Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2020

Yin-Yang 2 elders already knows that these Monster Beast want the attack matter, they to Zhao Hai very cared that Zhao Hai, not only their disciple, are Innate Dao Body cultivator, to such person, they do not dare to treat it lightly, this will be the Tyrant Blade Sect future hope. In Sect presently Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast has the change, has carried on all -weather surveillance to Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast, therefore has not built up in these Monster Beast completes, runs out of Black Dragon Mountain the time, they knew. However for the plan of Sect, they have not informed cultivator in Sect ahead of time, but Yin-Yang 2 elders feared that Zhao Hai has the matter, early rushed to Yuanyue Peak here, all they who therefore Zhao Hai is saw in the eye. When they see Zhao Hai to bring these Undead Creature, carries on the charge to Monster Beast army, they miss the different point unable to bear make a move, but they have borne finally, but they are some vitalities, blame Zhao Hai was really too crude. Zhao Hai comes back to say these words words times finally, meaning of their then understand Zhao Hai, simultaneously they to Zhao Hai was also higher depending on the price. look at is sitting cross-legged to sit in there restores Spiritual Qi Zhao Hai, Yin elder turns the head to Yang elder said : Junior Brother, it seems like Lin Ling that youngster these time has contributed to the great merit, no matter first Little Hai physique, no matter how also the Little Hai future, to consider depending on this, will have the huge help to our Tyrant Blade Sect show, do you look?” Yang elder laughs said : „, but most should happy should be our two. HaHaHa. I think in later Sect these fellows to look at we two looks, I want to smile.” Yin elder has also smiled, but at this time these Monster Beast rushed to Yuanyue Peak here, soon approached No.52 Courtyard House, but Dao Shu also with these Monster Beast not to have exchange hands. In these Monster Beast Expert is not many, Tyrant Blade Sect is impossible to permit too formidable Monster Beast appears in their center, but Dao Shu their present although have not arrived at the Teleportation boundary, has actually achieved the Earth Monarch boundary, deals with these Monster Beast to come not quite to be difficult, but these Monster Beast were aroused ominous by Zhao Hai. each and every one fierce does not fear they attacks toward Dao Shu, Dao Shu their pressure also very big. Naturally many Monster Beast want to attack sits Zhao Hai in No.52 Courtyard House, but they were disappointed, No.52 Courtyard House there by defensive formation protecting. Their simply cannot flush. The eye look at enemy sits in own front, they do not have means attack, this makes these Monster Beast thorough lost the reason, the impact that each and every one adds No.52 Courtyard House defensive formation. At this time that several strength formidable Monster Beast, join to the regiment, Dao Shu their situation some were not wonderful, his several people were injured successively, was good because of their originally is the brothers, but they from starting to practice now, have not separated. Tacit full, although has encountered the several times danger, actually An Ran/safely pass through. But at this time Zhao Hai slowly had also opened the eye, this to not need extremely in restoring own Spiritual Qi, the beforehand fight also truly is makes his condition certainly be affected, now his condition restored best, he naturally did not need to install.

Zhao Hai has stood, looked at Dao Shu their appearance eyes, the hand has patted the ground, the whole person jumped to jump. His in hand were also meanwhile many Tang Blade, then he direct impact from No.52 Courtyard House. Person who these Monster Beast most hated is Zhao Hai, now looks at Zhao Hai to clash, these Monster Beast have welled up toward Zhao Hai, but the Zhao Hai in hand blade actually leaves intermittent golden radiance. Body-maneuvering Technique such as the ghosts and demons rove in these Monster Beast generally, often spreads the Monster Beast pitiful yell sound. Yin-Yang 2 elders looks at Blade Technique that Zhao Hai uses. They cannot help but smiled bitterly, Yin elder sighed said :this youngster, was too scary, such quickly on learn Golden-tip Blade, moreover practiced this degree, other did not say that considered this perception to be jealous. Yang elder has also smiled bitterly next step: Receives such disciple, to own attack was really too big, how probably did not need to teach him, he all learn, a sense of achievement did not have.” Yin elder shows a faint smile said : he he, ok, no matter what our two both are his Master, can teach him many to teach many, oh, this youngster.” Yang elder has smiled bitterly, then deep voice said : Sect there now should also obtain information, the plan could implement, a batch did reinforcement also soon arrive?” Yin elder nodded said : to be quick, should make these kids know that their this Tyrant Blade Sect disciple status, is not multipurpose, moreover this status not only can also bring the advantage to them, similarly is also representing their responsibility.” They just spoke of here, in sky of distant place on appears each and every one black spots, they fixed the eyes on looked that is riding Monster Beast Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, obviously they are support Zhao Hai they. Their personal appearance moved, vanish in the No.52 Courtyard House sky, the next quarter was actually appears in No. 53 institute that Dao Shu them lived, so long as they did not want by the person present, these cultivator presently, therefore they were not worried. Zhao Hai does not have time tube these now, although his Body-maneuvering Technique very suitable group war, but besieges his these Monster Beast now is really too many, these Monster Beast each and every one fierce do not fear, wishes one could to bury him in there, in this case, Zhao Hai Body-maneuvering Technique in good not to be impossible all attack that evades. Body of Zhao Hai, so long as he so long as uses Divergent Technique, impossible injured under such attack, but this Zhao Hai has not actually used this Divergent Technique, he does not want to make others know him to be able this Divergent Technique, therefore he was also injured, but well in wound is not very heavy, warrior cloth actually broke several places, wound there had the blood to flow out, looked like the dripping with blood, was very the terror. At this moment in Zhao Hai sky suddenly transmitted two tigers to roar, Zhao Hai they could not bear steal a glance in the bygone days to look at one, this presently reinforcement in Sect arrived. cultivator that these support, obviously the strength is not weak. Moreover they have their flight Monster Beast Mount. Now in sky with Black Dragon Mountain there these hawk shape Monster Beast to the war, these hawk shape Monster Beast strengths is not very formidable, now fell leeward, by these cultivator attack.

Along with more and more reinforcement arrivals, hawk shape Monster Beast in sky are getting fewer and fewer, these hawk shape Monster Beast looked that cannot ask to be good, one howls, turn around runs, in the blink of an eye disappears. After having routed these hawk shape Monster Beast, sky falling of these cultivator one after another to Yuanyue Peak here. In Monster Beast to these grounds carry on attack. But the Monster Beast quantities in these grounds are many, although supports Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator to be many, but wants to repel these to lose sane Monster Beast in a short time is almost impossible, therefore the following tactical situation unexpectedly was at once deeply worried. However passes along with the time. More and more Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator arrived at Yuanyue Peak here, these Monster Beast somewhat could not bring one's strength to bear finally, started some Monster Beast to choose escaping. With the lapse of time, escaping Monster Beast were getting more and more, finally all Monster Beast have howled, the turn around respective escape. This time war has come to the end finally, but at this time Zhao Hai they present, weather already dark, their this time wars, have hit unexpectedly nearly one day. Was in this time. Several people walked toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks, this person is not others, is Ge Yueyu, Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to Ge Yueyu hastily said : Senior Brother Ge, thanks a lot you comes to rescue, otherwise today we feared was dangerous.” Ge Yueyu held the fist in the other hand said : Junior Brother you to be too polite to Zhao Hai, has not thought really that these Monster Beast wildly to this situation, unexpectedly have dared to divide building up army however to attack Deji Mountain here now.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : their target may, not only has attacked Deji Mountain here. They also want to attack the Sect center, but was given to keep off by us in here.” Ge Yueyu stares, then what complexion changed said : Junior Brother says was really? These do Monster Beast want to attack the Sect center?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : Senior Brother, do I need to deceive you at this matter? Deji Mountain here is any situation, the person in don’t know Sect knows. Enters Deji Mountain Monster Beast also to know after often come that they can don’t know Deji Mountain here actually be few individuals. You think, if they want to attack Deji Mountain here, will send out these many Monster Beast? Is impossible? Therefore their these time not only absolutely must attack Deji Mountain to be so simple.” Ge Yueyu nodded, but at this time, in Tyrant Blade Sect other cultivator, has encircled, the wound of their look at Zhao Hai they, in all people, on Zhao Hai their receiving is heaviest, especially Zhao Hai wound are many, but just listened to Zhao Hai to speak, probably did not have the matter, the people also on feel relieved.

In this time, there is a a batch person to catch up, this group of people are different from the front these people, in this group of people have several people to look that the age was not small, moreover strength also very formidable, can fly, looked is Expert of Teleportation boundary. But these status in Tyrant Blade Sect, that are the Tyrant Blade Sect elders, these time came this time Tyrant Blade Sect elder altogether five, these five people fell in No.52 Courtyard House, in courtyard these cultivator, simultaneously saluted said : to see the elder to five people.” These five elders nodded, one of them has arrived at Zhao Hai nearby them, looked at Zhao Hai they, deep voice said :these time painstakingly you, you are the Tyrant Blade Sect heroes. Zhao Hai and Dao Shu they return salute hastily said : „, when can not the elder praise saying that this originally is we should help.” That elder shook the head, turns the head to look at other people, deep voice said : „is everyone/Great Clan strange, why came that many Monster Beast, is finally, they have not actually attacked our Tyrant Blade Sect center, but altogether ran up to here to attack Yuanyue Peak to come? When these did Monster Beast change stupid?” These cultivator have not spoken, but the expression on face just like actually these elders said that puzzled of face. That elder deep voice said : this is not because these Monster Beast changed stupid, was not because these Monster Beast do not want to attack our Tyrant Blade Sect center, because Zhao Hai they directed here to come these Monster Beast, before I listened to the person saying that Zhao Hai was Summoner, simultaneously he was also a tame beast master, was just he is bringing 1000 Undead Creature, had the charge to these Monster Beast, gave to attract these Monster Beast to here, therefore these Monster Beast cannot one step of steps into to Sect, you say that they were the heroes?” Nod of these cultivator do not agree, since that elder deep voice said : „, Deji Mountain here became the place that in Sect no one is willing to come, even if to the here person, will find the way to transfer Deji Mountain, because here was too near to Black Dragon Mountain, will always have Monster Beast to come to attack, but actually do not think, you gave up Deji Mountain today, that can tomorrow also give up other places? Today these Monster Beast will obtain Deji Mountain, tomorrow they will want other place, do we want to give them entire Sect? Therefore Sect decided from today that Deji Mountain supposing again into the use, adjusts cultivator to enrich Deji Mountain from other Inner Sect mountain peaks, Deji Mountain again establishes.” One hear of elders said that scene these cultivator cannot help but look at each other in dismay, they have not thought that this Sect will make such decision unexpectedly, must know that today supports Deji Mountain here, may all be Inner Disciples, in other words, in them some people, will possibly be adjusted Deji Mountain here to come in the future, to be honest, they do not want to come. However listens to the meaning in that long proverb, their understand, this Sect will not change to decide, all people cannot help but whispered, to be honest, stayed to be used to it on other mountain peaks, if adjusted this to be possible anytime them by the Monster Beast attack place, they have not wanted to come. Since the elders looked at their one eyes, coldly snorted said : continuously, your Inner Disciples, when enjoying the welfare of Sect, already these welfare regard some should the matter, has actually forgotten, these welfare do not give for nothing your, you must be Sect make the contribution, you for more many of Sect contribution, are more, I who you obtain told you, after this Yuanyue Peak, belonged to Zhao Hai, later did not have permission of Zhao Hai, was we cannot enter Yuanyue Peak casually, do not envy, because this was Zhao Hai earns, gave up in all people. Deji Mountain time, Zhao Hai arrived at Deji Mountain here . Moreover the Deji Mountain following land is also he plants, I can tell you, behind Deji Mountain that places, Sect will not want Zhao Hai to grain of grain, Sect wants the Zhao Hai grain, must pay money to Zhao Hai, can say that later Zhao Hai does not need to do other, he is only the relying on that in income, compared with your most people well, this has not been Sect looks after Zhao Hai, in fact this duty has hung for a long time in Sect, but nobody has actually met, because you feared that you fear to Deji Mountain here comes, you feared that facing these Monster Beast, therefore such duty you gave up, but Zhao Hai received this duty, therefore he obtained Yuanyue Peak, obtained that places, today he bravely steps forward, for protect Sect, does not hesitate to violate the danger by the body, therefore Sect decided today, to a Zhao Hai privilege, he can optional the choice rare book in blade follower six layers, every year ten books , he if wants from the Blade Pavilion there recording rare book, can little pay 50% contribution points compared with others, you must remember, you for are more, Sect that Sect does gives you on more..”