Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2021
Has to recognize, the words of this elder, regarding the vibrations of Tyrant Blade Sect these Inner Disciples be very big, because these Inner Disciples know that this elder is not others, is Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples Steward elder Tian Yuanhai. Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, although in different the elders by Tyrant Blade Sect was received for disciple, but besides these True Disciple, general disciple in the name of that elder, but is belongs to Unofficial Disciple and so on, that elder too much time have not instructed them, therefore Inner Disciples more often, need to listen to Tyrant Blade Sect to open a time gear-driven guest every ten days, if normally has any matter to process, on needs to look for Tian Yuanhai, because Tian Yuanhai manages all Inner Disciples, the prestige in Inner Disciples heart is very high. Now Tian Yuanhai said that this matter almost decided that must know six layers optional the reading rare book under Blade Pavilion, such authority only then Core Disciple had, even if were True Disciple not such authority, but Zhao Hai was just join to Tyrant Blade Sect didn't have long time, has been obtaining unexpectedly a such privilege, if they were not jealous that are impossible. However look at one is Zhao Hai of blood, these people thought one do not have the means to be jealous Zhao Hai, because they do not have such authority. Tian Yuanhai look at these Inner Disciples appearances, deep voice said : other, Dao Shu their 12 people, because of all the year round persevering in Deji Mountain here, therefore Sect must reward them, later No. 80 was them, without their permissions. In other people can not enter at will.” Dao Shu they, as soon as listened to Tian Yuanhai to say. Is excited, they have not thought that they will obtain a such reward, this was makes them happy really outward, Dao Shu quickly said: Elder Tian, No. 53 institute there already some damaged, disciple whether can overhaul No. 53 institute there?” Tian Yuanhai nodded said : „, I have said that later institute there turned over to you on the 53 rd, not only No. 53 institute. Entire Taiyuan peak turned over to you.” Tian Yuanhai one said that also stirs up Inner Disciples with look look at Dao Shu that one type of envies, they regarding Dao Shu their 12 brothers or have some understanding, Dao Shu their 12 brothers. Because each and every one is practices crazily, has not cared regarding other matter simply, therefore belongs to odd person before Tyrant Blade Sect, person very united in although Tyrant Blade Sect, nobody ridiculed them, but did not associate with them actually real, because these people feared that they associated with their 12 people, will be laughed. However that thinks that their 12 people of in the blink of an eye had their domain, must know in Tyrant Blade Sect, Inner Disciples is impossible optional opening cutting Cave Mansion. If you want to open cutting Cave Mansion, Ok, must first regulation in the palace gate, then probably open cutting Cave Mansion in the place that Sect assigns, otherwise is incorrect, but you want independent opening cutting Cave Mansion, actually needs many contribution points, if no what special situation, they can only live in Sect apportion their in the room, but Sect apportions their rooms not to be big. Moreover everyone/Great Clan lives in courtyard, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, has plenty has a dream wants one set of own courtyard, there is own Cave Mansion. Original Dao Shu they in Tyrant Blade Sect and common, even nobody is willing to manage them. Actually there thinks that they mixed mountain gate/entrance unexpectedly. In Tyrant Blade Sect here, independent setting up a government office, that is only then Core Disciple has the authority that. Dao Shu their also happy extremely, but their happy was not obtained Taiyuan peak, but was happy they can also like No.52 Courtyard House here, a reconstruction next No. 53 institute well.

Dao Shu they liked dying No.52 Courtyard House here, if can reconstruct No. 53 institute according to the No.52 Courtyard House here style, he can happy die. After Zhao Hai and mouse their they have carried on the reward, Tian Yuanhai looks at cultivator that these have caught up with support, deep voice said : today all catches up with the person who supports, grants, if these receive the order, cultivator that has not supported, Sect with grasping his situation will punish, was good, will return to the mountain peak that oneself will be, will cross several days Sect to leave the order, therefore was selected to cultivator, must in receiving five days of time after order, will rush to Deji Mountain here to report that expired, must receive the punishment, show.” One hear of Tian Yuanhai said that these people also not bear diverged, they know that this matter has decided that moreover in Sect decides, anybody can not change, besides sighed at heart, they did not have any means. Zhao Hai does not have the accident regarding such result, but he to has not thought that in Sect will have his these many rewards, this regarding him may absolutely be the good matter. After waiting for these cultivator to disperse, Zhao Hai and Dao Shu their also returned to No.52 Courtyard House, respectively went to wound treatment, their wound although looked like very strict is heavy, actually was also some flesh wounds, was not very strict is heavy. Zhao Hai and Dao Shu they go back to process the wound respectively, has rested while convenient, will then gather to next morning people in the Zhao Hai living room. The pass/test that several people also restore now are not many, Tyrant Blade Sect here these restore the injury medicinal herbs is very good, good that very Dao Shu they restore, but Zhao Hai say nothing, if did not fear that was suspected by others, his simply will not have any scar. Sits down after several people to the living room, Zhao Hai looked at Dao Shu their eyes, smiles said : Dao Shu Big Brother, now Taiyuan peak there turns over to you, what construction do you plan to construct?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dao Shu one came the spirit, his immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai, other did not say that these time constructs the matter of house to hand over give you in Taiyuan peak there, you do not need to play other tricks, illuminates your No.52 Courtyard House to come on the line, exactly the same.” Zhao Hai one hear of Dao Shu said that cannot help but has smiled bitterly next step: „Is Senior Brother Dao, really exactly the same? You did not fear that others laugh at you.”

Beckoning with the hand said : that Dao Shu thinks little of they liked the joke making them laugh, I did not care, the house was my, I lived enjoyable was most important.” Zhao Hai one hear of Dao Shu said that cannot help but stares, then actually has closed the eye, for a very long time has pondered, Dao Shu these words although sounds probably is very ordinary, truly the person but who can achieve these words is actually very few. The people live in this world, actually few people can achieve the matter that makes itself to handle, because the people will care about the vision of surrounding person, how they will pay attention to the surrounding these people to see his, will change itself because of the surrounding vision, can achieve the person who does not care about the surrounding vision truly, very few. Even if Zhao Hai, he handles any matter, how also cares about all around person to see very his, the here surface has some reasons is because does not want to know existence of Space, but also does not want to make others use the unusual look to come to see him, he could not have achieved Dao Shu to be great. Dao Shu a few words, suddenly makes the Zhao Hai heart live the sensibility, Zhao Hai suddenly present, oneself probably extremely in caring about the looks of these people, this regarding him is not the good matter. Dao Shu their some look at Zhao Hai of being perplexed, how don’t know Zhao Hai this was, but they were also cultivator, looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, probably was sudden enlightenment is the same, Dao Shu they do not dare to disturb Zhao Hai, conversely, they also protected the law for Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai felt that own mind is experiencing a transformation, his thoughts were more insightful, this feeling very wonderful, has probably covered in his one layer invisible shackles is removed. This did not mean that Zhao Hai has Heart's Demon, cares about others' vision, this cannot be one type of Heart's Demon, but he will also make your mind not have the means to achieve insightfully open-minded, now Zhao Hai has thought this point, naturally after can let own mind such as the rain, spatial, limpid well-illuminated. Some little time Zhao Hai shouted in the mouth to be mad, has opened the eye, saw Dao Shu their faint protected him in the middle, somewhat cannot help but affected, at this time Dao Shu also saw him to wake, Dao Shu hastily to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what do you feel? All right?” Zhao Hai let out a long breath, then shows a faint smile said : to be all right, thanks a lot Dao Shu Big Brother, thanks a lot Big Brother, but just heard the Dao Shu Big Brother those words, slightly has the feelings.”

Dao Shu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : does have the words that I spoke to have feelings? What words?” Zhao Hai smiles said : you saying that what room likes constructing to construct what, instead to is you lives is not others lives, how tube others see to do, ok, did not say this, this matter gave the little brother to be OK, you stayed in here were being good, little brother a while sent the building robot to go to your to there Construction Bank rebuilding, you can live in less than several days, was right, this several days you understood that defensive formation in my this courtyard, your courtyard defensive formation in defensive formation according to my courtyard will also design, when the time comes you must know how to use.” Dao Shu they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that excited, Dao Shu was said : line, Brother, said other was useless, you have remembered, you forever were our brothers.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, does not have is intending, but smiles said : to be good, Elder Brother, let's go, the line ate meal, finished eating the food I to deliver the robot, the later matter did not need us to manage, I thought several days, Deji Mountain here have wanted hot cause disturbance , before these people have not come, first your courtyard constructing, when these people came, can see your appearances.” Dao Shu laughs said : well, waits for these fellows to come the time, must let their looks well, I envy them.” Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile, has not said anything, but got the people to go to dining room there, eats breakfast. The breakfast already prepared, is Qiu Tie command(er) these robots is doing, Qiu Tie now although by practice give priority to, matter that but should do as servant, he is the same little has not done, now prepares food his although not to begin, actually meets command(er) these robots to help him make the different styles the meals, to also decent. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }