Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1992
Zhao Hai don’t know Qiu Zhen to his appraisal, he led certainly Qiu Tie to leave the yard, walked toward Lesser Dao of that descending the mountain, walked while to Qiu Tie said : small iron, I just came Tyrant Blade Sect here from Soaring Dragon Realm there, regarding here situation point also don’t know, you can say the situation in Tyrant Blade Sect to me?” Qiu Tie small face serious said : is Young Master, our Tyrant Blade Sect is one of the True Spirit Realm 81 big level Sect, is the side prime number surely in actual ruler, my Tyrant Blade Sect has the glorious history, has the success of being proud......”. These words Qiu Tie don’t know carried many to return obviously very much, now carries is a shell does not have the card, big bunch of words have braved from his mouth, hearing Zhao Hai one. Some little time Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, beckoned with the hand said : to be good, after Tyrant Blade Sect history me, will understand slowly that you with me introduced now I should pay attention to anything.” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that small face somewhat red said : Young Master, your specific must pay attention to anything, this I and don’t know, after your a while to below receives personally own dwelling, Sect to you will put a piece jade slip, inside has thing that you must pay attention, meanwhile has Tyrant Blade Sect sect's rules, look at that you to know, such jade slip, we cannot the meeting place.” Zhao Hai nodded, then deep voice said : Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples and Outer Disciple do not live in together?” Qiu Tie shook the head, crisp said : is not, Tyrant Blade Sect is divided into 310 Outer Mountain. 72 Inner Peak. Core 36, Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple lives in 310 Outer Mountain, Inner Disciples lives in 72 Inner Peak, Core Disciple lives in core 36.” Zhao Hai stares, then his startled said : these many places? How many people on each mountain is occupied by?” Qiu Tie deep voice said : on 310 Outer Mountain and 72 Inner Peak the population is not fixed, on the core 36 stages, on each stage only lives in Core Disciple.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to the Tyrant Blade Sect custom some understanding again, he really has not thought now that Tyrant Blade Sect will really have these many people. The Outer Disciple unexpectedly 360 mountains, the Inner Disciples unexpectedly also 72 peaks, were really too many. However Zhao Hai quick Core Disciple has 36 people on puzzled said :, if some people through inspection. Becoming Core Disciple, that original Core Disciple what to do?” Qiu Tie deep voice said : Core Disciple not only 36 people, each Core Disciple idea in holding the arena like existence, to become Core Disciple, must being inferior is good originally Core Disciple, if holds on to Core Disciple consecutively for the millenniums, then from the Core Disciple stage, will become permanent Core Disciple, but the Core Disciple stage that his originally will live, will go against by others.” Zhao Hai nodded. deep voice said : that True Disciple? Did not say that also has True Disciple to exist?” Qiu Tie deep voice said : True Disciple is Inner Disciples, but has plenty True Disciple lives on mountain that in his Master is , moreover only then True Disciple can challenge Core Disciple, ordinary Inner Disciples does not have the qualifications to challenge Core Disciple.” Zhao Hai was silent, Tyrant Blade Sect here all kinds of disciple division such detailed . Moreover the population leaves his imagination, but on such existence, in True Spirit Realm here also 81, can imagine, True Spirit Realm here has in a big way how. The strength has formidable how.

However these have not frightened Zhao Hai, conversely, Zhao Hai actually more and more excited, the True Spirit Realm here level obviously be higher than compared with Cultivation World there, but this is the place that Zhao Hai hopes. He must accept the new challenge. At the same time Qiu Tie was speaking, their first successive arrived at the foot of the hill. Zhao Hai when under mountain corner/horn, saw scrap monument, on monument writes the Yin-Yang Peak three characters. Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie said : Qiu Tie, this mountain peak called Yin-Yang Peak, was because my Master practiced in here, the name that therefore gave?” Qiu Tie nodded said : „, because the Yin-Yang two elders self-cultivation in here, therefore this mountain peak changes known as Yin-Yang Peak, before called anything nobody to know, here belongs to Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, the ZhanTian Peak governing next hill peak, ZhanTian Peak was the Tyrant Blade Sect core is.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to Qiu Tie to is very satisfied, although is young young, but the matter in Tyrant Blade Sect, he also really knows that what most important is, he spoke to be systematic, not like a five -year-old child. Zhao Hai and don’t know, True Spirit Realm here, because Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is sufficient, child sensible very early, when about three years old, its intelligence already no less than general Interface about ten -year-old children, but at that time starts, Qiu Tie starts to undergo the servant training, the matter that Tyrant Blade Sect here should they know, their Clan bit by bit all gives him, when five -year-old time, they should study almost can study entire, can become Inner Disciples official servant. Turned the head to look at Yin-Yang Peak, Zhao Hai deep voice said : Qiu Tie, do we want to go to there now?” Qiu Tie said : Young Master, we should go to Miscellaneous Hall there now, then has a look at the Miscellaneous Hall person, will divide you to that mountain lives, simultaneously you must lead Inner Disciples standard equipment in there.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : Miscellaneous Hall in there? Do we want to walk?” Qiu Tie nodded said : is, we must walk, if Young Master you have Battle Beast, can ride Battle Beast to go, Miscellaneous Hall has branch Hall in many places, to here nearest/recent, is front fifth hill there Miscellaneous Hall General Hall, if we if walks, needs one month of time probably, but we walk about 20 li (0.5km) toward east from here, has official road that Tyrant Blade Sect cultivates, we can ride the Tyrant Blade Sect Monster Beast car(riage) in there, goes to handymen hall there directly, rides the Monster Beast car(riage) to need flowered Jade essence, everyone Jade essence, no matter you sit many far. Is Jade essence.” Zhao Hai one hear of Qiu Tie said that to has gawked, then he shows a faint smile said : this to arrive is very interesting, said that you did know Miscellaneous Hall in there?” Qiu Tie nodded said : is. Tyrant Blade Sect all mountain peaks positions. The villains know.” Speaking of on the small face of here Qiu Tie cannot help but to show a proud facial expression. Zhao Hai look at his appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, only then at this time, Qiu Tie likely was a child, Zhao Hai smiles said : well, you know that was easy to do, we went.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, release Pegasus comes, this Pegasus height has about three meters, personal appearance over five meters. Two rib places live a giant wing, the wing open enough about ten meters, flight very fast. Naturally, this Pegasus level not very high. Present level also on equivalent to Gold Core Stage cultivator, they are impossible appears in True Spirit Realm here, but Space after obtaining Cleansing Water, Level Up, these Monster Beast adapted to True Spirit Realm here Law of the Heaven and Earth, although their fighting strength has not promoted, but they can actually like fly other Interface.

Sees so amazing steed Pegasus, small face cannot help but excited red of Qiu Tie, the two eyes upending light, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile. Holds Qiu Tie, personal appearance moves, appears in carrying on the back of Pegasus, Pegasus looks at the sky and make a long neigh, a both wings racket, proceeded to run, then shoots up to the sky. Qiu Tie excited yelled, the Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie appearance, cannot help but he he chuckle said : do not forget to show the way.” Qiu Tie then recovers, somewhat embarrassed looked at Zhao Hai one. Looked that Zhao Hai has not been angry, he then spits the tongue, referred to direction said : is there, fifth mountain top arrived.” Zhao Hai nodded, command(er) Pegasus is flying in a Qiu Tie finger of direction. They flew about 50 li(25km), Zhao Hai saw under has a strip width wide path. Ten points that this peak cultivates smooth, moreover ground probably very hard, the width about 20 meters, Zhao Hai considers as finished, they do not fly toward east now, in other words, this road is not that road that Qiu Tie said that but another, it seems like in True Spirit Realm here, cultivator closer person, some low level cultivator, can only walk in the ground, but is impossible to fly in midair. suddenly Zhao Hai two eyes one bright, because he presently on the following path, unexpectedly the large cart, this large cart very enormous, steadily may be about ten meters, the wide more than three meters, the below unexpectedly six wheels, by five horse same Monster Beast then, are also speeding away on the road. However the person on vehicle also saw them probably, Zhao Hai saw that car(riage) both sides glass opened, stretches out the head of each and every one from inside, a Zhao Hai number, almost about 20 people, Zhao Hai he he smiles, he has not wanted to notify these people, but howls, command(er) Pegasus is adding toward the forward flight goes. The Zhao Hai present strength, was impossible to achieve True Qi manifestation, because feared that arrived at Qiu Tie frozen, Zhao Hai must put out Liquid Silver, covered them in inside, naturally this time Liquid Silver, became transparent. Qiu Tie appears excited, sits on Pegasus, looking around in all directions, the small face is red, two light shine, look cute. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not cared, like the Qiu Tie such big child, originally is likes enjoying the noisy time, is now in True Spirit Realm here, Qiu Tie started to work, is really the difficult imagination. Five mountain top are not near, but Pegasus is not slow, after one hour, Zhao Hai saw fifth mountain top, this mountain is also not very big, what is different from Yin-Yang Peak, this mountain appears very lively, often can see that has cultivator to depart from the mountain , there is cultivator to fly to walk into the mountain, but also has plenty cultivator, climbs mountains through the mountain road. Distant can see, on mountain has a big building, is highest, is a tall building, this tall building has about hundred meters fully high, Zhao Hai examined window in a tall building, the entire tall building has two ten layers probably about. Qiu Tie points at that large building said : there is being Miscellaneous Hall General Hall is, has a square before large building, we can stop in there.” Zhao Hai nodded, then his puzzled look at Qiu Tie said : how will you know these places?” Qiu Tie smiles said : grandfather to lead me to go, the grandfather has Portable Transmission Formation, can lead me to go to any place in Tyrant Blade Sect, is very mysterious.”

Zhao Hai stares, then some said : of not knowing whether to laugh or cry Portable Transmission Formation I have, next time we also came here to be good with Portable Transmission Formation.” Qiu Tie looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : Young Master, your Portable Transmission Formation, obtains in Soaring Dragon Realm there? Soaring Dragon Realm there Portable Transmission Formation, in True Spirit Realm here is unusable, to True Spirit Realm here, you must buy Portable Transmission Formation, but Transmission Formation is very expensive, the light rich cannot buy, but must have contribution points to be good, grandfather's Transmission Formation, is two Elders gives to him, otherwise our family may unable to afford Portable Transmission Formation.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that Soaring Dragon Realm there Portable Transmission Formation, has not used to True Spirit Realm here unexpectedly, but one wants also to feel relaxed, after all True Spirit Realm here were too more than Soaring Dragon Realm there Advanced level, Portable Transmission Formation cannot use to be also normal. At this time they approached miscellaneous matters peak here, Zhao Hai can clear seeing, in front of miscellaneous matters large building, the stretch of very big squares, stop many Monster Beast in the square, these Monster Beast had some behind is dragging the car(riage), some were actually thinking of the beast saddle, some winged, some did not have, moreover these Monster Beast grotesque shapes, what had, some looked like such as Leo old tiger, understood at a glance that the attack strength was uncommon, there are some actually such as pig horse cattle, looked like docility. Most makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, he in these Monster Beast, saw unexpectedly two are similar to domestic chicken same Monster Beast, but these two Monster Beast very big, in there feared high is highly no less than his Pegasus, the fiery red cockscomb, a reed catkins coat color, two yellow chicken feets, the sharp chicken mouth, is flashing unexpectedly the golden flashes gloss, looks is not the affable lord, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel very strange, he has not thought really that in True Spirit Realm here, will really have so unusual Monster Beast. Zhao Hai command(er) Pegasus was falling in the square, his present square here, was drawn the each and every one check, these Monster Beast honest staying in these checks, moved heedlessly without one, probably was stopped the automobile on parking spot to be the same, obviously underwent very strict training. Zhao Hai command(er) Pegasus was falling in a check, then held Qiu Tie to run from Pegasus, pulling Qiu Tie must walk toward large building, at this time Qiu Tie has drawn Zhao Hai said : Young Master, stopped Monster Beast in here, needs to make a payment, double-hour Crystal coin.” Zhao Hai to has gawked, he has not thought that stops Monster Beast also to need to make a payment in here unexpectedly. At this time a person of servant appearance walked, bowed said : to see this mister to Zhao Hai, mister was Monster Beast wanting here to stop how long?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present to return don’t know.” That servant one hear of Zhao Hai said that from own Portable pocket, has put out a piece Wood Token, to Zhao Hai said : „, if mister don’t know, please allow me to hang Wood Token on your Monster Beast, comes out, is good to facilitate you to hand over to stop the beast fee.” Zhao Hai looked at that Wood Token one, presently on Wood Token writes a number, does not have other, Zhao Hai then nodded said : well.” That person puts out a very soft string, the Wood Token careful department on the lead leg of Pegasus, this has stood, was good to Zhao Hai said :, mister can handle matters, does not know that mister Monster Beast can need to feed? What thing needs to feed?” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not to need.” Said that then Qiu Tie walks toward miscellaneous matters large building. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }