Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2013

Zhao Hai sharply has not been going to Dao Shu their there, but arrives at place there under Deji Mountain first, the robot antidote matter solving, to put antidote, he has still constructed a house in there, inside has left behind a robot, puts antidote specially. Naturally this robot is not the human-shape robot, but a robot like counter machine, the person has gone, wants antidote, control control button to take, moreover a person can only take antidote. This is only the small matter, put two building robots to complete, after Zhao Hai established the procedure, on leave, went to by Yuanyue Peak that mountain peak directly. That mountain peak known as Taiyuan peak, courtyard in the peak, the serial number 53, now Dao Shu they live in there, this month of time, Dao Shu they have not gone to hit Zhao Hai, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised. Zhao Hai rides to fly to ride Taiyuan peak there quickly, the Taiyuan peak here No. 53 institute looks to arrive now very neatly, Zhao Hai knows that this was he gives the merit of several people of that several maid robots mostly. Gathers round No. 53 institute to transfer, Zhao Hai quickly on the minute present Dao Shu they, they have been standing in martial arts training ground that No. 53 institutes now. Before they that appearance, a leather clothing, is adding on short, everyone in hand is taking the blade, is training in there. They also felt that in sky had the sound, must know that Dao Shu they and Monster Beast confrontation on Black Dragon Mountain was not once or twice, therefore to sound of Monster Beast flight very sensitive. Dao Shu they look up. Actually present Zhao Hai Pegasus. Several people appear excited, loud is shouting to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand to them, then command(er) Pegasus was falling martial arts training ground there. Zhao Hai just jumped down from Pegasus, Dao Shu they ran up to the Zhao Hai side, Dao Shu look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : good youngster, finally gave up to come to see us, you were don’t know, we already want to visit you. However looked that your there probably has been very busy, the words of two elders before adding on, we then do not dare to pass, quick. We go to drink two cups.” Said rashly, pulling Zhao Hai walks toward the room, Zhao Hai a few words had not said that had hauled in the room by them, to the room, had not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, one glass of liquor on Serbia Zhao Hai in hand, then rashly has bumped the cup with Zhao Hai, one glass of liquor such got into the stomach. Waited to drink one glass of liquor, Zhao Hai then the tone. Turns the head look at Dao Shu their said : our several Elder Brother, you finally made me speak, my this including the words had not said that first has filled one glass of liquor.”

Dao Shu they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that laughed, they also felt funny, came up anything not saying that first has filled one glass of liquor, to was very interesting. Some little time the people were stopped, Zhao Hai looked at people said : today also nothing. However comes to see several Elder Brother, my courtyard had been reconstructed me by me has become, later has opportunity, transfer the extension several Elder Brother to my there.” Dao Shu they nodded, Zhao Hai then said : several Elder Brother. This time, besides coming to see you. Also must send some thing to you, is this.” Was saying Zhao Hai has put out several small disc same thing. Zhao Hai deep voice said : these disc same thing, I gave them to give a name, called the Detoxification plate, took the body them, but against hundred toxins, because this disc in the process of refinement, my join the one type of special material, this material has also been able anti-poison, if you by poisonous Monster Beast biting, or eating poisonous thing, you have been able to contain him in the mouth, like this he automatic poisonous remove, after you, must the belt.” Said that Zhao Hai has given Dao Shu them the Detoxification plate, told them, place there under mountain was planting many poisonous hua and trees, they always come and go out in here, must bring this Detoxification plate. Words that Zhao Hai has not spoken, this Detoxification plate similarly is also Identifier Disk, but this does not enter No.52 Courtyard House Identifier Disk, but prevents by Reaching Sky Vine attack Identifier Disk, naturally, they could not have used now, Reaching Sky Vine just the bud, wanted to grow into must be good some time. Time when Reaching Sky Vine grows, Zhao Hai must send to some Identifier Card to Tyrant Blade Sect, otherwise, the Tyrant Blade Sect person is waiting for by attack. Has made for day with them in Dao Shu there, Zhao Hai then returned to own yard, is carrying on own practice, he is not spoke irresponsibly to the words that Yin-Yang 2 elders spoke before, he truly was the preparation in a short time goes to Black Dragon Mountain smelting trial. He to No.52 Courtyard House here already had one month, these days, Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast although had some changes, some time there under Black Dragon Mountain will move, but did not have to attack Deji Mountain, this made Zhao Hai in rejoicing somewhat was also puzzled, among his don’t know these Monster Beast why suddenly honest. However no matter these Monster Beast really honest, he must enter to Black Dragon Mountain, he must temper his Blade Technique. Naturally, by his present strength, but also can only transfer one revolution in the Black Dragon Mountain surrounding, to penetrate Black Dragon Mountain certainly to have the danger, Black Dragon Mountain is not the good place.

Next morning Zhao Hai according to punctual practices the blade, after having practiced one hour of blade, Qiu Tie, after they have also had the breakfast, Zhao Hai has not made Qiu Tie train, but called own nearby Qiu Tie, deep voice said : small iron, today do not train, my a while delivered to Master there to go you, you also had your grandfather dull several days with Master.” Qiu Tie somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : why? Young Master, can you go out? I can look after the house.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I must go out, this time I must go to the Black Dragon Mountain there smelting trial some time, these days did not have the means to take care of you, your each and every one stayed in here is unsafe, these days Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast Ping Biao somewhat unusual, if they moved big attack, yard here was also not the absolute safety, therefore you arrived at Master there to go to the dull section time for good, but you went to go, but cannot give up training absolutely, just the training of body can suitable put under one, this several days you must practice under other attribute Fist Technique many, Carries on to adjust to your body, you training to the body, have made your body somewhat exhausted these days, must therefore carry on to adjust is good, you little are young, do not carry on the intensity too high training.” Qiu Tie has complied with one, Zhao Hai deep voice said : your although are only most with Earth element spirit root compatibility, but does not want not to care the practices of other attribute, several attribute balance exhibitions, will have very big help to you in the future.” Qiu Tie has complied with one, he was unable completely to understand the Zhao Hai words now, but a little he is actually knows that Zhao Hai makes him be any him to make anything, that right. Also explain/transfer Qiu Tie several, Zhao Hai then brought in Qiu Tie through Transmission Formation Yin-Yang Peak small courtyard, Qiu Zhen also in there, he restores to the beforehand appearance, the letting machine that starts to keep does has done that appears very busy. Looked that Zhao Hai brought Qiu Tie to come, Qiu Zhen moved forward to meet somebody hastily, has seen Young Master to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :, Young Master do you come today?” Qiu Tie also salutes to Qiu Zhen, Zhao Hai smiles said : Uncle Zhen, today makes the small iron come with on your dull several days specially, I must go to Black Dragon Mountain there to carry on under the smelting trial, making a small iron person stay in courtyard, I really am some not feel relieved.” Qiu Zhen one hear of Zhao Hai said that quickly said: You put to trouble to Young Master.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand with a smile, just about to goes to living room there, Qiu Zhen on said : Young Master, you did not use, two Elders was not, they went to General Hall there, you can in here and other elders they.” Zhao Hai one hear of Qiu Zhen said that cannot help but shook the head said : to consider as finished, I also nothing, but wants to have a look at Master, told them me to train, since they were not, you passed on to their one to be OK, I walked.” Said that Zhao Hai started Transmission Formation, leave the yard.

After returned to No.52 Courtyard House, Zhao Hai does not have release Pegasus, does not have release Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, but from No.52 Courtyard House high and low, walks in the Black Dragon Mountain direction. From Deji Mountain to Black Dragon Mountain, the middle is about several hundred li (0.5km) distance, such distance regarding cultivator, is not long, does not only pass by the road is not very good walks, but this cannot be regarded anything regarding Zhao Hai, his present although cannot fly, but he can use Lightweight Art, Zhao Hai also wants to exercise own relaxedness, because of his very clear, future a long time, he cannot fly, can only use Lightweight Art to hurry along. After Zhao Hai, does not prepare many useable flight Monster Beast, because of his flight Monster Beast, to put it bluntly, fighting strength is not much , compared with True Spirit Realm here flight Monster Beast, but has missed a big truncation, in adding on his fighting strength is also not very formidable, said in Sect fortunately, if left Sect, that did not do well his Monster Beast to by others be given false start. Zhao Hai very clear, True Spirit Realm here is the same with Cultivation World there, these cultivator will not care about you are that Sect person, so long as on you have to let his heart movement thing, that snatches you not to discuss absolutely when the time comes gave to butcher you in any case, some people do not know that is who did. Talent can arouse jealousy, these words are suitable in any place, Zhao Hai, when does not expose Space, is low-key for good. Zhao Hai transported Lightweight Art, moved in the Black Dragon Mountain direction, his Lightweight Art Body-maneuvering Technique looked like very natural, the whole person seemed like strolling general, however advancing was actually very quick. Deji Mountain here itself few individuals, the Zhao Hai this line, a person have not met, this also no wonder, now in Tyrant Blade Sect, except for comes cultivator of Black Dragon Mountain here smelting trial, almost nobody will come Deji Mountain here, Eccentric 12 they not to have what friend in Tyrant Blade Sect, but Zhao Hai does not have what friend in Tyrant Blade Sect, naturally some people will not come to see them, therefore Deji Mountain here although had been planted thing by Zhao Hai, but still very lonely.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }