Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2008

As usual stopped under Pegasus the Yin-Yang mountain, in the Zhao Hai walk the Yin-Yang mountain, to yard there, he has not knocked on a door, pushed the door to walk directly, in courtyard Qiu Zhen these robots is working in command(er), these robots were the solar energy charges, exposed to the sun for day on Sun, can suffice them to operate fully for one week, therefore Zhao Hai not for the power worries of these robots. But Zhao Hai understand, the yard on Yin-Yang mountain, altogether does not select in a big way, Qiu Zhen that has that many thing to be good to tidy up daily. Qiu Zhen sees Zhao Hai, welcomed hastily, but he has not actually seen Qiu Tie, the facial expression on face cannot help but changes, half step has arrived at Zhao Hai, bows said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai, Young Master, what trouble did the small iron cause?” Zhao Hai one hear of Qiu Zhen said that cannot help but stares, along with already understand his meaning, he shook the head said : not to have, the small iron has not courted disaster, he is very good, is about four days ago I start formally taught him to practice, now he is at Stage of exercise body, everyday had the massive time to use on practicing the body, therefore did not have come, you did not need to be worried that later had opportunity to go to my there to visit him.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Qiu Zhen relaxed, immediately excited said : multi- thanks Young Master, added the hemp to the day, the small iron with you, was his good fortune, our Qiu Family forever will also feel grateful your.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : Uncle Zhen not to use politely, I look for Master to have the matter, first passed.” Said that has arrived at living room there, deep voice said : Master, the disciple interview.” The Yin elder sound conveys said : to come.” Zhao Hai has complied with one. Pushed the door to walk. Yin-Yang 2 elders was waiting for him in the living room. After Zhao Hai passing through the gate, immediately salutes to them, Yin elder nodded said : „, how these many talents? Your that courtyard makes how?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Returns to the Master words, these days because of the courtyard matter, therefore has not come, courtyard has constructed, how Master has the time to have a look.” Did Yang elder select eyebrow said : to construct? Very quick? Constructs with these robots?” Reason that Yang elder meets the Zhao Hai robot to be interested , because Puppet Hall there from gate has transmitted information, said that these robot although cannot be used to fight. Inside does not have many formation, but gives their help is very big, because the designs of these robots are very exquisite, they were opened very much. Zhao Hai and don’t know these. One hear of Yang elder asked that he nodded said : is Master, courtyard reconstructs according to the original courtyard constructing child, inside has also installed formation, now the courtyard defense capability was very strong.” Yin elder stood got up said : to walk, went to your courtyard to have a look, I to have a look at your courtyard to have you to say was so good.” Yang elder nod has also stood. Zhao Hai also really somewhat accidental, he has not thought that they can probably go to his courtyard, but he has not said anything, but nodded said : is. Master invited.” Said that made them walk toward outside, has them not to say anything, turn around walked toward outside, before long they arrived at outside, has said a hello with Qiu Zhen, walked toward the mountain under with Zhao Hai.

They currently had Portable Transmission Formation, but they heard that Zhao Hai in hand has many flight Monster Beast, they also want to take a look, therefore has not used Portable Transmission Formation, but descended the mountain with Zhao Hai together. To mountain under. Zhao Hai release Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, the Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede build was very big, area also very big that carries on the back, three people lie down above sleep are not a problem, is the best many people of riding instead of walking tools. Yin-Yang 2 elders stayed a long time in Soaring Dragon Realm there. Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede they knew that they also know Zhao Hai makes one time to seek for the Cloud Iron ore duty. Has not thought that the Zhao Hai in hand boundary however will have Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede. However they have not said anything, jumped up the back of Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede with Zhao Hai together, Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede has shot up to the sky, flew in the Deji Mountain direction. In True Spirit Realm here, because the people must to moving to flicker the boundary time, can fly, when does not have ability to fly, what to do wanting the quick point to hurry along, can only use all kinds of flight Monster Beast, in Tyrant Blade Sect here, special flight Monster Beast hiring and sell business, therefore all kinds of flight Monster Beast has plenty, moreover any price has, therefore Monster Beast like flying apsaras Cloud Centipede, common. Flying apsaras Cloud Centipede is quick, is less than four hours, flying apsaras Cloud Centipede arrived on Deji Mountain, Yin-Yang 2 elders looked at Deji Mountain, they cannot help but sighed, must say that they also came in the past in Deji Mountain, they also lived on Deji Mountain after a period of time, at that time Deji Mountain was very lively, is occupied by many people, on Deji Mountain on 21 mountain top some people lives, some must go to Black Dragon Mountain cultivator of smelting trial, will live in there, was very lively, but Deji Mountain now is actually coldly clear, simply could not see several people. At this time they had flown the sky of Zhao Hai that places, Yin-Yang 2 elders quickly on the cultivation robot that present there in has worked, place that look at these robots plowed, they cannot help but had the feeling that one type of held in high esteem. They did not have what feeling regarding these robots before, they are the same with True Spirit Realm here other people, the True Spirit Realm here person, only settles on these to have fighting strength thing, regarding not having no fighting strength thing, they are looked that is disinclined to look at one. Before regarded as important the robot, but wants Puppet Hall, can research well, obtain some opening, but used regarding doing of robot, they actually somewhat did not spare a glance. However now they in airborne look clearly, that big stretch of open land, only the remaining few parts have not been opened up wasteland now came, this makes them be startled. Has not waited for them to ask Zhao Hai, Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede entered Yuanyue Peak, they have been able to see No.52 Courtyard House, from airborne looks at No.52 Courtyard House is not very big, but now No.52 Courtyard House after this reconstruction. For those appeared has imposing manner. From the sky looked at No.52 Courtyard House. Yin-Yang 2 elders cannot help but satisfied nod, they to very approves of regarding the Zhao Hai procedure, very good that No.52 Courtyard House constructs. Waits for Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede to fall to courtyard, three people just from Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, saw Qiu Tie to run from the fitness room, sees Yin-Yang 2 elders, Qiu Tie ran over hastily, bows said : to see two Elders to Yin-Yang 2 elders, has seen Young Master.” An appearance of Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie sweat, cannot help but nodded said : well. The small iron, you must exercise must pay attention to itself, do not make themselves too tired, you are young. The somatology has not grown into, if too tired, very easy to leave behind the internal injury to oneself, then after you may not have what advantage, later do not practice in in addition, soaks the evening to Potion, sleeps.”

Qiu Tie complied with one, Zhao Hai has then led Yin-Yang 2 elders to enter the room, now Zhao Hai did not live in the original yard, he lived in a martial arts training ground house. Is the No.52 Courtyard House center. Not only here Zhao Hai dwelling, simultaneously not family Craft Room, Alchemy Room, two quiet room, a dining room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, two bathrooms, two fitness rooms. Zhao Hai led Yin-Yang 2 elders to enter own dwelling, this was suite. Inside is the Zhao Hai bedroom, outside his bedroom is the Qiu Tie bedroom, outside the Qiu Tie bedroom, is the living room, has a room in side of living room. That room is actually the No.52 Courtyard House Formation control room. After Zhao Hai invited Yin-Yang 2 elders stayed to the living room, lets the robot to the tea that the parents offered. But he respectfully stands in the one side, the Yin elder look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiled said : well Little Hai, you also sit.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, sat. Yin elder looks at good that outside said : this yard has constructed, the defense capability that but you said is very strong, I to have a look.” Zhao Hai stood got up said : formation in courtyard to complete, now can use, if Master wants to look, can have a look to inside, there was the defense Formation control room in courtyard.” Yin elder heard came interest, has stood with Yang elder, walked toward that control room, that control room was not small, looked like has dozens square meters fully, but after Yin elder went , was actually some wound eyes, because of him in here, has not seen formation, inside was some screen type thing, now above was demonstrating the entire No.52 Courtyard House situation, entire No.52 Courtyard House each corner could appears on the screen. Sees this situation, Yin elder cannot help but somewhat stares, some little time he responded, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, is this your control room? How these can thing use?” Zhao Hai walked, is pushing these screen said : in control room Master, control room here, can that place in control courtyard, can simultaneously control entire courtyard, in courtyard, each place, have these formation energy to exist, can surround the enemy, even can massacre the enemy.” Was saying Zhao Hai while handle controlled on that screen, simultaneously issued the instruction, Yin-Yang 2 elders saw a place on screen, a suddenly appears energy fluctuation, then red basket appears on screen. Yin elder sees here, immediately stops to Zhao Hai said :, we have a look.” Zhao Hai understand their meanings, he has complied with one, stopped, leading Yin-Yang 2 elders to go out of the room, to outside, had found just his control place. To that place Yin elder cannot help but knitting the brows head , the red basket that because he just saw on the screen does not have appears , to has vague energy in there, has probably any thing to be the same. Zhao Hai looked that the Yin elder appearance knows he is thinking anything, his quickly said: Master, we in the basket that on the screen sees, but will have the color for the convenience observation, actually the here basket does not have the color, but you can actually feel that does not believe you to trace.” Was saying while handle proceeds to extend, then probably was touches any thing to be the same. Yin-Yang 2 elders stares, puts out a hand to proceed to trace, they felt that probably transparent thing, is stopping in there, they trace toward side, touch several similarly transparent energy columns, truly thing like basket. Yin-Yang 2 elders looked at one mutually, saw from the opposite party eye facial expression that shakes the god, this transparent basket unexpectedly is comprised of energy, moreover energy very close, does not have a point unnecessary energy overflow, therefore they were just only faint feeling here had the fluctuation of energy, does not have presently attending to of this basket.

Must know that they are not general cultivator, but is Expert of two Condensing Spirit/focus times, their spiritual force be too more than general cultivator, they had not felt that existence of this basket, fully explained this basket is not simple. They are shaking the hand of basket, cannot help but has used effort, they want to take a look at hard degree of this basket, a force component, the basket does not have the matter, two force components, still do not have the matter, 30% strength, all right, four force components, all right, 50% strength, all right, 60% strength, they felt own hand is grasping that ability vanish from sight, but the basket has not actually vanished that a piece energy that is only they grabs to vanish, this made their complexion in one time change. Defense Protective Shield comprised of energy is also good, the basket is also good, or base its thing is also good, these thing defense capability possible very formidable, but actually a little, these thing comprised of energy, one, but shatter, is very likely shatter of entire thing, like the present, only breaks a piece, other place still complete existences, such situation, in True Spirit Realm here, but is rarely seen. Moreover this basket comprised of energy, its hard degree, makes them be startled , the basket that such energy composes, can block they five points of strength unexpectedly, must know that they five points of strength, can strike to kill general Teleportation its cultivator fully, if Earth Monarch its cultivator, the institute gave at the scene the second. Yin-Yang 2 elders looked at one mutually, then Yang elder immediately/on horseback turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, we just to try hard degree of this basket, pinching to break several places in basket, won't affect formation?” Zhao Hai smiled said : Master not to need to be worried that you pinch the broken place, so long as in there use long-enduring energy, a while he cannot return to normal, will not have any influence to formation.” Yin elder nodded said : to walk, after going back, was saying.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, was directing their returned to in the room, this Yin elder not in control room there, but sat in living room here. Zhao Hai although saw that their facial expression has different, has not said anything, but sits in the living room is accompanying them, Yin elder carried the tea on table to drink one, has selected eyebrow said : good tea.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this tea is disciple does in Lower Realm, if Master likes, wants many disciple to provide many.” Yin elder nodded, then his deep voice said : Little Hai, you in formation that in this courtyard uses, is formation in Sect? Are my look at how some different?” Zhao Hai one hear of Yin elder said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : to return to the Master words, I use in this disciple, truly is formation in Sect, but these formation also some different places, are pass through me to improve later formation.”( To be continued.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }