Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2018

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : slightly to understand, arranges several defensive formation not to be a problem, now there formation the prepare, my Master has also come to see, but also is satisfied, they have satisfied, I think that my formation cannot miss that to go, in that case, should be able to keep off these Monster Beast for a while.” Dao Shu look at Zhao Hai, some little time said : your youngster I now more and more could not understand, not only strength formidable, but also meets these assorted thing, ok, let's do it according to your advice, we take your courtyard as the base, well with these Monster Beast deal with.” Dao Niu nearest/recent I also feels in one side connection said : somewhat strangely, before Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast, such a long time sound will not have, this one month, they one somewhat extension under Deji Mountain, other had not seen that before such attack could not find, originally they want to give us to come ruthlessly.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : I before has not come Deji Mountain, had heard Black Dragon Mountain here Monster Beast how fierce, once for a while will descend the mountain attack, but this time, has is unworthy of the name, now understand, but this is also good, I will happen to have a look at Black Dragon Mountain here Monster Beast strongly to any degree.” Several people was saying while arrived at No.52 Courtyard House, before No.52 Courtyard House reconstructs, Dao Shu they have not come, now looks at changed beyond recognition No.52 Courtyard House, Dao Shu they tarries. No.52 Courtyard House when they take over, was ruined, No.52 Courtyard House just completed, is what elegant demeanor, Dao Shu they also real don’t know, now sees brand-new No.52 Courtyard House, they were shocked. New No.52 Courtyard House becomes imposing manner, dares Zhan Tian fight of places imposing manner, looks like lofty character inborn soldier, no matter this soldier when facing any enemy, since dares to charge. courtyard will give such feeling unexpectedly, this sounds probably is somewhat strange, but is actually really the not to have actual balance, No.52 Courtyard House, gives such feeling, no matter you did acknowledge that he exists. Dao Shu has sized up No.52 Courtyard House some little time, this let out a long breath, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you are really a talent, unexpectedly courtyard makes you construct is so attractive, fierce.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this courtyard is not I designs this appearance, No.52 Courtyard House is this appearance, before you moved, No.52 Courtyard House was somewhat ruined, otherwise that appearance, now this courtyard, is not the No.52 Courtyard House true self.” Dao Shu they stare, then people look at No.52 Courtyard House, on the face shows the facial expression that has yearned, then Dao Shu complexion suddenly changes, then face pleasantly surprised turning the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you said that No. 53 institute there can also make into this appearance?”

Zhao Hai stares, then shows a faint smile said : „should almost, 53 institute there situations I have looked probably, the there pattern is similar to No.52 Courtyard House here, if reorganization well overhauls, should be similar to 52 not to have institute here, but No. 53 institute there defensive formation probably also because in disrepair after many years but cannot use, if you want to overhaul No. 53 institute, best is first there defensive formation fixing.” Dao Shu nodded, then his look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, if we must overhaul No. 53 institute, you may probably help us.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that naturally, but I must remind your, I dare to overhaul No.52 Courtyard House , because I make duty, No.52 Courtyard House here is my, entire Yuanyue Peak is my, I want to overhaul can overhaul, but you live in No. 53 institute now, is belongs to Sect to make you live, has any modification regarding No. 53 institute there, feared that must pass through permission of Sect to be good.” Dao Shu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then he gently knit the brows said : if so, that matter also really somewhat troublesome, Sect fears not easily the agreement our request.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to arrive is also not necessarily, now Deji Mountain here is any situation, in Sect also very clear, will otherwise not have Deji Mountain to go the fields the place that duty, if at this time, you proposed that must overhaul No. 53 institute, I think that the person in Sect will comply mostly.” Was saying Zhao Hai while led several people to enter No.52 Courtyard House, then looked for courtyard their to settle down, that courtyard to has the place also distance that Zhao Hai lived, but inside all facilities very complete, Dao Shu they will live in will definitely not have any issue. After leading Dao Shu their to settle down one next, Zhao Hai got the place that they were arriving at him to live , after several people have drunk a food well, Dao Shu they were then reeling drunk returned to however in their courtyard to rest. After Zhao Hai also to True Spirit Realm here, present, in True Spirit Realm here, the people did not eat meal will be hungry, drink the liquor also to be drunk, this is will not live in Cultivation World there absolutely, in Cultivation World there, cultivator, if ate thing, that was the strange event. Zhao Hai naturally has not drunk many, his physique very special, any has energy thing, enters to his body not to have, will turn into natural energy, situation that naturally cannot appears get drunk. However the weather early, after Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie has not soaked the medicinal bath, went back own room to rest. After returned to own room, Zhao Hai has put out Golden-tip Blade Blade Technique jade slip, earnest comprehend.

This Monster Beast takes an action, Zhao Hai had not planned makes these Undead Creature many helps him, he mainly wants to exercise itself, True Spirit Realm here compared with Lower Realm, Zhao Hai does not think many other use Undead Creature and Monster Beast, such words will possibly make these Expert presently existence of Space, although say this possibility is minimal, but Zhao Hai does not want to take risk. In adding on him also wants to exercise under own fighting strength well, in any an Interface, individual fighting strength is formidable, you will have many rights to speak, moreover to True Spirit Realm here, Space has been fighting help getting smaller and smaller in this aspect to him, therefore promoted own strength also to become absolutely necessary. A night does not have the words, next morning, Zhao Hai early has practiced a while blade, then makes the robot call Dao Shu them to eat meal, today several people have not been drinking, but has had the breakfast after simply, respective chapter of courtyard practiced, Dao Shu they belonged to practice that one type of of madman, otherwise, will not have any friend in Tyrant Blade Sect here. The life was one restored calm probably, for three days, Deji Mountain here calm, Zhao Hai they have not worried, uses these three days, Zhao Hai also Golden-tip Blade also practices. However this several days time, Zhao Hai also makes the robot monitor the Black Dragon Mountain there situation, so long as there Monster Beast has any change, immediately told him. In Dao Shu they enter to No.52 Courtyard House the fifth day the morning, Zhao Hai in courtyard is practicing the blade, a suddenly grating alarm sound transmits, Zhao Hai knows that this is he is used to monitor the Black Dragon Mountain there robot to come out, Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast really had the change. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, arrived in front of No.52 Courtyard House big gate, initially Tyrant Blade Sect when Deji Mountain here establishes these courtyard, has to guard against in Black Dragon Mountain the meanings of these Monster Beast, therefore courtyard is facing direction, is the Black Dragon Mountain directions, moreover field of vision very open, can see the Black Dragon Mountain there situation. From Black Dragon Mountain direction there, is gushing out large quantities of Monster Beast, clashes toward Deji Mountain here, Zhao Hai general has calculated, the Monster Beast quantity that these time clashes has almost about ten thousand not to have. About ten thousand Monster Beast, look like are not probably many, but do not forget, in True Spirit Realm here, these Monster Beast strengths, but very formidable, these ten thousand Monster Beast fighting strength are not low. Then dark clouds have pressed toward Deji Mountain here from Black Dragon Mountain, Zhao Hai looks, is Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast, these Monster Beast all are Monster Beast of hawk.

Zhao Hai coldly look at these Monster Beast, the face sinks the water, his understand these Monster Beast do not want to do, but what we definitely know is that their first target definitely is Deji Mountain. In this time, Zhao Hai was feeling that his side were many several people, he turns the head to look, is Dao Shu they, Dao Shu they were also a face heavy look at Deji Mountain direction, Zhao Hai deep voice said : really came, several Elder Brother, it seems like our here became frontline, Dao Shu Big Brother, troubled you to give in Sect to send the letter, we insisted some time in here, let in Sect sending out reinforcement as soon as possible.” Dao Shu nodded said : this I to arrange, but Junior Brother, we must block these Monster Beast one to be good, otherwise they may leap Deji Mountain to attack toward the Sect center in very much, these thing that in that case, you plant all ended, moreover in the Sect center has plenty handymen disciple, their strengths are not strong, if makes these Monster Beast crash in the center, may cause the losses of even bigger.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, we keep off him in here, as soon as keeps off.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, in his appears about 1000 Undead Creature, meanwhile flight some Monster Beast, Zhao Hai in hand were also also many large Glaive. Zhao Hai these time has to come these Undead Creature release, but he has not put are too many, mainly Hu Dawei their let out, Hu Dawei their strength formidable . Moreover the ten points being good at group war, making them come out to help is it would be the best, as for these flight Monster Beast, was used for flight Monster Beast that tied down Black Dragon Mountain there to fly. Zhao Hai very clear, if considers no matter what he and Dao Shu they are being are impossible to block these Monster Beast army, do not say in these Monster Beast army, some strength very formidable Monster Beast. Dao Shu looked that Zhao Hai was causing these many Undead Creature also to have Battle Beast unexpectedly, cannot help but gawked, then laughed said : good brothers, your this method sufficed many, good, like this we have had confidence, did Brother what?, you like with this Great Blade? This type of blade uses in Sect are not many.”