Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2006

Zhao Hai returned to No.52 Courtyard House time, early, Qiu Tie in had not looked at that jade slip naturally, but is command(er) these robots is mining Stone, his don’t know picks many Stone to suffice, only knows the more better. Looks at the Qiu Tie appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, to be honest, such sensible child, he first time saw that he genuinely likes Qiu Tie. Qiu Tie saw Zhao Hai to come back, immediately welcomed, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you came back.” Zhao Hai nodded, traces Qiu Tie head said : to be good, making them stop, Stone has sufficed, making them prepare food, we ate meal, finished eating the food nothing, you can well your Cultivation Method.” Qiu Tie happy complied with one, turn around ran, making these pick the Stone construction robot to stop, simultaneously made these maids want the person to prepare food. The food has completed before long, after Zhao Hai leads Qiu Tie has been eating meal, Zhao Hai hits Qiu Tie to look at jade slip, but his command(er) these robot other courtyard first all are guessing that simultaneously he also lost jade slip to Cai'er they, let Cai'er their research well one content in that jade slip. Has to recognize, True Spirit Realm here truly compared with Cultivation World there, their these formation complex, big of Might also even bigger, in, the consumptions of these formation also big, but Zhao Hai is actually not worried to consume, after Zhao Hai preparation, all formation core the positions in this courtyard, plants a Elf tree. Let formation of Elf tree to courtyard provide the power. By the ability of Elf tree, in formation to courtyard provided the power at the relaxed matter, when the time comes his courtyard became impregnable. Let these robot work, Zhao Hai returned to in the room, these robots in working, the sound are very big, but Zhao Hai in oneself this yard Riga mute formation, having made outside sound not have the means to come. Zhao Hai now looked is he that Cultivation Method that takes from Blade Pavilion one layer there, Primordial Method, this is one set of ordinary low level Cultivation Method. In Tyrant Blade Sect here, but uses to some new basic disciple, Zhao Hai takes Primordial Method to come , is to understand that True Spirit Realm here Cultivation Method has anything to be different from Cultivation World there. spiritual force searches into to jade slip. Zhao Hai saw the content in jade slip quickly, in jade slip is the Primordial Method practice method, Zhao Hai careful is reading. Primordial Method was a big Earth element practice method, although said that this set of Cultivation Method in True Spirit Realm here was most common thing, can say that is the rotten avenue, was that your hua money to buy same thing, he adds that thing of head, but Zhao Hai still thought that this set of Primordial Method had he very original place. practice in Lower Realm, you, so long as absorbed Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi to be OK. However in True Spirit Realm here practice, you, not only need absorb Spiritual Qi, making Cultivation Method operate in your doing according to his operational route, you also want comprehend Intent Domain, but this Intent Domain is True Spirit Realm here Cultivation Method with the Cultivation World there biggest difference.

Intent Domain this thing, in Cultivation World there, is Immortal Stage Expert will go to comprehend generally, however in True Spirit Realm here, one set of most common Cultivation Method, will make you go to comprehend Intent Domain. Obviously True Spirit Realm here compared with Cultivation World there in many. although Primal Force Cultivation Method is not complex, but Zhao Hai is very earnest research, he wants to have a look at itself whether to obtain any new opening from Primal Force Cultivation Method. Primal Force Cultivation Method, the article has more than 2000 characters, not very complex. Zhao Hai in how research, didn't take long research ended. Later Zhao Hai received jade slip, has closed the eye, slowly was feeling the Primal Force Cultivation Method characteristics, simultaneously made Spiritual Qi of own within the body also defer to the Primal Force Cultivation Method route to operate. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also adjusted own mental power, view slowly paid attention to Primal Force Cultivation Method, having a look at this Primal Force Cultivation Method also to have mental power. This point Zhao Hai received opening of other Cultivation Method, he when practices the blade, can with mental power feel that these Cultivation Method mental power, then carry on communicate, this can pass that merit magic studies. It looks like in Zhao Hai, these Blade Technique have mental power, does not have the Cultivation Method of reason like Primal Force not to have mental power, therefore Zhao Hai careful look at Primal Force, look can find Primal Force mental power Zhao Hai very has the patience, his present mental power already very fast, therefore Zhao Hai, when looks for Primal Force mental power, first own mental power toward slow accent, then in looking slowly. not long after, Zhao Hai presently Primal Force mental power, this makes Zhao Hai feel very happy, Primal Force has thought strength, although Primal Force mental power very weakly, but this minimum had proven to Zhao Hai a matter, that is in the vigor also has mental power. So long as had proven in the vigor also has mental power that to be easy to do, before Zhao Hai can oneself, has studied in vigor, research well, with vigor communicate of mental power in well with these, especially Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art, this set of Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai, when God Realm there starts to practice, the present to True Spirit Realm here, he presently this set of Cultivation Method still has been able to practice, this proves this set of Cultivation Method uncommon place sufficiently, therefore Zhao Hai wants research under this set of Cultivation Method well. Zhao Hai presently Primal Force mental power, immediately uses own mental power and Primal Force mental power relates together, then Zhao Hai slowly is sensing the thought of Primal Force. Primal Force thought very special, Zhao Hai actually feels that Primal Force mental power has one type of to be in the feeling in earth, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised. Zhao Hai already knows that Primal Force is one set of water attribute Cultivation Method, but he has not thought that in this Primal Force actually will have earth Intent Domain, must know that this is very extraordinary matter.

Some little time Zhao Hai withdrew from Primal Force, after withdrawing from Primal Force, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, this Primal Force said strictly, was one set of very good Cultivation Method, in Primal Force, there is very strong earth Intent Domain, because just his practice way was really too simple, therefore the True Spirit Realm here person, has thought he was not good thing, has not gone to thorough research, therefore Primal Force now became the goods of rotten avenue. However looks like in Zhao Hai, if practiced this Primal Force, comprehended Primal Force Intent Domain completely, that this Primal Force can be considered as absolutely on is one of the True Spirit Realm here top Cultivation Method. Person sometimes is this, will always regard Stone some pearls and jade, regards the grass the ginseng, Primal Force is the threshold that because practices was too low, instead to by these people despising, the True Spirit Realm here person, the thought fell into the one type of erroneous zone, they have thought that Advanced level Cultivation Method, the difficulty of practice must the great ability line, otherwise not be considered as very high level Cultivation Method. But their there knows, simplest not necessarily is best, but best certainly is the simplest truth, Grand Dao is the simplest, this is one type of boundary. Zhao Hai lies on the bed was feeling Primal Force Intent Domain, simultaneously his at heart also some decision, he wanted, when Qiu Tie level when is higher, passes to people Primal Force. A night does not have the words, next morning, Zhao Hai early will have practiced a while blade, making the robot prepare food, he walked out from yard. This came out Zhao Hai to stare, now except for his No.52 Courtyard House, other courtyard already vanish from sight, but constructed courtyard these Stone, actually still by the entire simultaneously code in there, the flagstone in ground got up. This is also Zhao Hai yesterday explain/transfer, he must arrange formation in courtyard here, moreover this formation must place underground, the No.52 Courtyard House sub- in underground flagstone must get up to be good. Because these robots completed the Zhao Hai merit to do, automatic entered the hibernate condition, hibernate naturally was not true sleeping, but these robots like being the energy-efficient condition of computer, so long as used, an instruction he can recover consciousness. Zhao Hai has sized up the scene, satisfied nod, then his deep voice to Cai'er said : Cai'er, design drawing design of Formation how?” although said True Spirit Realm here Formation compared with Cultivation World there Formation on difficult many, but in Space is saving formation was really too many, it can be said that formation, ten thousand laws were bright, so many formation was used as the basis, had this set of new Formation to come in research, was not the difficult matter. Cai'er nodded said : to prepare, moreover constructs thing that Formation needs, preparing, Elder Brother Hai, you have constructed according to the blueprint must by, first constructs other courtyard, finally courtyard again that you live in now, do you look what kind of?” Zhao Hai has selected right, a hand revolution, his in hand were many several blueprints, meanwhile has the a piece chip, in the ground are also many material that some interior decoration have used.

Zhao Hai looked at blueprint one, satisfied nod, has then put in that chip a chip slot of robot, that machine immediately, then robot with other construction robot joints in together, if constructs this courtyard, they known was clear. After these robots received the instruction, immediately begins construction, these construction robots, are not human-shape, looks like looks like machines, just their actually like is the robot, so long as accepted the instruction to work, but they also can only make some and building related work. These construct the movement of robot are quick . Moreover the simply useless Zhao Hai tube, Zhao Hai looked that they started the normal merit to do, was not managing them, turn around returned to own yard, Qiu Tie got up at this time, the robot also completed the breakfast. After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai called to come said : Qiu Tie small iron, your a while went to look at these construction robots to work, other matter I processed, your look at on line, if the material were insufficient, you were telling me one, I must have a look at that places to below.” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that nodded hastily said : is, invited Young Master feel relieved, I favored certainly them.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, touches the head of Qiu Tie, turn around walks.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }