Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2019

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : little brother to come up from most low grade plane ascend, in our there, with this type of blade may be many, this type of blade most suits in the mighty force rushes ahead, several can Elder Brother try?” Said that Zhao Hai wields, release Demon Horse. Demon Horse is the product in one type of low grade surface position, this Demon Horse Zhao Hai obtains most from the beginning, is only the height has about three meters, the height is also about five meters, super strong . Moreover the mouth comes forth advantageous tooth, aggressive is incomparable. Normally this Monster Beast show potential should not be big, since Zhao Hai has in Space received some day of Demon Realm Monster Beast, Demon Horse has also absorbed many day of Demon Realm Monster Beast gene, this makes their strengths fast grew, was not inferior to the present these Demon Horse strengths in general Rebirth Stage cultivator. Zhao Hai also present an issue, his strength is higher, level is higher, these Undead Creature promotion strengths, instead to was inferior when Space these Magic Beast, now before Zhao Hai Space, changes the ordinary that raging bull strength, has the Cultivation World there Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert strength, Argali also has the Nascent Soul Stage cultivator strength, strength promotion rapidness of. But is different from Argali with raging bull, this Demon Horse now becomes the getting better and better fight, moreover four hooves light a fire, on tail will also emit the faint flame, skin is the same like leather armor, two eye blood red one pieces, are one type of most suit absolutely use Monster Beast in battlefield. Now carrying on the back of these Demon Horse have installed the saddle, Zhao Hai turning over started, simultaneously his body also appears one set has looked like fierce incomparable full body armor. This has not ended, Hu Dawei their these Undead Creature are also the hand wields, in their appears undead horses, Hu Dawei their also turning over started, their in hand weapon, is all kinds of long weapons, most suits in the battlefield to do to fight it to use. Dao Shu their dull look at this situation, they were really don’t know must say that any was good, in True Spirit Realm in these many years, such forms of combat they had not seen at this time. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Dao Shu they, now his whole body by full body armor wrapping, in his surface was bringing mask armor, his mask armor is not the a piece plate, but is fierce ghost's face, in the two eyes position, has inlaid two red Crystal, this makes Zhao Hai look like looks like Demon King is reincarnated equally fearfully. He turns the head to stare at Dao Shu now they, Dao Shu they felt when heart that the frog that one probably by snake staring, cannot bear wool. Then Zhao Hai upward raises mask armor, to Dao Shu they, is showing a faint smile said : several Senior Brother, and you on , etc. First Grade in here, the little brother lead my Undead Creature army to go to rush ahead one first.”

Dao Shu stares, then his does complexion cannot help but change said : you must attack on own initiative? It is not good, was too dangerous, but there many high level Monster Beast, you cannot go.” Zhao Hai laughs said : to fear his anything, Monster Beast is Monster Beast, and several Senior Brother I went to rush ahead turn, in spoke in you.” Said that one of the Zhao Hai card put down own mask armor, in hand large Glaive proceeded to wield, drank not to have said : to kill greatly!” Said, when first overran toward these Monster Beast. They now also on mountain, on mountain originally only then several not wide rock road, because in disrepair after many years, grew some weeds, is not very good walks, but Zhao Hai they have not actually cared about these, Magic Beast vertical jumps on the mountain, goes easily and freely, Hu Dawei they are also similar, they cross below undead horse is also same. Zhao Hai they look like one crowd of descending the mountain fierce tiger direct these Monster Beast overran, simultaneously Zhao Hai was immersed by own heart in Intent Domain of Rolling Stones Blade method, his body slowly reappeared a piece huge Stone phantom, looked like a piece huge Stone rolled from the mountain, has pressed toward these Monster Beast. These just Monster Beast that welled up from Black Dragon Mountain, saw Zhao Hai their such postures, cannot help but was shocked, these Monster Beast wisdom were not lower than humanity, before such posture them, has not actually met. These Monster Beast this stares, before them , the tendency of flushing cannot help but one slow, but the tendency of before them flushing this slow, Zhao Hai they have crashed in beast herd. Zhao Hai in hand large Glaive danced a piece of tool mark, leading Undead Creature army to clash to kill in Monster Beast army, these Rebirth Stage Monster Beast, actually do not have one to be only he, as soon as the enemy of gathering. Their such procedures have naturally brought to the attention of these Advanced level Monster Beast, these Advanced level Monster Beast immediately they flushed toward Zhao Hai. The Clang! Zhao Hai large Glaive first time was blocked, blocks his large Glaive, is wild boar same Monster Beast, height has about three meters, two long buckteeth have half meter fully, looks like two Scimitar is the same.

Zhao Hai Scimitar although was given to block by him, but Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, Demon Horse proceeds one vertical, then proceeds to flush away, but that wild boar looked that the Zhao Hai appearance cannot help but stares, estimated in him that oneself this strikes, will make the opposite party be seriously injured to be right, the opposite party is actually a matter also no appearance overran, this stems from his anticipation. When that wild boar stares, Hu Dawei they also flushed, Hu Dawei they long ago were battlefield heroic general, in the situation regarding battlefield was clear, they looked like in the positive charge, every struck fully by duplicate, actually and not so, their attack time, always the meeting is accompanying the one type of outward ball strength, seemed like the positive thorn, in fact they were, with blade also had a strength of wiping, in other words, appears you one will not strike, because the strength was big, on has given the situation of the horse opposite party War General keeping off stops, they. Will only borrow a strength ball, has been separated has fought the circle. Zhao Hai beforehand and that wild boar fights with is such strength, seemed he hardly has put probably together an idea with that only wild beast, in fact that was he and Demon Horse unifies, has wiped from side of wild boar, because had existence of such share dividend, therefore that wild boar simply has not caused any damage to Zhao Hai. The wild boar has not injured to arrive at Zhao Hai, he had had bad luck, Zhao Hai one flushes away from his side, Hu Dawei they also take advantage of opportunity overran from side of that wild boar, when they overrun, attack that takes advantage of opportunity one that wild boar, strength although very strong, however he of that wild boar must face, is actually an army, is Cavalry, Cavalry when charges that is must with the aid of the strength of horse, this on the equal to that only wild boar must at the same time facing the a human and a horse strength, in this situation, that only wild boar nature is asks to not to be good., They was given to strike unexpectedly continually by Zhao Hai has drawn back several steps, even also received some internal injuries. But Zhao Hai they have not actually stopped, still proceeds to flush away, about 10,000 Monster Beast army, they were given by Zhao Hai to before long to putting on. After breaking through Monster Beast army, Zhao Hai turned the horse around, overran toward Monster Beast army from Monster Beast army behind, among in the blink of an eye, they from behind Monster Beast army to one to putting on, as the matter stands Zhao Hai and Hu Dawei their equal to have conflicted in Monster Beast army back and forth. These flight Monster Beast that same Zhao Hai release comes, flushed the hand with Black Dragon Mountain these hawk shape Monster Beast several rounds, now also already returned to No.52 Courtyard House sky. However Zhao Hai then has not carried on the charge to Monster Beast army, but is getting perishing armed forces army returned to No.52 Courtyard House front, jumps down after Demon Horse, since Zhao Hai waved, receives person of Hu Dawei they, Demon Horse and large Glaive received, naturally these flight Monster Beast have not stayed behind, he restored the beforehand appearance. However Dao Shu they to the present are still a face shocking appearance, Dao Shu they are practice crazily, is cultivator in Tyrant Blade Sect, their there has seen this Cavalry charge, this Cavalry charge, to not to have their impacts is very enormous. Zhao Hai received large Glaive, slightly said : of some asthmas what kind of? Senior Brother, satisfying not?”

Dao Shu they one recover, look at Zhao Hai that several people of two eyes shine, Dao Shu is said loudly: satisfying, too satisfying, Brother, making me also try.” Zhao Hai gasps for breath said : to result, Elder Brother, you want dead of exhaustion me, these Undead Creature are not that easy release to come, release came such a while my spiritual force somewhat unable to bear, has been putting multi- a while, did not need to hit, I first was finished.” Said that Zhao Hai put out several medicine pill to eat, sits cross-legged to sit, deep voice said : several Elder Brother helped me go against one first, I restored first, after my this time attack, these Monster Beast will certainly take our 52 nd as target, such other place will not receive attack, so long as we persisted in the gate the reinforcement arrival winning.” Why Dao Shu they then just must carry on to charge to these Monster Beast on understand Zhao Hai, he hates in the attraction, attracts to his hatred these people, like this they can drag these Monster Beast in here, otherwise, these Monster Beast not for their such small courtyard will give up to the attack of Tyrant Blade Sect center. Zhao Hai present Spiritual Qi naturally does not have what issue, reason that he said that must make Dao Shu they think him unable long time release these Undead Creature, cannot the fight of long time, this conform to his Rebirth Stage cultivator body not to have share. Dao Shu they passed to comply with one quickly, Executioner Blade have pulled out, turned the head coldly look at these Monster Beast, they with these monsters ** the hand was not once or twice, now can drag these Monster Beast in here, was the Sect whipping time, they naturally did not have any complaint. But at this time, these responded Monster Beast that immediately called out to clash in the No.52 Courtyard House direction, just Zhao Hai their twice charges, unexpectedly one had massacred about 2000 Monster Beast, such quantity was absolutely fearful, moreover there are on many Monster Beast to take, this made the hatreds of these Monster Beast to No.52 Courtyard House here achieve the apex, if did not give to trample flat No.52 Courtyard House, how they can disappear the air/Qi of this heart, therefore they all overshot toward Yuanyue Peak, to No.52 Courtyard House, their tests on Zhao Hai and Dao Shu just arrived. But what Zhao Hai their don’t know is, in in midair had two eyes to settle on the eye all that Zhao Hai they made, even Zhao Hai they said anything, they heard in the ear, on their faces was having the smiling face, without an appearance of worry, these two people naturally was Yin-Yang 2 elders ( to be continued )