Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1993
Miscellaneous matters large building front square here, is stopping about hundred all kinds of Monster Beast, therefore Zhao Hai Pegasus stops in there, has not brought to the attention of people slightly, but saw that Zhao Hai takes care of a child to make servant, to cannot help but looked at several, because came here person very clear, was leading the new servant person, either just became Inner Disciples, either was person original servant of died, looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, likely was not original servant died the person, that in other words he was just becomes Inner Disciples, the nature on causing the people looked at two eyes much. Zhao Hai has not cared about these vision, leading Qiu Tie to walk toward large building, before long they entered large building, large building first floor unexpectedly is Mission Hall, looks like does not have what difference with Soaring Dragon Realm there Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall Mission Hall, is only even bigger some, this arrives somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai has thought quickly through, Soaring Dragon Realm there originally is True Spirit Realm here various Sect, to let Lower Realm cultivator adapts to the life of True Spirit Realm here the arrangement place, therefore two places have some similar thing, is nothing unusual. In side of hall, has staircase together, can lead to the building, Qiu Tie after Zhao Hai entered the hall, immediately to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, from the staircase goes upstairs, you can receive own equipment in second floor there, in there gives you to allocate housing.” Zhao Hai nodded, then Qiu Tie very much walks toward second floor. Quick they arrived at second floor, second floor comes compared with first floor, but wanted calmly, several counter, but counter inside person was chatting. In the entire hall has not seen a person. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, female cultivator immediately in counter has stood, bowed said : to welcome Senior Brother to Zhao Hai, had something to help Senior Brother you?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : hello. I am Zhao Hai, today am to come here get Inner Disciples equipment and house.” Was saying Zhao Hai while took Blade-shaped Command Token own that. That female cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, but his immediately received Zhao Hai Blade Command to look at one, then gave back to Zhao Hai said : to ask Senior Brother to wait a bit Blade Command.” Said that sits returned to own position, has put out a piece jade slip, probably is looking up look at anything. Some little time she turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, one year ago join to Tyrant Blade Sect. However in Soaring Dragon Realm there practice, just in returned to Tyrant Blade Sect, Senior Brother, you had been assigned to Deji Mountain comes up. Your room is Deji Mountain 52 nd, because you just join arrived at Tyrant Blade Sect, must be Sect three years of field work, therefore the here also person apportions your a piece field, this field under the Deji Mountain mountain corner/horn. area is ten mu, in the field anything, no matter in Sect, if type grain. everyday must give a Sect 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) grain, if grows vegetables. What must think you to plant was the dish of any variety, the vegetables of different variety. The quantity that must hand over is different, in these three years time, you can also make duty, but the grain and dish actually must hand over, if cannot turn, according to will not have completed duty processing, will have certain punishment, this is Senior Brother your equipment, please receive.” Said that female cultivator put out Space Bag to give Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai received Space Bag, look at that female cultivator said : I whether to go to Blade Pavilion to receive the Blade Technique rare book?” That female cultivator nodded said : „, by Senior Brother your level, can receive below the three layers building rare book five books in Blade Pavilion every year free, no matter Blade Technique Cultivation Method, so long as is the three layers following rare book, Senior Brother took Identity Card to be OK, was right, Senior Brother wanted farming, can buy seed to third floor, can hire servant for your farming, these can trade in third floor.”

Zhao Hai expressed gratitude to that female cultivator, leading Qiu Tie turn around to walk, out arrived, Zhao Hai turned the head to Qiu Tie said : Qiu Tie, all entered from Soaring Dragon Realm to the True Spirit Realm person, needed is Sect three Toshida?” Qiu Tie nodded said : „, under this is in Sect transmits regulation, listening to the grandfather saying that probably for the person who to let Soaring Dragon Realm came, quickly life of better adaptation True Spirit Realm here, but Inner Disciples went to farming this to arrive is the first time, before from Soaring Dragon Realm there join to Sect, was handymen disciple or Outer Disciple, simply nobody directly became Inner Disciples.” Zhao Hai nodded, spiritual force searched toward Space Bag, his spiritual force this searches Space Bag then presently, in this Space Bag, has four types of thing, a long blade, two jade slip and 100 Jade essence. Zhao Hai moves, took blade, careful is sizing up, this long blade is only the ordinary waist sword style, brings the sheath, blade length three feet one inch, the sheath is being beast skin makes, very simple, Zhao Hai presses spring lock, pulls out the long blade. blade is bright as snow, on brings blood groove, on blade of close blade brim place, is carving one tyrant character, the character is the crazy mark, aggressive threatening. Zhao Hai returns the sheath the blade, lost into own Space, then put out a piece in two jade slip, spiritual force searched toward, presently this is a piece sect's rules jade slip, in jade slip very detailed has recorded Tyrant Blade Sect sect's rules, but first choice of overhead was, cruelly harmed same side, killed! Tyrant Blade Sect sect's rules is not many, in jade slip besides sect's rules, Inner Disciples allowance, Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, each one month can receive hundred Jade essence living expenses, simultaneously every year can receive Blade Pavilion there, below the three layers building rare book five books, Sect will not send Sect duty forcefully to you, was not having, thinks so this Inner Disciples allowance is low enough. However Zhao Hai does not have extremely in being startled, his very clear, Tyrant Blade Sect such does, to let Inner Disciples makes duty, in Sect will not send duty to you, but you want to live better, wants to make duty, so long as you have completed duty, you will be rewarded, the reward is contribution points, you can take contribution points to exchange thing in Sect, can change the servant, must trade Monster Beast, can trade the rare book, can trade medicine pill, thing that all practices use, you can trade to obtain in Sect. Sect does this to let disciple has the desire to do better, making all disciple have the one type of sense of urgency, only by doing so, they will progress. Besides these thing, in jade slip also stretch a map, this stretch a map is overall view of entire Tyrant Blade Sect control place, will have this chart, Zhao Hai will not have become lost in Tyrant Blade Sect.

Received this jade slip, Zhao Hai also took another a piece jade slip, spiritual force searched toward, Zhao Hai present, this unexpectedly was the a piece Blade Technique rare book, inside has only recorded one set of Blade Technique, the Blade Technique name was, Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade. Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade, is in one set level Blade Technique, but is actually one set defends Blade Technique, to defend give priority to, the lethality is not very big, it seems like that this was becomes the welfare of Inner Disciples. Zhao Hai not too detailed goes to comprehend this set of Blade Technique, here is not a place, he received jade slip, turned the head to look at one to stand in nearby Qiu Tie said : walks, we went to third floor to have a look.” Qiu Tie has complied with one, walks toward third floor with Zhao Hai. Walks toward third floor, is Zhao Hai while to Qiu Tie said : small iron, third floor does do?” Qiu Tie said : third floor is Trading Floor, can buy thing that own received there for them, can buy thing in there, even employment people.” Zhao Hai nodded, gradually with Qiu Tie on third floor, third floor was very big, what is different from first floor, third floor has been divided into several areas, an area specifically is used to buy thing, there has many thing, jade slip, the weapon, medicine pill, each building is not, places on made of wood stance/framework/shelf, below has marked that thing use, the price wait / etc.. Another piece of region actually purchases the area, has counter in there, specifically is used to receive thing, piece of region hires the area, is very obvious, manpower that there specifically is used to hire. In outside of each area, has the explicit sign to carry on prompt, to is convenient, Zhao Hai look at this situation, cannot help but nod of slightly, leading Qiu Tie toward buying thing that piece of region walks, in this block foreign surface, obvious writes, the sell area three characters, inside has five rows of tool rests, on the first row of tool rest, sets upright is putting one long blade, Zhao Hai has swept one, on has not looked many. Besides the blade of long blade, five put the medicine pill cabinet specially, all medicine pill place in the jade bottle, the below of jade bottle wrote the medicine pill use is being the price, Zhao Hai looked at one, these medicine pill basically were needs contribution points to pay, he may not have contribution points now, could not afford these thing. Finally Zhao Hai arrived has put jade slip cabinet there, put jade slip cabinet this also five, above was putting rows of jade slip, in following introduced simply content in jade slip, Zhao Hai looked at content in this jade slip, this jade slip was some mixed counts jade slip, or Monster Beast said that medicine introduction and so on jade slip, did not have Cultivation Method jade slip, moreover these jade slip do not need contribution points, only to need Jade essence on to be able, each jade slip not to be cheap, minimum needs over a thousand Jade essence.

At this time female cultivator also saw Zhao Hai roved in there, her immediately walked, first looked at Qiu Tie, saw Qiu Tie, this female cultivator cannot help but two eyes one bright, then has seen Senior Brother to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :, Senior Brother, had something to help the person?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : hello, I want these jade slip, please take to me.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has referred to which several jade slip on stance/framework/shelf. female cultivator looks at that several jade slip that Zhao Hai wanted, more definite Zhao Hai status, her immediately took that several jade slip, has given Zhao Hai. These jade slip, a piece is the True Spirit Realm brief history, another a piece is actually a piece travel notes jade slip, writes the jade slip person, is a Tyrant Blade Sect elder, this elder enjoys the beauties of nature happily, simultaneously writes some travel notes, in this jade slip records is he tours the True Spirit Realm story. Two jade slip, are introduces True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast and True Spirit Realm here medicinal herbs separately, a known as Monster Beast comprehensive work, a known as medicinal herbs comprehensive work. That female cultivator in here work for a long time, Zhao Hai has bought these thing, she knows that Zhao Hai is one newly arrived, was seeing Qiu Tie in addition, her immediately knew the Zhao Hai status. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }