Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2004

Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to Dao Shu said : Lesser Dao, tamed Monster Beast I already to be able, these Monster Beast were I, when Soaring Dragon Realm there, when exited to make duty after meeting, tamed, now just right release helps me fight, has not thought that also really became.” Dao Shu laughs said : to envy you, your youngster study is mixed enough, be careful two elders criticize you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have means that had already met, he he, walks, entered the room to say.” Dao Shu they nodded toward the straton in walk. Zhao Hai they now not in No.52 Courtyard House sub-, but courtyard wall there was destroyed one now, just these wolf shape Monster Beast crashed in courtyard from that place. However is good because of the house to is destroyed . Moreover the robot to was destroyed several, these robot although are the maid robots, does not have no fighting strength, however in Comprehend the world there, the robot has the rules, first choice in any situation, must guarantee the first human the security, naturally, in the fight robot does not have these rules, these rules are only suitable for the Yu Clan courtyard using the machine. Because of this rules, therefore these maid robots look at these wolf shape Monster Beast, attacks Dao Shu they, these robot immediately flushed, although their immediately by wolf shape Monster Beast tearing into shreds, but they truly rushed. Zhao Hai received in these machines the world, the preparation manufactures, has not actually thought that Dao Shu they actually look like Zhao Hai to propose wants these destroyed robots, Zhao Hai is somewhat puzzled, but Dao Shu they said. Must remain to make commemorating. Several Zhao Hai did not have to say anything. Has given Dao Shu them the robot, Dao Shu their happy received the robot. After handling these matters, Zhao Hai they arrived in the living room to sit, naturally had the remaining robots to come to them to deliver to serve tea. Zhao Hai has drunk tea, can this to Dao Shu said : Senior Brother Dao, how these Monster Beast suddenly run attack you?” Dao Shu forced smile said : brothers, you must be familiar with, in Deji Mountain here, this is very ordinary matter, Monster Beast on Black Dragon Mountain once for a while will run over attack we. We have been used to it, now your understand, why we servant hitting, these do not have no fighting strength servant. Keeps here, if meets Monster Beast attack, that can only wait for death.”

Zhao Hai nodded, complexion became heavy, his first time was Qiu Tie was worried, if will have the Monster Beast attack in the future, when the time comes feared that was he can only with Space Divergent Technique Qiu Tie packing off. The Dao Shu look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : to be good, Brother, don't worry. although Black Dragon Mountain there will always run some Monster Beast to harass us, but these Monster Beast strengths are not very strong, if here runs too strong Monster Beast, Sect already sent out Expert, Black Dragon Mountain there putting down.” Reason that Zhao Hai to is believes this point, Tyrant Blade Sect leaves behind Black Dragon Mountain here, to give Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator leaves behind a place of smelting trial, although superficially Black Dragon Mountain here probably is not controllable, but Zhao Hai believes that Tyrant Blade Sect is permits certainly Black Dragon Mountain here Monster Beast in a controllable range. Otherwise threatened the rule of Tyrant Blade Sect, must know that this Black Dragon Mountain ridge, was in Tyrant Blade Sect, if one day of Monster Beast suddenly to come a big violent, an interior in Tyrant Blade Sect cultured. That Tyrant Blade Sect may have the pleasure to look. Has thought through this point, Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath. Then turned the head to look at Dao Shu their several people of eyes, then showed a faint smile said : several Senior Brother, the brothers I must in here you tell that has sorry, you feared that must move.” Dao Shu stares, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : brothers, what meaning is your this saying? Do you want to catch up with several of us to walk?” Dao Niu their also complexion bad look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „It is not the brothers I must catch up with you to walk, but was the brothers I have met duty today, I wanted behind Deji Mountain that places, must in there crops, actually not think that this unexpectedly was in duty of department, after I have met this duty, this Yuanyue Peak turned over to me, this Yuan Yue Feng turned over to me not to have anything, I with good that several Senior Brother lived, does not want to move out by you, but you also know that the brothers I just entered Sect, under one on meeting such duty, naturally. Must say one to Master, Master one hear of I received this duty, lets me in the Yuanyue Peak here practice, moreover fears me to divert attention, they feared that will make in the gate act, making several Senior Brother go to other place, I first please several Senior Brother have forgiven in here, several Senior Brother feel relieved, when this Yuanyue Peak you want to come to come, I will also be giving each of you to match a robot, please several Senior Brother should not be offended.” HaHaHa!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dao Shu cannot help but laughs, then makes an effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : brothers, you have thought that is acted by that two Elders, our that does not dare, since, you just arrived at True Spirit Realm, truly needs a place relieved practice, is adding on that two Elders to teach your thing, not suitable we looked that had not said that did not need Sect saying that yesterday we moved, but the brothers, that robot, you may probably give us, this cannot be few.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Does not have the issue, just Monster Beast attack time, ten were destroyed outside robot, now here also 20, this courtyard, cleaned up was similar, you directly took away 12 to be good, remaining several, this courtyard was also sufficient.” Dao Shu smiles said : well, our impolite, Brother, we must in the selecting place, not remain in your this, that several robots we carried off.” Zhao Hai nodded, called these robots, let Dao Shu their candidate, then Zhao Hai put out Space Bag to give Dao Shu said : Senior Brother Dao, your this moved, the brothers I did not have what to be good to deliver you, this gave you, the here surface was some daily necessities, when the time comes you made these robots display to you on the line.”

Dao Shu received Space Bag, spiritual force searches toward, inside thing are really presently many, he not polite, held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : brothers, Elder Brother I do not say anything, our brothers said that these I, has remembered, had the matter to officially inform one, if you did not make noise, that Elder Brother my not happy.” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand, he he chuckle said : that dares, several Senior Brother took care, choosing the dwelling to receive a letter to me, has the time to ask me to drink.” Dao Shu they laugh, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, turn around walked. look at Dao Shu their backs, on the face of Zhao Hai cannot help but have also shown a smiling face. Dao Shu they will not have flown now, therefore can only downward walk one to run from Yuanyue Peak, then follows the following mountain road to go to other mountain peaks, this distance is not near. To be honest Zhao Hai thought that is very unfair to Dao Shu they, he just one, they gave to push Dao Shu, but he does not have the matter of means that his matter, cannot to know absolutely. Dao Shu they just the disappearing trace, heard airborne hear sound of the broken wind, then Pegasus declined from sky, Pegasus just fell, Qiu Tie carrying on the back that from flying to ride jumped down, because Pegasus is too high, Qiu Tie in jumping down, but also fell a tumble, but his immediately jumped, fast ran up to the Zhao Hai side, in the eye belt tears look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, are you all right?” The Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, puts out a hand to trace Qiu Tie head said : feel relieved, I am all right, he he, does not use anxiously, walks, enters the room.” Qiu Tie has complied with one, entered the room with Zhao Hai. To the room, Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie said : small iron, I must conduct a test to you today, what attribute spirit root conjunction has a look at you with, is good to teach you to practice, don't you reach an agreement well?” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : Young Master, you said that I can same practice with you? Can I also be equally fierce to you?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „my hard, the person who Tyrant Blade Sect I am fierce are many went, feel relieved, you can in the future and they are equally fierce.” Qiu Tie is actually shook the head said : not, Young Master you are fiercest, I listened to the grandfather saying that Young Master you were fiercest.”

Zhao Hai smiled, has not said anything, he put out a hand to put out water Crystal Ball, this water Crystal Ball was not superficially so is simple, this was product that Space produced, his main doing used, was tests the person and spirit root compatibility, Zhao Hai has put out water Crystal Ball, has handed nearby Qiu Tie said : small iron, you grabbed this water Crystal Ball, then all attention centralized to this water Crystal Ball on, distracting thoughts do not have, start.” Qiu Tie is obedient received water Crystal Ball, then all attention centralized to water Crystal Ball on, his also heart has the distracting thoughts most from the beginning, however his attention slowly started to concentrate, recalled very much in his eyes only then that water Crystal Ball. Then on water Crystal Ball flashed with brilliant rays, then on water Crystal Ball appears one line of characters: Earth element spirit root compatibility, 70%, Water element spirit root compatibility, 2%, Fire element spirit root compatibility, 1%, Metal element spirit root compatibility, 2%, Wood element spirit root compatibility, 1%, other spirit root compatibility, less than 1%. Saw this row of digit, Zhao Hai nature immediately knew Qiu Tie attribute, with spirit root that Qiu Tie most agreed with is earth attribute, moreover besides earth attribute, other spirit root can not need to look. Zhao Hai deep voice said : good small iron, drops.” Qiu Tie one recovers, he has complied with one, has given Zhao Hai water Crystal Ball. Zhao Hai received water Crystal Ball, received, then his look at Qiu Tie, in the static ponder, to be honest, what Cultivation Method Zhao Hai now after thinking Qiu Tie must study. earth attribute spirit root, best is studies some defense strength to be high, increases the strength Cultivation Method, such Cultivation Method, preliminary effective is possibly very slow, but actually meets very formidable later. Thinks that Zhao Hai suddenly two eyes one bright, he has thought one type of Cultivation Method, that is in 18 Arhat Profound Technique, Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique is in 18 Arhat Profound Technique, one set of Cultivation Method, mainly increases the strength, increases the defense, although this is one set of Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, however his basic attribute is actually earth attribute, is suiting the Qiu Tie study. .rt! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }