Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1997

The Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie appearance, cannot help but smiled got up said : to be good, your slow point drank, my this returned has plenty, come, ate a dessert.” Said that Zhao Hai turns, has shown a dessert, very beautiful that these desserts make, like hua. Qiu Tie swallows the saliva, he ran the half of the day with Zhao Hai, somewhat was already hungry, now sees these desserts, naturally very greedy, but he thinks own grandfather to he has spoken the words, therefore some do not dare to take. The Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie appearance, smiles said : to eat, this is I makes you eat.” Qiu Tie then expressed gratitude to Zhao Hai, later took up the a piece small dessert to eat carefully. But at this time Zhao Hai also noted, Eccentric 12 of next door is observing with spiritual force, is observing also these robots, obviously Eccentric 12 being startled, they have not thought that Zhao Hai actually will cause such robot to help him work, this stemmed from their anticipation. Zhao Hai has not actually managed them, still look at these robots work, although this courtyard is not small, the robot that but Zhao Hai release comes are also many, 30 robots . Moreover the specialty does the housework the robot, cleans courtyard to come, naturally was quick, before long cleans. Then these machines these thing that Zhao Hai takes, moved to the room to suspend, Zhao Hai then received the table and chair that his Dandan took, bringing Qiu Tie to enter the room. What Zhao Hai elects is a main room, inside not only has the politeness, the bedroom, quiet room, his bedroom also is very big, the room that outside the bedroom also servant lives, has cleaned now, but also inside one should thing, has suspended, Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie went in can live. Zhao Hai has sized up the room, satisfied nod Zhao Hai was then leading Qiu Tie to servant room there said : small iron, you later lived in here, your command(er) these robots cleaned the room to be OK, prepared food anything, had them to complete, you did not need to manage.” Qiu Tie has complied with one, he thought now, to Zhao Hai, when servant was really too lucky, not only anything did not need to do, but can also a puppet of command(er) troop really be too amusing. Zhao Hai looked the person who in the room anything does not need to prepare arrived in courtyard, then has sized up all around one, that 30 robots still busily are reorganizing courtyard to remove the moss in courtyard fence now, house these wooden poles falls the paint on the place, from new coating with lacquer, what is dry is methodical. Zhao Hai nodded to Qiu Tie said : small iron, you stare at them to work in here, I looked that what in guards the door apportions my place is.” Qiu Tie has complied with one, on Zhao Hai Pegasus, shoots up to the sky, flies toward Deji Mountain under. Tyrant Blade Sect apportions Zhao Hai that place, in giving his jade slip, there is a very clear mark that place under Deji Mountain, approaches Tyrant Blade Sect this a piece open area, area of that place to is very big, but apportions the Zhao Hai type has ten mu.

Zhao Hai sits Pegasus to the Deji Mountain following flat land on, carefully observed, he presently this is a quantity no less than a hundred thousand mu farming, moreover this ground originally should some people, he see several villages on this ground, the house in village also, but actually has left uncultivated now. Zhao Hai look at is so big a piece open land, is really somewhat grieved, the observation that but he pays attention to all around, quick is deferring to the instruction on map, had found in the gate to that lands that he assigns. That places also are really good, not far the place under Deji Mountain, Zhao Hai looked at that places one, because this places long time nobody cultivates, was somewhat desolated, wants to cultivate, must process to be good well, these weeds of most minimum ground must process, dungs, otherwise this places feared that cannot grow any thing. Zhao Hai thinks that the hand wields, some robot appears of farming on such ground, ten mu place, Zhao Hai simply have not used release too many robots, the machine that only then two robots, in adding on some farms use has been OK, machine that his these farms use, is high science and technology product, so long as sat on the machine is OK according to several buttons. After these machines release comes, immediately starts to work, first has carried on a deep plowing the place, gave to destroy to turn into fertilizer these weeds, then has carried on to this places smoothly. Ten mu place, regarding these high science and technology machines, cannot really be regarded anything, only used less than three hours, the land has levelled, Zhao Hai looked at this situation, satisfied nod , then put out some Bamboo rice seed, making these robots plant these seed, simultaneously put out the health/guard water spray robot, installed the robot Spatial Water, making the robot planting the ground sprinkled sails upstream, as the matter stands his work almost finished up. Naturally, Zhao Hai has not made these water have too strong doing to use, if Zhao Hai pill gets down the thing type today, tomorrow Bamboo rice grew, moreover opened the hua result, everybody will suspect that Zhao Hai just lets machine few few water, even if has applied fertilizer to this places, such Bamboo rice grow out although will be quicker, but will quickly not be many, will be unremarkable. When the Zhao Hai farm, in his small courtyard also went to the person, before Zhao Hai has seen Eccentric 12 appears in Zhao Hai small courtyard, but at this time Qiu Tie these robots is cleaning small courtyard in command(er), do not look at Qiu Tie to be young, the training that but underwent since childhood, let his command(er) these robots, had the type in the mold. However saw Eccentric 12 to come, Qiu Tie immediately added carefully, he slightly was running nearby several people, bowed said : to see fellow Sirs to several people, does not know that fellow Sirs did come to do?” The appearance of Eccentric 12 look at Qiu Tie young Sir, cannot help but feels funny, person open the mouth and said: Baby, I, and asked you, was Sir your house/family follower of that elder?” Qiu Tie one hear, quickly said: Is unfair to several Sirs, without obtaining Young Master permitting, youngster does not dare to disclose easily the Young Master information, please several Sirs excuse me.”

As soon as that several people listened to Qiu Tie saying that cannot help but frowned, they also know certainly that this was not the Qiu Tie dragging word, but was the truth, servant like Qiu Tie, if easily disclosed that Lord's Family status, that was must subject to a penalty, if the Lord's Family temperament were not good, even if has killed him, nobody dares to say anything. But Qiu Tie is a child, they are not cruel enough to feel embarrassed him, that person of deep voice said : of lead when your house/family does Master come back?” Qiu Tie shook the head said : this villain don’t know, in the gate Master to my family has divided ten mu place, making our Master be in the gate the farming three years, Master was looks went, when came back, he to had not said.” That cultivator one hear of Qiu Tie of lead said that cannot help but said : your house/family can Master in the farming three years for the gate? Isn't this Soaring Dragon Realm Dandan enters to the matter that the True Spirit Realm person can handle? your house/family does Master come up from Soaring Dragon Realm?” Qiu Tie to has not been hiding the truth from several people in this type of matter earth, he nodded said : „, our Master is Dandan comes up from Soaring Dragon Realm.” That cultivator complexion changes said : talk nonsense, if your house/family Master comes up from Soaring Dragon Realm, how possibly by minute to Deji Mountain? But here Inner Disciples dull place.” Qiu Shan had not been frightened by these, but calm said : returns to the words of Sir, my family Master truly is pill comes up from Soaring Dragon Realm, but he also truly is Inner Disciples, he has registered in Miscellaneous Hall there, Miscellaneous Hall there comes to Deji Mountain the Master minute.” One hear of Qiu Shan said that Eccentric 12 has somewhat gawked, they looked at one mutually, don’t know must say that anything was good, like the situation, they also was really first time heard that they were really some don’t know is true or false. In this time, is wielding the sound of wing, the people looks up, presently Zhao Hai has been riding Pegasus, to sky, slowly falls toward the yard. Before long Pegasus fell in yard, Zhao Hai jumped down from Pegasus, held the fist in the other hand said : Senior Brother to come to the people? What matter but asks the little brother to have?” That cultivator both eyes of lead such as electricity look at Zhao Hai said : heard that Junior Brother you are Dandan come up from Soaring Dragon Realm there ascend? However is Inner Disciples? Does not know that is really?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally real, otherwise little brother impossible appears in here, several Senior Brother, later we to have been possible on the neighbor, in little brother here today how to drink one cup?”

cultivator that person of lead, look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Junior Brother, if you do not mind, can make me have a look at your Blade Command?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to mind.” Said that a hand revolution, Blade Command appears in in his hand, he has given that cultivator Blade Command. That cultivator received Zhao Hai Blade Command, carefully looked, then nodded, gave back to Zhao Hai said : many to offend Blade Command, asking Junior Brother to excuse me, was really Junior Brother this situation, I was first meeting, was really curious.” Zhao Hai smiles said : he he, actually does not have anything, is when Soaring Dragon Realm there, was in the gate has contributed to a minor mourning, therefore in the gate on me from Outer Disciple, direct reminding was Inner Disciples.” That cultivator said : that does not know that Junior Brother you do do obeisance in follower of that elder?” Zhao Hai smiled said :this, did not have anything unable saying that but hopes after Senior Brother knew this, do not say that otherwise I did not have means explain/transfer with Master. That cultivator nodded, he felt now, the Zhao Hai Master status feared that is not simple, Zhao Hai look at these cultivator, show a faint smile said : „below altogether two Master, the Master given name below also real don’t know, the Master nickname below to knows that two Master in the gate is called Yin-Yang 2 elders, is called Yin-Yang Double Fiend Blade in out of the door!” Hiss! one hear of Zhao Hai said that several cultivator could not bear hold breath. The cold air, what status Yin-Yang 2 elders in Tyrant Blade Sect is, they were too clear, they have not thought that Zhao Hai Master can be this two Elders unexpectedly, this two Elders had not accepted the disciple, they are know that they have thought this two Elders will never accept the disciple, has not actually thought that their suddenly accepted the disciple unexpectedly, but their apprentices stood in their front unexpectedly.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }