Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2005
Qiu Tie somewhat restless look at Zhao Hai, what Cultivation Method his don’t know Zhao Hai will make him practice, however his at heart more is actually joyful, because he can practice finally! In True Spirit Realm here, that person does not want to practice, however in general Sect, like Qiu Tie, only then single Spirit Root compatibility cultivator, general Sect will not want, because such person wants to practice successfully, becomes Advanced level cultivator, was too difficult, that is almost impossible. That Sect has not hoped one spend cultivator that innumerable effort have trained, finally is still only Inferior level cultivator, therefore this single Spirit Root cultivator, almost does not have that Sect meeting to train him likely. Qiu Tie is in itself the True Spirit Realm person, regarding this situation, naturally was the purity that knew, originally he once thinks one did not have practice opportunity, now Zhao Hai actually must teach him to practice, he naturally was happy extremely. In Qiu Tie uneasy time, Zhao Hai suddenly open the mouth and said: Small iron, you with Earth element spirit root compatibility are highest, my here has one set to teach you in Cultivation Method that Lower Realm obtains, what degree but don’t know this set of Cultivation Method can practice , are you also willing to study?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Qiu Tie the point is about to fall, his quickly said: I want, I want, asking Young Master to teach you.” The Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie appearance, shows a faint smile said : that well, starting today, I teach you to practice, this jade slip you take away first, recorded inside content ripe, after wait for you recorded these contents was ripe, I official taught you to practice.” Was saying Zhao Hai while put out a piece jade slip to hand over Qiu Tie. A Qiu Tie face joyful received jade slip said : is, invited Young Master feel relieved. I in the shortest time write certainly down the content in jade slip.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to go, does not need to manage me, I must practice.” Qiu Tie has complied with one, turn around returned to own room. look at his appearance. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this youngster, he he, looked that he can walk is far.” Said that Zhao Hai stands up walks outward. Looked at this No.52 Courtyard House to outside Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile, this big piece of courtyard was actually him, Zhao Hai wielded has put Pegasus, jumped onto the horseback, Zhao Hai command(er) Pegasus was flying. Gathered round No.52 Courtyard House to transfer the extension, quick, the entire No.52 Courtyard House appearance was received in Space by Zhao Hai. Gives people a hard time No.52 Courtyard House to altogether have the courtyard 12 sets, each set of courtyard minimum can live in ten to two to arrive at about the person. Moreover one on facility very complete, has the special cafeteria, has special martial arts training ground, moreover Zhao Hai also presently, here probably also has formation. However these formation now were not probably useful, sees here, Zhao Hai immediately to Cai'er said : Cai'er, analyzes entire courtyard. What has a look at this courtyard is, makes a recurrence plot to come out. If this courtyard constructed good, did not need to design again. If incorrect words, that design again one this courtyard.” Cai'er complied with one, immediately they started with Laura, but their each and every one now is competitive, look at their appearances, Zhao Hai also cannot help but showed a faint smile, he has thought that when designed here courtyard, Zhao Hai they met Laura, Laura they with his such long time, few appears in the front of person, before had feared that by existence of others Space, Zhao Hai was not feared now, his in hand had Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise two side great seals, in these two side great seals had oneself independent space, Zhao Hai said that Laura they were dull in the Vermillion Bird seal, or Black Tortoise. In seal, this nobody will suspect. although said that the Vermillion Bird seal and Black Tortoise seal also directs Magical Treasure that the person covets, but do not forget, but Zhao Hai now two formidable Master, Yin-Yang 2 elders are not the friendly stubble, if makes them know that some people dare to snatch Zhao Hai thing, they will not let off that person.

However an existing person difficult problem, that is Laura they are not Immortal Stage Expert, they are not Immortal Stage Expert this little are troublesome, although said that the water in Cleansing Pond, has doing of adjustment to use, to let them to their physique possibly in the True Spirit Realm here activity, but if makes the True Spirit Realm here person present, some people can violate True Spirit Realm here Law unexpectedly, by the Immortal Stage following strength, can in the True Spirit Realm here free activity, that certain cause a great disturbance, when the time comes feared that was Yin-Yang 2 elders could not preserve him, after all this matter was too big. Now the spirit density in Space must miss compared with True Spirit Realm here on a little, in previous some time, the Spiritual Qi density in Space almost with the True Spirit Realm here Spiritual Qi density was the same, Laura their progress will be when the time comes faster a little, believes that it will not take long Laura they can appears in True Spirit Realm here, such words Zhao Hai come their release, some people will not suspect. Regarding the No.52 Courtyard House here situation, Zhao Hai is not two points of worry, because No.52 Courtyard House here although had some places to be destroyed, but generally speaking, the No.52 Courtyard House here cardinal principle had not been destroyed many, the construction basically was also complete, was having the help of Universal Analyzer in addition, therefore didn't take long, Cai'er has made the No.52 Courtyard House here original map. Attained the No.52 Courtyard House original map, Zhao Hai stayed, he has not thought really that No.52 Courtyard House here unexpectedly such attractive, No.52 Courtyard House here 12 courtyard, became four square shape branches, in the entire No.52 Courtyard House middle, was huge martial arts training ground, in martial arts training ground not far away was a cafeteria, these two places belong to the public utility, each yard also had own small martial arts training ground, but did not have the cafeteria, these yard, comprised of huge four square shape courtyard, this on was gives people a hard time No.52 Courtyard House. although said that the whole seems like very ordinary, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, this courtyard agrees without consultation one set of Four States Great Formation. But martial arts training ground there is entire Four States Formation formation core, one, but has the enemy to attack, the people can gather at martial arts training ground there, obeys orders to oppose the enemy, can in martial arts training ground there control entire Great Formation. Design of this courtyard very reasonable, he is one lives in courtyard of person. Might as well said that he is a somewhat alternative military compound, so long as repairs Four States Formation, in having enough manpower, wants to capture No.52 Courtyard House. It is not that easy. The truth courtyard style is not considered as that fine scenery, composed beauty of working with great care, but is one type of is firm, the beauty of blood and iron, the appearance of the mountain union with Deji Mountain here in together, is such relative profit is clear, seriously is many one point of suspicion fertilizers, few one point of suspicion is thin. Some little time Zhao Hai responded. His deep voice said : Cai'er, do you think what kind of? But here in the future our home for a long time, moreover and other courtyard fixed, after wait for you arrived at Immortal Stage. You must come out here to live with my together, must add any thing.” Laura smiles said : not to need Elder Brother Hai, the whole not to need to change, but defensive formation in courtyard, I look to change to change. formation of most minimum that plane must change three-dimensional, Elder Brother Hai, you had the time over the two days, goes to Master there. Can look attain some True Spirit Realm here formation from Master there, like this we have confidence here change was better. The although whole does not need to change, however inside interior decoration. Actually comes according to our meanings.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, listens your, prepares thing, prepares the robot, remaining all looked my, you relieved practice when Space, I these days did not prepare to exit, you will not have any matter, you practiced Immortal Stage as soon as possible, when the time comes we can outside together.” Laura their simultaneously has complied with one, they possibly does not care regarding other matter, but regarding can frequently accompanying in the Zhao Hai side, Laura they actually very care, before they did not worry to practice do not have a reason of practice, but currently they have the reason, naturally fully will practice. Laura they in Space, design No.52 Courtyard House here internal interior decoration, but Zhao Hai actually started to carry on to reorganize to No.52 Courtyard House here appearance.

However now Zhao Hai makes these robots pick some Stone, prepared to repair the institute using, but he said to Qiu Tie, rode Pegasus to directly soar the Yin-Yang mountain directly. After several hours, Zhao Hai arrived at the Yin-Yang mountain, Zhao Hai still as usual stopped under Pegasus the mountain, then walked to climb mountains, when he climbed mountains, is afternoon. To the front gate outside, Zhao Hai has pushed the door to walk, Qiu Zhen still, before Qiu Zhen went home is because Yin-Yang 2 elders is not, he finished the matter in courtyard, will use in the Portable Transmission Formation returned to family, now Yin-Yang 2 elders came back, he naturally must defend in here. However Qiu Zhen now not in busy, but these robots is doing this to do that in command(er), looked at Zhao Hai to come, moving forward to meet somebody of Qiu Zhen immediately/on horseback face smiling face, bowed said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Uncle Zhen, you are that polite, what kind of? Do these robots use fortunately?” Qiu Zhen smiles said : easily-to-use, is very easy-to-use, but also wants multi- thanks Young Master you, had these robots, I am more relaxed, but these robots to have created many troubles to me, I also really feared that one day, they substituted for my work.” Zhao Hai one hear of Qiu Zhen said that cannot help but laughs said : Uncle Zhen, you have considered thoroughly, when no matter arrives, the robot is impossible to replace the person, this point you do not need to be worried, even if these robots, his also important person does come command(er) not?” Did Qiu Zhen nod with a smile said : Young Master you are looks for two Old Master? Two Old Master both, your please come in.” Zhao Hai nodded, has arrived at hall there, deep voice said : Master, the disciple interview.” The Yin elder sound conveys said : to come.” Zhao Hai pushed the door to walk, saluted to them. Yin elder look at Zhao Hai did said : such quickly come back? What matter has?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is Master, disciple accepted No.52 Courtyard House, wants to restore the original appearance there, there Defense Item formation had a problem probably, disciple has wanted to ask Master, your did here have in Sect jade slip about formation research aspect, if any, whether to let a disciple view?” Yin elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : you also Dao of Formations?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, understands, before disciple, in Cultivation World there research some, in disciple Body-maneuvering Technique, has included studying of part of Formation, therefore disciple wants to No.52 Courtyard House there defensive formation, to carry on some modification.” look at Zhao Hai said : that Yang elder decides „can you have confidence? This Formation research is not a day or two can complete, duty that you want now is the practice, cannot, because this delayed the practice, we can let in Sect, sends out some special Formation Master , helping you there formation repair well.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : Master to invite feel relieved, disciple will not harm the training, formation studies a principle to pass, hundred principles are bright, so long as after learn, is actually not that difficult, moreover disciple studying of Formation is different from other person some, disciple arrange Formation, others cloth does not come out, therefore they want to help unable to add on.” Yin elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : tone not to be small, good, formation this matter I give you to solve, what formation I to have a look at you to arrange.” Said on him flash of white light, vanish from sight. Yang elder look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : after a period of time, our two must go to your there to have a look, how has a look at your yard arrangement, if arranges is not good, but do not blame me two punish you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Master to ask feel relieved, disciple certainly not to disappoint you.” He just said that flash of white light, Yin elder appears in the living room, then lost a piece jade slip to Zhao Hai said : was taking, this is in Sect some commonly used formation, if you these formation research understand, in that True Spirit Realm, have been able to live in your Formation not to be many rarely.” Zhao Hai received jade slip, holds the fist in the other hand to Yin elder said : thanks a lot Master, Master this can jade slip also go back? If must, disciple now record him.” Yin elder shook the head said : not to need, this jade slip is I records, you take research, has remembered, can not delay the practice, otherwise looked how I tidy up you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, in one time to Yin elder gave a salute, deep voice said : that disciple has asked to be excused, crosses several days to have the words of time, two Master can go to the disciple yard to have a look, if disciple does is not good, whatever punishes.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand, Zhao Hai then turn around leave. Waits for Zhao Hai to walk, Yin elder turns the head to Yang elder said : Junior Brother, you said how many Little Hai does have regarding formation research? How I see he probably confident appearance.” Yang elder has smiled bitterly next step: This I could not have looked, Senior Brother, I really could not have looked, some thing many of Little Hai meeting, this youngster probably makes the person unable to completely understand to be the same, to be honest, I really cherish now on received such disciple, to our two is the good matter or the bad matter.” Yin elder let out a long breath said : no matter what, he now is our disciple, looks at his appearance, even if could not become Expert, can become Crafting Master, or Alchemy Master, even possibly was Formation Master, no matter what, he regarding Sect can be a useful person, we in vain have not received him to make disciple.” Yang elder nodded, was not speaking. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }