Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2015

After having tidied up these Stone Scorpion , Zhao Hai immediately found a place, has rested well, just that war, the consumption regarding him was very big, he must as soon as possible adjusted itself the optimum condition. Passed through this war, Zhao Hai in has not dared underestimated these Monster Beast, True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast did not have to cope, Stone Scorpion in True Spirit Realm here was not weakest Monster Beast, but did not arrive at that to go, their most important ability only then two points \; first, to shield spiritual force, second defended, must say other, but also real no big deal place, but on was one type of Monster Beast like this, Zhao Hai must flowered several hours be able to cope, the foot can look comes out, True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast was formidable how. After having rested for one hour, the Zhao Hai condition finally restored, he has then stood, muttered said : not to think really that several scorpions fiercely to this degree, it seems like True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast, will be unexpectedly formidabe.” Zhao Hai this saying in Laura to Space they said that, a Zhao Hai speech, the Laura sound conveys said : Elder Brother Hai these Monster Beast really is very formidabe, we must be careful that a point is good.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : feel relieved, I will.” Said that his personal appearance moves, then toward Black Dragon Mountain direction advancing. Also walked for about three hours, Zhao Hai has to one time slow down, here was not far from Black Dragon Mountain, Monster Beast were also many, therefore Zhao Hai has to put to be retarded, to deal with the danger that momentarily possibly can arrive. When Zhao Hai careful moving forward. suddenly Zhao Hai felt that underground has a change. Zhao Hai stares, then the personal appearance in a flash, immediately leave he just had been standing place. When he just leave, suddenly sharp horn from the underground direct impact, if Zhao Hai walks slow, that only sharp horn definitely on violent his chrysanthemum. Zhao Hai saw that is only bringing sharp horn of thread, cannot help but felt that lower part intermittent cool, he responded fortunately enough quickly, otherwise he feared that must sing loudly a chrysanthemum to be remnant. Quick that only sharp horn withdraw to underground, vanish from sight. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but complexion changes, then coldly snorted, the personal appearance moved. In one time has changed a position, then his entire personal appearance sinking slowly to earth, he was starting to use Earth element Divergent Technique. Zhao Hai has to such do, just sneak attack his only Monster Beast, obviously does not want to come out to face the war with him, but wants to lie down in underground sneak attack he, in this case, Zhao Hai being kept waiting opposite party in the ground will certainly not drill, since the opposite party does not want to come out, he went. Zhao Hai thinks into underground. Front the feeling transmitted one rustle the sound of breaking ground, Zhao Hai immediately has dived in that direction. Before long Zhao Hai stopped, look at that two eyes cold light sparkles in front of him this only Monster Beast, this only Monster Beast long very special before him, he looks like looks like a lizard, but the head is actually growing sharp horn, but the body of this lizard is tall and slender, if not growing four claw, looks like looks like a snake is the same.

The eye of this lizard is very small, look at Zhao Hai that now his two small eyes actually decide. Obviously is to Zhao Hai suddenly appears accident. The body diameter of this lizard has about two meters fully, moreover in his earth very fast, Zhao Hai just already present, that sharp horn of his head can revolve unexpectedly, he is revolving of relying on that only sharp horn. Breaks soil layer advancing, its does not pass through on land slow. Escapes the lizard. This Monster Beast name, is one type of lets True Spirit Realm here low level cultivator very headache Monster Beast, this Monster Beast lives generally in underground, little will arrive at the ground to come up, they deeply can be dived by themselves into to the underground about hundred meters, but their attack, the main dependence, is their head sharp horn. Because this Monster Beast is revolving of relying on sharp horn breaks soil layer advancing in underground, therefore underground advancing time, the sound is very small, because their sharp horn are thin and long, even if in attack, causes the fluctuation of ground is not very big, is adding on the land to have doing of natural shield spiritual force to use, therefore many True Spirit Realm here low level cultivator, is inexplicable, on was escaped the lizard to give sneak attack to succeed by these, finally dies a violent death. Zhao Hai looked at this only to escape lizard, coldly snorted, hand revolution of Tang Blade already appears in in his hand, then his personal appearance moved, fierce only escaped the lizard to throw toward that. That only escaping lizard also screamed, threw toward Zhao Hai, this war started in underground, the quick place escaping lizard presently, oneself in oneself most familiar underground, cheaply has not fought, because and the person of his para-position, compared with him in underground moment free. Zhao Hai in underground truly very free, because his Earth element Divergent Technique has been the maximum level, in such underground, he with is actually same in the ground, Zhao Hai can use own Body-maneuvering Technique in underground, but was not limited by the land, this regarding the place escaping lizard absolutely is a nightmare. Quick that the fight finished, ratio to Stone Scorpion time is quick \; first, because of the strength of this escaping lizard, truly is inferior to Stone Scorpion , second was Zhao Hai has had the superiority of home game in underground. Received the corpse of this only escaping lizard, Zhao Hai drilled from underground, then hurried to the Black Dragon Mountain direction, but simultaneously he also careful, his very clear, oneself leave Black Dragon Mountain to be nearer, Monster Beast that met will be more, he not careful was not good. In his advancing time, suddenly front broadcasts the sound that one has fought intermittently, besides the sound of beast roar, but also some people the sounds of shouting out, Zhao Hai one listened to know, some front people were fighting with Monster Beast. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves in that direction overtook, before long Zhao Hai stopped, he has to stop, because in his standing in front several people, has blocked his way. The strengths of these people are not weak, look at their appearance, he is also the Tyrant Blade Sect person, but they actually block now in the Zhao Hai front, but also is gazing at Zhao Hai with the one type of bad vision.

Zhao Hai looked. Altogether three people keep off in his front. Two people lie down behind nearby giant stone, but the place that fights, not far away after these people, very obviously they the person who fights in is one group. Zhao Hai sizes up is blocking his these three people, these three people are some ash-gray warrior cloth, carries on the back at the back of Executioner Blade, that person height of lead in 1.8 m about, seems like less than 30 years old, on the face has the whereabouts cheek beard, long. Has gripped ponytail at will, the bronze skin, making him appear the manly smell is full. Follows two cultivator after this person, looks like very thin. It looks like about 30 years, on the face keeps two to cast aside the small beard, because thinly appears the eye is very big, now stubbornly is staring at Zhao Hai. But another person, stature higher, not high is not short, moderate, short, a populace face, loses to that one type of that in the crowd could not find. Stands is not conspicuous in there. Zhao Hai when takes a look at these three people, they are also sizing up Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai appearance very ordinary, is adding on looks like also very ordinary black warrior cloth, does not have what conspicuous place, carrying on the back of Zhao Hai has not brought the blade, this arrives is makes that several people somewhat accidental. That guy look at does Zhao Hai of lead, hold the fist in the other hand said : may I ask to be able Tyrant Blade Sect Junior Brother? Was courteous below Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Sect peak disciple Ge Yueyu.” Zhao Hai one hear of opposite party said that holds the fist in the other hand said : to see Senior Brother hastily, below Deji Mountain disciple Zhao Hai.” Said that Zhao Hai has also put out own Blade Command. Ge Yueyu sees Zhao Hai Blade Command, cannot help but did a complexion loosen, then he curiously size up Zhao Hai said : Junior Brother is the Deji Mountain person? I heard that Deji Mountain there has Deji Eccentric 12, when is Junior Brother goes to Deji Mountain by the minute?” Reason that Ge Yueyu has such performance , because the Tyrant Blade Sect people very unite. Phenomenon that if in Tyrant Blade Sect appears disciple fights mutually, the punishment of sect's rules is very severe. Because of this, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, so long as has met the opposite party, generally will not have the hostility. Zhao Hai smiles said : little brother by minute to Deji Mountain just one month, Senior Brother is heard is also normal.” Ge Yueyu smiles said : „, no wonder I had not heard Junior Brother, are that places on Deji Mountain, Junior Brother you plant? My previous Duan Jinjian heard that some people have met that duty, but also very curious, what has wanted to have a look to dare to meet this duty person long, HaHaHa, has not thought that meets master disciple in here.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „the little brother, making Senior Brother be laughed, Little Hai was just came up from Soaring Dragon Realm there, because in hand had several to make in Lower Realm, cannot fight, robot that can only plant crops, therefore that places wrapping, initially also real don’t know that was duty, he he.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that the people chuckle, at once the atmosphere became relaxed, Zhao Hai looked at the crucial moment to be similar, this said : Senior Brother Ge, does not know what here surface fighting was who? Did I hear the sound of fighting to catch up? Needs to help?” Ge Yueyu shook the head said : not to need, inside is only a sharp claws ape, I bring peak Junior Brother to come the smelting trial today especially, therefore gives him one alone with opportunity that Monster Beast fights.” Zhao Hai one hear of immediately understand what's the matter, he has shown a faint smile said : so that's how it is, to was the little brother was extremely anxious, so the little brother was not disturbing Senior Brother, if Senior Brother had the time to a Deji Mountain Yuan Yueshan to look for me, the little brother said goodbye.” Said that Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to several people wants leave. Ge Yueyu stopped by calling out Zhao Hai said : Junior Brother to hold on a minute, did Junior Brother come the Black Dragon Mountain here smelting trial? Only then you?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, little brother comes the Black Dragon Mountain here smelting trial, has a person.” Ge Yueyu deep voice said : that Junior Brother may probably add carefully, now you were not far from Black Dragon Mountain, here Monster Beast deceives, if you are not careful, the consequence is dreadful, I urged Junior Brother one, next time in Black Dragon Mountain here, must go to junks hall there to look for missing persons to form a team first, did not take a person go it alone, was extremely dangerous.” Zhao Hai one hear of Ge Yueyu said that on the face cannot help but revealed grateful smiling face said : thanks a lot Senior Brother, the little brother has taken down.” Said that held the fist in the other hand turn around to walk. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }