Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1996

do not blame that female cultivator is curious, Zhao Hai this these rare books of electing were really too mixed a point, Earth element, Metal element, Wind element, Water element, Wood element, so many attribute rare books, his together recorded unexpectedly, this made that female cultivator have to feel odd. In the Tyrant Blade Sect here ordinary person is Earth Spirit Root and Mortal Spirit Root, Heaven Spirit Root almost does not have, person who even if has Heaven Spirit Root, by Sect key training, simply will already not come Blade Pavilion here to choose the rare book, is besides the Heaven Spirit Root person, Earth Spirit Root and Mortal Spirit Root person, simply impossible one to practice that many different attribute Cultivation Method, that Zhao Hai takes these many different attribute Cultivation Method, on some were strange. However Zhao Hai has not actually managed these many, he came out from Blade Pavilion with Qiu Tie, hands over stopped the beast fee, rode Pegasus, flew in the Deji Mountain direction. Deji Mountain in Blade Pavilion east side, Zhao Hai sits Pegasus, the direct Deji Mountain direction flies, because Deji Mountain leaves is very far, the mischievous sea these time altogether flew for nearly five hours, this saw Deji Mountain. Zhao Hai present, this Deji Mountain here also is really not the good place, more flies in the Deji Mountain direction, fewer and fewer seeing people, even in some places, Zhao Hai also saw the sign of Monster Beast activity, this arrives is makes him be startled really. Deji Mountain not very high, the sea dials probably also only then about two kilometers, appearance of the mountain very steep, holds area to is very big, the north-south long common 150 kilometers, altogether have main peak 21, on the mountain steadily all kinds of trees. For those appears green and luxuriant. Zhao Hai has made Pegasus gather round Deji Mountain to transfer. Nodded, this mountain to is really good, because of the appearance of the mountain steep reason, on the entire mountain has two roads of climbing mountains. On 21 main peak on mountain, constructs courtyard, but is very obvious, some courtyard have left uncultivated, in courtyard has been covered with the weed, the wooden room to is also strong/sturdy. Zhao Hai only on main peak, saw sign that some people move. Zhao Hai command(er) Pegasus is flying toward that main peak, the person on that mountain peak also noticed obviously some people came, all people stand in courtyard look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has counted, just right 12 people. It seems like these 12 people were Deji Mountain Eccentric 12 that the people said that at this time Pegasus also fell in courtyard, Zhao Hai held Qiu Tie to jump down from Pegasus. After entering Qiu Tie, Zhao Hai to standing before him, takes a look at his 12 people to hold the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see Senior Brother, allocated housing below is Deji Mountain 52 years old room, does not know that Senior Brother may know below room in that early morning.”

Was saying Zhao Hai while is taking a look at these 12 people, but also let alone, these 12 people also really can handle this Eccentric 12 given name, their clothes are also warrior cloth. However this warrior cloth color actually was actually too special, their warrior cloth were colorful, probably several different color clothes, together threw into the washer to wash, result these clothes fell the color, the mutual dyeing, turned into one bunch at sixes and sevens color clothes finally. These 12 people are such as the chaotic grass, the beard very old are long, looks like Lunatic many likely normal people, now these 12 person correct use one type of very strange vision are sizing up Zhao Hai. In that vision has this Xu's inquisition, but more is actually one type of ponders. Zhao Hai looked that they have not spoken, entered his hand to size up courtyard one, presently here is a very big architectural complex, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves. appears outside courtyard big gate, presently on big gate has written three characters. 52! Sees these three characters, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, then the body formed returned to in courtyard, held the fist in the other hand said : to be unfair to several Senior Brother to that 12 people, yard don’t know here was No.52 Courtyard House, please excuse me, whether the here room can let elect below casually?” That 12 people, still nobody make noise, look at Zhao Hai that everyone decides, Zhao Hai waited for a while, looks at nobody to make noise, he has not cared, has sized up one, in courtyard that presently these 12 people are, is nothing more or less, the just right 12 rooms, have behind in courtyard about, respectively the door, can other courtyard, Zhao Hai know that this is the room of set of institute form, but obviously this Deji Eccentric 12 only lives in this in the room, other's place, they live. Zhao Hai looked that they did not speak, shrugged, leading door of Qiu Tie near toward nearby his left hand to walk, look at Zhao Hai that 12 people decided that nobody made noise. Zhao Hai has not cared about their responses, shoved open that door to walk, this was one also wants to be bigger than courtyard courtyard that just Zhao Hai was, in courtyard altogether had 20 rooms, among courtyard was martial arts training ground, was spreads all over the body by Cyan Stone, because long time nobody used, some weeds tenacious drilled from the crevice, in courtyard all around, but also was planting several big trees, these trees all were Locust Tree, trees very tall and big, likely one was the same large umbrella. In courtyard east side, the well, in the well has constructed a stone hall, it seems like in the person drinking water for courtyard uses, but obviously has not used now. The room in courtyard is black and white work, wood and stone above originally should be on red paint, but now that paint fallen was similar, the made of stones house main body, is very complete, still strong/sturdy, but in courtyard now everywhere is the fallen leaf and village grass, to is appears holds very bleakly. Qiu Tie after is a child, sees this situation, some fears has depended toward the Zhao Hai side, the Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie appearance, often smiles said : to be all right, the small iron do not fear that I asked the person to tidy up.” Qiu Tie somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, understand Zhao Hai this saying is not any meaning, just they may not have the employment person in miscellaneous matters large building there.

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, some robots by Zhao Hai let out, must say that in True Spirit Realm here, even if Space does not give to adapt to True Spirit Realm here Law of Space, these robots can also appears , they be do not have life thing, can only be a tool, not by the influence of Law of Space. However these robots do not have no fighting strength, these robots that Zhao Hai release comes, is some maid shape robot that is used to clean, these robots can do some housework, actually cannot be used to fight. Robot altogether 30 that Zhao Hai this release comes, these robots come out, Zhao Hai cuts grass to do calmly this courtyard on deep voice said :, then puts in the house to suspend these thing, was right, words that later he spoke, you must listen.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has referred to Qiu Tie. But Qiu Tie now is actually face curious look at these machines, these robots are metal appearance, has not covered the biochemical skin, therefore understood at a glance that is machine product, but this is also the Qiu Tie curious place. Also has puppet in True Spirit Realm here . Moreover the puppet returns has plenty, Tyrant Blade Sect has specially the research puppet place, moreover in Tyrant Blade Sect, some cultivator, with using some puppets, in Tyrant Blade Sect here, the puppet will be is used to fight, nobody will make the puppet do the housework, these will have servant to complete, because to Inner Disciples degree, in the gate has matched free placard body servant to them, but the puppet actually will be needs them to use contribution points to exchange from the mood, in this case, nobody will waste own contribution points, will exchange useless some, will only do the housework the puppet. Some markets some people will make produce, in True Spirit Realm here, simply nobody will make the puppet do the housework, naturally did not exist to make the Clan maid puppet. But before Qiu Tie, has seen the puppet, but he has seen only Battle Puppet, has not seen this maid puppet, now looks at these maid puppets, under the order of Zhao Hai, immediately changes from own body all kinds of tools starts to clean courtyard, Qiu Tie naturally is curious awfully. The Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he has put out two chairs afterward, a table, sat, then has put out one bottle of liquor and one bottle of fruit juice, smiles said : to come the small iron to Qiu Tie, quick, drinks a fruit juice, these robots, later were the maids in our courtyard, if you had any matter, can tell that they did, but I may remind you, they will only do the housework, cleaned the room, made meal anything, other not line.” Qiu Tie look at Zhao Hai has put out these thing, he really somewhat cannot understand his Young Master now, he has not seen that cultivator to meet Portable to bring these thing. Thought of here, Qiu Tie turns the head to look around one, was piling up one pile of thing in there, in these thing had the bed, had the table, had the chair, had the quilt, had carpet, all daily necessities had everything expected to find, some thing he has not seen, this arrived is lets Qiu Tie feel curiously.

One hear of Zhao Hai make him sit down, he bows said : not to dare to Zhao Hai hastily, Young Master, in the gate has regulation, when Master sits, servant cannot sit absolutely.” Zhao Hai said : „do I make you sit you unable to sit?” Qiu Tie stares, then thinks that said : this has not said probably, but the grandfather has told me, Young Master is makes me sit, I cannot sit, otherwise did not have the division of high and low.” One hear of Qiu Tie said that Zhao Hai cannot help but remembers Qiu Zhen, thinks sighing that Qiu Zhen that serious face, Zhao Hai also not bears, he knows that Qiu Tie does not dare to sit absolutely, he has not exempted strong Qiu Tie, but referred to that bottle of fruit juice said : on table this you taking away to drink, gave the fruit juice that you prepared specially.” Regarding this, Qiu Tie to has not declined, he bows to Zhao Hai said : multi- thanks Young Master.” Said that took up that bottle of fruit juice to drink one, then two eyes cannot help but one bright, he has not thought that this fruit juice so was unexpectedly tasty. Tyrant Blade Sect also plants Fruit tree, there is own fruit trees, fruits in Tyrant Blade Sect is not strange thing, Qiu Tie Clan, is in Tyrant Blade Sect most famous servant Clan this, normally allowance is also very good, fruits Qiu Tie also long eats, but he has not actually drunk the fruit juice, now drinks this fruit juice, that sour and sweet flavor, immediately has captured the Qiu Tie sense of taste, he after is a child, obtains good thing, was also polite on don’t know, several on gave to drink the light the fruit juice.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }