Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2014

In sky occasionally several birds have flown, in the ground actually only then a very rugged alley, Tyrant Blade Sect has not repaired from Deji Mountain to the Black Dragon Mountain road, will also destroy some, because in that case, these Monster Beast wants to attack the Deji Mountain words from Black Dragon Mountain, because this uneven path will reduce is retarded, as the matter stands Deji Mountain there can have more time to make to prepare. Zhao Hai although don’t know Tyrant Blade Sect most idea from the beginning is anything, but he is actually a person experiences in the oversized war field, regarding this method very clear. Therefore Zhao Hai has not complained anything, is only advancing cautiously, but Zhao Hai also has exchanged warrior cloth now, has not been wearing the long gown. Wears the long gown to move in the forest, obviously is not feasible, the too loud shade moved, therefore Zhao Hai exchanges warrior cloth that a drier net profit has wound. However he has not illuminated leaves his blade, but puts on warrior cloth, careful moving forward, although Deji Mountain is leaving Black Dragon Mountain not to be far, because the path is really the difficult line, therefore Zhao Hai advancing is not quick. Now Zhao Hai also just took 50% roads, when Zhao Hai careful moving forward, a suddenly abnormal noise transmits, Zhao Hai felt after his brain, has malevolent winds to transmit, a Zhao Hai personal appearance fierce revolution, a long blade appears in in his hand, his blade has struck off in the direction that behind sound of the wind/rumor transmitted, simultaneously entire personal appearance also like top same transferred. The Clang! Zhao Hai in hand long blade one has blocked thing of attack his cerebellum, at this time Zhao Hai also saw clearly attack his thing. That unexpectedly is a scorpion. Just the tail needle of attack his scorpion. This is one looks like the Stone same scorpion, the body of scorpion is throwing over one layer stone armor, he just lay on nearby a piece Stone, looks like looks like a piece ordinary Stone, Zhao Hai neglects for a while, actually does not have presently him. Zhao Hai both hands hold the blade, fell on a piece Stone, look at this scorpion that two eyes decided that this scorpion Zhao Hai knew, he in tyrant gate junks hall large building there. But has bought a piece somewhat in Monster Beast jade slip, but this scorpion has also mentioned in that jade slip, Stone Scorpion , a very ordinary name. However this scorpion was actually called in the stone Assassin. Stone Scorpion also has to live the Stone nickname, because of their body surfaces petrify, had strong defense capability, what most important is, the body of their petrify, can shield spiritual force of person unexpectedly, in other words, you want spiritual force presently he, not. Also for this reason, therefore Zhao Hai does not have presently Stone Scorpion . To True Spirit Realm here, Zhao Hai has little used Liquid Silver needle carry out reconnaissance, because True Spirit Realm here Expert were too many, Earth Monarch boundary Expert that these will not fly, can achieve the place that dust cannot fall, even if he moves to be smallest the Liquid Silver dust, possibly by presently, when the time comes only trouble, therefore Zhao Hai currently little uses the Liquid Silver dust to investigate. Perhaps Zhao Hai does not have presently, after True Spirit Realm here. Space now before his help was not so big, but, another aspects, Space was also similarly bigger to his help, this is one type of is very unusual and contradictory combination. Space can help the Zhao Hai practice now. Can make Zhao Hai comprehend many thing, can help Zhao Hai fight. Can crafting, be able refining pills, but these thing regarding Zhao Hai are very important.

However on the other hand, for example on scout, Space helping the Zhao Hai place was smaller, did not have means True Spirit Realm here cultivator, the strength extremely in formidable, if by these fellows presently the Liquid Silver dust, they even possibly is traced the Liquid Silver dust, finally found Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai trouble even bigger, how therefore Zhao Hai has not dared to use Liquid Silver dust carry out reconnaissance now. although Space has been short regarding the help of Zhao Hai in this aspect, but Zhao Hai has not actually felt anything, his present strength, even if no Liquid Silver needle help, so long as he, will not have the matter carefully. Zhao Hai is only confronting with that Stone Scorpion , that only Stone Scorpion brandishes the two big clips of person, tail is also moving about, eyes of dark green, actually tight is staring at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai just that blade had tried, this only Stone Scorpion defense capability very formidable, same this only Stone Scorpion strength also very big, just his blade join revolved the strength, only has actually blocked opposite party attack, has not injured to arrive at Stone Scorpion , obviously this Stone Scorpion defense strength strong. Zhao Hai two eyes although is staring at this huge Stone Scorpion , however his spirit actually also in time is paying attention all around situation, because before Zhao Hai, knows that Stone Scorpion is not one type of go it alone Monster Beast, they are Monster Beast that one type of lives in groups, they carry on the hunting in the way of tribal group, now here only appears Stone Scorpion obviously is not normal, nearby this also has certainly Stone Scorpion . Squeek ~ squeek ~ squeek ~, when Zhao Hai is thinking these, his front Stone Scorpion suddenly called, the sound very difficult hear, however Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, then his coldly snorted, the hand moved, his in hand Tang Blade turned into large Glaive. Reason that large Glaive absolutely is one type of heavy weapon, Zhao Hai gives up Tang Blade not using, but changes to large Glaive, the most important reason is, Stone Scorpion defense fantastic, he uses Tang Blade to be very difficult to break the defense of Stone Scorpion , needs to cope with Stone Scorpion in him with large Glaive. Zhao Hai large Glaive in the hand, attacks toward Stone Scorpion , although Zhao Hai has not studied the large Glaive application method in True Spirit Realm here, but this did not express that Zhao Hai will not use large Glaive, do not forget, before Zhao Hai, has bought several in Space with Chinese related background, but in these background, Zhao Hai, not only had found Buddhist Sutras, Daoist scripture and so on thing, similarly also has plenty martial arts rare book, has the large Glaive rare book, even includes to close Spring and Autumn Period Blade Technique of two masters. But these martial arts rare books of beforehand Zhao Hai on regarding Earth is not attach great importance to, because of his moment in Cultivation World, the attack method that he uses, on martial arts completely different with Earth, the martial arts style on Earth, can only be used to use for reference, cannot be used for attack. However is different to True Spirit Realm here. True Spirit Realm here situation. Different from Cultivation World there, this is although can also use formation attack, but fights give priority to by near body, as the matter stands these martial arts on Earth had the opportunity, Zhao Hai in the past research martial arts time, well has also practiced the rare book that on Earth obtains. Zhao Hai when some research rare books also present, mental power that in these rare books contains, is the same to other thing the strength of thinking giving, is high level Cultivation Method, mental power is quick. But Zhao Hai has studied now in Cultivation Method, mental power quickest is the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art, later is 18 Arhat Profound Technique, in is other Cultivation Method. But in these Cultivation Method, Cultivation Method on Earth, on mental power actually higher level in one type of, is worse than 18 Arhat Profound Technique on, other Cultivation Method even also wants on high some compared with Zhao Hai has studied. This presently lets Zhao Hai being startled, Zhao Hai very clear, when he passes through, what condition Martial arts on Earth at the one type of, with end the law time described is most appropriate, in this case. Martial arts on Earth, actually also wants much stronger compared with Cultivation World there some Cultivation Method, this is really makes Zhao Hai be surprised.

Also because of such present, therefore Zhao Hai Cultivation Method on that attentive research these Earth, Zhao Hai now can be said as 18 weapons every kind is skilled, fist and feet Cultivation Method has not put down. For these reasons, therefore Zhao Hai uses large Glaive to come, does not have the jerky feeling, that large Glaive in in his hand, were many an unprecedented aggression. As if he is Martial God, Martial God that among Heaven and Earth only saves. That Stone Scorpion also felt probably Zhao Hai imposing manner, stemming from the animal instinct, he felt a danger, but he does not have retreat. Because his family member soon caught up, he cannot put down this kind of prey. Zhao Hai large Glaive make a move. Stone Scorpion actually in retreat slowly, however while retreat, his two big clip, actually still attacks toward Zhao Hai, but his tail needle gently is also vibrating, although does not have immediately to carry on attack to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, so long as he shows a point flaw, that Stone Scorpion tail needle immediately will come one to strike to him kill. The Stone Scorpion tail needle in True Spirit Realm here is very famous, because the Stone Scorpion tail needle is not only flexible, moreover inside also includes very strong toxin, but toxin that in the Stone Scorpion tail needle contains, is one type of very special toxin, known as petrify toxin, this toxin after pouring into the body of person, the body of person in short-time internal change the hardness like Stone, whole person simply cannot move, but Stone Scorpion on will use these days, eats the person. This toxin in True Spirit Realm here becoming famous, because wants is Earth Monarch Stage following cultivator, was this toxin, was almost difficult to run away dies, not only will make your body stiffen because of toxin, will let also your heart stop, only if has achieved Expert of Teleportation boundary, otherwise not rescued. But this toxin in according to True Spirit Realm here such famous, is not because their toxicity are fierce enough, because this toxin also has another one type of wondrous use, that solidifies. This toxin has strong solidification fruit, not only to human body, to other thing, there is a very strong solidification to do to use, this regarding some Crafting Master even is Alchemy Master, is some important. Also because of this, therefore the Stone Scorpion tail needle is poisonous, in True Spirit Realm here is very precious, but this has not made Stone Scorpion exterminate, conversely, the race multiplication of Stone Scorpion is very smooth is carrying on, even has massive cultivator dead of the hand of Stone Scorpion every year. Reason that Stone Scorpion can achieve this point, because of their particularities, their stone skin can shield spiritual force, general cultivator is very difficult presently they, instead to is easily goes well by their sneak attack, but these strength strong cultivator, is not willing to provoke Stone Scorpion this defense strength formidable, super strong, is Monster Beast that lives in groups, because of strength strong cultivator, they can get so far as money place has plenty, does not need to stare at Stone Scorpion . Therefore Stone Scorpion in True Spirit Realm here status very unusual, strength strong cultivator disdains to cope with them, strength bad cultivator could not cope with them, therefore Stone Scorpion has crossed such free and unfettered in True Spirit Realm here. Zhao Hai also very clear, this only Stone Scorpion in waiting for reinforcement, he does not dare underestimated True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast, these Monster Beast intelligent degree, big his imagination, Zhao Hai will regard True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast generally is cultivator same regarding, like the present, looks at that only Stone Scorpion retreat, Zhao Hai not only has not postponed attack, instead to was makes own attack quicker.

His in hand large Glaive has composed a mountain of sword, direct Stone Scorpion curls, when ~ when ~ when ~ works as ~ a violent sound, Zhao Hai large Glaive chops is Spark Stone Scorpion stone skin braves, simultaneously slash appears on the stone skin of Stone Scorpion , Stone Scorpion obviously also hit is very painful, Zhi Zhi was calling. At this moment Zhao Hai felt a scattered sound, Zhao Hai knows this only Stone Scorpion reinforcement came . Moreover the quantity are many, Zhao Hai complexion changes, silently said: Spring and Autumn Period principle of righteousness!” This is move of killing strike in Spring and Autumn Period Blade Technique, a blade wields, has the potential of being duty-bound not to turn back greatly. When ~ bu [email protected] before a blade shook Stone Scorpion one clamped, a blade chopped in the head of Stone Scorpion , produced to break out his head, Stone Scorpion twitched two to fall down is motionless. Zhao Hai waved to receive in Space this only Stone Scorpion , at this time several Stone Scorpion Zhao Hai sphering, Zhao Hai looked at these Stone Scorpion , these Stone Scorpion varied, maximum one length of body over five meters, stone skin of cyan, looked that was not affable, but smallest Stone Scorpion , but also less than one meter, the body also only then the one layer shallow white stone skin, understood at a glance that was only not grown Stone Scorpion . Zhao Hai looked at these Stone Scorpion one, coldly snorted, shouted: Kills!” Suspends large Glaive, had attack. These Stone Scorpion saw that Zhao Hai gave to receive beforehand that they also know that only Stone Scorpion died, this let these Stone Scorpion angers, they were screaming had attack to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai regarding some Body-maneuvering Technique early all research, is the group war that most does not fear, therefore under besieging of more than ten Stone Scorpion , he has not feared, opposite use own Body-maneuvering Technique, has then engaged in the positive battle with these Stone Scorpion , attack strength very formidable. In blocking the attacks of several big Stone Scorpion simultaneously, Zhao Hai actually looked for a machine, with wire netting that Liquid Silver changes, several small Stone Scorpion grasping in Space, but Zhao Hai such movement, actually these big Stone Scorpion thorough has enraged, their each and every one not awfully same had attack to Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai deal with have the difficulty. Has hit for three hours, Zhao Hai has then given to tidy up these big Stone Scorpion , but he has not killed these big Stone Scorpion , he has only killed about five, remaining all was grasped in Space by him. After tidying up these Stone Scorpion , Zhao Hai also relaxed, these Stone Scorpion are very difficult to deal with, their attack strength Stone Zu, if not Zhao Hai Cultivation Method is special, simply could not support such outstanding fight of long time, must know here, but True Spirit Realm, was not Cultivation World, the Zhao Hai present Spiritual Qi density must too be much less, tidied up these Stone Scorpion to come, but also took the effort really. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }