yin-Yang knacks automatic came in that Cultivation Method absorption, then still the belt turned into the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art that Cultivation Method part, Spiritual Qi of Zhao Hai within the body, still. Has part of Strength of Stars. Such Cultivation Method Zhao Hai has not heard, no matter in Cultivation World there in True Spirit Realm here, he has not heard, obviously this set of Cultivation Method magical thing. Zhao Hai knows one did not need to look for new Cultivation Method, but True Spirit Realm here Internal Strength Technique he must look that he do not let the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art in Level Up. That has not will, after Zhao Hai and tree myriad things have carried on communicate, now his wool under body also became the Spiritual Qi absorber, his simply does not need to be worried about anything. These Cultivation Method did not have a point use to him. Zhao Hai must think these Cultivation Method, but to find out True Spirit Realm here practice, these Cultivation Method anything has not attracted gravitational force to him. Now Zhao Hai wants the main attention centralized to Blade Technique on, regarding Blade Dao he now is a layman, but Tyrant Blade Sect can only with Blade Dao, in True Spirit Realm here, set the record, if big family property, obviously this Blade Dao the place of formidable. Now Zhao Hai cannot fly, in True Spirit Realm here, he also belongs to most low level a batch cultivator, that naturally must research well one this Blade Dao. Zhao Hai stands in courtyard. Has pulled out own Liquid Silver blade, he strokes blade gently, two eyes is having an appearance of love, then his body walks along with the blade, the practice successive incurs nine blades. This successive incurs nine blades is used to test basic Blade Technique that nine moves of Blade Technique. Not big lethality, but can actually the understanding foundation blade maneuver deeper. Zhao Hai mental power, already mental power complete fusions of blade these nine moves of Blade Technique in together, Zhao Hai present. One set of martial arts , he not only has mental power. But is the first move has mental power, but this set of martial arts. Also can compose big mental power, if you can practice this set of martial arts first move perfectly, then you can with that big mental power communicate on, so long as you can with that big mental power communicate on, that represent your set of martial arts to practice comprehend Grand Dao highest boundary, this set of martial arts regarding you, became your instinct, you can the fluctuation style on this set of weapon use at will, even can in all styles this set of martial arts, gather for one move exits, Might increased..

But Zhao Hai was unable to incur nine blades to practice most perfect boundary the successive now, he has practiced most perfect boundary each move now, but finally with these nine blades about is a blade time, has actually met troublesome, because he does not have the means about to be a blade these nine moves, time that also in other words gathers nine blades, he practices also insufficient perfect. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will try hard to practice the successive to incur nine blades now, including incurring nine blades, was called to test nine blades by the Tyrant Blade Sect person, almost all Tyrant Blade Sect people, can these nine moves of Blade Technique, but can practice Zhao Hai this boundary these nine blades truly, does not have. Zhao Hai completely immersed, in has practiced during the feeling of blade, he has not noted slightly regarding foreign object, therefore he and don’t know, Yin-Yang 2 elders opened their door, stands he practices the blade in room in front of the door static look at, on their faces is having the gratified smiling face. But at this time big small two forms, from outside of courtyard walked, they looked that in courtyard some people practice the blade, immediately want turn around to exit, at this time Zhao Hai also suddenly received the blade, stands in there, spat. Was mad, diverged the blade god in oneself heart, turned the head to Yin-Yang 2 elders gave a salute said : Master, disciple to disturb you?” Yin-Yang 2 elders also shook the head, Yang elder is smiles said : not to disturb, Little Hai, you do was very good, has remembered, the road of practice, such as the boat sailing against the current, if unable to move forward , one will inevitably lag behind, you can be so early the practice, was very good, my happy, the hillock, you also came in very much.” Qiu Zhen has complied with one, getting a child to walk. In Tyrant Blade Sect here, them servant like Qiu Zhen, if has not obtained the approval of Tyrant Blade Sect, is impossible to peep the person in Tyrant Blade Sect to practice martial arts, if presently, must subject to a penalty, therefore Qiu Zhen looked that Zhao Hai is practicing martial arts, immediately turn around went out. Qiu Zhen is still that servant dresses up, in his side with one similarly is the child who the servant dresses up, this child looks like the 6 or 7-year-old appearance, the body looks like very strong, is cutting short, the round big eye, looks like the tiger's head tiger brain, is very likable. However Zhao Hai actually knows that this child certainly is Qiu Tie, do not think that he has the 6 or 7-year-old appearance probably, he should be only five years old actually, but is high of Zichang, therefore looks like has probably the 6 or 7-year-old appearance. After Qiu Zhen entered the institute, kneels down to salute to Yin-Yang 2 elders, has not waited to kneel down, Yin elder beckons with the hand, Qi Strength has prevented together, Yin elder deep voice said : good hillock, your age is not small, do not kneel, is this kid your grandson?”

Qiu Zhen sees unable to kneel, in forcefully do not kneel, one hear of Yin elder such asked. His quickly said: „, Two elders, Young Master, this is the grandson of villain. Qiu Tie, the small iron, kneels down to kowtow quickly.” Very Qiu Tie is obedient has knelt, knocks each to kowtow to Yin-Yang 2 elders and Zhao Hai, kowtows while said : Qiu Tie to see Yin elder, Qiu Tie has seen Yang elder, Qiu Tie has seen Young Master.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand, smiles said : good smart kid. Gets up, Little Hai, later the small iron with you, well took care of him.” Zhao Hai has complied with one. look at has stood, look at Zhao Hai Qiu Tie, does he show a faint smile said : you to call Qiu Tie? Later with me, do not call me Young Master, asking me Young Master to be OK.” Qiu Tie complied with said : is. Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Yin elder said : Master, I have a look to below, finds out the situation. When my to settle down was good, looks like you to consult in here.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : to go. You do not need everyday to come, both of us also like pure. Remembered practices under well has been OK, has to ask us who anything did not understand, below had martial arts training ground, disciple in gate also practices in there, many contacted with them, made some friends, our Tyrant Blade Sect very united, should not be given to isolate by them.” Zhao Hai one hear of Yin elder said that on understand his meaning, Tyrant Blade Sect by uniting to become famous, but if Zhao Hai long time does not contact with these people, unavoidably by these people are thought is not together well, if when the time comes these people gave to isolate him, he has troubled, therefore Yin elder in this way, let Zhao Hai integration forcefully to Tyrant Blade Sect, his pains, Zhao Hai was the understanding. Zhao Hai bows to Yin-Yang 2 elders said : is, disciple understand, invited Master feel relieved.” Said that then led Qiu Tie turn around to leave the yard.

Looked at Zhao Hai to walk, Yin elder then turned the head to Qiu Zhen said : hillock, how did you look at this disciple?” Qiu Zhen has taken care Yin-Yang 2 elders for a lifetime, deeply by the trust of Yin-Yang 2 elders, moreover they and Yin-Yang 2 elders relationship, is friend many master and servant, but Qiu Zhen has been defending own duty, poses as the servant, therefore so will be overly courteous, but Yin-Yang 2 elders has any matter time, sometimes also asks that the opinion of Qiu Zhen, Yin-Yang 2 elders starts to Tyrant Blade Sect from entry, is the talent same character, they have contacted thing, has contacted person, is some cultivator, but the battle between this cultivator, many are uses force to solve, what must therefore mention to experience, they also really not necessarily have. Qiu Zhen are many. In Tyrant Blade Sect here servant Clan may not only Qiu Family, Tyrant Blade Sect also has plenty servant Clan, among these servant Clan status that for has been sought a influential figure side servant, will carry on some battles, because they can Martial Skill are not many, therefore their this battles can only carry on secret, uses all kinds of shady moves, must therefore say that in this battle and judge, feared that is Qiu Zhen also wants on strong some compared with Yin-Yang 2 elders. Qiu Zhen one hear of Yin-Yang 2 elders such asked that bows said :to return to the two Elders words to them, the time that old servant I and Young Master contact is not long, but can actually look, Young Master is one feels emotion the person of righteousness . Moreover the Young Master natural talent is intelligent, very assiduous, in the future surely will not be in the pond the thing. Yin elder puzzled look at Qiu Zhen said : oh, the hillock, has not looked, you to Little Hai is very high depending on the price, you said why you will say Little Hai feels emotion the righteousness, added that his natural talent is intelligent? How do these you see?” Qiu Zhen showed a faint smile said : to return to the two Elders words, yesterday old servant and Young Master Zhao Hai said several words, Young Master Zhao Hai called old servant to be Uncle Zhen, obviously he was one understood that the person of respect person, such person, does not become an unprincipled person, today Young Master practices the blade, was given the interruption by our grandfather and grandson, not only did not have point vitality, instead to first asked that has disturbed you, obviously he respected to you, this was also feels emotion the performance of righteousness, old servant along with two Elders these many years, has also seen many talents in Tyrant Blade Sect, to Tyrant Blade Sect Martial arts also have some understanding, what just Young Master used was tests. Nine blades, but can testing nine blades practices this degree, old servant first time saw, therefore old servant said that his natural talent is intelligent, but Young Master can, when tests nine blades to practice so boundary, is still practicing, can look from this point, he very assiduous, therefore old servant said Young Master, when comes surely is not in the pond the thing.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }