Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1998

These cultivator look at Zhao Hai looks are not right, they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is Yin-Yang 2 elders disciple, must know Yin-Yang 2 elders Slaughter God that but in Tyrant Blade Sect became famous, they did not accept the apprentice, because not only they do not want to accept the apprentice, because also their killing aura is too heavy, receives the words of apprentice, teaches the apprentice is also killing strike, general low level cultivator, after having studied these killing strike, by the influence of its killing aura, might possessed by the Devil very much, turns into murder Demon King, this is the reason that Yin-Yang 2 elders did not accept the apprentice. However now Zhao Hai said that he is the Yin-Yang 2 elders apprentice, these people are not surprised are strange, that cultivator of lead, look at Zhao Hai, suddenly holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : originally unexpectedly is disciple of Yin-Yang two elders, was courteous below Dao Shu.”. Zhao Hai returned salute said : Senior Brother to be too polite, several Senior Brother welcome sit to the room, we drink several cups today.” Said the hand signal that has made invitation, Dao Shu one hear of Zhao Hai said that is also not good to reject, simultaneously he also wants many understanding Zhao Hai situation, therefore he also polite said : so disturbs master disciple, please.” Said that walks toward the left side building with Zhao Hai shoulder to shoulder. Left side building Zhao Hai has made these robots change to a kitchen and a dining room him, therefore Zhao Hai will be bringing Dao Shu they to here. Entered the dining room, in sees puts a very big round table, the round table upper berth the pure white tablecloth, above is suspending the tableware, two robots stand in side of round table. Zhao Hai look at that two machines, beckoned with the hand said : with the liquor, is taking ten vegetables. Six meat vegetarian salads.” Two robot turn around walked, does not have including one. However Zhao Hai has not cared, after inviting Dao Shu they sit down, turns the head to Qiu Tie said : small iron. Told these robots, first soaked a pot of tea to come up, these fellows you told him to do him to do, what was unnecessary was one cannot the gentleman.” Qiu Tie has complied with one, entered the kitchen from nearby door, told that these robots went, Zhao Hai then turned the head their said : to make several Senior Brother be laughed at to Dao Shu.” Dao Shu smiles said : there, serious that we envy. although we have our servant, but Junior Brother you also know that Deji Mountain here is not the good place, was too dangerous. Therefore we requested like Sect that has taken back our servant, therefore side the people of serving do not have now, this will make that so distressed, to was makes Junior Brother be laughed.” Zhao Hai smiles said : there. If Senior Brother likes, when my courtyard tidied up, I delivered several robots to be good to Senior Brother, these robots cannot fight. Will only do the housework.” Dao Shu smiles said : so we not to decline, if Junior Brother has any need. Certainly told us that we'll certainly help is busy. Right, Junior Brother, if there are if possible, you put your small servant to walk, Deji Mountain here, was too dangerous.” Zhao Hai stares, just about to speaks, hears the Qiu Tie sound to transmit said : I not to want leave Young Master, Young Master, do not catch up with me to walk, otherwise my grandfather will kill my.” Speaking of had sound, Zhao Hai to turn the head finally look at already Qiu Tie that opened cries, shaking the head said : that not bore feel relieved, I did not catch up with you to go, let you continuously with me, went, having a look at the tea to be good not to have.” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that this broken sobs to smile, turn around ran.

Zhao Hai turned the head to sigh said : to Dao Shu looks like does not have the means that right Senior Brother, these Senior Brother names I returned don’t know, troubled you to give to introduce.” Dao Shu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but patted head said : you to have a look at me, gave to forget this matter, come, I gave you to introduce, these were my Younger Brother, own Younger Brother, we were a mother live, the brothers 12 people, my father has not thought that will have our these many children, all names also respectively took various, afterward looked at our just right 12 people, has changed name to us, I called Dao Shu, this was my Second Brother Dao Niu, Third Brother Dao Hu, Fourth Brother Dao Tu, Fifth Brother Dao Long, Sixth Brother Dao She, Seventh Younger Brother Dao Ma, Eighth Younger Brother Dao Yang, nine younger brother Dao Hou, ten younger brother Dao Ji, 11 younger brother Dao Gou, Twelfth Brother Dao Zhu.” Zhao Hai look at these 12 people, in the mouth were speaking the modesty, is actually happily blossomed at heart, he also has to match then the Dao Shu father, really has the courage changing to the Chinese zodiac child's name, big courage seriously. 12 people had not thought that their name has anything to lose face, in fact has in the strange name in True Spirit Realm here, their names can only be ordinary. After introduction, Dao Shu then open the mouth and said: Our Dao Family is Tyrant Blade Sect governs, Great Clan in Flowing Flower City, the ancestor has also taken the post of the Tyrant Blade Sect elder, but the ancestor vowed time, in Clan did not have appears any nice successor, somewhat was also far with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, became Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples to our brothers 12 people, with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship was near.” Zhao Hai knew now, under governing of Tyrant Blade Sect, every large or small urban no less than ten thousand, but this Flowing Flower City, actually in the city of class flower riverside, is a medium grade city, this becomes famous by the one type of peach drinking party and peach blossom perch, every year when because of the both sides of class flower river, the long peach tree, the peach blossom falls, the flower petal falls in the river, the water in river, has the peach blossom fragrance, but at this time the Flowing Flower City person, will take river water making wine, but becomes the peach drinking party, peach blossom wine fragrance alcohol soft, smell sharp aroma, has not drunk is drunk first, is True Spirit Realm here one type of Very famous famous name wine, but flows in the colored river, there is a one type of perch, when this perch, the everyday peach blossom falls, in groups migration ocean, will take the peach blossom as the food, making in their meat have fragrance of peach blossom, eats is fragrant tender delicious, is the rare delicacy. At this time Qiu Tie got a robot to come, in hand of that robot was also holding a tray, was putting a teapot in the tray, with two rows of teacups, after the robot the teapot put away, immediately takes up the teacup, has put one to the front of everyone, this took up the teapot to give the people to the water. When arrived at one cup of tea after to all people, the robot fell back on the one side, Zhao Hai has held up the teacup, smiles said : to several people Senior Brother. Can with everybody together on this Deji Mountain, is the fate, come, how tastes brothers my this tea.” Dao Shu smiles said : well „. How today tastes brother your this tea.” Said that takes up the teacup, has drunk one, then has closed the eye, has tasted, nodded said : good tea, the flavor is mellow, but the fragrance is not colorful, good tea.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile. Hand signal that has made invitation, oneself carried the teacup to drink one, tea that to be honest, these robots made. Zhao Hai, really does not have anything to drink the head, the tea that because these machines make, compared with the person with the tea of hand bubble, has always been short of such Spiritual Qi. Zhao Hai is not liking. Dao Shu has drunk tea, this puts down the teacup, to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Junior Brother, you just said that you rendered meritorious service in Soaring Dragon Realm there. Then became Inner Disciples, don’t know does Junior Brother facilitate to tell us. Do you render meritorious service?”

Zhao Hai one hear of Dao Shu such asked that cannot help but looked at his one eyes. Then deep voice said : this really has not facilitated to say.” Zhao Hai was unable to tell Dao Shu this matter really them, he tells Dao Shu their him is Yin-Yang 2 elders disciple, Dao Shu they possibly will not say this matter, even if were says, he does not think that thought Zhao Hai to be in luck at most, will be received by Yin-Yang 2 elders unexpectedly is disciple, if Zhao Hai told Dao Shu them, was he extinguished Crystal Realm, he may have the matter to do, feared that was the Tyrant Blade Sect new round trouble must, therefore this matter he cannot tell Dao Shu them. Dao Shu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but somewhat awkward smiling said : of was Senior Brother I takes the liberty.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not anything, but this matter Master made me do not say, therefore cannot tell everybody, did not do right by.” Dao Shu beckoned with the hand said : is we should not ask is right, Junior Brother was too polite.” At this time these robots also started to carry dish, the liquor has also displayed, Zhao Hai was busy at asking Dao Shu they to drink, the people exchanged toasts at once, what drank was happy extremely. Has drunk the weather to be late, Dao Shu their then returned to own courtyard, waited for Dao Shu they to walk, Zhao Hai immediately made these machines tidy up thing, this was leading Qiu Tie returned to the bedroom. To the bedroom, Zhao Hai has made Qiu Tie go to own room to rest, he also lay down on his bed, has closed the eye, but he has not slept, but was monitoring Dao Shu through Space they. Zhao Hai feels very curious to Dao Shu today, because the Dao Shu curiosity probably was too heavy, saw his time most from the beginning, simply did not speak to him, afterward actually went all out inquired that his matter, this little did not suit probably, Zhao Hai wants to have a look at these fellows to do. Zhao Hai has not really guessed wrong, Dao Shu their returned to own courtyard, has not slept, but gathered in their courtyard living room, heard Dao Ma to Dao Shu said : Big Brother, today the issues should not ask that came a person with great difficulty, was not regarding to blame you us, you had a look at you, asked that many questions, if feared that Zhao Hai ran away in fear, on that this mountain, remaining we.” Dao Shu forced smile said : I do not think that but my don’t know must say anything, now we are win great reputation, the average people do not want to contact with us, sees a person with great difficulty, I naturally want many to speak to him, pulls closer to be away from, that had the words to look for the words to speak of that.” Dao Zhu said : Big Brother, you said what to do, if Zhao Hai were running away in fear by us? Master has ordered, making us probably hand over a friend, otherwise expels Sect's Master us.” Dao Shu does not make noise, is only forced smile, but Zhao Hai heard here is actually happy, he has not thought really that will run into such person in here unexpectedly, Dao Shu their several people, with person communicate, will not be will clearly be martial arts maniac that group, because Zhao Hai notes today, although their 12 people were beard of face, but the age was not very big, but their strengths, were actually obvious was higher than Lin Ling, understood at a glance that was that martial arts maniac, only knew Dao Cultivator to practice the person, person like this. With the person communicate aspect, will have certain issue.

Is adding on their strange appearance, strange appearance, no wonder they cannot make the friend, but their Master definitely also noted this point, will therefore have expelled Sect's Master them, making them probably hand over the friend. But obviously they stayed last some time in Deji Mountain here, started learn with the person communicate skill, but also appears extremely in the weakness. Presently they to themselves do not have what evil heart, Zhao Hai not to care, put out a hand to put out a piece jade slip, spiritual force realized, this jade slip was not Cultivation Method jade slip, but was jade slip that Tyrant Blade Sect apportioned, in besides the synopsis of Tyrant Blade Sect, Tyrant Blade Sect about True Spirit Realm here practiced the level division and so on introduction, these thing, originally should be Outer Disciple or the handymen disciple study, but actually arranges in these contents a hand of Inner Disciples now, this was also not the matter of means that because Zhao Hai although was Inner Disciples, but he truly was True Spirit Realm rookie. Zhao Hai has recorded Tyrant Blade Sect sect's rules first, before he was only looked simply, now looks, this Tyrant Blade Sect sect's rules also was really not many, but a little was really absolutely cannot violate, that cruelly harms the same side, this arranged in order in sect's rules first, obviously Tyrant Blade Sect to his attaching great importance to degree. After having taken down sect's rules, Zhao Hai attention centralized to behind about the division of True Spirit Realm here level , the level division of True Spirit Realm here, Zhao Hai before and don’t know, he only knows that True Spirit Realm here lowest level is Rebirth, in upward on don’t know. Currently in this jade slip to has the introduction of very detailed, in True Spirit Realm here, cultivator level is divided into 9th level, actually 1st level, Rebirth, this process refers to is the Soaring Dragon Realm person uses Cleansing Pond, removes toxin, suits the True Spirit Realm Law of the Heaven and Earth process, 2nd level, Condensed Phase, this 1st level had some exquisite, in entering to True Spirit Realm cultivator, was Immortal Stage, but Immortal Stage cultivator, had Law Idol, but after arriving at True Spirit Realm here, because difference of Law of the Heaven and Earth, therefore this Law Idol has put did not come out, but True Spirit Realm here Second Layer Condensed Phase on was by you. Condenses Law Idol, when condenses not to be good, but must, that be Law Idol of person must with your person same Sir, looks like must like Daoist/actual person, cannot to see that is Law Idol. Third Layer known as Doppelganger, Doppelganger this with Second Layer very big relationship, Doppelganger must practice your Doppelganger Law Idol, enabling your Law Idol to practice, not only practices Spiritual Qi, but must practice spiritual force, regards your External Body Incarnation to practice Law Idol, this is the meaning of Doppelganger. Fourth Layer known as Soul Fusion, so-called Soul Fusion actually also simple, practices External Body Incarnation Law Idol you, is combining with the main body of person! Like this looked like probably extremely in tossing about, your a while divided, a while must gather, was actually not, this Soul Fusion must that soul in your External Body Incarnation, combine with your soul main body, like this you not only met Spiritual Qi to rise sharply, will let also your Strength of Soul and spiritual force also rises sharply, simultaneously after you, practiced time, practice will also promote one generation, in the fight, you can also keep one eye on, this kept one eye on does not mean by you about the together attack enemy, but was says you to be able in the fight, by an own silk soul, Still helps you absorb Spiritual Qi, making your fighting strength lasting. .rt { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }