Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 2000

12 guys, put on the leather the waistcoat, carries on the back carries Great Blade, the pants of leather, is adding on pair of big leather boots, cash allow Chang short, a erectness, how this was one valiant. Dao Shu that Zhao Hai look at changes they, on the face have also shown very satisfactory smiling face, with a smile to Dao Shu their said : Senior Brother, what kind, I to the shape that you do design also?” Dao Shu face grateful look at Zhao Hai, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Junior Brother, other Senior Brother I did not say that these many years, entire Tyrant Blade Sect, you have taken seriously with us the friend, Senior Brother I will not say anything, later you are our blood brother, so long as serves a need our, in the blade, in the fire, we do not wrinkle the brow absolutely.” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, probably is the bandit who Dao Shu their this saying said is the same, but his actually understand Dao Shu they were the sincerity, Zhao Hai deep voice said : several Senior Brother were too polite, walked, we ate meal.” Dao Shu they not polite, entered the dining room with Zhao Hai, in the dining room already suspended the breakfast, breakfast optional, eats is also some rice gruel anything, very simple. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hantou to Dao Shu their said : Senior Brother Dao, I wants the following place, a while comes back, you as one likes.” Dao Shu they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that quickly said: „Doesn't Senior Brother, with need us to go with you? Nearby this Deji Mountain may not be that safe, once for a while will meet Monster Beast.” Zhao Hai said : is not using, I am thing that yesterday just planted. Today also has the Monster Beast destruction. If no Monster Beast to destroy, I must go to Miscellaneous Hall there, you did not use with me.” Dao Shu one hear of Zhao Hai said that nodded said : well, you carefully, if there is any matter, wants the signal, our immediately gets down.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, was holding on Qiu Tie Pegasus, flew toward the mountain on. Zhao Hai transferred in that ten mu place there. Has destroyed situation without the location, he has not gotten down, Pegasus is flying directly in the Miscellaneous Hall direction on command(er). Zhao Hai one time goes to Miscellaneous Hall, wants to discuss with the Miscellaneous Hall person. Had a look at them to be able that lands under Deji Mountain to him, he to be able in some there many Bamboo rice or Bread Tree. This to is not Zhao Hai wants many, but is he wants in this way, making more people come to Deji Mountain here, so long as Deji Mountain here person were many, when the time comes he safety, can practice relieved. A Zhao Hai minute of clarity, Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast, can Tyrant Blade Sect Deji Mountain here compelling in abandoning, these Monster Beast strength certain very formidable. He needs some time an adaptation True Spirit Realm here environment well now, must practice well, but if these Monster Beast always disturb daily, he wants to practice also inadequately, therefore Zhao Hai thinks that the Deji Mountain here environment can do well a little, when the time comes Deji Mountain here person were many, these Monster Beast came, he did not need to fear, naturally some people helped him keep off, he can practice well.

said it. Then big a piece surface-to-air, Zhao Hai look at is uncomfortable, therefore Zhao Hai is thinking must go to Miscellaneous Hall there to ask, has a look at Miscellaneous Hall there whether the there land to him, when the time comes he can in some there many thing. Qiu Tie although don’t know Zhao Hai must do. However he had not asked that he after is a child. Is impossible to guess correctly the idea of Zhao Hai. Non-stop flew for nearly five hours, Zhao Hai arrived at miscellaneous matters large building there, stopped Pegasus, after letting that servant Pegasus has hung up the number plate, Zhao Hai leads Qiu Tie to enter miscellaneous matters large building. Entered miscellaneous matters large building first floor, how Zhao Hai real don’t know must also handle, because wrapped place matter likely, his first doing, he also real don’t know must go to there to handle. Looks cultivator that first floor hall here these passed and out, the Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, pulling Qiu Tie arrives has met duty stage there, in meeting duty following counter there, several female cultivator are busy in there, has projection on counter inside wall, above is demonstrating all kinds of duty. Zhao Hai looked at one, has not had duty about Deji Mountain that lands, but he stood behind row of cultivator to line up, he planned to ask these female cultivator, this package place must look for anyone. Quick front several cultivator met duty to walk, Zhao Hai arrived at counter there, smiled said : this Junior Sister to invite to that female cultivator, below Zhao Hai, lives on Deji Mountain now, today wants to ask, under the matter of that places about Deji Mountain, presently under Deji Mountain has a big stretch of open area below, these places soil quality also good, was very suitable to cultivate, but did not have the race, wanted that piece below, whom can don’t know ask to handle this matter?” That female cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then her face is startled look at Zhao Hai said : that accommodates this Senior Brother, haven't I misunderstood? You were said that you do want to plant that land under Deji Mountain? The situation of your don’t know that place?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the situation of that place I to know that is too near to Black Dragon Mountain, always has Monster Beast to come to disturb, this I know that I do want to plant that land, what don’t know must look to probably go through the formalities?” That female cultivator looks at Lunatic same look look at Zhao Hai with one type of, some little time she sinks said : „to go through the formalities in my here, in the gate has duty regarding that place, anybody wants in the there place, to wrap to give him free, moreover in all harvests belong to you, does not need to deliver Sect, but after having met this duty, place that Senior Brother you cannot change, can only be lives in Deji Mountain, not issue?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really will have like this good matter, his quickly said: Does not have the issue, this duty I have met, was right, do I under Deji Mountain, how many plant?” That female cultivator nodded said : „, the there place all was you, you want to plant many to plant many, was right, this duty was the lifelong system. Also in other words. So long as you have not died, or does not have ascend leave Deji Mountain, the there place all was your, naturally, Deji Mountain cannot to you, but on Deji Mountain you can choose a mountain peak to take your dwelling, that mountain peak turned over to you, without your permission, others cannot on that mountain peak.”

The Zhao Hai great happiness, he is intimate friends said : well. I want Yuanyue Peak.” That female cultivator nodded said : to ask Senior Brother to take your Identity Card, I must register.” Zhao Hai put out Blade Command to give that female cultivator, that female cultivator put out a piece jade slip to give in the Zhao Hai registration. After waiting to register, that female cultivator has given back to Zhao Hai Blade Command. Claw brother is quite far to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to that female cultivator, expressed gratitude, this then Qiu Tie walked. Zhao Hai just when led duty, some surroundings also many people heard, these people heard Zhao Hong duty, somewhat curious look at Zhao Hai, they really have not thought that Zhao Hai will lead this kind of duty unexpectedly, these people puzzled were bringing ridicule look look at Zhao Hai with one type of, such was looking at an idiot probably. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many. He led Qiu Tie to leave miscellaneous matters large building, after having paid, was riding Pegasus direct Yin-Yang Peak. Zhao Hai goes to Yin-Yang Peak there to own decision tell Yin-Yang 2 elders, to be honest, he wants under Deji Mountain that places, there are to help Tyrant Blade Sect defend the meaning of Black Dragon Mountain there, he now after is the Tyrant Blade Sect person, handling the matter must be Tyrant Blade Sect considers. Pegasus is quick, after one hour, Zhao Hai arrived at Yin-Yang Peak, Zhao Hai has not ridden Pegasus to fly on Yin-Yang Peak directly. He thinks such is to two Master does not respect, therefore he has gotten down Pegasus at the foot of the hill, then received Pegasus, leading Qiu Tie to walk toward Yin-Yang Peak on gradually. Zhao Hai did not fear that was seen him to receive Pegasus, because in Cultivation World there. Also some people will raise some Battle Beast, but these Battle Beast. If not fight time, will be loaded into special Hibernation Space to let their hibernate, therefore he locates to receive Pegasus, some people will not suspect that he received in Pegasus Space. Zhao Hong Qiu Tie, they were arriving on Yin-Yang Peak before long, Yin-Yang Peak is not high, elevation insufficient kilometer, appearance of the mountain also not very steep, does not have the extraordinary place, if no Yin-Yang 2 elders to live in here, simply nobody will give a name to such hill. Zhao Hai to the Yin-Yang 2 elders institute outside, not polite, shoved open the front gate directly straight, looked to courtyard in that Qiu Zhen is cleaning in courtyard, actually in courtyard was very clean, but he could not idle, always wants to look for something to do to oneself. Hears the gate sound, Qiu Zhen gained ground, saw Zhao Hai, follows Qiu Tie near Zhao Hai, Qiu Zhen immediately/on horseback to stand to see Young Master to Zhao Heli said :.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : Uncle Zhen, you were too polite, do I say a matter to Master today, Master have the time?”

Has not waited for Qiu Zhen to reply that hears the Yin elder sound to transmit said : to come from the living room.” Zhao Han was busy at complying with one, then turned the head to Qiu Tie said : small iron, you played a while outside with your grandfather, I went on the line.” Said that Zhao Hai loosened the hand of Qiu Tie, has arrived at living room there, pushed the door to walk, doorkeeper closed from inside conveniently. Qiu Zhen looked at Zhao Hai to enter the room, this has drawn Qiu Tie, to Qiu Tie said : Little Hai, hey the master was what kind to you? Do you have to be obedient?” Qiu Tie nodded said : grandfather feel relieved, hey he is very good to me, I am also obedient, the grandfather you are don’t know, hey the master has plenty puppet person, these puppet people can do the housework, therefore I, so long as follows side hey the master, helping him convey a message has been OK, other anything did not need to do.” Qiu Zhen said : puppet person? Hey does the master make the puppet person do housework? Their meeting?” Qiu Tie nodded said : meeting, the puppet person who hey his puppet person, one type of does not fight, will only do the housework, but these fellow stupid, after any matter must hear the order, does, was stupid.” Qiu Zhen one hear of Qiu Tie said that this relaxed, then his deep voice said : small iron, you must well hey the master, should not be loaf, trick/hand and foot wants diligently a little, do not forget, you yes hey servant of master...... Qiu Zhen starts to preach Qiu Tie throughout, nod that Qiu Tie keeps.( To be continued., Casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }