Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1995
Black Dragon Mountain, this in Tyrant Blade Sect, is considered as previous very unusual existence absolutely, because this Black Dragon Mountain in Tyrant Blade Sect, but is Tyrant Blade Sect is unable control one to exist.( Reads the novel

But Tyrant Blade Sect does one of the True Spirit Realm strongest Sect, in their domains, really have them not to have existence that the means grasp? This Black Dragon Mountain what's the matter? Actually this also very simple, because Black Dragon Mountain was too big, Black Dragon Mountain is True Spirit Realm here one of the biggest mountains, simultaneously he is also the mountain of Wulong here most famous Monster Beast, on Black Dragon Mountain, has plenty Monster Beast, these Monster Beast strength very formidable, hears in Wulong there strongest Monster Beast, with True Spirit Realm here strongest cultivator, could not miss many. Because has these extremely powerful Monster Beast to assume personal command, therefore Black Dragon Mountain became place of True Spirit Realm here very famous smelting trial, on the mountain Monster Beast are innumerable, Spirit Medicine are innumerable, caused that True Spirit Realm here cultivator swarming enters. But the Black Dragon Mountain entire mountain range Chief Head nearly thousands of kilometers, have passed through dozens every large or small Sect, but the Black Dragon Mountain mountain range in Tyrant Blade Sect, is a Black Dragon Mountain mountain range branch mountain range end, however here Monster Beast is actually many . Moreover the strength is not weak, these Monster Beast courage also very big, once for a while will descend the mountain attack Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, is one lets existence of Tyrant Blade Sect very headache. Must say that Tyrant Blade Sect absolutely does not have the means with Black Dragon Mountain, that is also impossible, Tyrant Blade Sect can definitely send to go out Expert, entering in this only Black Dragon Mountain branch mountain range to Tyrant Blade Sect putting down. Tyrant Blade Sect naturally was also when the time comes safe. However as the matter stands. Tyrant Blade Sect will possibly welcome in Black Dragon Mountain the retaliations of these formidable Monster Beast, the loss of such words Tyrant Blade Sect was big, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect had not begun. Is adding on Tyrant Blade Sect to keep this mountain range, becomes Tyrant Blade Sect disciple place of smelting trial, therefore made Black Dragon Mountain these Monster Beast exist. But what unfortunately is, Deji Mountain happen to a Black Dragon Mountain nearest/recent mountain, there originally is the Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples dwelling, but now when because actually common Monster Beast comes out sneak attack, there already slowly was given up, only then some must go to disciple of Black Dragon Mountain smelting trial to stop over in Deji Mountain. Zhao Hai one hear of Qiu Tie such introduced. Cannot help but knit the brows said : to say Deji Mountain there already nobody? That did not say that I did live in there?” Qiu Tie shook the head said : is not, some Deji Mountain there also people, they are very famous. Was called Deji Eccentric 12, heard that they in Inner Disciples are also Expert, reason that lives in Deji Mountain there, enters Black Dragon Mountain for the convenience, good on Monster Beast with Black Dragon Mountain to exercise itself, Young Master, by your present strength, is really not suitable enters Deji Mountain, you looked that must say to two Elders, changes a place to live?” Zhao Hai shook the head. He general awareness, had feared that is this is the arrangement of Yin-Yang 2 elders, for the smelting trial his, he has not cared. For those Qiu Tie is makes Zhao Hai be unexpected, must say that his basic situation have some understanding to Tyrant Blade Sect here, Zhao Hai is understandable, matter that but he knows, absolutely the Zhao Hai imagination are more, but also meets the analyze thing, this was not that the common five -year-old child can achieve makes Zhao Hai accidental absolutely. Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie, puzzled said : small iron, how will you know these matters?”

Qiu Tie proud raises head said : this to have anything, in Clan has the material in this aspect, I had already looked. Moreover the grandfather had already said that is servant. All must be centered on his Lord's Family, must consider for his Lord's Family, if has any danger, must remind immediately, this is a servant person duty.” Zhao Han, cannot help but has then smiled bitterly, he has not thought really that the Qiu Family family education so is unexpectedly strict, considers as finished, Qiu Tie reminded right that also he reminded. At this time they arrived around Zhao Hai Pegasus, before that the person who was the servant audiences to dress up in one time arrived at Zhao Hai, bowed said : to see mister to Zhao Hai, did mister handle matters?” Did Zhao Hai nod said : we to go in how long?” That servant said : less than a double-hour, mister only needed to pay Crystal coin to be OK.” Zhao Hai nodded, puts out a piece Crystal Stone to give that servant, this was bringing on Qiu Tie Pegasus, leave miscellaneous matters large building here. Pegasus flies to the miscellaneous matters large building northeast, is Qiu Tie actually somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, Deji Mountain probably not in that direction?” Zhao Hai said : naturally not in that direction, but I do not go to Deji Mountain, I must go to Blade Pavilion, takes away that five rare books.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Qiu Tie nodded does not make noise, now Zhao Hai obtained the Tyrant Blade Sect here map, naturally did not use to former such, where must go to ask Qiu Tie, he can directly. Blade Pavilion is a Tyrant Blade Sect very important place, he in one ** on mountain peak, this mountain peak very precipitous, very some If one man holds the pass, ten thousand cannot pass postures. But Blade Pavilion is on this mountain an only one by one building, all over the body 9-storey high, following six layers is the opening to the outside world, handymen disciple can only enter First Layer, Outer Disciple can enter Second Layer, Inner Disciples can enter Third Layer, True Disciple can enter Fourth Layer, Core Disciple can enter to fifth, Sixth Layer, but above three layers, any disciple cannot enter. Has many guard in Blade Pavilion here, nobody knows that only knows Blade Pavilion here guard strength very formidable, not only there is Sect Expert to sit, has Great Defense Formation to protect, wants to kick Blade Pavilion, that kicking Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall is easier. In Blade Pavilion front , the stretch of open area, Zhao Hai made Pegasus fall in that stretch of open area, immediately/on horseback servant came, still collected fees, was still Wood Token. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, it seems like in this Tyrant Blade Sect, was everywhere needs to spend money, person who if not make money, was very difficult to survive in this Tyrant Blade Sect.

Zhao Hai has not cared about § Qiu Tie to walk toward Blade Pavilion. Blade Pavilion big gate is not very big, inside person is also not many, has counter in big gate, sits female cultivator in counter there, this is cultivator is taking a piece jade slip to sit in there, don’t know doing. In Zhao snort|hum passed through the gate, arrived around counter, held the fist in the other hand said : female apprentice to invite to that female cultivator, is receives this year's rare book below.” That female cultivator looked up Zhao Hai one, nodded said : Identity Card.” Zhao Hai turns. Put out own Identity Card to give that female cultivator. That female cultivator has inspected Identity Card, nodded said : below third floor, you can the optional five rare books, after electing. Brings to come to my here, then can record with blank jade slip, if you want to elect , the first floor rare book can use Jade essence to record, records a book, hundred Jade essence, above second floor, must record with contribution points, records the second floor rare book to need ten contribution points, records third floor rare book ¤ to want five ten contribution points.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, does the female apprentice, have the rare book of writing by hand to borrow?” That female cultivator nodded said : third floor to have the rare book of writing by hand to borrow, in free putting, does not borrow one time, hundred contribution points, the time have not gotten for ten days, ten days, each day has not added ten contribution points.” Zhao Han, he has not thought . The Tyrant Blade Sect here rare book unexpectedly is such borrowing law, but Zhao Hai has not cared, he nodded toward the building in walks. He not anxiously going upstairs, but in first floor slowly is transferring, in first floor here. Is suspending many stance/framework/shelf, on stance/framework/shelf puts the pieces jade slip sea to take a broad view to look, feared that is no less than ten thousand, such quantity, is makes Zhao Hai be startled. However in the place above of these bookshelves, wrote fortunately, some writes is being Cultivation Method, some writes Blade Technique, writes Body-maneuvering Technique, making the person understand at a glance that these rare books are any uses. Zhao Hai nodded, must say that the management of this Tyrant Blade Sect also is really very regular, Zhao Hai slowly is transferring in first floor, arrived at one to write nearby the Cultivation Method bookshelf at will, took up a piece jade slip gently, spiritual force searched toward, inside his mind immediately appears a row has written: Primordial Method, foundation Cultivation Method, suits the Earth element spirit root practice, after practicing, the Qi Strength beginning of the universe such as one, defense strength formidable, such as wants to see the detailed content fully, welcome lift a ban to the entrance.” Saw here Zhao Hai on understand, originally this jade slip placed here any examination, was because in him brought restriction, did not open restriction unable to see the specific content, can only see a simple introduction. Zhao Hai thinks, was taking this jade slip, this Primordial Method although was only in Tyrant Blade Sect most low grade Cultivation Method, but Zhao Hai actually wants through this Cultivation Method, to come to see True Spirit Realm here Cultivation Method to have any difference with Cultivation World there. After receiving Primordial Method, Zhao Hai arrived at Body-maneuvering Technique bookshelf there, took up a piece jade slip conveniently, spiritual force searched toward , in saw writes: Wind-borne Body-maneuvering Technique, Intermediate level foundation Body-maneuvering Technique, suits the Wind element spirit root practice, after practicing, the body like the fallen leaf, such as wants to see the detailed content, welcome lift a ban to the entrance.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, was taking conveniently this jade slip, then Zhao Hai arrived around a Blade Technique bookshelf, has taken up a piece jade slip, what this jade slip introduced was foundation Blade Technique of one type of known as sharp knife, practiced later Blade Technique is quick, Zhao Hai has put down this jade slip conveniently, he not with this jade slip, what he wants to look was that type Blade Technique that had attribute, like this type stressed that quick Blade Technique, his simply does not want to look, because that necessary, his degree has not sufficed quickly.

Zhao Hai has taken afterward up nearby a piece jade slip, what inside records is one set of earth attribute Blade Technique, the known as Sealing Shut Blade sea thinks, taking up this set of Blade Technique, although said that his in hand had one set to defend Blade Technique Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade, but he wants to have a look, this set of Blade Technique has any difference with Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade. Then Zhao Hai has sized up around, suddenly he presently, has on several study room in, writes separately, Fist Technique, the footwork, the bookshelf of Palm Technique inscription, this cannot help but let Zhao Hai feel curiously, he walked, has taken up a piece Fist Technique jade slip, presently this is one set of foundation Fist Technique jade slip, what inside recorded was one set of clear(ly) is Beating Wave Fist Fist Technique, although water attribute Fist Technique, Zhao He this jade slip, to footwork rare book there, has then taken up one set of Crumbling Mountain Leg Leg Technique rare book. Such Zhao Hai five jade slip already with entire, he does not have to take, received in these five jade slip Space, then leads Qiu Tie to walk toward the building, he does not have Wang in second floor there, on direct third floor, the third floor bookshelf has been short much compared with first floor, jade slip looked like has also been short much, in nearby had several special bookshelves, on the bookshelf puts a book of notebook curiously, Zhao Hai was walking the past, took up this book one to look at will that presently in that book writes behind «Benlei/Thunder Rush Blade Attainment» uses the small character to write. Thunderous chopsticks three small characters. Zhao Hai wants to read, actually presently turns motionless, he knows that this book had certainly gotten down restriction, he has put down the book conveniently, looked at other book one, presently these books are some attainments and so on book, Zhao Hai turns the head to size up third floor these bookshelves. third floor bookshelf here, divides six categories, Cultivation Method, Body-maneuvering Technique, Blade Technique, Fist Technique, Palm Technique, Leg Technique, Zhao Hai present, in Tyrant Blade Sect here, simply does not have the rare book of other weapon probably, is the Blade Technique rare book, wants to come this is Tyrant Blade Sect intentionally for it. Zhao Hai one time to not polite, has arrived at Blade Technique rare book there directly, took up a piece jade slip to look, this was one set of known as Rolling Stones Blade Blade Technique, was the earth is attack shape Blade Technique, the evaluation of Blade Technique was the Intermediate level sea not polite received, then at will has taken up several jade slip, Blade Technique in these jade slip separately were one set of metal attribute attack Blade Technique, Golden-tip Blade, one set of Wood element Fallen Leaves Blade, Wood element Wisteria Blade, and water attribute some Ice Cold Blade Blade Technique evaluation level were Intermediate level, Zhao Hai not polite, received these sets of Blade Technique. This has led Qiu Tie to walk toward downstairs. To downstairs that female cultivator there, Zhao Hai has put out ten jade slip to give that female cultivator said : female apprentice, I must record these ten jade slip, that five jade slip that takes in third floor, is I can obtain free, remaining that five foundation jade slip, I use Jade essence to pay for the recording expense.” That female cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, but he nodded afterward said : „.” Said after her one by one examined Zhao Hai that ten jade slip, has recorded the jade slip inside martial arts name, then has put out ten blank jade slip, has recorded contents in ten jade slip, then recording good ten jade slip gave Zhao Hai said : Junior Brother to look, jade slip that he recorded separately was Wind-borne Body-maneuvering Technique Primordial Method Sealing Shut Blade Beating Wave Fist Crumbling Mountain Leg Rolling Stones Blade Golden-tip Blade Fallen Leaves Blade Wisteria Blade Ice Cold Blade, if right, asking Junior Brother to pay five hundred Jade essence.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not wrong, Sister thanks a lot.” Said that Zhao Hai put out Space Bag to give that female cultivator, that female cultivator received Space Bag, looked, was five hundred Jade essence, she nodded said : just right five hundred Jade essence, Junior Brother please walk.” Zhao Hai nodded, receives ten jade slip, turn around walked, but that female cultivator look at Zhao Hai back, is actually puzzled of face.( To be continued., Casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }