Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2024

Zhao Hai was leading Qiu Tie returned to No.52 Courtyard House, at this time Dao Shu they arrived at martial arts training ground there, Tyrant Blade Sect by blade give priority to, therefore Dao Shu their normally will come martial arts training ground here to practice the blade, today they also came, wants to look for Zhao Hai, presently Zhao Hai is not, they have not cared, but have practiced. large stone-paved martial arts training ground, making Dao Shu they feel that very comfortable, thinks after one, will have such martial arts training ground, they feel at heart an excitement. Saw Zhao Hai to come back, Dao Shu their immediately has encircled, Dao Shu look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, did you go to that? What matter has?” Zhao Hai look at Dao Shu their appearances, show a faint smile said : to be all right, but several days has not seen Master, I see them, how many haven't Elder Brother gone to your courtyard there to have a look? Where if there are needs to adjust, can say one to these robots, these robot although are not very intelligent, but carries out the ability is good.” Dao Shu smiles said : just to come back, cannot stare in there daily, to be honest, there also is really good, he he, courtyard in several days I had looked that can finish, when the time comes we must drinking well several cups.” Zhao Hai smiles certainly said : „, when the time comes you must prepare some nice wines to be good.” Dao Shu they Ha Ha has laughed. Zhao Hai makes Qiu Tie go to practice, but he remained, look at Dao Shu they practice the blade, Blade Technique that Dao Shu they practice is not Zhao Hai has seen any one type of Blade Technique. Blade Technique that their 12 people practice is various. However possibly is because they are brothers' reasons, they have one type of to be tacit inborn, therefore their Blade Technique can be supplementary in the fight unexpectedly, previous Monster Beast attacks time, if because of this characteristics, they could not insist that long time. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, he when look at Dao Shu their Blade Technique, the feeling that actually some one type of look familiar, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, his understand why will not notice that Dao Shu their Blade Technique looks familiar. However Zhao Hai has not looked at how long on returned to own room. He later wants to study these Blade Technique to arrive in Sect to study, in Sect does not allow disciple to be truant Cultivation Method in private, that is Sect taboo. Zhao Hai returned to own room, immediately has put out Yang elder to his jade slip. spiritual force searches toward jade slip, massive information on appears in inside his mind.

This is a piece introduced specially Ghost Cultivator jade slip, looked at this jade slip Zhao Hai also understand anything is Ghost Cultivator, Ghost Cultivator all was not the ghost, in opposite Ghost Cultivator most people were cultivator, but was different from general cultivator, what Ghost Cultivator practice was Strength of Soul of person, to practice the Soul Transformation ghost, by ghost controlling ghost and other method give priority to. Also in other words ghost main practices own Strength of Soul, then practices the one type of ghost own Strength of Soul the situation. Then in using this method goes to attack others, but they are used for the ghost of attack enemy, is not the soul, he practices his soul, was turned into the one type of ghost by own soul, in separates from own main soul this ghost, then projects on some wild ghosts outside, in infiltrates own ghost to that wild ghost, like this they had own one to be similar to the External Body Incarnation same ghost, but this ghost was can practice. Also can help the Master practice, very formidable. However this Ghost Cultivator also has one type of most to let the person dislike place, that is they in the process of practice, needs the massive souls, because the soul can also become other soul best tonics similarly. If they must let their strength promotion as soon as possible, needs to absorb the massive souls. Where has the massive souls in True Spirit Realm here? The answer does not have. Almost does not have too many wild souls in True Spirit Realm here, because these True Spirit Realm here people after dying, generally will use some Magical Artifact, lets soul disappearance of dead as soon as possible, in people opinion, lets ghost disappearance as soon as possible, was equal to makes the ghost be reincarnated. On the one hand is the practice needs massive souls, on the other hand does not have the massive souls to use for them, finally what to do? Very simple, murder! All Ghost Cultivator almost all are kill people like scything flax executioner, they massacre the average person or cultivator, then extracts their souls to use for oneself directly. But cultivates, because Strength of Soul is somewhat formidable, generally will be regarded the fight soul to use their souls by Ghost Cultivator, but the soul of average person is weak, they can only be used to absorb. In True Spirit Realm here, Ghost Cultivator once scenery for a while, pressed True Spirit Realm here many Great Sect not to have the means to be on the rise, during that time, True Spirit Realm all people lived under the Ghost Cultivator shadow, no matter cultivator is ordinary, some Ghost Cultivator even rampant gives to sphere one Sect, massacres cultivator in Sect directly completely, for some new Ghost Cultivator disciple absorption souls, it can be said that cruelly. Also because these Ghost Cultivator so cruel, finally aroused entire True Spirit Realm all Sect the hearts of sharing a common hatred, finally True Spirit Realm all Sect gathered, has carried on chasing down to Ghost Cultivator, finally after paying huge price, finally these Ghost Cultivator eliminating. However what the True Spirit Realm here person has not thought that these Ghost Cultivator in the present situation not good situation, unexpectedly some of them talent disciple shifting, having made Ghost Cultivator Dao doctrines be able to continue, finally Ghost Cultivator went underground, unexpectedly show slowly expanded.

Later when Ghost Cultivator expands to certain degree, these Ghost Cultivator carried on attack to True Spirit Realm Sect once again, although got up hitting by True Spirit Realm all Sect alliance finally, but also made True Spirit Realm all Sect know that Ghost Cultivator had not been eliminated, they still existed. But afterward between True Spirit Realm here and Ghost Cultivator several hundred thousand years wars started, both sides frequent each other, the delight of hitting, various True Spirit Realm person Great Sect are impossible to vanish Ghost Cultivator, Ghost Cultivator cannot be what kind of True Spirit Realm various Great Sect, both sides at the one type of very subtle state of equilibrium. True Spirit Realm here also lets fundamentally solve the Ghost Cultivator problem, they want to make Ghost Cultivator unable to receive disciple, such as is Ghost Cultivator Dao doctrines does not have the means to continue, they naturally must disappear. However this plan was actually finally defeated, because wish makes Ghost Cultivator unable to receive disciple, is very difficult. Ghost Cultivator practice method and general cultivator practice method has plenty differences, general practice method, regarding the request of spirit root compatibility is very high, if no spirit root compatibility, even if you in practice diligently, final achievement also cadre minute of limited. However Ghost Cultivator is different, Ghost Cultivator regarding spirit root compatibility request very low, even if your soul compatibility does not have, so long as after you, dares to kill people, can kill people, can obtain more souls, then you can become formidable cultivator, this point regarding some innate skill is not very outstanding cultivator, that attracts gravitational force absolutely is incomparably huge , because of this, will therefore always have some cultivator to study Ghost Cultivator Cultivation Method, thinks that is making Ghost Cultivator unable to receive disciple, is almost impossible, after all in True Spirit Realm here, the people regarding the hope of strength are unequalled. Among Zhao Hai their nearest/recent one time the war with Ghost Cultivator, lives ten thousand years ago , before is ten Yuan, various Great Sect of that Ghost Cultivator to True Spirit Realm here had attack, at that time in True Spirit Realm many Great Sect suffered a loss, several Great Sect did not even have regain one's strength to the present, removed the bottom degenerated into third-class Sect. In jade slip, not only some introduction about former Ghost Cultivator, but also has plenty the Ghost Cultivator information, indicated in the information now that nearest/recent True Spirit Realm here, activity of Ghost Cultivator very frequent, this has brought to the attention of True Spirit Realm here High level. After the content in jade slip has looked, Zhao Hai has cannot help but closed the eye, slowly is thinking the content in jade slip, now his also finally understand anything was Ghost Cultivator. To be honest Zhao Hai regarding Cultivation Method not too many responses of Ghost Cultivator, no matter is also good because of Cultivation World there, is also good because of other places, always one will study some crooked ways Cultivation Method, these Cultivation Method will make practice of person increase, but simultaneously this Cultivation Method also will have some side effect, but in they biggest side effect common situation only then one type of, that on will be these Cultivation Method the disposition of change person on a certain degree.

It looks like these Ghost Cultivator is the same, Cultivation Method that because they practice is special, need more souls, therefore this will make these Ghost Cultivator complete is not serious the human life, cold-hearted to the extreme, such person could be Evil Cultivator, if said is bigger, could be the demon. If spiritual force of person is formidable enough, that person of not random unseemly behavior, if his spiritual force is not very formidable, he will turn into murder evil spirit, sooner or later is killed, this is Cultivation Method like Ghost Cultivator, primary cause that will be called the evil merit. However no matter what, now he is Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, but these Ghost Cultivator will be their enemies, Zhao Hai will not let off their. However same Zhao Hai also saw other issues in this jade slip, that is these Ghost Cultivator strengths, when each Ghost Cultivator and True Spirit Realm here person to the war, True Spirit Realm here almost all was alliance had all Sect and Ghost Cultivator war, although was True Spirit Realm here various Sect won finally, but can actually look from this point, the Ghost Cultivator strength was formidable how, must the set that many Sect strengths be able and one fights, fighting strength like this, can be considered as absolutely on is the terror. Moreover in seeing the jade slip following information said that nearest/recent Continent Ghost Cultivator moved frequent information, why Zhao Hai understand Yin-Yang 2 elders will also give him this jade slip. Regarding Tyrant Blade Sect here matter Zhao Hai is knows that he knows all enters from Soaring Dragon Realm there to Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, the first three years almost do not permit the Sect control range, they can only make some duty in this range, this will be on the other hand safer, will make them adapt to the life of True Spirit Realm here as soon as possible. In the Tyrant Blade Sect range, cultivator was impossible to meet Ghost Cultivator, but nearest/recent Ghost Cultivator in the True Spirit Realm here activity was extremely frequent, this has brought to the attention of Yin-Yang 2 elders, they feared that Zhao Hai will arrive at Ghost Cultivator slowly, therefore to Zhao Hai this jade slip, making Zhao Hai add carefully. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }