Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2007
Zhao Hai sits in carrying on the back of Pegasus, under look at this big lands, area of this land is very big, look at these have been covered with the land of weed, Zhao Hai also is really somewhat grieved. What however Zhao Hai has not made, but gathered round the land to fly to encircle, this deep voice said : Laura, what good did you say this in?” Laura thinks that said : Elder Brother Hai, we can plant in the land surrounding have plants of defense capability, but the middle in place plants some medicinal herbs, in being connected including the above of land, is planting some Reaching Sky Vine, there are these thing, I think that this lands meet general Monster Beast attack, will not have any matter.” Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : this to arrive yes, this, you design a plan, examines in some Space to have any plants to be used for attack or the defense, discovers comes, we not only want the surrounding to plant, sometimes the surface must plant some to be good.” Laura they have complied with one, is busy, Zhao Hai was then riding Pegasus returned to own yard, the lands area that he wanted was not small, fully over a million square kilometers, moreover this lands ten points smooth, if all used really on, that will bring not the small income to entire Tyrant Blade Sect. Actually Zhao Hai and don’t know, Tyrant Blade Sect does not want to make here so wild, must say that Tyrant Blade Sect fears Monster Beast in Black Dragon Mountain, is not complete, Tyrant Blade Sect here wild beast is not strange, do not say Monster Beast in Black Dragon Mountain. Reason that Tyrant Blade Sect has not planted the here earth to the planter, is because does not have that many people. Black Dragon Mountain here has certain risky ordinary handymen disciple strength not to be strong. Arrives at here, if has met Monster Beast attack, share that these disciple only then wait for death, if sends high level disciple to come here farming, nobody is willing to do, these strength strong disciple, want to go a step further by oneself, that has time farming, their majority of time are practicing or make duty. Because of this, therefore such big lands were wild, finally has to go by duty situation release. Still is nobody is actually willing to make this duty, wants to be this duty person, the strength is insufficient, the person who the strength suffices disdains to make this duty. here naturally also flustered. Now is just right, Zhao Hai has met this duty, no matter he can plant, Tyrant Blade Sect here was a little comforts. Zhao Hai on returned to own yard, looked to yard there quickly, these robots have been laying down underground formation, a body of this underground formation is by made of metal, these metals are some leads to be able high the materials, can very good conduction energy, in some formation core positions. Has left behind the vacancy, specifically is used to plant the Elf tree. This defensive formation is also three-dimensional formation, above one layer was destroyed, with will not miss to formation overall doing to there goes.

But Qiu Tie is sitting outside the institute, fulfills duty look at these robots that fulfills responsibility, but looks at the appearance outside his patrolling thing, obviously his thoughts not on the there robot. Zhao Hai has not managed him, he knows now the Qiu Tie small thoughts all in that wraps on Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, simply does not have the thoughts to pay attention other, looks at his appearance. Soon Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique carrying, this is the good matter. Zhao Hai also returned to his courtyard, before this time he started some static comprehend, has studied Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai had studied but before Cultivation Method are many, now he present the power of thought has been able to carry on communicate with these Cultivation Method. Naturally must well was practicing one. Having lunch time, Zhao Hai made the robot complete the food. Then calling to eat meal dull Qiu Tie, Qiu Tie somewhat is embarrassed, these matters should be this servant are done, now actually turns into Zhao Hai to do, some Qiu Tie also really fears, feared that Zhao Hai blames him, but looked that Zhao Hai has smiled, appearance that has not been angry, this feel relieved. Then in several days time, Zhao Hai in practicing these Cultivation Method, but No.52 Courtyard House the overall courtyard, is one day changes the building, seven days later, besides Zhao Hai the yard, No.52 Courtyard House other places has constructed. Even interior decoration ended, Zhao Hai is bringing Qiu Tie official moving to other courtyard, but after this courtyard lets the robot looks to overthrow, in load defensive formation again, is then constructing, such entire No.52 Courtyard House building alteration was to end the merit. But these seven days of times, Zhao Hai also before has studied Cultivation Method comprehend, even is these formation operation methods, Zhao Hai comprehend, but those who make Zhao Hai some not think, these formation operation methods really have mental power, moreover mental power is very strong. After Zhao Hai has moved out the yard, Laura their there design drawing also came out, Laura their this several days is designing to that places that Zhao Hai wraps, has made several blueprints, but finally is not very satisfied, today caused a blueprint. Saw that this blueprint Zhao Hai stares, because this blueprint was really too attractive, in the places most surrounding that Zhao Hai wrapped, was a piece of hua sea, there is planting all kinds of hua, naturally, these hua are not the casual types, but before was, Zhao Hai has seen that can have the illusion, finally by person unknowingly on move of hua, these hua toxin but now strengthened many, was Immortal Stage Expert has met, feared that was also difficult to escape death by a hair's breadth. Is adding on this piece of hua in the sea also to breed some small insect classes or Snake class, these insects and snakes, but poisonous, such hua sea there can become a natural against net, middle famous soil protection. But is approaching Deji Mountain this side, will plant many Reaching Sky Vine, these Reaching Sky Vine to prevent day midheaven flight Monster Beast.

In the inside of hua sea defense circle, is forest, in this piece of forest type is not Fruit tree, but Bread Tree and so on, but is one type of has the strong attack struck tree seed, eats the person to set up, these set up in Zhao Hai Space to have many, these trees can absorb in nutrition survival, but similarly, these trees can also eat the meat, on the tree trunk will secrete the one type of juice, this type of juice can turn into a type of nutrient the meat, for them to absorb . Moreover the root and this tree can also the attack enemy, even also be able the release one type of fragrance, this fragrance. Also is poisonous. After this forest defense circle, was Righteous Sect fruit forest, in fruit forest type, not only located respectively Fruit tree, some Bread Tree, naturally also had some to be able the defense type tree seed of attack person. In Fruit tree, is the Bamboo rice field, here here big stretch of Bamboo rice field, crossed the Bamboo rice field, toward the within the earth middle, is being some vegetables and other grain varieties, the innermost is big piece of Medicine Fields. look at this to the annual ring same design, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighed this plan is really wonderful, Zhao Hai immediately agreed this plan, was riding directly Pegasus to that places, then the release robot, started smooth and ploughing land, prepared to go all out. These robots worked he not to need to manage below, returned to on the mountain waited for two days, that yard that his originally lived in has overhauled, the No.52 Courtyard House building alteration also missed last step to end, but this last step was actually simplest, but also was most important one step, that transplanted the Elf tree toward courtyard. Transplants the Elf tree not to be difficult, but actually very heavy wants, so long as transplanted the Elf tree, the defensive system of yard can official activation. In courtyard already gave the Elf tree to keep well the place, is good because of the Elf tree is also not very tall and big, looks like looks like ornamental trees is the same, plants appears very beautiful in courtyard. After the Elf tree plants, Zhao Hai looked at the following land leveling the cultivation class robot how, this Zhao Hai release came is not small, land leveling very quick, moreover Zhao Hai these time was not and other lands levels, started to plant various crops, he was many robots gives the land surrounding first was smoothly good, then immediately these food person hua, these hua was does not need Spatial Water to promote to live long time, growth degree also very fast, so long as these hua grow out, in that him paddies on safe some.. How cultivation this lands, Zhao Hai already input through the chip to computer of robot, therefore he does not need to worry, but has a look at these robots to do wrong, currently did not have the present robot to do the wrong place, Zhao Hai then feel relieved. Looked that in does not have what matter, Zhao Hai directly to ride Pegasus to hurry to toward Yin-Yang Peak, Qiu Tie this youngster, Zhao Hai has not led him, currently Qiu Tie has the matter to do, he started now formally studied Great Force Subduing Demon Divine Art.

This Great Force Subduing Demon Divine Art belongs to ascetic Cultivation Method in Buddhist Sect, compels from the body of exercise person to the will of exercise person, must proceeding in an orderly way gradually, Qiu Tie be at hammers now Body Refining compels, Zhao Hai in the courtyard neighborhood has constructed the body room, inside has plenty fitness equipment, Qiu Tie now everyday greatly the time soaks in fitness room there. Zhao Hai to Qiu Tie too many instructions, everyday look at he, he will not have told Qiu Tie, everyday must make anything, later was not managing. The road of practice is arid, is very painful, not having the person of big will not to be impossible to achieve, Zhao Hai such does, is actually is exercising Qiu Tie, not only exercises his body to compel, what is more important, must exercise his heart, exercises his spirit, he can be indomitable, only then he might like this practice in the future successfully, not, but his aptitude feared that is very difficult becomes high level cultivator. Zhao Hai also thinks Qiu Tie could not insist several days, has not actually thought that Qiu Tie does not think the pain, almost soaks daily in fitness room there, Zhao Hai tells his training quantity, he can the volume complete. Zhao Hai had somewhat underestimated heart that certainly the True Spirit Realm here average person wants to practice, although Qiu Tie is a young child, but has told him from small Qiu Zhen, cultivator is strongest, cultivator is fiercest, therefore from the small this hope to practice, penetrated into his bone, now is a little difficulty, there can be occupied by him rarely. Zhao Hai has not actually thought that many, he sees the Qiu Tie practice such earnestness, very happy, so long as the Qiu Tie earnest training, has him to support in the back, he believes that Qiu Tie in the future certainly will become formidable cultivator.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }