Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2002

Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie sit on Pegasus, flies toward Deji Mountain there, Zhao Hai saw Qiu Tie this time not like former such, sitting of excited on Pegasus, the facial expression that small face rare appears has not abandoned, his cannot help but psychology moved, then sighed, he knows that Qiu Tie missed certainly homeland, thinks is also, Qiu Tie was only five years old, the age, if on Earth, that absolutely were parents' one's favorite, how possibly by him, when servant, but in True Spirit Realm here, he must coming out work, even can say that he became the Clan show. chess piece. Zhao Hai very clear, although he status in Tyrant Blade Sect does not reveal now, but cannot support him to have two good Master, Yin-Yang 2 elders wants also in one day, is in Tyrant Blade Sect a considerable strength, their status are placed in there, but is their disciple Zhao Hai, later certainly will become in Tyrant Blade Sect most noticeable one group of people, will possibly obtain the even bigger authority. But at this time, Qiu Zhen put his side Qiu Tie, if later he reached, status of that Qiu Tie in Tyrant Blade Sect was also when water rises, the boat rises with it, this had the advantage regarding entire Qiu Family. Therefore Zhao Hai was seeing the appearance that Qiu Tie that does not abandon, has not said anything, he is impossible to make Qiu Tie returned to Qiu Family go, if he has done, not helpfuls but harmful to Qiu Tie. How Zhao Hai also real don’t know must comfort Qiu Tie now, he regarding dealing with the child, really does not have what experience, when he also when tries to find the solution, actually the suddenly facial expression moves, the complexion big change, then Zhao Hai lowers the head to Qiu Tie said : small iron. Person are riding this Pegasus. Slowly flies toward Deji Mountain, my line, Deji Mountain there has met Monster Beast attack, I must go back to have a look.” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback lifts small face said : Young Master, I go back with your together.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Small iron is obedient, you go back unable to help now, I go back to help them, you fly in behind slowly, capture. Do not be fallen down by oneself.” Qiu Tie just about to says anything, Zhao Hai wields, release Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, then he one jumped carrying on the back of Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede. Flies in the Deji Mountain direction. Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede is quick, moreover he is Monster Beast of fight, therefore Zhao Hai will put him to come out, this only Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede lives, does not turn into Undead Creature that. Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede excited flies in the Deji Mountain direction, but also once for a while the 1 or 2 sound excited cry, caused that following some Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator puzzled look at sky of being perplexed, their here to the Deji Mountain also distance, their naturally don’t know Deji Mountain there lived anything, therefore curiously is the cry that any Monster Beast comes out. Zhao Hai actually has not managed that many now. He returned to Deji Mountain there, although he is knowing from Cai'er there anxiously that these time attacks Deji Mountain Monster Beast and ice are many, only then about 30, but he actually feared that Dao Shu they cannot withstand accidentally, these Monster Beast the field that he planted destroying, when the time comes he must plant.

From Space monitor there, Zhao Hai knew, these time attacks Deji Mountain Monster Beast to have 30, 20 are only Monster Beast that in the ground runs. It looks like some looks like wolves, but other ten are actually flying in the sky Monster Beast, these ten Monster Beast look like looks like vulture, but these ten vulture are threatens to Deji Mountain there in a big way. These Monster Beast strength is not very strong, however they coordinate is actually very good. Dao Shu they have not arrived at the Teleportation boundary now, therefore they have not been able to fly. As the matter stands, they must deal with wolf pack in ground, must deal with vulture in sky, wants to end the fight not to be impossible in a short time. However generally speaking, Dao Shu they compare these Monster Beast strengths to strive to excel on some, therefore they will not have any matter in a short time. However Zhao Hai is actually feared that many Monster Beast will attack Deji Mountain, at the appointed time thinks field that if planting him destroying, he must in be more troublesome. Zhao Hai stands on Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, in his hand were many Great Blade, this has about five meters Great Blade considerable, is one lengthens Azure Dragon Crescent Blade of version, Zhao Hai has not thought must get down to help Dao Shu they cope with these wolf pack, this time target is these vulture. Was less than a half hour, Zhao Hai has been able to see Deji Mountain, on Deji Mountain was circling vulture also looked at a purity by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has wielded, release massive Double Sting Bee, then command(er) Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede and Double Sting Bee, threw toward these vulture. These vulture obviously also present aggressive Zhao Hai they, but these vulture obvious has not paid attention to them, their unexpectedly soldier! Zhao Hai saw that five vulture throw toward him, another five vulture are still gathering round the Yuanyue Peak attack, Zhao Hai is not really calm, he has not thought that True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast, unexpectedly so intelligent, will divide unexpectedly also forces. However this also just and meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wields the in hand long blade, shouted: Kills!” The Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede in addition, direct vulture kills.

This only vulture personal appearance fully has about ten meters, the wing opens, about 30 meters, the silver-white color such as the curved hook same big mouth, the claw is such as strongly, understands at a glance the strength to be extraordinary, one hear of vulture also noted Zhao Hai obviously, that only vulture screamed one, a both wings racket, has drawn a very elegant arc in in midair, threw toward Zhao Hai. The Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede keenly blowing of Zhao Hai under foot, welcomed that only vulture Dark mist to puff out, one group of Dark mist one that only vulture covering in middle, a that only vulture scream, from the sky shook two to shake, downward fell, his body was black. However Zhao Hai has not actually given him this opportunity, in hand Great Blade wields, a blade cut on that only vulture neck, listened to bu, such as the defeat leather, Zhao Hai this blade cannot unexpectedly that only vulture neck to complete cutting off, but his trachea cutting off, although that vulture still could not only live, but Zhao Hai actually could not bear at heart one startled. His blade left fully, but actually the trachea of vulture cutting off, but the head of vulture chopping, obviously this vulture defense capability is formidable how, must know that only vulture deadly was passed at that time to the poisonous corona by Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede toxin, does not have a response, in that case, vulture can also have such strong defense capability, this is really by Zhao Hai being startled. However Zhao Hai also knows, now is not research these vulture time, vulture that his hand wielded that only die took in Space the person, then command(er) these Double Sting Bee, have shot a needle to remaining four vulture. Double Sting Bee tail needle that is the incisiveness that became famous, general defense simply cannot work as their tail needle attack, in adding on, no matter Double Sting Bee or Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, after entering Space, their genes obtained improvement on certain degree, this lets Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede toxin formidable, makes the Double Sting Bee tail needle incisive. Before vulture, has not met Monster Beast like Double Sting Bee, no matter Double Sting Bee is also good, is nine days of Cloud Centipede is also good, they are Soaring Dragon Realm there Monster Beast, but Soaring Dragon Realm there Monster Beast, with True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast not, therefore fierce of these vulture simply don’t know Double Sting Bee, when they must carry on attack to Double Sting Bee, the Double Sting Bee tail needle has shot their front. These vulture want avoid, actually could not achieve, the vulture build is very big, the wing is very big, from the sky they the flight straight line, is quick, the words that but wants to make a turn, actually need to transfer greatly curved, wants to carry on to dodge the words that the extension organizes in a small area, that is impossible, opportunity that therefore they hide does not have, four vulture were shot the hedgehog at the scene. although vulture defense capability very formidable, did not have immediately/on horseback dead, but the trace on Double Sting Bee tail needle, can actually let bleeding that they kept, on adding on the Double Sting Bee tail needle may also be poisonous, these vulture that could bear this, from the sky shook two to shake downward to plant. Zhao Hai naturally will not let off this good opportunity, lost the resistance that several directly, but also vulture of remaining final one breaths received the Space city, but he has not turned into Undead Creature that several vulture, but has carried on the treatment to them, in Space were also many a species.

Tidied up that five vulture, Zhao Hai immediately threw toward remaining five vulture, that five vulture have not thought that Zhao Hai they can in such a short time, tidy up their five companions, they screamed, turn around ran, these Monster Beast were not the brave warriors who fierce did not fear, only if was violent beast tide time, otherwise the courage of these Monster Beast were not very big, you hit several, remaining escaping definitely. These vulture run, Dao Shu they can cope with remaining these wolf shape Monster Beast with single-hearted devotion, when Dao Shu they prepare to slaughter, these wolf in Monster Beast, face upwarded a long and loud cry, then these wolf shape Monster Beast turn around ran, did not have the mark war. Sees this situation, Dao Shu they have not pursued, their although did not understand how is together with the person, but they and Monster Beast fight experience actually very rich, but wolf shape Monster Beast, is in Monster Beast very sly one type of, before they when wolf shape Monster Beast retreated, has carried on the pursuit, but the ambush, the difference varying point had actually suffered a loss, from then on they saw that wolf Monster Beast retreated, was not pursuing, rather few received a victory, they must assure own safety. Just Zhao Hai with that only vulture in the situation in sky fighting, they also saw, although they have not been able to fly, but however their looks were good, was adding on the place that Zhao Hai and vulture fought, to the ground was not very high, therefore they saw Zhao Hai clearly, but Dao Shu they have not thought that Zhao Hai can unexpectedly command(er) these many Monster Beast. Looked that these Monster Beast retreated, Zhao Hai received Double Sting Bee, command(er) Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede was falling in courtyard, jumped down since carrying on the back of Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, receives Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, Zhao Hai then they walked toward Dao Shu, but Dao Shu they also welcomed toward Zhao Hai. To Zhao Hai also several far times, Dao Shu laughs said : Little Hai, has not thought really that you really have this, HaHaHa, fierce, Elder Brother I admire.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }