Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2022

Handled Dao Shu their matters, Zhao Hai started his practice to live the cliff, after this fight, Zhao Hai to own present strength, there is a very good localization, he during this fight, if were not because Body-maneuvering Technique sufficed, was adding on fighting strength to be rich, simply was impossible to make such big progress, in other words, his present Blade Technique hand skill, compared with Dao Shu they, but in falling far short. Presently after own shortcoming, Zhao Hai has not been making use of the authority that oneself these time obtain to run up to Blade Pavilion there to plunder the rare book anxiously, because of his very clear, these rare book simply is impossible to make him enhance in a short time the strength, now Space although can help him carry on the practice, Cultivation Method that he practices can also be said as best, but after True Spirit Realm here, his strength wants to enhance, most important must practice bit by bit. True Spirit Realm here and Cultivation World there is different, in Cultivation World there, mind practice of Zhao Hai, so long as has achieved a certain degree, he can feel relieved practice his Spiritual Qi, feel relieved Heaven and Earth Treasure in some use Space, that make his practice quickly. However to True Spirit Realm here, Zhao Hai has actually not dared to act unreasonably, because of him presently True Spirit Realm here various Cultivation Method, regarding the request of mental state very high, if he thinks, has a better show, he cannot use all kinds of Heaven and Earth Treasure to help practice, best is when the impact checkpoint is using, only then such will be walked by him is farther. Therefore Zhao Hai now still before practicing was obtaining that several sets of Blade Technique. Sharply has not been going to Blade Pavilion there to seek for the new rare book. Yin-Yang 2 elders has been paying attention to the Zhao Hai situation. These time reward to Zhao Hai, Yin-Yang 2 elders raises, they want to help Zhao Hai with this method, simultaneously they also want in this way, to some Zhao Hai rewards, because before Zhao Hai, about giving Formation Hall that three-dimensional formation arrangement method, is keep secret Ji, in Tyrant Blade Sect, and nobody knows that is Zhao Hai gives Formation Hall, this also to protect Zhao Hai. In True Spirit Realm here. Good Formation Master is not so is easy, because in True Spirit Realm here, the life and formation of people are closely related, one Sect strength. Also with formation intimate quite, had better formation, you can refine better formation, making own Sect defense capability stronger, therefore Formation Master in True Spirit Realm here is very marketable. If makes other Sect know that Zhao Hai is talent Formation Master, they can resort to all means Zhao Hai digging, if cannot dig, that certainly will destroy Zhao Hai, such will also make Zhao Hai fall into to the danger, to protect the Zhao Hai security. Yin-Yang 2 elders and Elder Zhen they, have not told other, that three-dimensional formation arrangement method is Zhao Hai contributes, as the matter stands Zhao Hai was impossible to obtain anything to reward. This matter Yin-Yang 2 elders had thought somewhat is unfair to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai although is their disciple, the reward that but he earns must, therefore they also had High level of Elder Zhen in Sect to discuss finally, finally the decision has given a Zhao Hai such reward.

But they have not thought at that time Zhao Hai can do is so good, especially Zhao Hai is leading these Undead Creature charges time, Yin-Yang 2 elders is felt really Zhao Hai this disciple has not received in vain. although said naturally when don’t know Zhao Hai wants to do, Zhao Hai such procedure, appears somewhat crude, but regarding cultivator, sometimes. Crude must, cultivator is also a person. Is the person will have the sentiment, if cannot own feeling expression well, that leave behind the heart knot to cultivator, but the heart ties slowly becomes Heart's Demon, this is a point advantage does not have regarding the practice of cultivator. In adding on afterward them knew that charge of Zhao Hai not because of crudely, but when because has own idea, they favored Zhao Hai, even Yin-Yang 2 elders thinks that these time gave the reward of Zhao Hai, was light. However similarly, they also worried that Zhao Hai after obtaining this reward, immediately will run up to Blade Pavilion there to look for the rare book, the advantage of such words practice point to Zhao Hai, in their opinion, the Zhao Hai perception has not been very good, but if Zhao Hai thing complete digestion of before oneself studying, study new thing, for him a little advantage not, because like this, therefore they continuously attention Zhao Hai situation, if Zhao Hai must Blade Pavilion there look for the rare book, they can prevent Zhao Hai. However was a pity that Zhao Hai in one time makes their worries appear somewhat unnecessary, Zhao Hai has not gone to Blade Pavilion there to look for the rare book, but before practicing him has been studying these Cultivation Method, this made appraisal of Yin-Yang 2 elders to Zhao Hai higher. The disciple everybody of talent like, in True Spirit Realm here, each Sect, will not emit several talents that year, but these days finally matures is actually not many, has plenty cultivator, possibly most from the beginning and common, but they actually stood in finally compared with a talent higher altitude. No matter the talent is also good, is mediocre person is also good, person who finally matures, has plenty common feature, earnest, rigid, steadfast, these are most basic conditions that matures, but many talent exactly not being able to achieve this point, this does not have the matter of means that they are the talents, but they finally actually also by talent tired. They were too intelligent, studies any thing one study , because of this, therefore they will not go to earnest research safe learn Cultivation Method of these foundations, wants to come is also, who will be all right research study thing, but exactly this becomes on these talent advancing paths the biggest barrier, because the foundation regarding cultivator is very important. When on Earth has a few words, that is the talent is by 99% adds on 1% inspirations diligently, however 1% inspirations, 99% diligent is more important. Can look from these words, the talent is actually comprised of two parts, that is you must have the inspiration, but also wants to be good diligently, the light has the inspiration not diligently, you can only be finally injure Zhong forever, considers diligently, does not have the inspiration, that you also can only be finally achieve one with the predecessor same altitude, wants is very more difficult.

Therefore after presently Zhao Hai is a such talent, some Yin-Yang 2 elders one type of had been worried that they feared Zhao Hai will take the old routes of beforehand these talents, finally becomes accomplishes nothing. They have thought their worry is not unnecessary, because of Zhao Hai, not only a talent of practice, moreover he also meets crafting, meets Alchemy, meets formation, probably with practice related thing, he will not have, will be because of this, therefore they were worried that they feared Zhao Hai will divert attention, finally will turn into every kind sloppy goods. However Zhao Hai such performance, let their complete feel relieved, Zhao Hai has not rewarded to this for flushing the corona brains, they happy extremely. But with Zhao Hai when here relieved practice different, in Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, actually blows storm, these Inner Disciples when know one may be adjusted on Deji Mountain, immediately revealed Divine Ability respectively, with own master cold father cared that good person immediately looked for own Master, wants to let their Master help, do not make them be adjusted Deji Mountain there to go, with these Core Disciple relationship good, wants please these Core Disciple to help, by them Deji Mountain there. Some Inner Disciples are inquired that has a look to adjust the Deji Mountain there quota them is subscribes by these elders, the preparation walks relationship, making these elders look. However all people have bumped finally nail/saboteur, these time adjusts the matter of person toward Deji Mountain there, is in Sect decided directly, anybody cannot change, therefore wants to go through the motions, draws the relationship person, severely was warned one time, this made these cultivator honest. Entire Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Sect, probably one peaceful, but this peaceful, actually probably is those facing the death penalty, when waited for that finally was executed by shooting, that depressing atmosphere, making Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples including the breath heavy. Looks at these disciple such performance, Tyrant Blade Sect High level is unsatisfied, did not prepare to delimit too many passed, but sees this situation, Tyrant Blade Sect High level decided finally that delimited some people in the past.

Decision of Zhao Hai don’t know Sect High level, ideas of don’t know these Inner Disciples, if Zhao Hai knows that the ideas of these Inner Disciples, he will certainly disdain, person who in his opinion, so wants to evade, simply does not match is cultivator, cultivator practice, not only need practice Spiritual Qi, what is more important practices the heart, if cannot practice the heart, that this cultivator final achievement also limited. Zhao Hai may not have the mood to prepare these, previous time in the fight, Zhao Hai has used the Rolling Stones Blade method, has used the Golden-tip Blade method, these two sets of Blade Technique attacking give priority to, but Zhao Hai actually presently know regarding defense Blade Technique were too few, is arrived at this time he thinks, he when becomes Inner Disciples, Sect also rewarded to his one set has defended Blade Technique, Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade, this set of Blade Technique by defending give priority to Blade Technique, therefore the Zhao Hai decision gave learn in saying this Blade Technique these days first. very skillful that Golden-tip Blade method now Zhao Hai practiced, in the previous fight, he has also used the Golden-tip Blade method, can say that he now regarding the comprehension of Golden-tip Blade method, is not lower than the Rolling Stones Blade method. Also because of this, Zhao Hai is thinking then studies Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade, Zhao Hai is not the person of that biting off more than one can chew, his each practice some time Blade Technique, will carry on a summary to former learn Cultivation Method, and can carry on one time to merge to pass with present Cultivation Method, because of Zhao Hai very clear, only by doing so, he can make own fighting strength be promoted. Passed through several times ascend Zhao Hai very clear, is not thing that you study are more, your fighting strength is stronger, but must think you have studied thing, you can use how, thing that if you study has 100 types, but these 100 types of you cannot use well, you with have not studied are the same, if you study are only same, can actually thing that you learn, turns into the one type of instinct of body, that you same can become Expert. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }