Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2023

Whiz ~ whiz ~ whiz ~ whiz ~ Sound of the sharp knife blade broken wind transmits from martial arts training ground there, Zhao Hai is putting on warrior cloth to practice the blade in there, a blade blade chops, probably is the machine general movement, but his two eyes does not have the slight sound, probably is don’t know is moving completely is the same. If the average person sees his appearance, certainly thinks that Zhao Hai practiced the blade to practice silly, will practice the blade not to have the too big effect like the death, actually nobody knows that Zhao Hai is in comprehend Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade now. The body of Zhao Hai is practicing the blade, but his thought actually already thought complete contact with Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade together, therefore Zhao Hai looks like somewhat is now dull. That monotonous broken wind sound of suddenly vanished, eye of Zhao Hai flexible, his blade also one turned probably lived, Zhao Hai all around appears huge phantom, this phantom very strange, has looked like looks like very unusual Great Formation is also same, but this Great Formation had eight Dao Sect, but on these eight Dao Sect was bringing a large Golden Lock. The blade sound vanished, that eight Dao Sect actually more and more congealing realities, looks like looks like eight giant city gates is the same, but these eight Dao Sect press the Eight Trigrams position to arrange. Some little time that huge phantom slowly vanished, Zhao Hai personal appearance also appears slowly in martial arts training ground, but has stood in martial arts training ground nearby Qiu Tie, actually dull look at Zhao Hai, vanishes to that huge phantom, Qiu Tie then recovers. In the Qiu Tie look at Zhao Hai look full is the respect, in his opinion. Anybody does not have Zhao Hai to be fierce. Especially previous Monster Beast attacks No.52 Courtyard House time, Qiu Tie had not been delivered to Yin-Yang mountain there to go by Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai regarding own formation defense also present minute confident, therefore Qiu Tie witnessed Zhao Hai makes the entire process that fights with these Monster Beast. When Qiu Tie sees Zhao Hai fierce full body armor, grasps Great Blade, is leading the Undead Creature army charge time, two eyes fiery of Qiu Tie, in Qiu Tie that small mind, Zhao Hai this configuration deep printing to his, but after has waited at heart till growing up. He also without hesitation chose large Glaive to take his weapon, naturally, these were something to be talked about later, we cut temporarily did not discuss. Zhao Hai received the blade. Diverged the blade god in heart, this turns the head look at to stand in the one side, Qiu Tie of face sweat, Qiu Tie just came out from the fitness room, therefore the present is perspiration, now the Qiu Tie everyday training quantity increased, this is because he has soaked the reason of medicinal bath, must know in medicinal bath that Qiu Tie soaks, but there are many precious medicinal herbs, if makes these Outer Sect cultivator in Sect know. Qiu Tie everyday soaks the words of medicinal bath with these medicinal herbs, they will certainly envy to spit blood. Zhao Hai arrives at side Qiu Tie, smiles said : Little Hai, training how? I must go to Master there now, do you want to take a look at your grandfather with me?” Qiu Tie thinks that finally agreed that he after is a child, can have a look at own grandfather, he naturally is also happy. Zhao Hai looked at Qiu Tie to agree, this smiles said : to be good. Washes, after wait for you has washed, we see your grandfather.”

Qiu Tie has complied with one, went into the bathroom to flush, then has changed clothes. turn around ran, Zhao Hai then he. flash of white light, their appears in Yin-Yang Peak there. The Qiu Zhen present day passes is more relaxed than before, although he meets to serve these flowers and plants, but more belongs to the interest, simply cannot be works. Now looked that Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie came, Qiu Zhen immediately welcomed, first is has seen Young Master to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Uncle Zhen, you so are always polite, happen, I see Master today, came the small hoop iron, you had several days not to meet, you were chatting first, I saw Master.” Qiu Zhen complied with one, Zhao Hai then walked toward living room there, to living room there, he has not gone, heard the Yin elder sound to transmit said : to come.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, pushed the door to walk, then to Yin-Yang 2 elders gave a salute, Yin elder beckoned with the hand, Zhao Hai then sat on a nearby chair. Yin elder look at Zhao Hai, first open the mouth and said: Good, you after obtaining the reward of Space, does not have first to run up to Blade Pavilion there to choose rare book this point I to approve of, no matter the good rare book, learns in hand is own thing, to be honest, you by the present strength, too high level rare book regarding the use is not big, only then accumulation bit by bit, later you in study these profound thing, will be twice the result with half the effort.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is Master, I also think that therefore sharply has not been going to Blade Pavilion there to look for the rare book, I presently the in hand rare book has sufficed me to use.” Yin elder nodded, Yang elder open the mouth and said: Little Hai, what Blade Technique do you practice now? Previous time I thought you Golden-tip Blade method practiced was very good.” Zhao Hai one hear of Yang elder said that cannot help but has gawked, his immediately understand, Yang elder definitely already knows that Monster Beast must attack Deji Mountain there, therefore feel relieved, does not pass look at. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but move, he believes that at that time he did not have what danger, if he has to concern the life really the danger, does not need him to use among Space, Yin-Yang 2 elders can make a move. However Zhao Hai has also gawked, then depressed the sentiment in heart, deep voice said : returned to the Master words, was similar, now is practicing Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade that Golden-tip Blade Blade Technique I practice now, previous Monster Beast attacked time, I presently, in my Blade Technique extremely have attacked in the note, regarding defense Blade Technique research were not many, therefore I have been practicing Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade these days, had Minor Mastery.” Yang elder nodded said : well, good that you make, you should study Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade now, in fact before practicing the Rolling Stones Blade method, you should study Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade first, the person, when fights with the person, wants not to calculate the victory, first calculates the defeat, when fights with the person. Actually cannot because of this worry, but has hesitated. Also in other words, you, if after wants to be defeated, will be what kind, however in the fight, actually must to pay fully, understand?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is, understand, invited Master feel relieved.”

Yang elder nodded, actually Yin elder look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Little Hai, our two taught to you were not many. However regarding your performance, we is very satisfied, now you each step walk is very steadfast, regarding you and I is very feel relieved.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : thanks a lot Master appreciation.” Yin elder nodded. Then deep voice said : in nearest/recent Sect will have some Inner Disciples to supplement that Deji Mountain goes, I hope your nearest/recent , if there is time, can reconstruct the Deji Mountain there dwelling to them, is while convenient together with these people, this to your later show is very advantageous.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, invited Master feel relieved, I will process.” Yang elder deep voice said : also the matter, Little Hai, previous time I see you to ride Monster Beast, used large Glaive to charge for these Monster Beast. You do is very good, moreover I presently you regarding the use of large Glaive very familiar, had you studied before?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, before had studied in Lower Realm, I come up from below low level Interface ascend, in our Interface, the people will not fly, the fight also many fights give priority to by doing of big group, the strength of people are insufficient, therefore in battlefield. Warrior many fights give priority to by this near body, had been wielded pinnacle in the coordination of there each every branch of the services, therefore that in Lower Realm moment, my not only learn uses the sword, with blade. Other weapons have also studied, even has also trained the army. But this large Glaive is when the Lower Realm battlefield has studied, there martial arts although does not have True Spirit Realm here to be so profound, so long as uses was good, will have the good effect, previous Monster Beast attacks our times, I am bringing Undead Creature, uses the Lower Realm Cavalry method to cope with these Monster Beast, the effect is good.” Yang elder nodded, sighs said : looks like Lower Realm thing does not have no merit to speak, your previous doing good of , moreover how you can also multi- research one other blades use, Blade Dao, did not mean that you have only been OK with the one type of blade, the blade has plenty type, you must understand that the characteristics of each one type of blade, this practices regarding your blade Dao Cultivator has the advantage.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is, Master, I took down.” Yin elder deep voice said : now wholeheartedly do not think practices the blade, cannot stop regarding the practice of Spiritual Qi, you in Rebirth Stage, must enter by yourself to the misunderstanding time now as soon as possible he.” Zhao Hai complied with said : is Master, my these days had not stopped regarding the practice of Spiritual Qi, invited Master feel relieved.” Yin elder nodded said : to be good, and you go, in recent time practice well, first do not go to Black Dragon Mountain there, Sect nearest/recent has the section to carry on to clean to Black Dragon Mountain there, meets the cloth duty about Black Dragon Mountain, but this will also cause counter-attack of Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast, you go too to be dangerous now, this time carries out duty is Inner Disciples, your present although is also the Inner Disciples status, however your strength also only idea in Outer Disciple, but also not suitable carries out this time duty, therefore you on were good on the relieved practice, for these years. Inner Disciples competition you will not participate, the practice that you feel at ease was good.” Zhao Hai nodded, has complied with one, his understand, Yin-Yang 2 elders is good for him, now his strength, is is not too truly suitable Black Dragon Mountain there to try to practice, he is not these ordinary young cultivator, others said that he is not good, he is not convinced, but must go to do, Zhao Hai already crosses the impulsive age, his very clear present needs to make anything, now he needs to do is the relieved practice, enhancement own strength well.

Yang elder deep voice said : you are not a matter do not have, you also know that our Tyrant Blade Sect control domain is very big, in our control domain, has plenty is the average people, they have not undergone any practice, in fact is also similar to Lower Realm that you said that in there for the convenience management, we will also support some countries to manage, but do not think that in our Tyrant Blade Sect domain, some people will not disturb, in fact in our True Spirit Realm here, has had a race, was by existence of entire True Spirit Realm headache, existence of your possible don’t know this race, Because will mention them in True Spirit Realm here few people, they are Ghost Clan, this point have not written in the introduction of Sect, here has a piece jade slip, you take to look, knows that the Ghost Clan matter, Sect sometimes cleaned up Ghost Clan duty on release, these duty you can meet suitably, not only this can make you be exercised, can make you have many understanding to Ghost Clan, because , the primary opponent, was these Ghost Clan person.” Was saying Yang elder while has given Zhao Hai a piece jade slip, Zhao Hai received jade slip, does not have immediately/on horseback to look that he received jade slip got up said : is, invited Master feel relieved.” Yang elder nodded, then beckoned with the hand said : to be good, you go back, has remembered, goes back that jade slip look well, do not treat it lightly.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has stood, after their gave a salute said goodbye to depart. After outside has met Qiu Tie, Zhao Hai then leave Yin-Yang Peak, but after Zhao Hai leave, Yin elder deep voice „the present makes Little Hai know that to Yang elder said : the Ghost Clan matter was too some too early, he came True Spirit Realm didn't have long time, I remember that generally cultivator that came up from Soaring Dragon Realm there ascend, must be Sect farms for three years, to let them adapted to the life of True Spirit Realm here, will then send their going out some duty, at that time will make them know existence of Ghost Clan.” Yang elder shook the head said : not early, Little Hai is not an average person, cannot weigh him by the characteristics of average person, making his earlier know that the Ghost Clan matter is also good, I believe that he will not disappoint us.” One hear of Yang elder said that Yin elder also cannot help but sighed said : hope so, Ghost Clan these fellows, these year of although comprehensive transfers to underground, but once for a while cropping up will actually pound to disturb, moreover I think that Ghost Clan diligently is restoring the strength now, perhaps when will come one in a big way, making Little Hai earlier know that the Ghost Clan matter was also good.” Yang elder nodded said : „, we and Ghost Clan have fought that many years, actually cannot give the elimination them, conversely, after these many years fights, Ghost Clan was probably more difficult than to deal with before, but was looking at True Spirit Realm here various Sect, now internal strife was very strict is heavy, I even suspected, reason that some Great Sect met internal strife was so serious, possibly was because Ghost Clan did the ghost in behind, therefore we must careful the line.” Yin elder deep voice said : Santa that country there nearest/recent some are not steady, heard that there has Ghost appears information, Sect heard must send, we had the words of time also to pay attention some, these years in our Sect sent to clean up the Ghost Clan person, each time casualties were very big, this feared that was not the good matter, possibly the back had the Ghost Clan any plot, these hid Old Mouse in hole, was really more and more sly!” Yang elder nodded, sighs, during the living room fell into one piece to be silent. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }