Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2016

The Ge Yueyu look at Zhao Hai back, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : this person is a talented person, just came up from Soaring Dragon Realm, dared a person to run up to Black Dragon Mountain to come the smelting trial, the courage was not small, when later we well became friends with this person.” Ge Yueyu behind is standing that thin person, look at Ge Yueyu said : Senior Brother, this person of I look at also no big deal, his cultivation level also just arrived at the Rebirth boundary probably, why does Senior Brother so settle on him?” Ge Yueyu shook the head said : „the strength of this person we not to say first that kills from Soaring Dragon Realm there, that simple character, all the person who kills from Soaring Dragon Realm there, that is not killing aura, I also heard information, this Zhao Hai when Soaring Dragon Realm there, has the contact with the Yin-Yang two elders, he was possibly received by two Elders is disciple, you can imagine, what is two Elders character? If they received this Zhao Hai are really disciple, that this Zhao Hai can be a simple character?” That thin person startled was said : received by the Yin-Yang two elders is disciple? This possibility? But two elders these many years have not received disciple.” Ge Yueyu shook the head said : „the present not to say certainly, I send the letter to ask Lin Ling Senior Brother, but Lin Ling made is also the language unlucky, but actually could hear, Senior Brother Lin to Zhao Hai appreciation, we and he became friends with wrong not.” That thin person said : Senior Brother Lin actually knew him, that arrives must well became friends with this Zhao Hai turned, right Senior Brother, since you such favored him. Why didn't that just invite him and our together moves?” Ge Yueyu shook the head said : „the present is also not the time. Our Tyrant Blade Sect although for uniting to be famous, but he was just came from Soaring Dragon Realm there after all, in Soaring Dragon Realm there, but everyone was untrusty, our here person are many, strength compared with him, if the trade drew his join rashly, I feared that he will suspect we had not the crafty heart to him, therefore I have not invited him, after waiting, was saying.” The thin person nodded said : also well, Senior Brother. We now what to do?” Ge Yueyu looked at their appearance, deep voice said : walked, normal going smelting trial, if can also meet Zhao Hai. So long as can help, gang as far as possible, hit relationship with him.” Several people have complied with one. But these words Zhao Hai that Ge Yueyu don’t know, he said heard, even saw, Zhao Hai person although walked, the place that but he has been, actually received in Space, here is also same, therefore Ge Yueyu they have spoken words. Zhao Hai all knows. Zhao Hai has not thought that something actually also people who oneself acknowledge as teacher will guess to obtain, this arrives somewhat stems from his unexpected.

However he has not cared, knows knows that he does obeisance Yin-Yang 2 elders teacher, is not the shameful matter, even if were Ge Yueyu they knew, no big deal. Zhao Hai presently Ge Yueyu they do not have no evil intention to him, has not cared, a person touches toward Black Dragon Mountain on. However at this time he had actually been careful, his very clear, by own present strength , can only transfer one revolution in the Black Dragon Mountain surrounding, in Black Dragon Mountain must not absolutely. In following several days time. Zhao Hai at the Black Dragon Mountain surrounding smelting trial, occasionally will have picked instills. However more often actually fights with these Monster Beast, when fights with these Monster Beast, not only he uses Blade Technique, will study also some fist and feet skill, before oneself, has studied skill well has reviewed. Fights with the person with oneself practices alone completely is two matters, when fights with the person, you can true understand, how one set of martial arts use to be correct. martial arts was created is used to kill people, builds up strength to construct body these is the bullshits, built up strength to construct the method of body to be many, why can use martial arts? That that cannot be used to kill people did not call martial arts, should call dance merit to be right. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai this several days harvest very big, but this time he in thinking to turn into Undead Creature these Monster Beast, these by Monster Beast that he kills, died also died, he will give Sect these Monster Beast, turned into contribution points, if caught living Monster Beast, that was better, placed in Space to raise directly, in one type of of species by Space in increasing, this was most key. Zhao Hai in seven days of Black Dragon Mountain here smelting trial, seven days later, he returned to No.52 Courtyard House, because here has the robot guarding, therefore in courtyard to is very clean, after Zhao Hai returned to in courtyard, has not been meeting Qiu Tie anxiously, but entered quiet room, then the flashes body entered in Space, has soaked Hot Spring in Space well, relaxed, then closed up. Zhao Hai with own mental power, comprehended many Cultivation Method now, but in these Cultivation Method has some are very strong, but before him, comprehended, has not used these Cultivation Method in the actual combat, but now was different, currently he has used in the actual combat Cultivation Method, this made him to comprehension of Cultivation Method in actual combat profound, therefore he must close up under one, digestion under these thing well. Zhao Hai this time of closing up does not need to be too long, only used about five days he to go out, because this time he before digestion thing, nature very relaxed. Zhao Hai closes up five days later, accompanied Laura in Space their two days, this walks the child to come out from Space, returned to No.52 Courtyard House.

After institute, Zhao Hai immediately went to Yin-Yang Peak there through Transmission directly, he must meet Qiu Tie, Zhao Hai to Yin-Yang Peak time, Qiu Tie is practicing boxing in courtyard, look at follows a prescribed pattern is practicing Qiu Tie of fist, Zhao Hai cannot help but nod of slightly. Some people said that practices boxing cannot like practicing that follows a prescribed pattern, such fist practicing, but they have actually forgotten, the Fist Technique repertoire, reorganizes after countless ancestors effort, the first style in repertoire, is one type of most suits this set of Fist Technique style actually, but is the pad step or the resting step, actually prepares for later better attack, the person practiced these repertoire well, in attack, these style nature on will use to come out, only then you can from practicing the dying fist like this to practice to live the fist. Zhao Hai regarding Qiu Tie in shadowboxing the request on posture is very high, how to let Qiu Tie remembers the fist probably hit, in making the mistake, Zhao Hai has even prepared a rattan, Qiu Tie in study that several days time of fist, but has not come little under attack. Qiu Zhen sits in one side static look at Qiu Tie practices boxing, on his face is having the one type of satisfied smiling face, now looks at Zhao Hai appears , Qiu Zhen has stood hastily, Qiu Tie that only then practices boxing with single-hearted devotion has not seen. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand to Qiu Zhen, look at Qiu Tie of face smiling face practices boxing in there, now what Qiu Tie hits is one set of fire attribute Fist Technique, this set of Fist Technique is Zhao Hai obtains in Cultivation World there, is one type of very rare fire attribute defensive type Fist Technique, fire attribute Cultivation Method is used to attack generally, Art of War has the cloud, the aggression such as the characteristics of fire in other words open fire attacks, in fire attribute Fist Technique, there is a few part is used to defend, fire attribute Fist Technique that is used to defend reason that also very formidable, Zhao Hai must teach Qiu Tie this set of Fist Technique, on is because this set of Fist Technique defense capability is very formidable Moreover this set of Fist Technique, regarding the practice of fire attribute, help maximum one set. Some little time Qiu Tie has fired off the fist, stop the cultivation slowly, this stop the cultivation he paid attention to arrive in nearby Zhao Hai, he and Zhao Hai, but more than ten days have not seen the surface, see Zhao Hai, a Qiu Tie immediately/on horseback face delightedly ran, salute said : to Zhao Hai Young Master, you came back, fantastic.” Zhao Hai traces Qiu Tie head said : well, it seems like your these days has not been loaf, just that good of wrap fighting with the fists.” You also wrap one set to make us have a look.” Cloudy long sound suddenly transmits. Zhao Hai turns the head to look, Yin-Yang 2 elders don’t know when appears in the out of the door of living room, look at with a laugh he, Zhao Hai was saluting said : to see two Master to them hastily, disciple just had gone out.” Yin elder nodded said : well, I have not looked, your youngster teaching person also really very one set, the small iron by good that you train, you also practice one set of Blade Technique to make me have a look, how having a look at your this time trying to practice the result.”

Zhao Hai complied with one, hand turned Tang Blade appears in in his hand, Zhao Hai stands firm at the scene, single-handed hold the blade, the item of god front, then he suddenly moved, the in hand long blade sprinkled piece of blade light. Yin-Yang 2 elders with the big expert of blade, they regarding the Tyrant Blade Sect Blade Technique also knowledge really auspicious, even if they have not practiced Blade Technique, they also looked that other people in Sect have practiced, therefore looked Blade Technique that Zhao Hai uses they know, now Zhao Hai uses before that wraps him, has said Rolling Stones Blade method. The Rolling Stones Blade method, earth attribute attack Blade Technique, person practice of this set of Blade Technique has plenty in Tyrant Blade Sect, especially some earth attribute cultivator, their has plenty person after into Inner Disciples, will study this set of Blade Technique, because this set of Blade Technique is in earth attribute Blade Technique, rare attacking form Blade Technique. Different from fire attribute, earth attribute Cultivation Method many by defending give priority to, although of attack has the looks like, but looks like fire attribute that aggression -type attack, is actually very rare, but this set of Rolling Stones Blade method, actually this attacking form Blade Technique. Yin-Yang 2 elders research this set of Blade Technique, the strength to a certain degree, spirit root had been very also limited regarding the limit of cultivator in the past, but they were also only research, has not gone to earnest practice this set of Blade Technique. However by their strengths, even if practices casually, compared with general cultivator much stronger, therefore they regarding the Rolling Stones Blade method or very familiar with, the one who now looks at Zhao Hai to practice is the Rolling Stones Blade method, their attention were also attracted the past. However after seeing Zhao Hai has practiced several moves, they actually frowning of as if by prior agreement, because they thought Zhao Hai Blade Technique practices were too few. Regarding other Cultivation Method, quickly possibly is right, but regarding earth attribute Cultivation Method that practices, practices quickly absolutely is not the good matter, the earth attribute labor method, the calm that must practice, will obtain the earth attribute essence, but Zhao Hai practices this set of Rolling Stones Blade method time, is actually very fast, one group of blade light almost bound him in middle, some knit the brows by Yin-Yang 2 elders. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }